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#ubuntu-sugarteam, 2010-10-28

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Time Nick Message
00:27 satellit_ dfarning: where are the new builds going to be located /usr?
00:28 dfarning satellit_, I thinks so. unless thangam_arun has a reason to change.  hmmm I think i need to get him a login on sunjammer to upload their.
00:29 satellit_ ok
00:40 timClicks what are sunjammer's specs? it seems to be a massive workhorse
00:43 dfarning timClicks, it is actually pretty small.  see http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/I[…]re_Team/Resources
00:44 timClicks, we have a bunch of build machines and secondary machines to spread the load for critical services.
00:45 timClicks understood
01:32 anubhav_ has quit IRC
02:59 thangam_arun dfarning, It was just hanging at the same place where i got the "Failied to read...." errors
03:00 dfarning thangam_arun, ok, I'll try a run and see if I can track down the problem.
03:00 thangam_arun dfarning, again i put only i386 build
03:04 dfarning thangam_arun, it is running
03:06 thangam_arun dfarning, when it is trying to create a squashfs.filesystem, during that time, i got those errors
03:07 dfarning, After this " Creating 4.0 filesystem on build/i386-image/casper/filesystem.squashfs, block size 131072."
03:09 dfarning It is downloading.
03:09 thangam_arun yes
03:10 now unpacking
03:11 dfarning thangam_arun, another hint is to add a 'debug' variable to the command line
03:14 thangam_arun dfarning, okay
03:31 dfarning thangam_arun, it is still running for me.... I was just thinking do your have a dir named  build/i386-image ?
03:32 thangam_arun,  it sometimes has trouble making parent dirs.
03:37 thangam_arun, wow. someone must have moved the build vm to a slower machine.
03:50 thangam_arun dfarning, same error i am getting now also
03:51 dfarning thangam_arun, still building for me
03:52 thangam_arun dfarning, check out here http://pastebin.com/jgCu6EAB
03:55 dfarning, what does it really mean
03:58 dfarning thangam_arun,  not sure I have never seen it before:(
03:58 thangam_arun dfarning, The template might be wrong
03:59 dfarning, The build dir structure
04:00 dfarning thangam_arun, strange, it worked before.
04:00 thangam_arun, I don't think anything changed
04:05 thangam_arun, the problem seems to be line 264
04:06 thangam_arun ok
04:08 dfarning thangam_arun, now since the initial boot strap is done we can use the  'squash' instead of 'all' to same a bunch of time
04:08 thangam_arun dfarning, initrd & vmlinuz has to copied or can be linked ?
04:08 ok
04:09 dfarning thangam_arun, I am not sure:(  I never build an ISO before this one.  there was a lot of trial and error.
04:10 thangam_arun Yes yes
04:10 only "all" option is worj=king
04:10 only "all" option is working
04:10 only "squash|iso" option is not working
04:24 dfarning thangam_arun, look just before the template is copied in the error log.  it look like dpkg failed.  that might have screw up the chroot.
04:30 thangam_arun dfarning, okay
04:31 dfarning thangam_arun, it i getting late here. I need to get to bed
04:31 thangam_arun, it look like all the errors are happening in the proc/ dir
04:32 thangam_arun yes yes
04:32 dfarning, you carry i will look into that
04:33 dfarning, gud night see you later
04:34 dfarning thangam_arun, good night and thanks again
04:34 thangam_arun dfarning ,Here its is morning 10 am
04:34 dfarning ,I am going office now
04:35 dfarning thangam_arun, then enjoy your day
04:36 thangam_arun dfarning ,Sure :-)
08:04 anubhav <anubhav!7ab163ca@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
08:04 anubhav alsroot: hi
08:07 alsroot anubhav: pong
08:09 anubhav actually i was working io #2453 Multiple numbers appended to make filenames unique on removable devices. i have made the following patch to make the titles available in the model.py so that i can check them while assingning new titles i write function in model Multiple numbers appended to make filenames unique on removable devices. http://paste.ubuntu.com/521281/
08:10 *in  write function
08:11 alsroot: could you suggest some pointers in the approch used
08:17 alsroot: i have stored titles in a list which is stored in model.py and this function is called in listmodel.py
08:26 alsroot looks
08:30 anubhav: you don't need to work w/ titles, see _get_unique_file_name
08:30 anubhav: if I got it right, you need to weak this method to let it take into account already appended numbers to the files name
08:30 s/weak/tweak/
08:35 anubhav alsroot: i don't know how this method is functioning what is mount point ? Could you provide some pointrs on it
08:35 alsroot: and how can it be used
08:41 alsroot anubhav: mount point is "/" for datasotre entries and fullpath to file in case of external files
08:42 anubhav: _get_unique_file_name is exactly to code that appends _<number> to file names, thus it is the right place to patch
08:42 s/to code/the code/
08:46 anubhav alsroot: this is for setting new titles , but still the earlier titles will be needed how could i get those ?
08:48 alsroot anubhav: in my mind, you don't need old titles at all, what ticket about is just do not create _<n>_<n>.. files while writing external entries
08:51 anubhav alsroot: but wouldn't we need to check upto what number _<n> has to go ? that means if initially it was upto _9 then now it should be till _9_10
08:53 alsroot anubhav: just parse existed filename to get what its number (if exists), and increment it
08:55 anubhav alsroot: how could we get existed filenames
08:57 alsroot anubhav: see _get_unique_file_name sources, it exactly checks is file exists
08:59 anubhav alsroot: ok.. thanks checking..
09:18 anubhav has quit IRC
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14:47 thangam_arun <thangam_arun!0e60aa22@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
14:48 thangam_arun dfarning, Hii
14:48 dfarning, i have build i386 successfully
14:53 thangam_arun has quit IRC
14:55 dfarning ^^ nice, what was whrong
14:55 wrong
15:33 thangam_arun <thangam_arun!0e609442@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
15:34 satellit_ i do not see it in ../usr
17:56 thangam_arun dfarning, did you create new user for me @usr machine ??
18:44 manusheel thangam_arun: Hi Arun.
18:45 How did you find the documentation send to you?
18:45 thangam_arun: Kindly let us know if you need further help.
20:06 alsroot has quit IRC
20:07 alsroot <alsroot!~alsroot@pdpc/supporter/active/antilopa-gnu> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
20:12 dfarning is now known as dfarning_afk
20:52 timClicks <timClicks!~tim@219-89-80-120.adsl.xtra.co.nz> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
21:04 Quozl <Quozl!~james@CPE-58-166-96-78.lnse5.cht.bigpond.net.au> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
22:39 dfarning_afk is now known as dfarning
23:30 lucian_ <lucian_!~lucian@78-86-217-168.zone2.bethere.co.uk> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
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