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#sugar-meeting, 2011-04-04

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21:03 walterbender pflores: is there a meeting now re Ceibal Jam y Sugar Camp?
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21:37 pflores walterbender in 25 min.
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21:38 meeting_ <walterbender-es> err ... ok
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22:08 <aa-es> hello
22:09 <pflores-es> hola!
22:09 * gonzalo-es has joined
22:09 <gonzalo-es> hi all:)
22:09 <pflores-es> aa geirea gonzalo walterbender We can begin?
22:09 <geirea-es> hello
22:10 <gonzalo-es> listp
22:10 <gonzalo-es> ready
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22:10 meeting_ <pflores-es> address of Etherpad looking ...
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22:11 <pflores-es> http://openetherpad.org/jbLB7nGaz6
22:11 <walterbender-es> hello all
22:12 <geirea-es> hi
22:12 <pflores-es> hahaha "hola todos" walterbender is said except that they are all women;)
22:12 walterbender In the meeting I am in. it is all women...
22:12 meeting_ <pflores-es> walterbender est notif to Etherpad that we have advanced in the program
22:13 walterbender but it is just ending, so I will join you guys
22:13 meeting_ <pflores-es> ok
22:14 <pflores-es> geirea: you could talk to felipe / flavio / pmoleri?
22:14 <pflores-es> Workshop of programming in sugar?
22:14 <geirea-es> felipe confirmed flavio pmoleri declined and did not answer
22:14 <pflores-es> ok ... flavio lstima
22:14 <aa-es> walterbender: wow, cscott is back with OLPC?
22:14 walterbender would be interested in participating in such a workshop
22:15 aa: yes... as of 1 week ago
22:15 meeting_ <aa-es> "Director, New Technologies", a more fitting title
22:15 walterbender aa: to work on the software for the tablet
22:15 meeting_ <aa-es> walterbender: Seems I've been living under a rock this past week
22:15 <pflores-es> if cscott requested for work on a panel about the future of Sugar
22:15 cjb hi folks :)
22:15 I'll be at edujam with cscott
22:15 meeting_ <aa-es> cjb: hello!
22:16 <aa-es> great!
22:16 <pflores-es> cjb: Yes, great to Have you here! :)
22:16 walterbender it would be good if some of us from Sugar Labs were also on the panel re the future of Sugar :)
22:16 meeting_ <gonzalo-es> CJB hello!
22:16 <geirea-es> great!
22:16 cjb walterbender: yes, definitely -- maybe you could join?
22:16 meeting_ <gonzalo-es> walterbender: of course
22:16 <pflores-es> walterbender: of course
22:17 <gonzalo-es> pflores: no robot dizzy the translator:)
22:17 cjb please don't put me on any panels, cscott can say everything for OLPC and furthermore he speaks Spanish :-)
22:17 walterbender it will be interesting to see the different perspectives of SL, OLPC-F, OLPC-A, and AC... as well as the actually users
22:18 meeting_ <gonzalo-es> we wanted to start the event with an analysis of current situation
22:18 <geirea-es> we proposed Rosamel
22:19 <geirea-es> and a proposal creatic / foundation free accessibility
22:19 <gonzalo-es> and maybe it would be nice to end the event with future plans
22:19 cjb which day is the future of sugar panel?
22:19 meeting_ <pflores-es> cjb: Friday Afternoon
22:19 dogi /me dogi lurks
22:19 meeting_ <gonzalo-es> pflores: you're right, I withdraw my proposal
22:20 <pflores-es> pflores: qu
22:20 <pflores-es> proposal?
22:20 <pflores-es> gonzalo: ^
22:21 <gonzalo-es> pflores: I think what we had talked about sugar past, present and future can unfold
22:21 <gonzalo-es> start with origins and foundations of current situation
22:21 walterbender sounds like a dickens novel
22:21 meeting_ <gonzalo-es> and then make one that is future
22:21 <gonzalo-es> ja ja
22:22 <gonzalo-es> because I think that part of the future is not good for a chat format
22:22 <gonzalo-es> the future is to discuss
22:22 <gonzalo-es> no?
22:23 <pflores-es> gonzalo: if in agreement, the Sugar Camp
22:23 <pflores-es> The idea is to begin the summit with a discussion on learning platforms, beyond Sugar
22:23 <geirea-es> we order, we are talking about Friday afternoon?
22:23 <pflores-es> geirea: I talked about Friday morning
22:24 <pflores-es> geirea: the Meeting directs you please:)
22:24 <gonzalo-es> We start with the initial session?
22:24 <aa-es> geirea: I encourage you to review in chronological order we have solved?
22:24 <geirea-es> ok
22:25 <geirea-es> if no one objects
22:25 <pflores-es> +1
22:25 <gonzalo-es> ok
22:25 <geirea-es> Friday morning: opening table challenges of developing a learning-oriented platform
22:26 <geirea-es> Friday morning: 2 tracks of talks and workshops on general topics
22:26 walterbender OK... but last time I checked in, it was not a very teacher-friendly meeting and I assert that the topic you propose needs educators for input
22:26 meeting_ <geirea-es> Friday afternoon: track "aprendiendo sugar" and track "futuro de sugar"
22:27 <pflores-es> geirea: Not only "futuro de sugar", the idea is to make a small Sugar Camp
22:28 <gonzalo-es> walterbender: probably not come on Friday, many teachers are leaving the more suitable subjects for teachers for Saturday
22:28 <geirea-es> walterbender: not just any teacher, it is necessary to address the fundamentals of sugar and analyzed in light of experience
22:28 <aa-es> walterbender: Rosamel and told us to give a talk
22:29 <geirea-es> and technological challenges
22:29 walterbender aa: yes... I saw that on the schedule... and I have great respect for her insight and experience, but a topic such as the future of learning platforms needs more voices, more points of view
22:30 the "women" in the room with me today would have a lot to say on the topic...
22:31 meeting_ <geirea-es> walterbender: they are planning to attend?
22:31 <pflores-es> walterbender: We believe in making panels in most cases, no expository talks
22:31 <aa-es> walterbender: I'am agree, we have a problem on Friday as local teachers can not leave work that day
22:31 <aa-es> I *
22:32 walterbender pflores: I will reiterate my position from our very first meeting: I think that pedagogy should drive the technology development.
22:32 meeting_ <aa-es> pflores: anyway, ideally between the moderators of the panels has at least one teacher
22:32 walterbender aa: so maybe we don't have that session on Friday
22:33 tries to think of an analogy...
22:34 meeting_ <aa-es> walterbender: do not need an analogy, I completely agree
22:34 <pflores-es> yes, I think we all agree
22:35 <aa-es> walterbender: I personally, and I think others here are trying to reconcile this requirement (that educators must participate), with the experience we've had contact with them
22:36 <geirea-es> There are 40 years of teaching behind the foundations of sugar, we can review them and think whether its performance is adequate or needs improvement
22:36 walterbender rather we discuss other topics than do a poor job on this one.
22:36 meeting_ <aa-es> and the experience has not been bad, or negative, but ... focus, it is difficult to steer the discussion toward topics operable
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22:37 meeting_ <aa-es> geirea: I think that the valuation should make educators, not us
22:37 <aa-es> or at least set
22:38 <aa-es> that we plan to invite educators?
22:38 <aa-es> Rosamel and Caryl will attend
22:38 <aa-es> as Walter says, we need more prospects
22:38 <geirea-es> I say the appearance of putting ideas into practice, the implementation, of course we need the opinion of educators but not massively
22:39 walterbender geirea: that is fine, but different from the future of "learning-oriented platforms"
22:40 meeting_ <geirea-es> or do an academic event on the use of technology in education, or do an event focused on the particular implementation of sugar
22:40 <geirea-es> the first is too broad a topic
22:41 walterbender we could discuss deficiencies in the Sugar platform relative to its vision and other platforms
22:41 meeting_ <geirea-es> ok, can be: "desafíos encontrados en la implementación de la plataforma orientada al aprendizaje sugar"?
22:42 <aa-es> not drowned in semantic
22:43 <aa-es> There are two things that matter: 1 - they want to talk about speakers and 2 - That the community needs to have discussions
22:43 <gonzalo-es> walterbender: you can lead this discussion? get partners and define it? description and time
22:43 <geirea-es> I think it is good to reflect on the foundations of sugar and its implementation
22:44 <gonzalo-es> geirea: I think this is the same as saying walter
22:44 walterbender gonzalo: I could lead that discussion
22:45 meeting_ <gonzalo-es> walterbender, you can (later) the description and how much would be the time to assemble the program?
22:46 walterbender gonzalo: sure...
22:46 meeting_ * gonzalo has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
22:46 walterbender gonzalo: let that be my contribiution instead of a lecture on the history of OLPC
22:46 meeting_ <aa-es> does not seem to move that table for Saturday in order to have participation of teachers?
22:47 * gonzalo-es has joined
22:47 <pflores-es> walterbender: quines you liked to make the panel?
22:47 gonzalo <gonzalo!~gonzalo@> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:47 meeting_ <pflores-es> aa: I find difficult to move the bases of the program ...
22:48 <aa-es> pflores: ok
22:48 walterbender pflores: I will work with whatever we have...
22:49 meeting_ <pflores-es> Anyway on Friday habrn several teachers: Rosamel, Caryl, Pato Acevedo, Koke Contreras, Laura Manolakis ...
22:50 <pflores-es> walterbender: let me ask again in Inglés: What people Would you like to Participate in the panel with you?
22:50 walterbender pflores: and maybe I can convince Pacita to attend...
22:50 meeting_ <aa-es> pflores: exact
22:50 <pflores-es> walterbender: Yes! Convince her! :)
22:51 walterbender pflores: let me see whom I can find... but of course all the people you mention are great additions... but I some how feel that there is not a perspective from...
22:51 not sure how to express it... the bureacracy?
22:52 the academy?
22:52 let me work on it...
22:52 meeting_ <aa-es> walterbender: the industry? so to speak ...
22:53 <pflores-es> walterbender: bureaucracy or academia?
22:54 <aa-es> Gentlemen, I have to go
22:54 <aa-es> gonzalo: thanks for sending the mail to devel;)
22:54 walterbender pflores: both...
22:54 meeting_ <aa-es> gonzalo: I am going to instruct ping
22:54 <aa-es> Greetings!
22:54 walterbender aa: yes. I need to leave too... but I will report back.
22:54 meeting_ <gonzalo-es> aa: ok
22:54 <geirea-es> chau
22:55 <pflores-es> walterbender: On the academy perhaps someone can participate in "Flor de Ceibo"?
22:55 <pflores-es> aa: bye!
22:56 walterbender pflores: si
22:56 meeting_ <aa-es> pflores: if it's a matter of failure to implement all this, Mariana Herrera also has considerable experience
22:56 <pflores-es> It seems that the event is coming curriki.org people
22:56 <pflores-es> they can have an interesting perspective
22:56 <pflores-es> walterbender: What is your view?
22:56 <aa-es> good bye!
22:57 walterbender pflores: do you know whom from curriki?
22:58 meeting_ <pflores-es> walterbender: I have not confirmed, let me see ...
22:58 walterbender pflores: OK. Let's make up the make up of the panel off line. I need to go off line now :(
22:59 meeting_ <pflores-es> walterbender: Joshua Marks, Kim Jones, Janet Pinto, Todd Korth, Cindee Mock estn in the mail
22:59 <pflores-es> walterbender: ok!
22:59 <pflores-es> walterbender: bye!
22:59 walterbender pflores: OK. I'll do some homework.
23:00 bye guys
23:00 meeting_ <geirea-es> bye
23:00 <gonzalo-es> bye walter
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23:00 meeting_ <gonzalo-es> I can raise an issue?
23:00 <pflores-es> geirea, gonzalo: I'm a little confused. This panel is to talk to Walter for opening?
23:00 <geirea-es> forward
23:01 <geirea-es> pflores: I think so
23:01 <pflores-es> ok
23:01 <gonzalo-es> if it is to open
23:01 <pflores-es> gonzalo: forward
23:01 <gonzalo-es> the mail you send to the list made me several questions:
23:01 <gonzalo-es> 1) language talks
23:02 <gonzalo-es> 2) format (40 minute hour)
23:02 <geirea-es> 1) English or Spanish, we will provide translators (and are home)
23:02 <gonzalo-es> 3) date for submissions ToIP
23:02 <geirea-es> 2) 40 minutes
23:02 <gonzalo-es> I think we're very tight with time
23:03 <geirea-es> 3) I do not know
23:03 <geirea-es> yes, we are very fair, always ends up kicking out all the
23:03 <gonzalo-es> I propose that we place two weeks from today
23:03 <gonzalo-es> then we can stretch
23:03 <geirea-es> gonzalo: I feel good
23:04 <pflores-es> +1 \
23:04 walterbender has quit IRC
23:04 meeting_ <geirea-es> remember, on Friday morning come the opening panel and two tracks of 3 lectures each
23:04 <gonzalo-es> ok, I will send a mail sending information esra
23:05 <gonzalo-es> I was talking to Erik, to present a talk
23:05 <pflores-es> in the morning on Friday will also be all talks or panels?
23:06 <gonzalo-es> pflores good question
23:06 <geirea-es> I say opening a center panel
23:06 <pflores-es> 40 minutes is too little for a panel of more than 2 people ...
23:06 <geirea-es> then 6 slots to fill them with lectures, panels and workshops
23:07 <geirea-es> Opening Panel: 9:00 to 10:30
23:07 <gonzalo-es> geirea: and would not be good for submitting proposals to propose a talk for 40 minutes or panel: 130hs?
23:07 <pflores-es> gonzalo: +1
23:07 <geirea-es> can be ... I think in terms of slots, if we put two slots and is worth no problem
23:08 <gonzalo-es> In the unlikely event that we have more talks (not think) then we ask someone to shorten
23:08 <geirea-es> but what I am is that few slots
23:08 <pflores-es> Anyway, I liked that SRAP clean some talks already considered ...
23:09 <gonzalo-es> pflores: there are already talks defined?
23:09 <pflores-es> gonzalo: not defined, designed ...
23:09 <pflores-es> Those who are in Etherpad
23:09 <gonzalo-es> ahh:)
23:10 <gonzalo-es> pflores: all that, but who got the e, are in the oven
23:10 <pflores-es> agree
23:11 <pflores-es> for example, tch is willing to talk raised
23:11 <pflores-es> "C
23:11 <gonzalo-es> pflores: ok, this is defined then
23:11 <pflores-es> gonzalo: Well, if we all agree:)
23:11 <gonzalo-es> Ask him to make a brief duration and would give
23:11 <pflores-es> ok
23:11 <gonzalo-es> and is oriented public quye
23:12 <geirea-es> yes, that says more or less what is going to talk
23:12 <pflores-es> the duration is already 40 min
23:13 <pflores-es> LATU people also willing to chat est "Sugar fuera de XO", if you want to ask Rodolfo Arce and that also can be confirmed
23:13 <geirea-es> pflores: Latu + Arce?
23:13 <gonzalo-es> pflores: because we do one thing, we begin to build in another ehterpad what we already have
23:14 <pflores-es> The talk about the game we were also more or less agree on it, no?
23:14 <pflores-es> geirea: Daniel Castello + Arce or something like that
23:14 <pflores-es> gonzalo: If more tidying up we already have?
23:15 <gonzalo-es> pflores, NMOS is that going to mix the ideas and what is defined
23:15 <pflores-es> gonzalo: Remote for the "ideas" final
23:15 <gonzalo-es> ok:)
23:17 <pflores-es> OH OH
23:17 <pflores-es> the Cagua
23:18 <gonzalo-es> pflores: What happened?
23:19 <pflores-es> gonzalo: No, I is doing any Etherpad
23:21 <gonzalo-es> pflores, geirea: I need to finish now, I send the mail later clarifying these points and still looking for people to talks
23:21 <geirea-es> gonzalo ok we
23:22 <pflores-es> ok
23:22 <pflores-es> now it is well Etherpad
23:22 <pflores-es> we gonzalo!
23:22 <gonzalo-es> a hug!
23:22 gonzalo has quit IRC
23:23 meeting_ <geirea-es> pflores: left alone?
23:23 <pflores-es> if
23:23 <geirea-es> pucha, not making much progress
23:23 <pflores-es> :-S
23:23 <pflores-es> I think if we meet one day these
23:24 <pflores-es> and look good qu we can define and send mails to be closing proposals?
23:24 <pflores-es> we need a more defined base soon
23:24 <geirea-es> I do not know, I'm very complicated, do it by mail
23:24 <pflores-es> yes, I'm also a thousand
23:25 <pflores-es> You are in your house?
23:25 <geirea-es> not in power
23:26 <pflores-es> I call 5 min
23:26 <geirea-es> Look I moved and I have yet domestic
23:27 <pflores-es> What record?
23:27 <geirea-es> I have no phone, cell phone only for now
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23:47 lucian has quit IRC
23:57 bernie` has quit IRC
23:58 bernie <bernie!~bernie@gateway/shell/sugarlabs.org/x-yxuzkxbkvvrotzpe> has joined #sugar-meeting

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