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#ubuntu-sugarteam, 2010-09-14

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06:51 alsroot I'm adding lucid repo to bazaar (to build sugar against lucid), what repos need to be used? I'm going to use pristine repo and updates, but there are also backports, proposed and security
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13:43 dfarning alsroot, in maverick all of the sugar stuff is in universe(main) except etoys which is in multiverse(non-free)
13:45 alsroot, I would suggest that you include security.  Security include all the security updates.
13:46 alsroot dfarning: in fact there is no huge need in security updates since pakcages from bazaar will reuse packages from user's env
13:49 dfarning alsroot, ok then you should have everything you need in universe.
13:50 alsroot dfarning: btw what is the target fedora version for dextrose
13:54 dfarning alsroot, dextrose 1 uses fedora 11 because fedora dropped support for the XOs CPU.  dextrose 2 is based on fedora 14 which support the cpu again.
13:55 alsroot dfarning: ok, will use f14 as rpm based distro to rest rpms
17:15 manusheel alsroot: Hi Aleksey.
17:15 Around?
17:15 alsroot manusheel: hi
17:17 manusheel alsroot: I was reading the reviews of James Cameron. He ran USR on XO-1.5. In his feedback report, he wrote that the OLPC Power Management module was not available in USR. Wish to ask you on how we can make that package available.
17:19 alsroot manusheel: sorry, I'm not familiar w/ XO related sysmtem packages, you need to ask either OLPC people (not sure who in particular, you can ask olpc ML), or dextrose peoople
17:19 manusheel alsroot: Sure.
17:21 alsroot: James also reported that several examples of Pippy fail to start. He was able to identify the reason, and said that "import pippy" fails. Are you aware about this issue?
17:21 dfarning manusheel, that is a _hard_ problem.  It will require a experienced kernel/systems hacker.  The same issue hold true for adopting the OLPC anti theft stuff to debian/Ubuntu.
17:22 alsroot manusheel: heh, got it several time but didn't manage to figureout that was the problem
17:22 manusheel: ask m_anish, Pippy maint, maybe he resolved it (this issue is not 100% reproducible)
17:23 manusheel dfarning: Sure. Can you elaborate on the problem, and provide some starting pointers on it? Can we ask dillinger to customize these modules for USR?
17:24 alsroot: Thanks. I'll ask James to elaborate on the test case, and will report this bug at LP. Will ask Anish to fix this issue.
17:49 alsroot, dfarning: A similar problem was reported for Memorize too. Import gst fails in USR, it seems.
17:50 alsroot manusheel: I guess in that case just gst-python wasn't installed
17:51 manusheel: w/ Pippy it is different, it starts python process from activity and in some envs python can't find existed pippy module
17:53 manusheel alsroot: Right. A ticket has been filed by Sascha on this - http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin[…]rt.cgi?bug=565933
17:53 ubot2 Debian bug 565933 in wnpp "RFP: gstreamer0.10-espeak -- GStreamer Text-To-Speech plugin utilizing the eSpeak software speech synthesizer" [Wishlist,Open]
17:54 manusheel alsroot: However, no one currently works on gstreamer in Sugar, it seems. Saw this been mentioned at http://wiki.debian.org/Sugar/tasks page.
18:46 DrKenobi <DrKenobi!~DrKenobi@OL118-71.fibertel.com.ar> has joined #ubuntu-sugarteam
18:47 DrKenobi Hi! Does anyone know if there is an activity like Write? I need one, because Write is not working here!
18:49 dfarning DrKenobi, I have to remoccmend updating to ubuntu maverick.  Write works fine in that version.
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18:51 DrKenobi dfarning: OK. I can't do it. My HD work so bad that an upgrade is not possible. I'll have to wait for my new laptop.
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