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#sugar-meeting, 2011-06-25

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14:06 icarito guten morgen
14:06 m_anish icarito, hellos!
14:06 icarito :-)
14:07 cooking breakfast
14:07 yama hi
14:07 m_anish down with fever :/
14:08 icarito hi yama
14:08 are you sridhar? :-)
14:08 m_anish: sorry to hear
14:08 get bette
14:08 r
14:09 yama icarito: I'm doing well, although it's midnight here :)
14:09 silbe moin moin
14:09 m_anish icarito, thanks, i'm already feeling better by being on IRC after such a long time :)
14:09 yama, silbe hi!
14:09 silbe m_anish: welcome back!
14:10 yama hi m_anish!
14:10 silbe m_anish: did you have a nice holiday?
14:10 m_anish silbe, yep! it was just as I'd hoped, eye opening :)
14:11 icarito sugar is easy to get obsessed about
14:12 and breakfast is served
14:13 tch m_anish: wb;)
14:13 m_anish tch, hola!
14:13 tch hello everyone
14:16 dirakx around
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14:23 tch should we get started?
14:24 m_anish tch, yep :)
14:26 silbe would anyone like to chair the meeting?
14:27 tch silbe: do you have a topic list in mind?
14:28 silbe tch: nop, just getting us back in sync
14:29 tch silbe: ok, guess ill start it then?
14:29 silbe tch: feel free
14:29 tch #startmeeting
14:29 meeting Meeting started Sat Jun 25 14:29:41 2011 UTC. The chair is tch. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
14:29 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
14:30 tch #topic sync people
14:30 guess we can share what we have been doing lately to others and specially to anish,
14:30 someone wants to step in?
14:32 dirakx tch: to/with ?.
14:32 m_anish tch, yep, i've lost touch a bit.
14:33 tch dirakx: just mention what you been doing lately (in the context of sugar and AC) so anish can catch up
14:34 silbe m_anish: I've been doing major surgery on your microformat updater this week
14:34 dirakx I've been working directly on olpc-au bug tracker in order to fix activities issues for them. :)
14:35 m_anish silbe, ah! i read ur comment from logs about there not being one patch per feature. its a sin we committed because of lack of time :(
14:35 tch dirakx: nice :)
14:36 yama dirakx has been very helpful :)
14:36 thanks dirakx
14:36 icarito m_anish: i've been developing a framework for developing activities with HTML interface.
14:37 silbe m_anish: In the long run it's taking more time, but I fully understand the reasons. Part of the problem is that I'm still catching up with DX2, so we didn't have a real chance to fix this for DX3 (because there haven't been any patches targeted at DX3 yet).
14:37 dirakx yama: np, please bear with me.
14:37 ;)
14:37 m_anish silbe, agree, better workflow from our side (platform team) needed
14:38 icarito, cool!
14:38 silbe should we do this topic in turns so we can go into details a bit?
14:38 icarito :-) yes i'm excited about it
14:39 tch is learning about journal, trying to get a decent multi-selection design/implementation and also looking forward to the entry-level backup resource having a fully functional proof of concept
14:39 icarito m_anish: it will be a little while before releasing something, I need to balance my time with activity bugfixing and aslo, right dirakx ? :-)
14:40 silbe tch: we should chat a bit about that after the meeting :)
14:40 dirakx icarito: +1
14:40 50/50 ;).
14:42 tch silbe: sure, ill start a discussion on the ml anyway, i am trying to write down the things i've learn from magic-store
14:43 alsroot: ping
14:43 silbe tch: nice. Not sure when I'll be able to reply to emails again. Somehow my mail index got corrupted again; rebuilding takes several hours to days. :-/ But if you ping me on IRC, I can check the list archives.
14:43 alsroot tch: pong
14:44 dirakx tch: great work you are doing with the multiselection feature..
14:44 tch alsroot: can you explain a little bit what you been doing lately? :)
14:45 alsroot is working on the same TODO
14:45 tch alsroot: can you copy the link here? so anish can read it later? :)
14:45 m_anish alsroot, hola!
14:45 alsroot http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/The_Server/1/Todo
14:46 m_anish: hi
14:47 m_anish alsroot, thanks!
14:48 silbe BTW, As I already told tch I've been playing with WebDAV lately. So far it looks rather promising for sharing documents between different systems, both Sugar and non-Sugar ones. It can even store the Journal metadata natively, no hacks required like for storage devices or network file systems.
14:50 There's proof-of-concept code for exporting the Journal via WebDAV at git://git.silbe.org/journal2webdav . I'm currently working on factoring out the file system emulation code from datastore-fuse and turning it into generic code that can be shared by datastore-fuse and journal2webdav.
14:50 icarito silbe cool
14:50 is nautilus any good at webdav?
14:51 do you expect to use webdav on the server or could sugar export over webdav (for instance, locally)?
14:53 silbe Integrating WebDAV into the Journal (i.e. the client side) would easy in theory because there's already a gvfs module for WebDAV, but unfortunately it doesn't support custom properties (just a few hardcoded standard properties). We should either try to work with the Gnome people to include this capability in gvfs or use some WebDAV client library directly.
14:53 tch silbe: to store metadata properties you mean?
14:55 silbe icarito: I envision any combination. Sugar users exporting their Journal via WebDAV and servers providing space for sharing Journal objects and ("non-Sugar") documents. Both Sugar and Gnome users browsing others Journals and documents.
14:55 tch: yep, that's what I meant.
14:56 tch silbe: if we wanted to also have private storage space? would be possible with webdav? and if so, would require real system userS?
14:57 icarito i played with apache webdav once, you could have any auth apache supports
14:58 icaritox <icaritox!~icaro@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:59 silbe tch: WebDAV is based on HTTP, so naturally it supports authentication. However for the first iteration I'd consider it out of scope. There's quite a lot we can do to integrate (private key based) authentication, but let's get the basics working first. The primary use case for now is sharing with the entire class.
14:59 dirakx nice.
15:01 silbe tch: I've chatted a bit with garycmartin about presenting remote "folders" (like WebDAV) in the UI, BTW. Check out the #sugar-meeting channel logs last Sunday if you're curious.
15:01 tch auth is one thing, but giving individual storage space to each user is another thing, which is what i am aiming too :)
15:01 silbe: any chance we can also consider that scenario?
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15:02 silbe tch: ah, I see. Depending on your threat model, simple using a different URL might be enough short-term.
15:02 tch silbe: whatever it works and is secure enough
15:03 icaritox sounds tricky
15:04 tch ok, lets talk about it later :)
15:04 it will always depend on what others want too,
15:04 icarito <icarito!~webchat@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:05 silbe tch: It's security by social means, not technical ones. For the second iteration we can add strong authentication.
15:06 tch i see
15:07 guess anish is the only one left
15:08 yama +1 on that approach
15:08 tch m_anish: your turn
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15:10 tch silbe, yama: we could define some feature list and see how we can achieve everything step by step
15:11 silbe tch: +1
15:11 yama I have a set of Objectives defined at https://dev.laptop.org.au/proj[…]es?set_filter=1&f[]=status_id&op[status_id]=o&v[status_id][]​=1&f[]=tracker_id&op[tracker_id]=%3D&v[trac​ker_id][]=6&f[]=&c[]=project&c[]=tracker&c[​]=status&c[]=priority&c[]=subject&c[]=assig​ned_to&c[]=updated_on&c[]=cf_3&group_by=
15:12 these are deliberately broad and ambitious
15:12 I'd expect the final Objectives for DX12 to comprise a subset of these, and the rest can probably come as updates
15:12 silbe tch, m_anish: what are you going to work on the next few days? I could use some help testing the reworked microformat updater.
15:13 tch yama: ambitious but reasonably possible :)
15:15 dirakx we are all aiming to make that objectives come realities. ;)
15:15 yama :)
15:15 From OLPC AU's perspective, I think the two main objectives are "no regressions from our 10.1.3-au releases" and "a solid platform for long term support"
15:15 jvonau will be focusing on the first, integrating our XO-AU changes into DX
15:16 silbe yama: some of it may already be addressed - e.g. there's 3G connection sharing in DX2+3, though I don't know how well it works (since I don't have the hardware to test it).
15:16 yama silbe: that's what I'm hoping :)
15:17 erikos tells me that rewrites to the collaboration stack mean that there are regressions
15:17 tch silbe: it works well ;)
15:17 yama erikos is working to fix those but could use some help, especially in testing
15:17 m_anish silbe , still need to plan my immediate schedule, will let u knw asap
15:18 yama collaboration bugs to fix: http://dev.laptop.org/query?st[…]ds=~collaboration
15:19 silbe tch: just a pity it's 3G specific. I tried making it more generic so I could share a cable modem connection (i.e. LAN connection), but got messed up and got distracted by other work.
15:19 tch: this is one of the things I hope we can address during the refactoring for NM 0.9.
15:20 tch silbe: +1
15:20 m_anish tch, btw, does your 3G-GSM patch also support CDMA? yama does aus have both GSM/CDMA high speed internet (i'm asking since we have that in India)?
15:21 tch m_anish: only GSM
15:21 yama m_anish: no CDMA networks in Australia any more
15:21 it's all GSM/3G
15:21 tch m_anish: would require to add CDMA to the sugar connection settings manager
15:21 m_anish tch, yama, ok
15:21 yama although Telstra (the main telco we work with) uses 3G on slightly different frequencies
15:22 tch but if i understood correctly all that connection setting part will disappear eventually
15:24 icaritox tch does the 3g sharing run hostap?
15:24 m_anish tch, ok
15:24 silbe I'm confused. Isn't CDMA one of the modulations used by 3G networks?
15:24 icaritox: IIRC it's shared via ad-hoc.
15:24 m_anish silbe, nope, different standard, IIRC
15:24 icaritox ah
15:25 silbe m_anish: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IS-2000
15:25 tch silbe: it is being treated as different things at networkmanager though
15:26 at least until NM 0.8
15:27 is there anyone who wants to talk about something else? or we end meeting here?
15:28 silbe +1 for endmeeting
15:28 dirakx we can end meeting ;).
15:28 icaritox :-)
15:28 tch #endmeeting poof!
15:28 meeting Meeting ended Sat Jun 25 15:28:48 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
15:28 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-25T14:29:41.html
15:28 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]11-06-25T14:29:41
15:29 silbe tch: but what's the actual difference? What do CDMA, 3G and GSM mean in NM 0.8 context?
15:29 tch thank you everyone, and again,  welcome back anish
15:29 dirakx GSM and CDMA are in different network layers if you think of the OSI model.
15:29 tch silbe: just different settings and connection types
15:30 silbe: devices types too
15:31 silbe tch: Why do the settings / connection types differ and how?
15:31 tries reading the NM spec again to look for an answer, but already failed the last time.
15:31 tch silbe: guess you should ask Dan williams :)
15:31 silbe: #nm
15:31 silbe tch: on freenode?
15:31 tch silbe: yup
15:32 silbe oh great, another Gnome server that doesn't work today (Dan Williams' blog)
15:32 tch lol
15:32 m_anish :)
15:36 tch, endmeeting?
15:37 tch already did ;)
15:37 m_anish tch, i'm asleep
15:37 tch, or half dead
15:37 icaritox has quit IRC
15:37 m_anish haha
15:37 tch i can see :)
15:37 m_anish :)
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15:49 silbe ok, I guess "GSM" means GSM-compatible equipment including UMTS whereas "CDMA" means CDMA2000 (which is incompatible with GSM networks). "CDMA" is 3G and "GSM" can be 2.5G or 3G, depending on radio conditions and network capabilities.
15:55 tch: how's your multi-selection work going? Have you solved the performance issues by updating the ListModel using the callback data?
15:59 tch silbe: the problem is to determine if the callback object_id belongs (or should belong) to the current result_set ;/
15:59 silbe: it depends on the filters etc
16:02 silbe tch: sounds like you either need to do a linear scan of the entire ListModel or add some kind of index. Keeping the index consistent can be tricky, so you should probably try the linear scan first, even though it's O(n).
16:03 tch: or maybe just a set containing all object_ids in the ListModel. That will at least allow you to determine whether you need to do the linear scan to find the updated row.
16:08 tch silbe: actually, the performance problems comes when you need to do the linear scan ;/ because it triggers all these offsets updates
16:08 silbe: i do basically what you suggest
16:11 silbe tch: ah, so the problem isn't processing updates from the data store, but rather the GTK updates? What do we use the latter for?
16:12 tch silbe: i "solved" the processing problem by simply not emitting them once at time
16:13 silbe: but yeah, GTK freezes when scanning the full model entries
16:13 silbe: it is very noticiable after 1000 entries
16:14 silbe: the only "solution" i got in mind is to change the design for now ;/
16:17 silbe tch: ouch. 1k entries shouldn't be a problem. Sounds like we need to change the algorithm...
16:18 a simple object_id -> row number index wouldn't help since inserting or deleting lines changes a lot of line numbers...
16:20 tch silbe: the current design needs to determine when there is selected elements (because of the toolbar behaviour) even if they are visible or belong to the current offset subset,
16:20 silbe: which means we need to scan at least once the whole results list
16:20 s/visible/not visible
16:22 silbe tch: persistant iterators sound useful. The stock ListStore supports them.
16:22 tch: sorry, you lost me around "even"...
16:25 tch hmm,
16:29 gtg for now, maybe you can try the patches so you can see the problem by yourself,
16:30 silbe tch: ok, cu later
16:30 tch If I don't come up with any solution soon ill just change the toolbar behaviour, so the scan will happen only when the user does some operation
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