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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2011-04-02 15:04:35

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15:04 meeting Meeting started Sat Apr  2 15:04:35 2011 UTC. The chair is dirakx. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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15:04 dirakx hi all.
15:05 topics to propose or anyone wants to start ?.
15:05 #topic weekly updates
15:05 #TOPIC weekly updates
15:05 dfarning m_anish is watching the cricket world cup.... a crazy sport for Indians
15:06 dirakx I've never understood rules of cricket..
15:06 ;)
15:06 ok my update for now,
15:07 dfarning http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot
15:07 dirakx dfarning: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User:Dogi/meeting i'm on this one.
15:07 dfarning dirakx yes that is probobly better.
15:08 dirakx we worked with m_anish on the new list of activities for dextrose international build.
15:08 branching pootle for sugar-0.92, new strings are ready to translators to jump in.
15:08 bernie dirakx: that's no longer up to date... we switched to a different bot
15:08 dirakx: http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot
15:09 dirakx bernie: oh ok.
15:09 about pootle there are tons of documentation on Service/translate on the wiki.
15:10 minor activities fixes. also..and we have a work distribution with icarito. now.
15:10 silbe bernie: why does the bot itself say the doc is at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot then?
15:10 dfarning dirakx can you post a link to the translation website?
15:10 bernie silbe: yes, that's the correct page. the one in Dogi's user page is the obsolete one
15:11 dirakx #link http://translate.sugarlabs.org[…]ojects/glucose92/
15:12 we decided to have one developer as first responder and the other one to suppor each activity,
15:12 distribution is described here
15:12 #link http://openetherpad.org/EL5g7TqHEI
15:13 that's my update for now.
15:13 m_anish I can quickly give mine :)
15:14 dirakx m_anish: go ahead.
15:14 m_anish status update
15:14 (1) os506 dx2-build release email/wiki updates/4x1 page docs
15:14 (2) Tested out f14-os14 (looked good :-))
15:14 (3) Worked with tch on feedback server side stuff
15:14 (4) Worked on rpm for XS w/o internet connectivity. Will test on Monday.
15:14 Plans for next week
15:14 (1) roll out updates for py
15:14 (2) start work on dx3 ... need little input from silbe, bernie
15:14 (3) Bug triage for dx2/3
15:14 (4) Discuss activity list with py (wasn't able to do that this week)
15:14 (5) Go to caacupe
15:15 icarito <icarito!~icaro@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:15 m_anish comments/questions?
15:15 bernie m_anish: KUDOS TO YOU AND TCH!!!
15:15 dirakx bernie: +1.
15:15 dfarning dirakx let's try not to refer to activites as 'low' in public..... the rating is just an internal priority list not a reflection of their 'value'.
15:15 m
15:15 dirakx dfarning: ack
15:15 you are right.
15:16 dfarning m_anish i thought the dx3 relase was an april fools joke.
15:16 tch :)
15:16 m_anish :)
15:16 silbe dfarning: the DX3 was one, just not the DX2 one ;)
15:16 m_anish dfarning, its dx2 (that wasn't a joke)
15:16 dfarning sorry dx2 release.
15:16 dirakx m_anish: I liked the sugar-dev mail also..nice.
15:17 icaritox <icaritox!~icaro@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:17 m_anish dirakx, tch reviewed it
15:17 icaritox reading backlog
15:17 dfarning ok that looks good -- so much of your work this week involves coordinating with silbe on patch statuse for DX3?
15:17 dirakx icaritox we are doing updates now.
15:18 m_anish dfarning, yep, part of it. I'll hav to be one day in caacupe, maybe you and tch would like to come?
15:19 dfarning m_anish let's wait to talk to PY about activites for a few weeks. they are busy! and dirakx and icaritox have a good inital list.
15:19 dirakx +1
15:19 tch m_anish: +1 who else is going this week (from pyedu)?
15:19 dfarning m_anish I will try to go.
15:19 bernie silbe: i must have missed the announcement of DX3... where did you post it?
15:19 m_anish dfarning, yep
15:19 bernie, silbe, was there one?
15:20 bernie m_anish: dfarning said so... or so it seemed
15:20 icarito has quit IRC
15:20 silbe bernie: there was no DX3 announcement on any list
15:20 m_anish tch, not sure
15:20 bernie m_anish: ah, ok. i got it... it was just a typo.
15:21 dfarning bernie yes typo
15:22 dirakx icaritox: shall you continue with your update ? .
15:22 bernie btw, shall we make some plans for DX3, now that DX2 is released?
15:22 dfarning m_anish how about the long term priority list for you tch and silbe on DX3, do you need to coordinat with bernie on that?
15:22 dirakx oh ok..wait.
15:22 icaro__ <icaro__!~icaro@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:23 m_anish bernie, +1
15:23 bernie, silbe tch i think we initially settled on making a dx3 release with all dx2 patches rebased on top of f14...
15:24 I guess we also decided to focus on (a) activities (b) what major features we could work on
15:24 silbe m_anish: as final goal or intermediate one?
15:24 m_anish silbe, intermediate
15:24 dfarning m_anish will that take about 2-3 weeks to sort out patches?
15:24 icaro__ dirakx, i wrote the update this week
15:25 btw thanks bernie and all for your kind feedback on it
15:25 dirakx icaro__: no  i meant in this meeting ;).
15:25 m_anish dfarning, silbe knows best :) we can help him in whatever way he wants...
15:25 icaro__ dirakx, yes I understand but my point was I feel pretty up to date
15:25 m_anish silbe, is that fine :)
15:26 also, we could do a run through http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Dextrose/3/Todo like we did for dx2 sometime and figure out what we can target?
15:26 icaro__ only update is that they've ended the first week of filming in peru http://experimentaltv.org/xotv
15:26 icaritox has quit IRC
15:26 dfarning m_anish ok so sible is takeing the lead for the next couple of weeks as we sort out the patches.... with your and tch's help.
15:27 bernie m_anish: +1
15:27 dfarning m_anish then you can take the lead on the todo list?
15:27 dirakx #link  http:// http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Dextrose/3/Todo
15:27 silbe m_anish: let me get a working DX3 image that only pulls in "my" packages instead of those by SMParrish, see what's broken / missing and go over the todo list afterwards.
15:28 bernie silbe: ok
15:28 silbe with the see what's broken + todo list in cooperation with you (tch, m_anish, etc.) that is
15:28 m_anish silbe, makes sense, while you do that, we can figure out what 'new' stuff we should target, and keep working on the bugs as we have
15:28 silbe m_anish: working on bugs is always a good idea :)
15:29 dirakx silbe: +1.
15:29 tch its unavoidable :)
15:29 haha
15:29 bernie yes, everybody fix bugs please!
15:29 m_anish has been out of touch with 0.92 . need to figure out bugs that cause the most pains :)
15:30 silbe we'll have plenty of bugs to kill for DX3, so the more you fix that were already in DX2 the better
15:30 bernie m_anish: the worst onese are in collaboration, it seems... but erikos is already working on fixing them
15:30 tch bernie:  thats a relief
15:31 m_anish silbe, yep, and whatever platform bugs we fix can slowly go in as updates to the laptops using dx2, if its an important fix.
15:31 silbe m_anish: plus that, of course :)
15:32 m_anish okay, so while silbe works on dx3 image, we can focus on finding what bugs to fix :)... there are still a few open with the dx2 keyword on the bug-tracker.
15:32 silbe m_anish: so you're free to help on DX3 now?
15:32 m_anish silbe, relatively :)
15:32 silbe ok :)
15:32 dirakx ok we can talk more  about dx3 after meeting
15:33 anymore updates ?.
15:33 dfarning tch^ ?
15:34 tch well, I think my updates are similar to m_anish except that I been working closely on (implementing/testing/deploying) the feedback server stuff
15:35 dfarning tch what do you have after feedback server? general bug fixing?
15:35 tch any blockers?
15:36 icaro__ feedback server? sounds interesting
15:37 tch Well, started/finished the mailer script which sends the reports in a (little more human readable format) to a ML to which me and anish are subscribed
15:38 is already running on pyedu servers
15:38 dirakx nice.
15:38 pflores <pflores!~pflores@r186-48-24-98.dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:38 dirakx hi pflores
15:38 pflores hi!
15:39 tch we will ask permission to pyedu to share that information with some of you :)
15:40 m_anish: ^
15:40 dirakx tch: +1. I'm interested in activity feedback.
15:40 dfarning icaro__ it is part of the QA push for DX3 we will have 1) automatic reporting of bugs via feedback system 2) foramal regression testing and 3) expolitory classroom testing.
15:40 m_anish tch, +1
15:41 icaro__ dfarning, +1 QA is vital
15:42 dirakx ok anyone more updates or toics you want to propose ?.
15:42 topics*
15:42 icaro__ it would be interesting to have sugar send logs when an activity crashes
15:42 pflores What topics are you discussing?
15:43 dirakx pflores: for now it's just weekly updates.
15:43 pflores ok
15:43 dirakx like updates from everyone's work in the week.
15:44 silbe how about SugarCamp?
15:44 dirakx +1.
15:44 dfarning pflores can you give us a brief update on your progress from last week ande goal for next week?
15:44 tch guess ill do some diagrams of how the feedback server works :)
15:44 silbe: +1
15:45 dirakx tch: some docs would be useful, thanks.
15:45 ;)
15:45 icaro__ dirakx, perhaps we can have a feedback option in about panes
15:45 m_anish tch, yep :)
15:45 pflores Ok, I've been completely focusing on the summit, which is going pretty well
15:45 dirakx icaro__: yep..but this would be only for DX, I don't think that it's a feature for upstream.
15:46 icaro__ tch, dirakx and I are planning on adding "About this activity" panes to activities - perhaps a feedback link could be interesting
15:46 pflores We have a good set of confirmed participants: http://ceibaljam.org/node/1108
15:46 we'll be around 12 in the code sprint
15:46 icaro__ pflores, congratulaciones el evento se ve muy interesante
15:47 pflores Now we're trying to finalize the program definition
15:47 for which we would like to know which panels/keynotes you would like to have in the summit
15:47 silbe dirakx: +1 on keeping automated feedback downstream for now. We can't handle the traffic upstream anyway. If we tell the user we reported the bug upstream, they'll be disappointed if there's no reply at all.
15:48 icaro__ dirakx, unless upstream is interested - that requieres a process of proposing to design team i guess
15:48 dirakx silbe: +1.
15:48 pflores Particularly: what panels you would be interested in participating
15:48 dfarning +1 the program looks great. It shifts from high level education focused tour -> gritty technical details as the wek progresses.
15:49 pflores icaro__: Si! Viste mi mail?
15:49 silbe pflores: what are the plans for remote collaboration? Including, but not limited to the code sprints.
15:49 dirakx icaro__:  about panes should be discussed but w/o the feedbak feature for now.
15:50 icaro__ pflores, si lo estoy contestando ahora - en resumen  - no podr
15:50 dirakx, +1
15:50 pflores silbe: We're working on having a live streaming service. I think we should also use IRC and a twitter/identi.ca hashtag
15:50 silbe: for the code sprint I think IRC would be the best, what do you think?
15:51 dfarning tch and I talked to Rodolfo D. Arce from UUA yesterday -- he mantioned that his education coworker was going to try to attend the tour + summit and he (the tech guy) was going to attend the summit plus sprint.
15:51 silbe pflores: +1 to IRC. Please don't spread anything over twitter exclusively, though - it was very hard for me to follow during the last community summit. :-/
15:52 pflores silbe: ok
15:52 dirakx IRC/Live-streaming  combination sounds good.
15:53 pflores Regarding to the tour, we're closing suscriptions, already on capacity
15:53 silbe pflores: IRC should work well enough if it actually gets used. We're having a bit of a bad track record with that, so I try to nag early and often about it.
15:53 moving indoors, already got a sunburn :-/ brb
15:53 dfarning pflores excellent!
15:53 pflores silbe: some suggestion to make it work well?
15:55 dirakx Tour sounds like fun!.
15:55 pflores: I think silbe is changing places.
15:56 ok i think we can endmeeting for now..
15:56 1
15:56 2
15:56 #endmeeting
15:56 meeting Meeting ended Sat Apr  2 15:56:21 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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