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#ubuntu-sugarteam, 2010-09-27

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14:29 manusheel dipankar: Hi Dipankar.
14:29 dipankar manusheel, Hello Sir
14:29 manusheel dipankar: Ishan will be back in 5 mins. He is having his dinner.
14:30 dipankar manusheel, no problem. I am just scanning my mail
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14:34 dipankar manusheel, http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ember/027203.html
14:34 manusheel, Sir, would be great if you could explain the last para. :)
14:35 dfarning dipankar, Sugar .90 will be released in a couple of day.... I was supposed to be today.
14:36 dipankar dfarning, hello. How are you doing?
14:36 dfarning, thanks for the info.
14:37 dfarning dipankar, tomeu is asking that you re submitte that patch against the .91 development branch as soon as it is open.
14:37 dipankar, doing fine.
14:37 dipankar dfarning, ohk.
14:37 dfarning dipankar, are you familiar with the release process and cycles?
14:38 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
14:39 ishan_ <ishan_!~ishan@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
14:39 dipankar dfarning, I think yes. But would like to know in detail..
14:40 dfarning dipankar, I'll send an email to sugar devel in a couple of hours explaining the process.
14:42 dipankar dfarning, that will be great! Thanks a lot
14:42 :)
14:42 manusheel dfarning: That would be great. Thank you.
14:42 dipankar ishan, hi. What all did you cover last night?
14:43 ishan dipankar, nothing much
14:43 dfarning dipankar, manusheel time based releases are rather strange compared to traditional releases.
14:45 manusheel dfarning: Indeed.
14:45 dipankar ishan, lets continue then.
14:46 ishan sure
14:46 dipankar ishan, we have to create a new palette
14:46 ishan yes
14:46 dipankar for displaying the volume status bar.
14:46 the code is already there in JournalPalette(), we can use that I guess
14:47 ishan dipankar, back in 5 mins
14:49 manusheel dipankar: Right.
14:49 It is in JournalPalette().
14:50 dipankar yes sir
14:50 manusheel dipankar: Can you start adding the code? I'll ask Ishan to check this soon.
14:50 ishan is back
14:50 dipankar manusheel, I am trying sir
14:50 ishan dipankar, sir did you checked the file which i sent you yesterday
14:50 manusheel dipankar: Ishan is back. So, you can coordinate.
14:51 ishan: Can you send me the meeting logs?
14:51 dipankar manusheel, ishan: Lets call our new palette 'JournalVolumePalette()
14:51 '
14:52 alsroot, ping
14:52 manusheel dipankar: Sure.
14:52 ishan_ dipankar, sure
14:52 alsroot dipankar: pong
14:53 dipankar alsroot, can the new Palette be made such that it doesn't require any argument?
14:54 alsroot dipankar: why not, Palette class doesn't require any arguments (there are deprecated ones but they are optional)
14:54 lucian_ <lucian_!~lucian@78-86-217-168.zone2.bethere.co.uk> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
14:55 dipankar alsroot, But I see JournalPalette constructor calls the BasePalette.__init__(self, home_activity)
14:55 constructore
14:55 * I don't like this arguments things :P
14:56 alsroot dipankar: BasePalette is child class, if you don't need it just use basic Palette class
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14:57 dipankar alsroot, ohk.. just like the VolumePalette() ?
14:57 alsroot dipankar: yup
14:58 dipankar ishan, I think I got what alsroot was initially trying to say. (Using VolumePalette() for code)
14:58 alsroot, sorry it took sometime for me to figure it out
14:58 ishan_ dipankar, +1
14:59 dipankar ishan_, Lets try doing one thing.
15:00 ishan_, first try creating a Palette using VolumePalette()
15:00 palette = VolumePalette('/')
15:00 ishan_ dipankar, sure
15:00 dipankar in JournalButto
15:01 that will give us the idea what we can start omitting.
15:01 (Reverse Engg. :P )
15:02 ishan dipankar, you are basically refering to calling volumepalette from Journalbutton
15:02 right?
15:03 dipankar, or are you talking abt creating a new class in under journal button for creating new palette having volumepalette features
15:03 dipankar ishan, the first one. Calling VOlumePalette() in JournalButton
15:03 ishan dipankar, okay
15:04 dipankar is testing the palette=VolumePalette('/')
15:06 is getting nice error :P
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15:10 ishan_ dipankar, it seems to show no error when we pass self as argument only
15:10 dipankar ishan_, but is it working?
15:11 ishan_ dipankar, next problem we get is about self.props.secondary_text = mount.get_root().get_path() defined in volumepalette
15:11 according to logs
15:12 dipankar ishan_, yup
15:12 ishan_, I think I got a method.
15:12 ishan_ dipankar, great
15:13 dipankar ishan_, If you look at code for BasePalette in Palettes.py
15:13 no argument is passed in Palette.__init__()
15:14 ishan_    def __init__(self, home_activity):
15:14        Palette.__init__(self)
15:16 dipankar ishan_, we need just this part:
15:16 self._free_space_label.props.label = _('%(free_space)d MB Free') % \
15:16                {'free_space': free_space / (1024 * 1024)}
15:16 in VolumePalette.
15:16 ishan_ dipankar, yes along with the bar
15:16 dipankar ishan, manusheel : I am gong for dinner
15:16 meet you soon
15:17 ishan_ dipankar, sure
15:17 meanwhile i will try to work it out
15:19 avoine <avoine!~avoine@modemcable184.149-177-173.mc.videotron.ca> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
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15:23 ishan_ is away for 10mins
15:38 ishan is back
15:38 manusheel ishan: Hi Ishan.
15:38 ishan_ manusheel, hi sir
15:38 manusheel ishan_: Any help needed on the issue/
15:38 ?
15:39 ishan_ manusheel, we are still trying to figure out the code to be written for the journal button
15:40 manusheel ishan_: Ok.
15:41 ishan_: Can you work on it independently for the time being. It might take Dipankar sometime to join back.
15:41 ishan_ manusheel, sir already doing that
15:47 manusheel ishan_: sure.
15:52 ishan manusheel, finally something able to display the status bar but it still doesnt shows the size sir
15:56 manusheel ishan: Ok.
15:57 That is unfortunate to hear. Which function are we calling for the size?
16:04 ishan_ still trying to figure out
16:06 manusheel ishan_: Sure.
16:35 ebordon <ebordon!~ebordon@r200-40-251-118.ae-static.anteldata.net.uy> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
16:43 mukul_afk is now known as mukul
16:55 mukul hi manusheel sir
16:55 manusheel mukul: Hi Mukul.
16:55 mukul manusheel sir
16:56 dipankar <dipankar!~dipankar@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
16:56 dipankar is back
16:56 manusheel mukul: Can you tell me what all issues are we facing in the bug?
16:56 ishan dipankar, sir bug solved
16:56 mukul i am working on 484 wherein it seems transfer of files bw 2 users on a network is being talked about
16:56 manusheel dipankar: Hi Dipankar. Ishan did a great job.
16:57 mukul: Sure. Let me have a quick look on it again.
16:57 dipankar ishan, thats geat
16:58 ishan, what is the solution?
16:58 ishan dipankar, sir coudnt have happened without your help
16:58 dipankar, just posting git diff
16:58 dipankar ishan, how?
16:58 :P
16:58 ishan_ alsroot, dipankar check http://pastebin.com/23c0wrTJ
16:59 manusheel mukul: Did we see the cancel option?
16:59 mukul yes
16:59 only sumtimes though
16:59 manusheel mukul: So, how did we reproduce this issue?
17:00 ishan_ alsroot dipankar: any pointers /suggestion on the naming part
17:00 mukul i had taken shan's help yesterday. exact issue is nt yet reproduced. asked him to be present at the same time on sugar,then added him friend then sent a file to him.
17:02 manusheel mukul: Ok.
17:03 mukul manusheel sir: since it seems a network issue i would need someone whom I can test with.
17:03 manusheel mukul: So, this issue was in reference to collaboration.
17:03 mukul manusheel sir : This is what I suspect.
17:03 manusheel mukul: You can test this with Dipankar.
17:03 mukul #  summary  changed from file transfer: when a transfer finishes successfully, invitations still display a Cancel option to successful file transfer: offer to open Journal and to open activity
17:04 manusheel mukul: Add a comment over there.
17:04 mukul: That is at the test track item.
17:04 alsroot ishan_: just minor issues, why not to rename NewJournalPalette to something like JournalButtonPalette (since it is not new palette), also better to avoid redundant adding/removing spaces like in lines 22
17:04 mukul manusheel sir: This was what was one of the comments at the bug ticket. So i guess, it is a netowrking issue.
17:05 ishan_ alsroot, sure
17:05 mukul and I see a Cancel button too but I couldn't make out how a file was being transferred if at all it was transferred.
17:05 alsroot ishan_: also there are bunch of commented lines
17:06 mukul dipankar, Hi
17:07 dipankar mukul, hey hi
17:07 mukul dipankar, could you help me test 484
17:07 dipankar, it seems a networking issue.
17:07 dipankar test 484?
17:07 mukul, ^^
17:07 mukul manusheel sir: What should I comment?
17:08 SL # 484: File transfer
17:09 dipankar mukul, just a sec
17:10 mukul, well, you asked me this a couple of days back. I am not getting what the bug is saying.. :(
17:11 mukul, is it from a pendrive to journal
17:11 ?
17:11 mukul dipankar, Yeah sir. No problems. I guess I now know what they mean by File transfer. They mean file transfer on a network to a buddy using Send To. I want to reproduce it.
17:15 dipankar, does neighbourhood not work on sugar-jhbuild?
17:16 dipankar mukul, I am unable to see anybody on neighbourhood in jhbuild
17:16 can anyone confirm this.
17:16 ?
17:16 mukul dipankar, same here. Let us test on sugar-emulator
17:16 dipankar ishan_, great work I must say.
17:16 ishan_ dipankar, thank you
17:16 dipankar sure
17:17 mukul, I am on neighbourhood
17:18 ishan_ alsroot, dipankar : check http://pastebin.com/qAMjgibh
17:19 dipankar alsroot, ishan_ , I would suggest defining the _new_ palette in graphics/palettes.py.. what say?
17:19 this way we may do away with additional importing.
17:19 (in volumestoolbar.py)
17:20 ishan_ dipankar, nice
17:20 dipankar mukul, I can't see you. Are you there on sugar-emulator?
17:20 alsroot dipankar: but JournalButtonPalette is in local class for sugar shell..
17:21 ishan_ alsroot, +1
17:21 mukul I can see you.
17:21 ishan_ alsroot, it is fine now?
17:21 dipankar alsroot, how about including it with from jarabe.view.palettes import VolumePalette
17:21 s/ 'from jarabe.view.palettes import VolumePalette'
17:21 mukul dipankar, I made you a friend and then sent a file too
17:22 dipankar alsroot, oops I accidentally wrote graphics/palette.py.
17:22 alsroot ishan_: there are pep8 issues, you can check it using pylint/pep8.py but the problem that the rest of volumestoolbar.py also doesn't conform pep8
17:22 dipankar it should be view/palettes.py
17:23 ishan_ alsroot, didnt get you
17:23 alsroot dipankar: well, VolumePalette is journal related code not shell specific
17:23 ishan_ alsroot, okay got it
17:25 dipankar alsroot, what i meant was, define the new palette class in palettes.py where other palettes are defined, and then include using, 'from jarabe.view.palettes import VolumePalette, newPalette'
17:26 mukul, neither of them is happening
17:26 alsroot dipankar: at the end it will depend on what maintainer thinks, in my mind better to avoid messing shell code and journal
17:27 dipankar alsroot, ohk. Then I agree with you
17:27 ishan_ is away for 10mins
17:27 dipankar doubts whether the 'add as friend' works
17:28 mukul I could do that. But then if i am making you a friend and sending a file to you and you don't get to know about it. What is the use?
17:28 dipankar, It works partially
17:28 dipankar manusheel, alsroot, mukul : can you please check one thing? I need you to add me as your friend from neighbourhood view in sugar
17:29 manusheel dipankar: Sure.
17:30 alsroot can't, rebuilding tp
17:30 dipankar alsroot, ok
17:33 manusheel, mukul : how come I am not getting any invitation?
17:33 ishan_ has quit IRC
17:34 mukul dipankar, exactly. i dont' get it
17:36 dipankar mukul, I think telepathy is messed up at some place.
17:37 ishan_ <ishan_!~ishan@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
17:43 mukul dipankar, +1
17:51 dipankar, Please check in your journal whether any new entry exists called as tamyblock.py
17:52 dipankar mukul, no.
17:52 mukul dipankar, Please check sthing unusual in your frames.
17:53 dipankar frames?
17:53 * I am going through telepathy-gabble.log
17:53 mukul dipankar, I mean the borders that appear when you hover your mouse near an edge.
18:05 dipankar mukul, what is the problem?
18:06 mukul dipankar, I wanted to ensure whether you have received the file coz here it stopped showing the cancel button but instead showed the dismiss button which is an indication that the transfer was complete.
18:08 dipankar mukul, no. no file received
18:10 dfarning, ping.
18:10 ishan has quit IRC
18:10 dfarning dipankar, yes
18:10 ishan_ has quit IRC
18:10 dipankar dfarning, just wanted to ask whether the Sugar on Ubuntu for maverick is accepted or not..
18:11 dfarning, If I am not wrong, Maverick will be released in October.
18:12 dfarning dipankar, yes it has.  neeraj is managing the packages.  it will be release in oct 10.
18:12 dipankar dfarning, thats great! Thanks for the info
18:13 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
18:14 dipankar all, please add the bug info here : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Sugar/Tasks/BugBashing
18:15 dfarning dipankar, the sugar on maverick release will be based on sugar .88.  becasue it was too complicated to try to fit sugar .90 released with in the next couple of days onto maverick relesed on oct 10.
18:15 dipankar dfarning, ok. So in 11.04, Sugar .90 will be fitted?
18:16 dfarning dipankar,  for the next ieteration of ubuntu released in april 4/11 we will use try to use sugar .92.
18:16 ishan_ <ishan_!~ishan@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
18:16 dfarning dipankar,  that way we get the latest bug fixes.
18:16 dipankar dfarning, .92! thats cool!
18:16 dfarning dipankar, it was just too macy moving pieces for our first release :)
18:17 many
18:17 dipankar dfarning, sugar is very very fast developing!
18:17 dfarning dipankar, this time we are still learning.... next time we will be going full speed.
18:18 dipankar dfarning, yay!
18:20 dfarning dipankar, I said that I would write a email about the release process.... the main idea is that time based release are like a train schedule.  There are literally 1000s of projects all working interdependently.... but trying distribute various software to users.
18:21 dipankar dfarning, ohk
18:22 dfarning dipankar, if an individual person(or patch) is late. it can catch the next train.   but if a train is late it can cause the entire system to fall behind.
18:22 dipankar, in particular we are interested in the ubuntu and fedora releases.  We are trying to have our stuff ready for them.
18:23 dipankar dfarning, okk.
18:24 dfarning dipankar, but we are also dependant on everything upstream.... I am sure you have seen talk about the move to gtk3.  basically gnome is making a refactoring.  so sugar will have to also follow suit and do some refactoring to match.
18:25 dipankar, then downstream we have other deployment which various releases of dextrose of olpc releases.
18:25 deployments which use
18:25 and
18:25 other olpc releases.
18:27 dipankar ohk.
18:28 dfarning dipankar, I am often talking about engineering trades offs.  the big trade off in software is the pace of releases.  developers like very fast releases.  6 months is pretty common becase it is very easy for a developer to updates his machine.
18:28 dipankar dfarning, ok..
18:29 dfarning dipankar,  on the other hand large scale users like slow and stable releases.  it is very hard to update the 700,000 xo which have been deployed in UY.
18:30 dipankar, in general school prefer a 5 year release cycle!
18:30 ishan_ has quit IRC
18:31 dipankar dfarning, so there are two groups : large and developer
18:32 large are the normal users
18:32 and developers are, well... super-users
18:33 shan <shan!~cuil@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
18:34 dfarning dipankar, yes in general it is easier to think of users as on a spectrum from developer to deployment.
18:35 developers are very frequest updaters -- many use jhbuild which can be updated several times per day
18:35 to deployments which are very hard to update.
18:36 dipankar ohk
18:36 manusheel, I have sent the patch (modified)
18:37 likes the system of peer review
18:38 dfarning, manusheel : I think I should be heading to bed now. Its late.
18:38 dfarning dipankar, so back to the train anology..... in order to be useful trains should run often and 24 hours pre day..... even though most users will ride on a couple of rush hour expresses:)
18:38 dipankar, good night.
18:39 dipankar dfarning, the analogy is better said by subways :P ;)
18:40 ishan has quit IRC
18:40 dipankar dfarning, goodbye. see you tomorrow
18:40 dipankar has quit IRC
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