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#ubuntu-sugarteam, 2010-09-17

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Time Nick Message
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03:02 USRMaverick-48f0 hello testing from USR Maveric
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10:19 dfarning manusheel, satellit_ maple_syrup being done for the maine one-to-one program.
10:20 lfaraone, NP you had a busy summer:)
10:20 satellit_, the pages looks great. thanks!
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10:50 satellit_ dfarning: glad to help...will maple_sugar be completed to a later version so It is not necessary to do all that I did to get it running? I would like to obtain a copy....
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11:21 dfarning satellit_, I have not followed maple_s* very closely.  I think that it is based on USR.... so any work we do to improve sugar on ubuntu improves maple_s* and that is as far as I have looked.
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11:39 satellit_ dfarning: had to add ppa to get it to run correctly: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/C[…]/Ubuntu#Added_ppa
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14:28 mukul hi alsroot
14:28 alsroot mukul: hi
14:29 mukul alsroot, Can you provide me some pointers on the bug sl#2281
14:32 alsroot mukul: did you manage to reproduce this issue?
14:33 mukul alsroot, I am not able to reproduce the same on sugar emulator.
14:34 alsroot mukul: in any case we can just start from traceback, try to figure out why ds_object could be None in /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages​/sugar/datastore/datastore.py", line 355
14:36 neeraj has left #ubuntu-sugarteam
14:40 alsroot mukul: in fact, would be useful to try to figure out why all these trace backs happened :)
14:43 mukul: you can also ask bug submitter if can reproduce this issue from clear start on all boxes, and better in case of just two boxes
14:43 *if he can
14:44 ..and try to reproduce it on your boxes
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15:01 ishan <ishan!~ishan@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
15:14 bernie_afk is now known as bernie
15:41 mukul alsroot, can you also help me with sl bug #630
15:41 ubot2 Launchpad bug 630 in baz "default directory name contains unnecessary and outdated information" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/630
15:45 alsroot mukul: do you have a plan for this bug?
15:48 mukul alsroot: To reproduce the bug I need to fill in some memory in the file system
15:51 alsroot mukul: well it is not a bug, but new sugar behaviour
15:52 mukul: you just need an idea what you are going to impelement instead of modal dialog
16:00 manusheel has quit IRC
16:08 mukul alsroot, I was thinking that instead of the modal dialog we can have a notification displayed as in Gmail which indicates the percentage filled/remaining once it crosses a minimum barrier say 95%.This can be an alert for the user. After it crosses 99% or so, then we can have a dialog box,asking the user to delete space. Can you provide me some inputs on how this could be implemented.
16:12 alsroot mukul: you already has a code for modal dialog (current implementation), for sugar alert popups(like in Chat), use TimeoutAlert from alert.py in sugar-toolkit
16:13 ..or another Alert classes (including custom) from alert.py
16:29 lucian has quit IRC
16:34 mukul alsroot, and where must be a function for determining the memory size?
16:36 alsroot, which file should I look into?
16:39 alsroot mukul: just grep where ModalAlert appears (there should be "if" code that checks current free space)
16:40 mukul alsroot: Ok
16:40 manusheel <manusheel!3bb1c7c8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
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18:23 neeraj_gupta <neeraj_gupta!~chatzilla@> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
18:45 manusheel neeraj_gupta: Hi Neeraj.
18:45 Around?
18:50 neeraj_gupta manusheel sir, hi :)
18:50 neeraj_gupta is now known as neeraj
18:54 manusheel neeraj: Hi Neeraj.
18:55 neeraj: Let us discuss gtkiconview and the method to arrive at a good conclusion on the control panel issue. Going through the link and the patch.
18:55 neeraj manusheel sir, ok.
18:56 manusheel neeraj: Let us discuss this in 15 mins.
18:59 dfarning neeraj, ping
19:02 neeraj dfarning: hi  :)
19:02 dfarning neeraj, how was your time off?
19:03 neeraj dfarning: it was quite good :)
19:05 manusheel neeraj: The apport feature enhancement looks neat. I hope we get good feedback on it.
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19:12 dfarning neeraj, the first informal user testing of USR is starting to come in.  The big concern is the lack of browser.
19:25 neeraj dfarning: ok. but we still don't have a proper fix to browse in ubuntu..
19:27 dfarning neeraj, yes ^^ was just meant to be informative . Luke is going to contact mozilla by phone.
19:27 neeraj is reading might reply a little late
19:28 dfarning: Ok. Lets hope we get a positive and quick response.
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