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#ubuntu-sugarteam, 2010-10-03

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10:49 mukul_afk is now known as mukul
11:20 anubhav <anubhav!7aa33535@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
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11:21 manusheel http://activities.sugarlabs.or[…]ons/versions/4082
11:32 mukul hi alsroot
11:32 alsroot mukul: hi
11:35 mukul alsroot, I am trying to add an alert whenever a file fails to startup as a result of no activity to run the file. I'm making changes to misc.py. Firstly, Am I making the changes in the correct file? Secondly, if you could check my changes in the code.
11:37 alsroot mukul: misc.py might be wrong place for alerts (it could raise an exception which will be processed in ui part ie in journal). What code you mean?
11:37 mukul http://typewith.me/GE7h2HNQJ0
11:38 alsroot, so changes should be made in journalactivity.py right?
11:38 alsroot mukul: that was just my imho
11:39 mukul alsroot, Ok.
11:39 Can you give me an example how to raise an exception from misc?
11:40 Should I create an Extra Variable and check?
11:42 anubhav alsroot: hi
11:42 alsroot anubhav: hi
11:43 anubhav alsroot: i am working on bug #2164 (Downgrading activities not allowed)
11:43 ubot2 Launchpad bug 2164 in launchpad-foundations "Login form should ask for e-mail address only once (heat: 1)" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/2164
11:44 alsroot mukul: maybe at the end exception is not good (there could some code that doesn't catch it), you can just return boolean flag to state that bundle was(not) installed
11:44 anubhav alsroot:i was looking at bundleregistry file in model in jarabe folder is it the right location
11:45 alsroot anubhav: yup, it is only one place where buncldes could be installed
11:46 mukul: s/installed/launched/
11:47 anubhav alsroot: actually i made changes in the file but the alreadyInstalledException is not thrown in the sugar emulator and XO1.5
11:48 alsroot anubhav: but is it fine if bundles will be silently downgraded
11:49 anubhav alsroot: yes but,  they are downgraded and no exception in the logs as shown in the bug
11:51 alsroot anubhav: I mean maybe better to popup confirmation alert, btw it could invasive in case of user experience and having replies to email sent to sugar-devel@ w/ tag [DESIGN] will be useful
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