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#sugar-newbies, 2010-10-22

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Time Nick Message
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09:49 alsroot P backlog
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17:17 dipankar <dipankar!~dipankar@> has joined #sugar-newbies
17:27 dipankar alsroot, hi.
17:27 around?
17:28 alsroot dipankar: hi
17:29 dipankar alsroot, I have been handed over the bug # 2318 currently on which Ishan was previously working
17:29 http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2318
17:30 alsroot, I have been informed that the patch needs to be properly formed using other method so that duplication of certain code can be done away with
17:31 alsroot dipankar: hmm, but ibansal on #dextrose does the same
17:33 dipankar alsroot, I am told to work on it as ibansal (Ishan, same guy :) ) due to some urgent arrangements
17:34 * ibansal has some other urgent bugs lined up.
17:34 alsroot dipankar: as I told him, it could be free-mem-space widget
17:35 ..that could be placed to all palettes that requires such functionality
17:35 dipankar alsroot, this free-mem-space widget , will be a different design? in gtk?
17:37 alsroot dipankar: nope, just custom class inherited from one of gtk containers that will contain progress bar and logic, though it is up to you how to implement it
17:38 dipankar alsroot, I couldn't get a clear picture from ibansal. It would be great if you could please explain a bit.
17:38 I have no prior knowledge of widgets
17:40 alsroot dipankar: the situation is simple, there is several palettes(including new one) where free-mem-progress-bar is being used, the task is just keep free-mem related code in one place
17:41 ibansal_ <ibansal_!~ishan@> has joined #sugar-newbies
17:41 ibansal_ hi
17:42 dipankar alsroot, the problem we are facing is with the call self.connect('pop-up',self__popup)
17:42 hey ibansal_
17:45 ibansal_ alsroot, around?
17:45 alsroot ibansal_: yup
17:45 dipankar <dipankar> alsroot, the problem we are facing is with the call self.connect('pop-up',self__popup)
17:45 ibansal_ alsroot, any ideas?
17:48 alsroot ibansal_: sorry, I'm trying to startup apache for now
17:48 ibansal_ alsroot, no problem just thought of having some pointer on the above problem
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22:44 shan <shan!~cuil@> has joined #sugar-newbies
22:44 shan alsroot, hi
22:45 alsroot shan: hi
22:45 shan alsroot, thanks for your review of the patch. Wanted to ask you something regarding it.
22:46 alsroot, would it be fine if we make a new file and implement the changes which you suggested ?
22:46 alsroot shan: you mean downgrade ticket?
22:47 shan alsroot, i mean creating a new file ( named say versionalert.py ) in journal.
22:49 alsroot shan: for new file, I meant http://pastebin.com/dpUB76qK whats all that this file should have, all downgrade alert logic should be in misc and call get_journal_window() to get a window to poppup and alert in it
23:04 shan yes, that would also be appropriate, i had another approach in mind. ^^. thanks.
23:05 alsroot, Appreciate the support.
23:06 tabs <tabs!~olpc@sfs-wifi-aruba-dhcp-130-212-145-20.sfsu.edu> has joined #sugar-newbies
23:11 alsroot shan: what you had in mind?
23:30 shan alsroot, i thought of shifting the class we made in misc to another file and then using get_journal from journalactivity.py, to get the window.
23:33 alsroot shan: the problem w/ this way is that you keep activity object somewhere that does not relate to activity directly, w/ the scheme, I talked about, you keep activity window (even not activity itself) in public palace where it could be used by all components (not only for dowgrade alerts)
23:34 and it is easier to track the code
23:38 shan alsroot, yes, you are right about that. But, shouldn't JournalWindow import journalactivity instead of window ? only then would it come to know in which window the alert box is to be added ?
23:39 or does Window itself refer to the currently displayed window ?
23:40 alsroot shan: JournalWindow is a parent for journalactivity, so journalactivity imports JournalWindow
23:44 tabs has quit IRC
23:54 shan alsroot, i get an error.
23:57 alsroot, http://pastebin.com/BMUjCC5m

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