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#ubuntu-sugarteam, 2010-11-01

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Time Nick Message
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08:27 satellitUSR-1010 <satellitUSR-1010!~urk@2002:d064:95e7:0:21b:24ff:fef1:c37d> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
08:29 satellitUSR-1010 ubuntu 10.10 installed to 250 GB external USB HD. with sudo-apt-get install ubuntu-sugar-remix
08:29 seems to work fine.....congratulations
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08:33 satellit_afk firefox 6 still fails to quit correctly ( It is not properly sugarized) get pulsing icon for about a minute then message "Firefox failed to start" (Stop) which works
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08:34 lucian_ <lucian_!~lucian@78-86-217-168.zone2.bethere.co.uk> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
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11:59 dfarning satellit_, yes thangam_arun is going to be doing the builds.
12:04 satellit_ dfarning: did you see my report on Ubuntu 10.10 and 10.04 installs with USR?
12:05 sent it by e-mail
12:09 thangam_arun dfarning: Any solution for ssh login ??
12:10 dfarning: I have to go out for course 7-10 Indian Time
12:10 dfarning: see you later in the night
13:54 anubhav <anubhav!7ab12613@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
14:04 anubhav alsroot: hi
14:04 alsroot anubhav: hi
14:04 anubhav alsroot: i am working on followinf feature request http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]o_journal_anytime
14:05 alsroot: the flowchart  which is being followed  1. activity.py(sugar.activity)  --  wm (sugar)  -- shell.py ( jarabe.model ) (Activity class whose objects are cretaed when we clich in the forum) --frame .py -- palettes.py(jarabe.view)  we are getting the activity id and bundle id which is transfered from wm as an property of window but we need a datastore object from activity ( activity.py is saving that object in .sugar d
14:05 alsroot: I tried making a static list in activity.py to save all the running instance by appending self but i was not able to succeed could you give me any pointers regarding this
14:09 alsroot anubhav: in my mind it is wrong way, you need to add to ActivityService (see sugar-toolkit) new dbus method Save and call it from the Shell
14:09 anubhav: should should not track what objects_id is being used for what actiivty, instead, it just asks activity to save its status
14:10 s/should should/shell should/
14:14 anubhav: btw do you work in close cooperation w/ walterbender (on #sugar) who is an dev/coordinator of http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]o_journal_anytime
14:14 anubhav alsroot: but for calling save from shell.py , shell.py must have the current metadata  for the object or the jobject but shell .py doesn't have that
14:15 alsroot anubhav: should should not have it, it just calls Save() w/o any arguments, only actiivty itself knows what is current object(metadata)
14:15 *shell
14:19 anubhav alsroot: but from where do we get the activity , shell.py does not have an instance of activity ( it only has the window of activity and not an object of sugar.activity.Activity) and for calling ActivityServices we need an insytance of sugar.activity.Activity
14:21 alsroot anubhav: ActivityService is a class to wrap dbus service, so shell calls it via dbus. see how shell is doing that (by grepping how it calls ActivityService's dbus methods) and do the same for Save()
14:22 anubhav: what about walterbender? did you contact w/ him, he may already coded this
14:23 anubhav alsroot: no, i did not contact him ,
14:24 alsroot anubhav: so do it :), of couse having several implementation is good, but..
14:24 anubhav alsroot: sure , i will soon get in touch with him
14:25 alsroot: thanks
14:25 alsroot np
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16:39 USR-10-04LTS <USR-10-04LTS!~urk@2002:d064:95e7:0:21b:24ff:fef1:c37d> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
16:42 USR-10-04LTS dfarning: I just edited Ubuntu wiki.ubuntu.com  for install to 10.04LTS
16:46 USR-10-04LTS has quit IRC
16:47 anubhav <anubhav!7ab12613@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
16:47 anubhav alsroot: hi
16:48 alsroot anubhav: do not ask to ask, just ask :)
16:50 anubhav alsroot: tried following script but didn't work http://paste.ubuntu.com/523945/ could you provide pointers on that
16:53 alsroot anubhav: what is your plan?
16:54 anubhav alsroot: when we click on the panell button on write to jounral this shell.py fuction is callled to give the namingalert.py the metadata
16:55 alsroot: as when the signal of the click sends an object of shell.activity with it
16:55 alsroot anubhav: but if got Feature page right, it is exactly about avoiding name alert?
16:55 anubhav: hint, walterbender is online on #sugar
16:56 anubhav alsroot : thanks, will talk to him right away
16:56 alsroot anubhav: btw do you mean to popup an alert from shell?
16:58 anubhav alsroot: i meant calling namingalert.py on palattes.py with the metadata got from shell.py -- activityservice.py
16:58 alsroot : s/on /in
16:59 alsroot anubhav: as I said, you don't need to pass metadata from activity to shell, just call Save() from shell to let activity do what it prefers to save an jobject
17:01 anubhav alsroot: my first concirn is getting to activityservice.py as any logging.debug is also not called
17:01 alsroot: in Getmetadata function
17:03 alsroot anubhav: if sugar doesn't log any error, your code never starts or it was called
17:03 anubhav alsroot:  and also if i use save() function then original script of namingalert.py cannot be used
17:04 alsroot anubhav: why? you have an activity instance, so it should be possible to popup an alert
17:05 anubhav alsroot: it needs the metadata of the activity the instance that we have in palettes.py is of shell.Activity hence no metadata in it
17:07 alsroot: it is quoting an error as  UnknownMethodException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: Unknown method: Getmetadata is not a valid method of interface org.laptop.Activity
17:07 alsroot anubhav: I was talking about activity object on activity side, sugar.activity.Activity has metadata property
17:08 anubhav: the key phrase "Getmetadata is not a valid method", it should be GetmetaData (more exactly Save)
17:09 anubhav: hmm, forget about "Getmetadata is not..."
17:10 anubhav: isn't it "GetMetadata"
17:13 anubhav alsroot: yes.. bad name calling now the logging .debug is working over there thanks
17:34 anubhav has quit IRC
18:33 lucian <lucian!~lucian@78-86-217-168.zone2.bethere.co.uk> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
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20:12 satellit_ defarning: what is a good installer to use with Ubuntu10.04LTS I have Maple-syrup v02-v03 and I only have the 4GB limit from Startup Disk Creator available Is there a "liveinst"(Anaconda in Fedora) type program I can install?
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21:03 Quozl <Quozl!~james@CPE-58-166-96-78.lnse5.cht.bigpond.net.au> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
23:09 M-syrup-8GBUSB <M-syrup-8GBUSB!~urk@2002:d064:95e7:0:21b:24ff:fef1:c37d> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
23:10 M-syrup-8GBUSB running Maple-syrup v02-v03 on 8 GB USB
23:10 after a large number of updates
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