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#ubuntu-sugarteam, 2010-10-07

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00:38 dfarning satellit_, I must confess I know almost nothing about installing ubuntu.  i have been trying to touch as little as possible below the sugar level.   With the exception of (sugar) the top 2% of the stack USR _is_ is exactly the same as ubuntu-netbook.  anything that applies to ubuntu netbook should apply to USR
02:24 satellit_ defarning : Thanks.... any idea when you will update USR again?
02:24 dfarning: sorry  sp
02:55 dfarning satellit_, I am hoping that thangam takes over as build master tomorrow. he seems very sharrp.
02:56 satellit_ yes  I noticed him today on IRC....
02:56 dfarning satellit_, if not, i'll do a build as soon as the new usr-meta hits the repos. it includes sugar-firefox-activity
02:57 satellit_ that would be great.....thanks for all of your work.....
02:59 get a chance to try the Virtual box VM of USR?  http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/E[…]_files#VirtualBox  I saw that one of Tabs PC wizards looke at it...
03:00 [olpc-nz] [Testing] Testing Summary: Auckland - 2 October 2010   tom parker
03:07 dfarning satellit_, you are welcome.  It is inspiring to see what people are doing with it.  I haven't don any work with virtual box lately.... most of my time is spent doing administrative stuff necessary to start a business.
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08:41 anubhav <anubhav!7aa22499@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
08:41 anubhav alsroot: hi
08:41 alsroot anubhav: hi
08:42 anubhav alsroot: working on the bug #2164
08:42 ubot2 Launchpad bug 2164 in launchpad-foundations "Login form should ask for e-mail address only once" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/2164
08:43 alsroot anubhav: btw shan is also working on it
08:44 shan_ <shan_!7aa22499@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
08:44 alsroot anubhav: afaik he has some progress
08:45 anubhav alsroot: actually can you tell me the function of the function _check_for_bundles()  in journalactivity file
08:45 alsroot: b/w shan is also here he is asking the same problem he has some problem with is irc client
08:47 alsroot anubhav: you don't need _check_for_bundles from journalactivity, if I got the problem right, it is about downgrading from journal, having it in common would be problematic (we don't have a window to dispaly an alert in all cases)
08:47 anubhav: look into misc.resume()
08:49 anubhav alsroot: hi shan here, :) . yes i had a look at misc.resume. i am able to introcude an alert popup for the user at the journal activity when a previous version of the .xo is clicked for installing
08:49 introduce*
08:50 i am able to stop installation of any previous activity.
08:51 alsroot anubhav: you have a method (misc.resume) that raises an exception (AlreadyInstalledException), so you can wrap it to try block in journal to popup an alert
08:51 anubhav yes, we did that.
08:52 alsroot anubhav: whats the issue then?
08:52 anubhav alsroot: now in the alert, we have two option 1. ' ok ' ( for installing previous version ) 2. ' cancel '
08:53 alsroot anubhav: sound good
08:53 anubhav alsroot: now resonse should come on clicking ok what should be done
08:55 alsroot: on clicking ok previous .xo should get installed and the newer version ( which is already installed ) should be uninstalled. How should this be achieved?
08:56 alsroot anubhav: you can pass a flag to BundleRegistry.install to force it to not raise AlreadyInstalledException
08:57 anubhav: see install's sources, it also uninstalls bundles
08:58 anubhav alsroot: no thats fine the problem is how to pass a flag as bundle registry can not import journalactivity
08:59 alsroot anubhav: but for what reason you need journalactivity in registry? just add eg "force" argument to install()
09:01 anubhav alsroot: if we give an argument inn install where from it is called!. it is called from misc and not from journlaactivity
09:02 alsroot: there fore taking a hint from check for bundles function hfow to call it from journalactivity
09:04 alsroot: *how
09:04 alsroot anubhav: install<->resume<->journal, the first call will not pass force (raise an exception), the second call (from alert) will pass Treu for flag
09:06 anubhav: even shorter, install<->resume, resume is a part of journal, so popiping up an alert from it is fine
09:09 anubhav alsroot: ok trying..
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18:01 mukul alsroot: hi
18:02 alsroot mukul: hi
18:04 mukul alsroot: Can you give me some idea about what is the role of logging.py located at pylint/checkers?
18:05 alsroot mukul: pylint/checkers? whats the project you mean?
18:06 mukul alsroot: I am talking about sugar only.
18:07 alsroot mukul: but I can't find "pylint" in sugar project sources
18:08 .."pylint" directory
18:08 and logging.py as well
18:09 mukul ~/sugar-jhbuild/install/lib/python​2.6/site-packages/pylint/checkers
18:10 alsroot mukul: no ideas, it is not sugar sources, looke like files generated by jhbuild/something-else
18:10 mukul: hmm, it is pylint sources not sugar
18:12 mukul alsroot: The approach that I had suggested yesterday to bug: 2063 doesn't seem to work well as it was based on making changes in the logging file itself. Could you suggest any of the less uglier methods :P ?
18:18 alsroot mukul: I'm afraid any proper fix would be too invasive...
18:18 mukul: what about raising this issue on sugar-devel@?
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