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#ubuntu-sugarteam, 2010-09-25

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01:24 satellit_ dfarning: Did DL of USR appliance and imported it...Works well here
01:24 dfarning satellit_, nice
01:24 satellit_ http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/E[…]_files#VirtualBox
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13:56 dipankar <dipankar!~dipankar@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
13:56 dipankar says hi to all
13:59 manusheel dipankar, ishan: Hello.
13:59 dipankar ishan, hi
13:59 ishan_ manusheel: Hello
13:59 dipankar, hi
14:00 manusheel dipankar: First, can you explain Ishan the steps to merge the patch with the mainline git. As you explain, I'll add the steps in a doc file for future reference.
14:00 dipankar ishan_, continuing with last night's bug
14:00 manusheel, ok
14:00 ishan_ dipankar, sure
14:00 dipankar ishan_, lets first discuss how I make the patch
14:00 ishan_ dipankar, sure
14:01 dipankar ishan_, First you need to clone the mainline git repo of the package you are targeting to modify
14:02 ishan_ dipankar, okay
14:03 dipankar, by this you mean the folder i which we are making changes
14:03 dipankar for e.g to modify the sugar package files: here is the mainline git repository: http://git.sugarlabs.org/proje[…]ar/repos/mainline
14:03 ishan_ dipankar, okay
14:04 dipankar ishan_, patches based on this mainline git repo will be accepted as the patches created from here can be added directly.
14:04 ishan_ okay
14:05 manusheel dipankar: Team members have this question on the location where you clone the repository. What do you have to recommend in this matter?
14:05 dipankar ishan_, I don't know much in detail, but Shascha always wanted the patches based on mainline so that he can apply them.
14:05 manusheel, ok sir.
14:05 ishan_ dipankar, okay
14:06 dipankar manusheel, ishan_: I generally clone them in a folder named 'test-s'
14:06 in home folder
14:06 ishan_ which in home folder
14:06 dipankar home folder of Ubuntu
14:06 ishan_ dipankar, okay
14:07 dipankar its similar to cloning any git repo
14:07 ishan_ dipankar, is it same as we had done for Lp
14:08 dipankar ishan_, to make things clear. Lets suppose for debian packages, you needed to create a patch, which repo will you use?
14:09 ishan_ dipankar, i think the repo for the package present in debian
14:09 dipankar ishan_, great
14:10 ishan_, similarly, if you want to contribute directly to Sugar, where would you base your patch?
14:10 ishan dipankar, in the suga repo
14:10 suga/sugar
14:10 dipankar ishan, nice.
14:11 ishan_ dipankar, okay i got it
14:11 dipankar ishan, I think by now you must have got what I wanted to explain :)
14:11 ishan_ dipankar, yes
14:11 dipankar remember this hierarchy:
14:11 Sugar
14:11 V
14:11 Debian
14:11 V
14:11 Ubuntu
14:12 ishan_ okay
14:12 dipankar, can you also explain the patch numbering system
14:12 dipankar ishan, patch numbering?
14:13 ishan_ dipankar, what i meant was V1,V2 ......which you did for your patch
14:14 dipankar ishan_, ok the patch versioning
14:14 ishan_ dipankar, yep
14:14 dipankar ishan_, the first patch you submit is always v1.
14:15 ishan_, if you modify it and upload a new one, then has to indicate that the on you are sending right now is not the first
14:15 ishan_ dipankar, okay
14:16 dipankar ishan_, in addition to your versions, you also need to mention a snap of previous versions in the changelog,
14:16 ishan_ dipankar, can you explain ^^
14:16 dipankar e.g v1 was Reviewed-By Sascha Silbe<email-id>
14:16 ishan_ dipankar, okay
14:16 dipankar changelog is similar to the one in packages, but these are onliner
14:16 *one liners
14:16 ishan_ dipankar, okay
14:18 dipankar just to inform the developers that your previous version was reviewed by another developer
14:18 ishan_ dipankar, like you submitted your V1 for review and had to make some changes for V2- so do we have to make changes in the V1 file or we have to make changes in the orignal file
14:18 in order to make V2 patch
14:20 dipankar ishan_, ohk,
14:20 for that follow this simple process:
14:20 - first reset the file that you modified
14:20 using , git reset in the repo
14:20 ishan_ dipankar, okay
14:21 dipankar - after completing the modifications add it for commit
14:21 using git add
14:21 - then run git commit --amend
14:21 ishan_ dipankar, okay means we are making the V2 patch also from the original file
14:21 dipankar yes
14:21 shachi__ <shachi__!~shachi@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
14:22 dipankar ishan_, otherwise it will be a very long process
14:22 alsroot, ping
14:22 ishan_ dipankar, and for git reset we just run git reset command
14:22 or there are some attributes to be added
14:22 dipankar ishan_, sorry I forgot to add them in quotes.
14:22 git reset
14:23 git add
14:23 git commit --amend
14:23 ishan_ dipankar, got it
14:23 dipankar no more flags to be sent
14:23 ishan_ dipankar, okay
14:25 manusheel ishan_: Now, try these steps for the bundle id issue, and send the steps to the team in a documented format.
14:25 ishan_: You can take up any other issue too that you are more comfortable with. The idea is understanding this process.
14:30 dipankar: In reference to your question, which file are you looking at?
14:30 dipankar is making patch for : http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2180
14:30 manusheel, that depends on the patch I want to make
14:31 manusheel dipankar: I was referring to your yesterday's query on right click key handler.
14:31 dipankar manusheel, like for the above bug I need: jarabe/util/emulator.py
14:32 ishan dipankar, while making the patch the normal procedure has to be followed right?
14:32 shachi__ has quit IRC
14:33 shachi__ <shachi__!~shachi@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
14:33 dipankar ishan, yes, git commit -> write the commit message and save-> then git format-patch HEAD^1
14:34 manusheel ishan: yes.
14:34 same steps.
14:47 ishan_ dipankar, manusheel: check the mail
14:49 dipankar ishan_, nice
14:49 ishan_ dipankar, thanks sir
14:49 dipankar wonders what [A [B is?
14:49 ishan_, where did you send the e-mail btw?
14:49 ishan dipankar, only to you
14:50 dipankar ishan, ohk
14:50 ishan dipankar, these [A [B were due to the arrow keys pressed
14:52 dipankar ishan, ok
14:53 ishan_ is away for 10mins
15:01 manusheel_ <manusheel_!3bb1c649@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
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15:03 ishan_ is back
15:04 kandarpk <kandarpk!~kandarp@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
15:06 kandarpk alsroot: hi
15:06 around ?
15:07 dipankar manusheel_, sir, I am looking for the file containing the key handlers, or in jarabe/view/ dir
15:08 manusheel_ dipankar: Ok. Coming to that directory.
15:13 kandarpk has quit IRC
15:13 kandarpk <kandarpk!~kandarp@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
15:14 dipankar manusheel_, I think this file might be useful: jarabe/journal/objectchooser.py
15:14 alsroot kandarpk: pong
15:14 manusheel_ dipankar: Why do see this file would be useful?
15:15 dipankar manusheel_, sir, it has some statements like : self.tree_view.connect('button-release-event',
15:15                               self.__button_release_event_cb)
15:16 not sure though
15:16 kandarpk alsroot: can you help me with #2323
15:16 ishan_ kandarpk, sir i am working on bug #1858
15:16 alsroot kandarpk: whats the problem?
15:16 ubot2 Launchpad bug 1858 in gajim "gajim look and feel" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1858
15:16 ishan_ kandarpk, can you provide me any pointers on that
15:17 kandarpk alsroot: I dont know how to work with clpboard
15:17 dipankar manusheel_, let kandarpk finish discussing with alsroot, then I will ask him. Meanwhile I will try to dig in more
15:17 manusheel_ dipankar: Ok. Yes, those functions seem useful.
15:19 alsroot didn't work w/ clipboard as well
15:19 kandarpk ishan, please see http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ember/027094.html
15:19 it has some replies as well
15:20 ishan_ kandarpk, okay
15:20 alsroot kandarpk: you can grab some info in gtk docs, http://library.gnome.org/devel[…]k-Clipboards.html
15:20 kandarpk alsroot, ok, thanks.
15:21 dipankar alsroot, I am still working on the volume display in journal view
15:21 alsroot, I want to check where I can add a right click option for the journal icon in the journal view
15:22 alsroot dipankar: you don't need to code it directly, just add create_palette method to create button palette, the rest will be processed by existed code (invoker created by parent class)
15:23 dipankar alsroot, I already added the create_palette(). but it seems that it is not working
15:23 alsroot dipankar: did sugar log any errors?
15:23 manusheel <manusheel!3bb1c649@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
15:24 dipankar alsroot, no
15:24 alsroot, let me check once again
15:26 manusheel_ has quit IRC
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15:27 dipankar alsroot, today it is showing some error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/500386/
15:28 alsroot, sorry about my denial to errors first :(
15:30 alsroot dipankar: does this error happen after right clicking on journal button?
15:30 dipankar alsroot, yes
15:32 alsroot dipankar: could you pastebin your patch
15:32 dipankar alsroot, the strange thing is, sometimes the error comes and sometimes it doesnt'
15:33 alsroot, just asec
15:34 alsroot, http://paste.ubuntu.com/500389/
15:35 alsroot, I will back after sometime. Going for dinner
15:35 is off for dinner
15:37 shachi__ has quit IRC
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16:00 mukul <mukul!~mukul@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
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16:28 ishan_ is away for dinner
16:40 manusheel <manusheel!7ab164c7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
16:41 manusheel mukul: Hi Mukul.
16:41 Around?
16:41 mukul has quit IRC
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16:49 dipankar_ is now known as dipankar
16:50 dipankar alsroot, sorry, I got disconnected.
16:50 dfarning, around?
16:50 manusheel, around?
16:50 manusheel dipankar: Hi Dipankar.
16:51 dfarning dipankar, yes
16:51 manusheel dipankar: Did we send the patch to sugar-devel?
16:51 dipankar manusheel, yes sir. The patch for fullscreen bug has already been sent
16:52 manusheel dipankar: Great.
16:52 alsroot dipankar: could pasterbin your entirely patch (`git diff`) otherwise I dunno how code you posted before is intended to work(there are missed symbols)
16:52 dipankar dfarning, just came across your e-mail on tomeu's guidelines
16:53 alsroot, I just added the whole create_palette(). nothing more
16:53 alsroot, the original code is without the whole function
16:53 alsroot dipankar: anyway it is more useful practice to pastebin a patch not a piece of code
16:53 ishan_ is back
16:54 dipankar alsroot, ok. Will do that from now.
16:54 alsroot dipankar: then I dunno why it didn't fail any errors (except you posted)
16:54 dfarning dipankar, yes.  Bernie set up patchwork a couple of days ago to help keep track of patches.  I just wanted to make sure that you guys were keeping track of your patches.
16:54 dipankar dfarning, manusheel : Aren't tomeu's guidelines for patches same as Sascha's?
16:55 alsroot dipankar: could you add debug logging to create_palette and try to right click on joural button to see if your debug was logged
16:55 dfarning dipankar, yes.
16:59 dipankar alsroot, you want me to add a debug logging in the func so that if the function is called, a message is sent to log
16:59 ?
17:01 alsroot dipankar: yup, just to be sure that your create_palette was called
17:01 ishan_ has quit IRC
17:09 dipankar alsroot, I added a line: logging.debug('Right Click')
17:09 alsroot, but that message is not appearing in shell.log
17:10 alsroot dipankar: is your loglevel DEBUG?
17:10 mukul has quit IRC
17:11 dipankar alsroot, didn't get your question
17:11 alsroot, shall I try changing the Level to info?
17:13 alsroot dipankar: did you set log level to debug, I meant, http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/B[…]gar_debug_logging
17:13 dipankar: otherwise you won't see debug() messages
17:14 dipankar alsroot, I have already done the settings required
17:14 afair
17:14 ishan_ <ishan_!~ishan@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
17:17 alsroot dipankar: got it, see where JournalButton is created, code sets palette manually
17:23 dipankar alsroot, JournalButton is created? I am unable to get there. please give me two more minutes
17:23 ishan has quit IRC
17:23 alsroot dipankar: just grep for "JournalButton("
17:24 dipankar alsroot, doing
17:25 alsroot, found it
17:26 ishan_ has quit IRC
17:26 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
17:26 dipankar volumestoolbar.py; line 46
17:26 ishan_ <ishan_!~ishan@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
17:30 dipankar alsroot, ?
17:30 alsroot dipankar: as you can see, it sets palette manually, thus your create_palette won't be called
17:31 dipankar alsroot, as in button.set_palette(Palette(_('Journal'))) right?
17:31 alsroot yup
17:32 dipankar alsroot, that means i need to change it here, perhaps change the argument.
17:32 alsroot dipankar: just remove this line and let create_palette work
17:32 dipankar so that it calls the JournalButton.create_palette()
17:33 alsroot, ok
17:34 alsroot, now nothing is showing up
17:34 alsroot dipankar: see shell.log
17:37 dipankar alsroot, I think we are expecting this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/500460/
17:38 alsroot well, not me :)
17:41 dipankar alsroot, I can find create_palette being called. but how come  'global name 'JournalPalette' is not defined'
17:41 ??
17:42 alsroot dipankar: just read error message, python dunno what is "JournalPalette"
17:42 dipankar: did you import this symbol before?
17:43 dipankar alsroot, here : from jarabe.view.palettes import VolumePalette
17:43 ^^ JournalPalette is missing
17:43 alsroot dipankar: but there is JournalPalette?
17:44 dipankar alsroot, how about:  from jarabe.view.palettes import VolumePalette, JournalPalette ?
17:44 alsroot if jarabe.view.palettes contains JournalPalette then it should work
17:46 dipankar alsroot, ^^ yes it is there. crosschecked
17:47 alsroot, now this error : NameError: global name 'home_activity' is not defined
17:47 alsroot dipankar: I guess error is obvious :)
17:48 dipankar alsroot, shall i pass no argument then?
17:48 alsroot dipankar: see JournalPalette sources
17:54 dipankar alsroot, I can't leave it blank
17:54 :(
17:55 it takes exactly two arguments
18:01 alsroot dipankar: yup, btw do you really need JournalPalette
18:01 dipankar alsroot, I tried some argument: self._home_activity -- not working
18:01 alsroot, I guess no
18:01 alsroot dipankar: hmm, does JournalButton have self._home_activity?
18:02 dipankar alsroot, no..
18:05 alsroot, How can I pass an argument? :P
18:05 * I mean which argument to pass
18:06 alsroot dipankar: just grep source for all JournalPalette objects to know what its argument is
18:06 ..and where you can find this argument
18:07 ..or ask yourself, do you really need JournalPalette and maybe bettert ot implement new palette class w/ just free space progress bar
18:08 dipankar alsroot, I would like the second option.
18:08 alsroot, since I need to display only volume, not the other options
18:09 alsroot dipankar: so, go ahead :), use JournalPalette as an example of progress bar
18:12 dipankar alsroot, but, what was the home_activity about then?
18:13 alsroot dipankar: Activity class
18:13 ..object
18:15 dipankar alsroot, then I need to send some argument, don't i?
18:16 * I will be making a new palette, but I really want to know what can I pass in the argument..:)
18:17 alsroot dipankar: grep for all JournalPalette invocations to see what its argument is
18:17 dipankar self._home_activity
18:18 alsroot, ^^
18:18 alsroot dipankar: well, grep for "self._home_activity =" to know where it was set
18:19 dipankar ok
18:20 alsroot,
18:20 /usr/share/pyshared/jarabe​/frame/activitiestray.py:        self._home_activity = home_activity
18:20 /usr/share/pyshared/jarabe/view/palettes.py:        self._home_activity = home_activity
18:20 /usr/share/pyshared/jarabe/view/palettes.py:        self._home_activity = home_activity
18:20 /usr/share/pyshared/jarabe​/desktop/favoritesview.py:        self._home_activity = self._home_model.get_active_activity()
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23:41 dfarning_afk is now known as dfarning
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