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#ubuntu-sugarteam, 2010-09-19

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00:46 manusheel_ neeraj: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/1442
00:47 http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2195
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15:40 manusheel mukul: Hi Mukul.
15:40 mukul hi sir
15:40 hi alsroot
15:40 alsroot mukul: hi
15:45 manusheel mukul: Did you get a chance to send the documentation on the analysis and implementation plan for the bug assigned to you?
15:45 mukul manusheel sir: I will do that in some time.
15:47 manusheel mukul: Ok.
15:47 mukul alsroot, http://paste.ubuntu.com/496530/ please have a look
15:48 alsroot, I am trying to add a Continue button in the modal dialog which on clicking will take us to the main view
15:50 alsroot mukul: and whats the problem?
15:51 mukul alsroot, I have reproduced the error by making some adjustments to the variable. Also, to display the message only once, I've added this code. But it does not do the desired thing. http://paste.ubuntu.com/496532/
15:51 alsroot, Sorry I forgot to mention. I was looking at the sl bug #630
15:51 ubot2 Launchpad bug 630 in baz "default directory name contains unnecessary and outdated information" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/630
15:53 alsroot mukul: so you plan is showing alert dialog only once?
15:53 *your
15:56 mukul What I plan to do is: Add a Continue button in the modal dialog box. Also, there should be a way to come back to the Main View. So now what happens is that when I return by pressing F3. it shows the dialog again. So I have modified the code. But it is not being implemented properly
15:58 alsroot, I will be back in 5 mins.
16:00 alsroot mukul: I guess continue button might just close dialog (to return to current view)
16:04 ishan is back
16:17 mukul alsroot, Yes that is what I want to implement. What changes should I make in the 15-19 lines
16:21 alsroot mukul: I guess you'll have to modify the code where ModalAlert appears, look like this code shows the journal not ModalAlert itself
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16:27 mukul alsroot, This code I found out in the file ModalAlert.py
16:27 Ok I'll grep it and find some other files too
16:29 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
16:30 alsroot mukul: just grep for "ModalAlert()"
16:43 dipankar is back (gone 01:12:05)
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18:24 mukul <mukul> alsroot, that is the only place where the ModalAlert() is called. Either the problem lies in the code mentioned by me or something is wrong in the function itself.
18:24 <mukul> alsroot, There has to be sthing wrong in the code itself
18:24 <mukul> manusheel, alsroot : http://paste.ubuntu.com/496532/ Here I think the value of i is always initialised to be 1 and thus no change in output. Do I have to define sthing like extern variable so that its value does not chang
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19:45 neeraj #sugar
19:46 manusheel neeraj: Hi Neeraj.
19:47 neeraj manusheel: Hi sir
19:47 manusheel neeraj: Any help needed on that gtk icon issue?
19:48 neeraj_ <neeraj_!~neeraj@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
19:48 ishan manusheel, sir that didnt worked as my cpsection is not opening up
19:49 neeraj manusheel: Sir, I will start working from where I left last night. Will ask in case of any doubt.
19:49 manusheel neeraj: Sure..
19:49 neeraj I slept whole day, so will remain awake for next 4-5 hrs :)
19:49 manusheel neeraj: Sure.
19:49 ishan: Ok.
19:50 dfarning neeraj nice work last night:)
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19:50 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
19:51 manusheel ishan: Where are you facing issues?
19:52 neeraj dfarning: thanks.. Still in learning phase w.r.t to pygtk. Hopefully I will pick up things quickly. This bug has made me study python, pygtk and lots of sugar code and helped in learning new things :)
19:52 manusheel neeraj: Can you help Ishan on this a bit. In a meeting right now. Ishan, I'll be back soon.
19:52 ishan manusheel, after making changes and rebuilding sugar-jhbuild when i right click and click on settings it doesnt open ups
19:52 neeraj ishan: what problem are u facing?
19:52 ishan neeraj, ^^
19:52 working on http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/245
19:52 neeraj hmm.. ishan what changes did u made?
19:53 dfarning neeraj. yep you jumped in the deep end and survived... that is the sign of a good hacker:)
19:55 neeraj ishan: where did u added the code?
19:55 ishan neeraj in buddymenu.py
19:56 but i dont think that should be the file since if we add the code there it wil show busy worker when we click on my setting but whereas we want it to show when we click on languages under cpsection
19:59 neeraj ishan: ok. that newly added line caused the problem.. That 100% sure.
19:59 ishan yep
20:00 neeraj:i just took some points from the patch made by anurag sir on displaying busy cursor for logging and shutdown options
20:00 neeraj ishan: ok.. reading the bug details on bugs.sugarlabs
20:00 ishan neeraj okay
20:03 neeraj ishan: Ok. Wish if u can also tell me the bug number on which anurag was working.
20:03 ishan neeraj:2151
20:04 neeraj ishan: As the bug description say's that we want the cursor to display when we select the language option. Do we need it any other cpsection menu ?
20:04 ishan neeraj: as mentioned in the bug filed i dont think so
20:05 neeraj ishan: Ok.
20:07 neeraj_ is now known as _neeraj_
20:07 ishan neeraj, aby pointer on above problem?
20:07 aby/any
20:08 neeraj ishan: yes. wait a min
20:08 ishan neeraj, sure
20:10 neeraj ishan: are you sure that code will work? I mean anurag has mentioned that the patch failed to work.  http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2151#comment:4
20:10 Also, Ishan, I think you might need to modify the gui.py file in jarabe/controlpanel
20:11 ishan neeraj, okay
20:11 neeraj because, from here we choose the option and call the respective cp section menu.
20:11 ishan neeraj, +1
20:12 neeraj ishan: one solution which is coming to my mind is that we can add a condition that if current option ==language, then show the busy cursor
20:12 ishan has quit IRC
20:15 dfarning neeraj, for simplicity how about switching to  busy cursor every time?  the user just wont see the change unless something is slow.
20:16 neeraj dfarning: yes. that we can do. But I was not sure whether we could do this. I mean for simplicity add that in every item. :).
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