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#ubuntu-sugarteam, 2010-10-06

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Time Nick Message
03:36 manusheel is now known as manusheel_afk
09:01 manusheel_afk is now known as manusheel
10:08 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
10:39 manusheel ishan: Check this http://pastebin.com/KTh829tB
10:49 mukul_afk is now known as mukul
11:32 ebordon <ebordon!~ebordon@r200-40-251-118.ae-static.anteldata.net.uy> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
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13:21 jelkner <jelkner!~jelkner@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
13:27 jelkner dfarning, are you here?
13:30 ishan has quit IRC
13:31 jelkner has anyone seen dfarning?
14:04 manusheel jelkner: Hello.
14:05 jelkner manusheel, hi!
14:05 manusheel jelkner: David seems to be offline at this juncture. You can send him an e-mail.
14:05 jelkner Thanks, manusheel, I'm doing just that right now ;-)
14:48 lfaraone jelkner: unless the bug is directly related to something in the USR PPA or disk images, please file bugs against the specific packages in ubuntu
14:53 thangam_arun <thangam_arun!0e6090c6@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
14:54 thangam_arun dfarning, Hii
14:55 dfarning, I am waiting for your reply for VM access to create USR for Tamil language
15:04 manusheel, Hii
15:17 dfarning thangam_arun, I don't understand how internationalization works.  Every time I look into it my head starts to swim:(
15:17 thangam_arun, I really can't be of much help
15:18 thangam_arun, do you understand how to create a language specif iso?
15:18 thangam_arun dfarning, We are as a team trying to promote Sugar with Ubuntu
15:19 Ya, i have done customization for ubuntu-10.04 using UCK tool
15:20 dfarning, Here people in Tamil Nadu part of India speaks Tamil as the Mother tonque. So inorder reach them we need regional language support
15:21 dfarning thangam_arun, hmm so you can just take a ubuntu iso and respin it with language support using UCK?
15:21 installs UCK
15:22 thangam_arun dfarning, i am not sure will that help
15:22 dfarning, i have not tried yet
15:23 dfarning thangam_arun, ok, do you know if sugar has been translated to tamil?
15:23 thangam_arun dfarning, Manusheel  form seeta team refered to approach for this work
15:24 dfarning, I am the Tamil language admin for sugarlabs projects
15:24 dfarning, I have done the translation. Its 100%
15:25 dfarning thangam_arun, awesome.  That is 95% of the work!
15:26 thangam_arun dfarning, yes :-)
15:27 dfarning Ian_Daniher, do you know how to make a language specific spin?
15:27 thangam_arun dfarning, Refer this link also:  http://translate.sugarlabs.org/ta/
15:30 dfarning thangam_arun, what is the iso code for tamil?
15:31 thangam_arun dfarning, You mean Locale ??
15:32 ta_IN is the locale code for Tamil
15:32 dfarning thangam_arun, yes(i think) the two letter code for the lang.
15:33 thangam_arun, thanks
15:33 thangam_arun dfarning, YEs
15:38 dfarning thangam_arun, ok it looks like the ta .po files are correctly migrating from pootle to git.... see http://git.sugarlabs.org/proje[…]e/trees/master/po
15:40 thangam_arun dfarning, oh good
15:42 dfarning thangam_arun, what happens if you install sugar on maverick and switch your local to ta?
15:45 thangam_arun, one thing I dont understan is that the version of sugar on maverick is .88 and I don't know if pootle applied your recent translations to that version or to .90(the most recent version.
15:46 thangam_arun dfarning, I have no Tamil Language option in the "USR-i386-20100907.iso" image
15:47 in .90 version the updates will be there
15:52 jelkner has quit IRC
15:55 dfarning thangam_arun, I am going to try to use UCK to add tamil to the iso as a debugging step.
15:55 thangam_arun dfarning, okay
16:03 dfarning thangam_arun, it looks like the UCK method is working.... But I cant read tamil well enough to read the menus.
16:05 thangam_arun, would you mind 1) downloading the latestest usr iso 2) using UCK to modify the usr iso to set tamil as the default lang and 3) test the modified iso.
16:06 thangam_arun, if that works, I will modify the standard USR build process to make a tamil based iso by default.
16:11 thangam_arun dfarning, Sure
16:12 dfarning, I will that by tmw and will update you the status :-)
16:13 dfarning, Also i am willing to take part in USR creation. Would like to contribute for the same
16:13 dfarning thangam_arun, if that doesn't work we will have to create an iso of sugar .90 on maverick.
16:14 thangam_arun, are you familar with shell scripting?
16:14 thangam_arun dfarning, Yes i am Linux Sys admin
16:15 dfarning thangam_arun, nice!
16:15 thangam_arun dfarning, i  use Linux as my Desktop/Server :-)
16:18 dfarning thangam_arun, nice.  The build script is pretty straight forward.... but it contains a lot of magic and is pretty brittle.  So we can't run it automatically.  would you be interested in running builds?
16:19 thangam_arun Yes, I will be happy in doing this work
16:20 dfarning thangam_arun, NIICE. Can you send me you ssh key so I can give you access to the build machine?
16:21 thangam_arun dfarning, Sure
16:21 dfarning thangam_arun, are you familar with the basic concepts of building a ubuntu live CD?
16:21 thangam_arun dfarning, i will send through mail. is that okay?
16:22 dfarning, Yes
16:22 dfarning thangam_arun, yes dfarning@gmail.com
16:22 thangam_arun dfarning, okay i will send in 15 minutes.
16:23 dfarning, i am taking my dinner right now. :-)
16:24 dfarning thangam_arun, I m going to lunch too.  I'll be back in about an hour.
16:24 thangam_arun dfarning, oh ok
16:45 mukul_afk is now known as mukul
17:04 ebordon has quit IRC
17:14 mukul alsroot: Around?
17:14 alsroot mukul: yup
17:15 mukul alsroot: I intend to make some change in logging.py and give a bolean value to a new variable. Then using the bolean value I want add an alert. Can you tell me which file should I use for add the alert function?
17:17 alsroot mukul: do you mean popping up an alert from logging.py?
17:17 mukul Yes
17:17 alsroot: But I guess that can't be done directly. It doesn't have the GUI functions.
17:18 alsroot mukul: that will be misusing of logging.py, it is only for non-gui stuff, you need to popup alerts from more high level
17:20 mukul alsroot: Yes. I'll just create a new variable in logging.py which then would be used for popping up an alert. The problem is in which gui file should I use the variable and popup the alert.
17:21 thangam_arun dfarning, i am back
17:22 dfarning, Also sent a mail to your gmail with public ssh key
17:22 alsroot mukul: could you explain what use case you mean (with such variable in logging.py)
17:25 mukul alsroot: This is what I intend to do. whenever a function logging.error or logging.warn or logging.warning or logging.exception is called. I want it to display an alert saying "The requested operation could not be performed. Please check the logviewer activity for more details.". All this is with reference to the bug#2063. Am I on the right track?
17:26 alsroot: This is what I made out of the conversation between bernie and eben.
17:31 alsroot mukul: well dunno about the way you've chosen, for me this feature smells bad -- for me, using something like bug report is more useful -- anyway about your Q about an alert, this exactly what don't like in this bug :)
17:31 s/what/what I/
17:32 any method I can imagine sounds ugly
17:34 mukul alsroot: Ok. I agree this might not be the ideal way.
17:35 alsroot mukul: I meant the your way, but this feature itself
17:35 s/your/not your/
17:35 mukul alsroot: However, wish if you could suggest a gui file which I could use to popup an alert.
17:36 alsroot mukul: alrert classes are in sugar-toolkit/src/sugar/graphic/alert.py
17:37 mukul: for the place alert might be popped up, well maybe from journal
17:37 mukul alsroot: Yes but there alerts are defined. I need a GUI file as was (journalactivity.py) where in I could add an alert.
17:37 alsroot s/might be/only/
17:38 mukul: sugar/src/jarabe/journal
17:39 JournalActivity is the main class
17:50 mukul alsroot: One more question, when it is written import logging... which file is being imported. I mean there are multiple copies of logging.py with different paths. How do I ensure it is being imported from the one I am making changes in?
17:51 alsroot mukul: python uses PYTHONPATH envar + standard paths
17:52 ..including current one
17:56 shan <shan!~cuil@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
17:57 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
18:12 thangam_arun dfarning, Did you receive my mail ??
18:21 mukul alsroot: journalactivity.py imports logging. I have introduced the a new variable at the logging.py. But when I use the variable using logging.CHECK_ALERT , the log says " The module object has no attribute CHECK_ALERT". There are 4 logging.py file in sugar-jhbuild. Any ideas how to resolve this?
18:23 alsroot mukul: btw you shouldn't override standard "logging" import, the right way is creating new module and use it instead of standard one
18:25 mukul: better to avoid name clashing
18:35 dfarning_ <dfarning_!~dfarning@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
18:36 thangam_arun dfarning_, Did you receive my mail ??
18:43 dfarning_ thangam_arun,   yes, I just got back from lunch and my bike ride.
18:43 thangam_arun dfarning_, oh great
18:43 dfarning_, oh great
18:45 dfarning_ thangam_arun, did modifing the USR iso with UCK work?
18:46 thangam_arun dfarning_, Not yet. I have to dwonload the latest ISO. I will do it my tmw
18:47 s/my/by/
18:48 dfarning_ thangam_arun,  Great.  what username should I use for your account on usr.sugarlabs.org?
18:49 thangam_arun thangam.arunx
18:57 dfarning_ thangam_arun, can you ssh thangam.arunx@usr.sugarlabs.org
18:57 thangam_arun dfarning, i will do that now
18:59 dfarning, I just logged in
19:01 dfarning_ thangam_arun, can you sudo?
19:02 thangam_arun dfarning, Yes, i can
19:02 mukul is now known as mukul_afk
19:02 dfarning_ thangam_arun, great you will need to sudo to do a build.
19:03 thangam_arun dfarning, Oh okay
19:04 dfarning_ all of the build stuff is in my home dir under the usr dir.  can you copy that dir to your home dir, change the chown to your account and try to run a build?
19:05 thangam_arun, 'sudo ./usr-scratch.sh all i386' is the incantation to run a build.
19:06 thangam_arun sure sure
19:08 dfarning_ thangam_arun, I think user-scratch is pretty straight forward for a sysadmin with a knowledge of customzation.
19:08 thangam_arun dfarning, Yes,  should be
19:12 dfarning, i have to copy the "usr" dir or "usr-scratch.sh" file alone ??
19:13 dfarning, the build folder is 4.8GB size
19:18 dfarning_ thangam_arun, you need usr-scratch and template/
19:18 thangam_arun dfarning, ok fine
19:19 shan has quit IRC
19:20 dfarning_ thangam_arun, but the script might die. becuase of missing dir that you will have to add by hand.... or better yet have the script create the dirs as necessary
19:20 thangam_arun oh ok
19:21 dfarning,thse dir's build/  logs/  output/ ??
19:21 s/thse/these
19:22 shan <shan!~cuil@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
19:23 dfarning_ thangam_arun, I just deleted the contents of build. so yo can copy the whole usr dir.
19:24 thangam_arun dfarning, oh ok
19:24 dfarning_ thangam_arun, to reduce network load I cache everything between builds
19:25 thangam_arun dfarning, ok
19:25 dfarning_ thangam_arun, build/ contains the chroot and image for a build of each arch
19:25 output/ contains the isos
19:26 logs/ contain the build logs
19:26 thangam_arun dfarning, All right
19:26 dfarning_ tempplate/ contains some file to prime the process.
19:27 thangam_arun, I think there are about 25G free on the harddrive so space is not too much of an issue
19:29 thangam_arun dfarning, ok ok
19:45 dfarning, Sugar-88 is not yet added to ubuntu maverick repo ??
19:46 dfarning, Some of the packages were need to be added in order to have suagr-0.88  or ??
19:46 dfarning_ thangam_arun, everything should be coming from maverick universe.
19:47 thangam_arun dfarning, In the script the default version is suagr-0.86
19:48 dfarning_ thangam_arun, where? sugar is install in line 134
19:49 thangam_arun yes in 135
19:50 dfarning_ thangam_arun, line 135 installs a group of activites
19:50 thangam_arun, core is installed in 134.
19:51 thangam_arun bernie, oh ok. then the versio is 0.88 or 0.86 ?
19:51 shan has quit IRC
19:52 thangam_arun dfarning, oh ok. then the versio is 0.88 or 0.86 ?
19:52 s/versio/version
19:52 dfarning_ thangam_arun, actually as your first change to the script you can delete line 135.  all of the activites are now included as part of usr-meta
19:54 thangam_arun,  it is .88.  there are a couple of activities name sugar-*activity-0.86 this is just a quirk that mean that activity only runs on ).86 or later.
19:54 thangam_arun dfarning, ok fine
19:54 dfarning, i will do that
19:54 ishan_ <ishan_!~ishan@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
19:55 ishan_ has left #ubuntu-sugarteam
19:55 dfarning_ thangam_arun, there was an api change between .84 and .86 which broke a bunch of activities
19:56 thangam_arun dfarning, Okay
19:58 dfarning_ thangam_arun,  sugar-ubuntu-remix is the equivlent of installing ubuntu-desktop or ubuntu-netbook
19:59 thangam_arun dfarning, Fine, What else got added if you use "sugar-ubuntu-remix" other then "ubuntu-desktop or ubuntu-netbook" ??
20:00 dfarning_ thangam_arun, it contain the entire distro stack.  the casper, prober,ubiquity... stuff is for the live cd and installer
20:00 thangam_arun dfarning, Oh okay
20:01 dfarning_ thangam_arun, sugar-ubuntu-remix is auto generated from a seed file
20:01 thangam_arun, see http://usr.sugarlabs.org/seeds[…]buntu-sugar-remix
20:02 thangam_arun dfarning, yes
20:03 dfarning_ thangam_arun, most of it is a very standard ubuntu install there are a couple of sugar specif stuff in the last 20 lines (or so)
20:03 thangam_arun dfarning, ok
20:03 dfarning_ thangam_arun, we have removed a couple of things to save space.
20:05 thangam_arun, the usr seed file is a very slightly modified from the seed file used by ubuntu-netbook
20:05 thangam_arun dfarning, Okay
20:05 dfarning_ thangam_arun, this means that usr will run on every machine on which ubuntu runs:)
20:06 thangam_arun dfarning, got  it
20:06 shan <shan!~cuil@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
20:11 dfarning_ thangam_arun, the use of the -meta, -setting, and other seed files is a bit convoluted.  The goal was for the build system to exactly match the upstream ubuntu build process.
20:12 thangam_arun, this will allow us to add USR to the upstream ubuntu build farm with little modification.
20:12 thangam_arun dfarning, to avoid the build breakups ?
20:12 dfarning, thats good
20:13 dfarning_ thangam_arun, my goal is for USR to be a 'community supported distro' for 11.04 and a 'canonical supported distro' by 11.10
20:14 thangam_arun, 11.10 will be a LTS release:)
20:14 thangam_arun dfarning, Okay
20:21 dfarning, Here in India its 2 am now :-)
20:22 dfarning_ thangam_arun, time for bed:)  ping me tomorrow with any more questions.
20:22 thangam_arun dfarning, Sure
20:22 dfarning, Thanks a lot for your kind support
20:22 dfarning, Gud night
20:23 ishan has quit IRC
20:24 dfarning_ thangam_arun, good night. I hope we can be of use to you.
20:24 thangam_arun dfarning, Yes Really :-)
20:24 dfarning,See you tmw
20:24 dfarning_ has quit IRC
20:24 thangam_arun has left #ubuntu-sugarteam
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23:43 satellit_ dfarning: is there a command to start the install to hard disk utility when booted from a live CD of Ubuntu 10.04?

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