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#sugar-newbies, 2010-10-21

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12:25 shan <shan!~cuil@> has joined #sugar-newbies
12:26 shan alsroot, hi around ?
12:26 alsroot shan: hi
12:28 shan alsroot, we did try out the approach suggested by you, however. i.e. creating a new class which inherits window. this class is inherited in journalactivity and an instance is generated in misc.
12:29 alsroot shan: not generated but used, generation will happen by creating journalactivity class, you just need to store journalwindow object in journalwindow.py (eg in __init__)
12:30 shan alsroot, could you please provide some pointers on how to achieve this?
12:31 alsroot, should the storing be done in a static member
12:32 alsroot shan: yup, http://pastebin.com/fjkEBdFR
12:54 shan alsroot, could you please take a look? http://pastebin.com/2YpZMf7p .
12:55 alsroot shan: in my mind better to have new class only for any (not only for downgrading) alerts, downgrade logic should be in misc
12:58 shan alsroot, but then since the new class will have to import misc, while misc already imports the new file. Circular Dependency arises. Also could you help out with the error.
12:58 alsroot shan: new class should not import misc, it will only arbitrary alert popping up
13:00 shan alsroot, but then how do we call misc.resume from the new file, for downgrading, as any response to the alert either 'ok' or 'cancel' is known to the the new file only.
13:00 alsroot shan: it should be vice versa, misc.resume will call journalwindow.add_alert
13:02 shan alsroot, could you please point out the difference between what http://pastebin.com/2YpZMf7p does and what you have suggested ?, because that is what we have tried to do. misc.resume calls journalwindow.add_alert
13:05 alsroot shan: all downgrade related logic should be in misc, new class will just call _window.add_alert, and _window.remove_alert from its callback and then call callback that was passed to journalwindow.add_alert
13:07 shan: oops, or event simpler, add journalwindow.remove_alert
13:08 shan: or even more simple, just implement journalwindow.get_journal_window()
13:22 shan alsroot, we have called journal_window from misc and called the alert from there but now the response of the alert is in the new file how do we call misc from the new file again and secondly please help us get the alert first.please provide pointers on how to remove this error
13:24 alsroot shan: new file should contain only journalwindow.get_journal_window method, ie, no any logic, the whole logic should be in misc
13:29 shan alsroot, and get_journal_window assigns static member variable = self ?
13:30 alsroot shan: http://pastebin.com/dpUB76qK
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18:44 mukul alsroot: hi
18:44 alsroot mukul: hi
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19:25 mukul_afk is now known as mukul
19:25 mukul alsroot: Can you tell me what cb_object does?
19:26 alsroot mukul: in what context?
19:28 mukul alsroot: I was working on bug 2201 SL. I think the change will have to be made in sugar.graphics.palette. I was trying to understand the code how anything gets copied to the clipboard and how the palette retrieves information of the copied object?
19:34 alsroot mukul: the key thing is setting primary_text Palette prop, see Palette sources how to restrict max size of widget that contain this text
19:35 shan <shan!~cuil@> has joined #sugar-newbies
19:36 mukul alsroot: We do want the remaining part of the text to be displayed in subsequent lines. Right?
19:37 alsroot mukul: it will be too invasive, use ellipses should be used instead
19:44 mukul alsroot: Sorry, I am not aware of ellipses. Can you elaborate a bit more? And does making changes in sugar.graphics.palette.py is too invasive
19:45 alsroot mukul: http://library.gnome.org/devel[…]t-max-width-chars
19:46 mukul: it can be configured via Palette's text_maxlen ergument
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