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#sugar-newbies, 2011-10-15

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07:33 meeting <meeting!~sugaroid@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-newbies
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14:38 gcerchio <gcerchio!~chatzilla@173-13-184-17-sfba.hfc.comcastbusiness.net> has joined #sugar-newbies
14:40 gcerchio hello, anyone here? I am a bit confused about setting up the OLPC development environment, I last worked on PlayGo 3 years ago
14:46 alsroot gcerchio: do you need build environment for coding sugar itself, or activity?
14:46 gcerchio alsroot: coding, I am getting ready to give one of my olpc's to my grandaughter :)
14:47 alsroot, sry activity coding, but I may be inclined to go into the OS
14:48 alsroot gcerchio: for coding activities, you don't need any special developmnet environments. Just place your activity to ~/Activities directory, code it there, and run it from there in sugar shell
14:48 gcerchio alsroot: are my olpc sign in's and ID good for sugar labs?
14:49 alsroot gcerchio: some sugarlabs resources support OpenID, for the rest cases, each service has its one users db (though, it might be improved in the future)
14:50 gcerchio alsroot: and what is the preferred OS for coding?
14:51 alsroot gcerchio: from tech pov, it doesn't matter at all. you only need sugar packages for that distro. usually, fedora has good sugar packages
14:52 gcerchio alsroot: so how about a UBUNTU 11 vm or would you just say the Win7/64 host is just as good?
14:54 alsroot gcerchio: for ubunutu, sugar should be supported there as well. for vm on win, dunno, don't use win
14:54 *I don't use win
14:55 gcerchio alsroot: well if I did not play LoTRO I wouldn't either... but I try to make do
14:56 alsroot: but the sugar on the stick has all the tools and runs a reasonably large desktop?
14:56 alsroot gcerchio: btw, for exact sugar version (debian/ubuntu support multiple versions at the same time). it would be better (for activity coding pov) be stuck to 0.88 or to 0.94+ if having reliable collaboration in sugar is important
14:57 gcerchio: sugar on the stick is just remix of fedora, ie, exactly the same
14:58 gcerchio alsroot: so is my developer key from 2009 still good?
15:00 alsroot gcerchio: for dev keys, most likely
15:01 gcerchio alsroot: okies thanks so much for the hints, I'll start poking around at all the options, I'll be sure to pick 0.88 or 0.94 if I see that anywhere
15:31 satellit_ likes playgo
15:31 gcerchio saellit_: :)
15:31 satellit_ thanks  :  )
15:48 meeting <meeting!~sugaroid@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-newbies
15:48 gcerchio alsroot: so just make a new PlayGo page on wiki.sugarlabs.org?
15:49 alsroot gcerchio: yup, under http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Activities
15:49 gcerchio alsroot: okies
15:50 alsroot hmm, s=olpc's wiki content is not related to XO/OLPC=olpc's wiki content is *more* related to XO/OLPC=
15:56 gcerchio alsroot: fresh uploads of images or just ref the olpc images?
18:46 tinker-f595_ <tinker-f595_!~tinker-f5@m208-148.dsl.rawbw.com> has joined #sugar-newbies
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