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#ubuntu-sugarteam, 2010-10-08

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22:12 satellit_ dfarning: I like latest USR w/ firefox......
22:13 is cp: software updates working?
22:21 dfarning satellit_, not yet. that is a major change.  In the mean time I think we will just delete the updater in the control panel.
22:24 satellit_ ok
22:25 I still get a pop up for firefox on exit saying it would not start...but It does...(old behavior)
22:26 I am installing to VM workstation now (w/updates)
22:26 dfarning satellit_, hmm does that happen when firefox exits?  Firefox used to give that warning in ubuntu.
22:27 satellit_ still seems to. that was on CD with updates in install may be different...
22:28 that popup always was there...is in .xo on soas-v3 and v4 also
22:29 it may be a timing issue as firefox takes a while to load

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