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#olpc-paraguay, 2011-12-07

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08:38 meeting <meeting!~sugaroid@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
11:57 joseprous <joseprous!~jose@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
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13:56 sebas_ <sebas_!~Paraguay@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
14:09 walterbender <walterbender!~chatzilla@146-115-134-246.c3-0.nwt-ubr​1.sbo-nwt.ma.cable.rcn.com> has joined #olpc-paraguay
14:17 Mr_R <Mr_R!~rcristal@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
14:19 Mr_R hello walterbender
14:19 i'm here with seba
14:20 we want to discuss with you our needs related to sugar devel
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14:21 [scs] waves.
14:21 #start-meeting
14:21 meeting Meeting started Wed Dec  7 14:21:50 2011 UTC. The chair is [scs]. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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14:22 Mr_R so, we want to assemble a developers team
14:23 to migrate our version of sugar (dextrose 2) to a compatible version for XO 1.75
14:24 do you have some suggestions (developer/developers) to conform that team
14:24 walterbender Is it not a matter of collecting the various patches that were made to customize the OLPC image used to create your Dextrose image?
14:25 seba_p <seba_p!~Paraguay@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
14:25 walterbender I have no idea how extensive those patches are, since AC has not pushed very much upstream :P
14:26 [scs] walterbender: joseprous has written a report...
14:26 walterbender [scs]: where is the report?
14:26 Mr_R Not really, most patches are only compatible with sugar 0.84
14:27 [scs] sending
14:27 Mr_R and fedora 11...
14:27 walterbender Mr_R: again, I am operating in the dark.
14:27 Mr_R: I am sure that the patches need modification, but not knowing what they are makes it hard to assess the scope and scale of the task
14:28 car|0s <car|0s!~carlos@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
14:28 [scs] all, here is the untranslated version http://pastebin.com/UwkL4FZr
14:28 Mr_R we think the challenge involves 3 developers for 3 months for  a Beta 1 version
14:29 and 3 months more to a final RC1 version.
14:29 in that sense, we want to incorporate a developers to our team
14:30 and we hope you can help us to find the correct people
14:31 walterbender it seems to me that most of your changes are small in comparison with the task of getting 1.75 itself working.
14:31 maybe the best bet in the short term is to help with that effort
14:31 [scs] walterbender: it would be interesting to know how these changes can be supported upstream too...
14:32 walterbender [scs]: it seems that many of these changes would be acceptable upstream, but the window for new features for 0.96 has already closed.
14:32 so I don't think they'd be upstreamed until 0.98
14:32 Mr_R as long as we evealuate the 11.3.0 version is a working prototype
14:33 walterbender [scs]: but some, such as backup and leases, are probably always going to be specific to deployments and need to be added on.
14:33 There are two dynamics in play: one is the 1.75 bring-up and the other is the migration to gtk-3
14:34 the 1.75 bring up will not introduce too many major issues regarding your list of features beyond the changes due to f16 and more recent Sugar
14:35 gtk-3 will introduce many challenges as it is a major refactoring
14:36 but I think the strategy should be to get your patches working in an 11.3 environment on 1.5 and then we deal with the gtk-3 migration
14:37 because upstream also has to worry about 11.3 -> 1.75 and gtk-3
14:37 so we call do that work together
14:39 [scs] walterbender: I see, we definitely would also collaborate in the migration once we have the necessary developers!
14:39 Mr_R have you evaluate the resources (developers) to get 1.75 working?
14:39 walterbender Mr_R: I was speaking to Martin about that yesterday.
14:40 Mr_R: we are going to try to find another gtk-3 hacker -- I have a few in mind
14:40 that is independent of the 1.75 bring up.
14:41 the latter is coming along nicely, with the exception of the usual sorts of things: a bug in the interaction between suspend and the audio drivers that needs chasing down... that sort of thing
14:41 [scs] walterbender: ok, so the 1.75 bringup... what are the schedules for that work? just so we know how to organise our work with the patches...
14:41 has some lag.
14:41 Mr_R agree with that. Our main priority is to have a 1.75 machine with all dextrose 2 features (most to satisfy education team needs)
14:41 walterbender [scs]: I think the target is still end of calendar year.
14:42 but that would be a Sugar 0.94 system (gtk-2)
14:42 [scs] ok, so we're looking at 0.98 now?
14:42 walterbender 0.96 is http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0.96/Roadmap
14:43 0.98 for upstreaming... but you could target working on 0.96
14:43 Mr_R GTK-2, Fedora14? right?
14:44 walterbender but I would suggest getting an 11.3 version first because in doing so you will reveal the Fedora-related issues (f11->f16)
14:44 and then we can look at the gtk issues as a second phase
14:45 Mr_R: I need to double-check which version of Fedora is on the os?? builds for 1.75
14:45 looks
14:46 [scs] walterbender: thanks so much for all this information, btw
14:49 walterbender F14
14:49 I still think it is worth making the migration in 2 stages
14:50 hasn't AC done much of that work moving to F14 in Dextrose 3?
14:50 (for your patches, I mean)
14:51 so that part should be relatively easy
14:51 [scs] walterbender: sounds very good, Mr_R ?
14:52 Mr_R i don't know in detail if dextrose 3 has moved to F14
14:52 (patches, features, etc.)
14:52 walterbender Mr_R: Dextrose 3 is based on OLPC 11.3 AFAIK
14:53 Mr_R Nice, that means that we can use Dex3 as a base for a working version for 1.75
14:54 walterbender so I imagine you need 1 engineer to confirm the migration between D2 and D3 and another engineer or two to work on the gtk-3 migration.
14:55 has not tried Dextrose 3 on a 1.75 machine
14:55 Mr_R not yet.. i will ask joseprous to make the test
14:56 joseprous there is not a dextrose release for 1.75 yet
14:56 walterbender wasn't sure...
14:57 joseprous: how modular are the patches for OLPC 11.3 -> Dextrose 3?
14:57 joseprous i don't know
14:58 walterbender joseprous: that would determine how easy/hard it would be to make a 1.75 version
14:58 joseprous: but I cannot imagine Sascha letting things get too messy
14:59 Mr_R whe estimate two engineers to migrate dex2 --> working version for 1.75 to dex3 (or dex4)
14:59 walterbender Mr_R: probably a safer estimate than mine... you've had more Dextrose experience than me.
15:00 Mr_R a dream team colud be: 1 Eng (PyEduca) + 1 Eng (AC) + 1 Eng (Sugar comunity)
15:01 so we can work together to a working 1.75 dex3 (or 4)
15:01 and most changes can be incorporated in upstream too
15:02 walterbender ouch. see sascha's email to the Dextrose list: 46 patches to be applied to D2->D3
15:03 but most look pretty straight-forward
15:06 Mr_R ok... so, your recomendation is to work in two phases, 1) migrating dex2 to a working version for 1.75 (gtk-2 and fedora 14) and 2) migrate to a gtk-3 and fedora 16
15:06 walterbender yes
15:07 Mr_R do you think that we can count with one or two volunteers of sugarlabs or olpc for that challenge?
15:09 walterbender we are already flat out working on gtk-3. I think we need to recruit from new people
15:09 Mr_R do you have some names?.. is olpc interesting to collaborate with a downstream project?
15:09 walterbender I am looking
15:10 OLPC is interested of course, but their Sugar team is completely absorbed in gtk-3 right now and the engineering team is working day and night on 1.75
15:10 so I am trying to find them more hands too
15:11 Mr_R i understand is a big challenge
15:11 for olpc too getting all thinks work with f16 an gtk3
15:11 walterbender lots in play at the moment... more than usual :P
15:12 OLPC has taken on a big task... so the downstream community needs to handle the more immediate concerns...
15:13 Mr_R :-D great news
15:13 walterbender but the reward at the end of the day with 1.75 touch with lots of stability
15:13 it is going to be a great machine
15:14 [scs] beautiful
15:14 walterbender any want-to-be designers in .PY? we have some interesting UI issues to think through
15:15 [scs] yes! we have some volunteers!
15:16 Mr_R we can channel the request to the university and put you in touch with some students and theachers
15:16 [scs] both young people and academics
15:16 Mr_R: +1
15:18 walterbender: who should we talk to if we want to get working on porting our patches to 0.96/98?
15:21 walterbender [scs]: start attending the developer meetings on Tuesdays in #sugar-meeting and contact eirkos (simon)
15:21 [scs] walterbender: I guess the sugar-devel list is a good place to start?
15:21 walterbender yes
15:21 [scs] walterbender: ok
15:22 walterbender I need to get going soon. I'll try to find some people to help
15:22 [scs] spanish speakrs welcome!
15:22 thanks walter
15:22 #endmeeting
15:22 meeting Meeting ended Wed Dec  7 15:22:58 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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15:22 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/o[…]11-12-07T14:21:50
15:22 meeting changes topic to ""OLPC PARAGUAY" "Una computadora por ni?o" Paraguay!"
15:23 walterbender cu
15:23 car|0s changes topic to ""OLPC PARAGUAY" "Una computadora por ni
15:24 Mr_R walterbender: thanks a lot!
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