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#ubuntu-sugarteam, 2010-09-02

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10:03 lfaraone #TOPIC Agenda
10:03 manusheel, neeraj, do we have an agenda of what we want to discuss? I'd like to keep this short, so keeping to a list of topics will help us do that.
10:05 manusheel lfaraone: Sure. One is arriving at a conclusion on whether to keep sugar-record, irc and e-toys as a dependency for this release, or not?
10:06 lfaraone Okay. I've prepared a short topics list.
10:06 #LINK http://openetherpad.com/6b86BdsfpN
10:06 dfarning 1. Package Status. 2. Browse/Surf Update 3. weekly objectives
10:07 lfaraone #link http://openetherpad.com/6b86BdsfpN
10:07 hmmm. Not sure whether meetbot is getting those, but w/e.
10:07 manusheel dfarning: Great.
10:07 lfaraone #topic Keeping s-{record, irc, etoys}-a as deps for this release
10:08 If I recall, neeraj, you've got sync requests for all of these right now, correct?
10:08 neeraj lfaraone: As discussed on mail, yes for irc,record and etoys
10:08 lfaraone neeraj: right.
10:09 neeraj We will add etoys as recommends only.
10:09 lfaraone So etoys can't be a dependency for this release because it's in multiverse.
10:09 dfarning lfaraone, I think dogi usually cuts and pastes the contents of etherpad to irc so it goes into the meeting recored.
10:09 lfaraone neeraj: recently, "Recommends:" are installed by default by apt-get.
10:09 neeraj: so it'll have to drop to a "Suggets:".
10:09 dfarning: fair enough. Here's the current contents:
10:09    * Status of sugar-*-activities
10:09    * Keeping s-{record, irc, etoys}-a as deps for this release
10:09    * Browse / Surf update
10:09    * QA delegation
10:09    * Updating usr-meta
10:10    * Other weekly objectives (ACTIONs)
10:10 neeraj lfaraone: Ok. I will add etoys as suggests then
10:11 lfaraone manusheel: since irc and record will both be in universe, there's no reason not to add them, once they're in the archive.
10:11 manusheel: and since the SRU has already been ACK'd by a MOTU and the release team, it'll be processed some time before final release, and it'll be handled even if it's after Final Freeze because it was "in the queue" before-hand.
10:12 s/SRU/FFe/
10:12 the only thing now is whether we want to add the currently existing activities in the archive to usr-meta and do an upload now, or wait later and get them all in one swoop.
10:12 dfarning lfaraone, +1 for moving etoys to suggests.  It become a hurdle for oems and resellers to ship multiverse.
10:12 neeraj lfaraone: +1. thats my doubt.
10:13 lfaraone the pros of doing it all now: we don't have to special-case in the build scripts, we enable `apt-get`tability for testers, and in case for some reason the syncs aren't processed or its too late to upload usr meta we at least have what we have now in the metapackage.
10:14 dfarning neeraj, how much work is it to do a usr-meta?
10:14 lfaraone the cons are: additonal work of preparing another upload (may be negligable and/or good practice for us), and having to bug an archive admin to process the upload. (rubber-stamp, essentially)
10:14 s/it all now / in two loads/g
10:14 neeraj dfarning: no work at all. I have to just make change in control file
10:15 manusheel lfaraone: Ok. But, how much time will it take for these activities to get accepted in MOTU?
10:16 dfarning neeraj, then please do one today.  pros outweigh the cons.
10:16 lfaraone manusheel: for the ones that neeraj filed a sync request for to be accepted in Universe? some time between now and 2010-10-10 :)
10:17 manusheel lfaraone: We would not want meta package failures, and would also like to make sure QA is done once the iso is ready. Keep 1 week contigency time before the release (Sep. 3).
10:17 lfaraone neeraj: we'll have to talk a little bit about that, by the way, since it's not just "add the deps directly to control", it's "add them to the metapackage in a special file", but you'd need to learn that eventually :)
10:17 manusheel: er, sep 3 is over a month from the final release. The *FinalFreeze*, on the other hand, is Sept 15
10:18 (2010-09-15)
10:20 manusheel lfaraone: Sorry, I meant October 3. Not, Sep. 3
10:20 7 days before October 10.
10:21 lfaraone well, at that point, we'll already be in FinalFreeze. *Ideally*, we'll have all of our changes in before the FinalF and have a month for testing, but it may not end up that way.
10:22 neeraj, dfarning, manusheel, so do we all think that it's a good idea for Neeraj to include all current shippable universe activities in usr-meta?
10:22 (and to do a different upload later)
10:22 dfarning +1
10:23 manusheel lfaraone: +1
10:24 neeraj lfaraone: Ok. current shippable does not include irc,record and etoys. Right?
10:24 lfaraone neeraj: if it's not in universe as of yet, it's not currently shippable :)
10:24 manusheel lfaraone: Right.
10:24 lfaraone neeraj: easy way to check is "rmadison PACKAGE_NAME" which will show you whether the package is in Ubuntu, which release, suite, and version.
10:26 #ACTION neeraj to look into adding all sugar-*-activity* packages currently in universe to usr-meta
10:26 #agreed do an upload of usr-meta with all activities available now, and one later if possible for record and irc when synced.
10:26 #topic Browse / Surf updates
10:27 manusheel: who's working on this on the SEETA side?
10:27 When I tried Surf earlier today in a clean Maverick VM it crashed on start. (using the .deb, not the .xo bundle)
10:28 the issue with browse as I understand it is still a dependency issue, which needs to be worked out with the mozillateam.
10:28 manusheel lfaraone: Mukul and Ishan are working on it.
10:28 lfaraone: Right.
10:28 lfaraone manusheel: what's their progress on it?
10:29 dfarning neeraj, I just added a list of what apt-get tries to install to http://openetherpad.com/6b86BdsfpN
10:31 lfaraone dfarning: sugar-jukebox-activity-0.88?
10:31 manusheel lfaraone: Hulahop library was broken in Ubuntu. So, I ask them to halt the process. They'll submit a fresh request r? by tomorrow.
10:32 lfaraone manusheel: okay. the issue with hulahop is I don't really have any involvement in that arena, they'll need to talk to the people in #ubuntu-mozillateam.
10:33 dfarning lfaraone, let me run it again.
10:33 lfaraone dfarning: that package is not in debian or Ubuntu&
10:33 neeraj dfarning: all the packages which u listed are not in Maverick
10:33 manusheel lfaraone: Fine. I'll do that today.
10:33 lfaraone: We did write to Mozilla guys. Got a reply too.
10:34 lfaraone manusheel: the Mozilla *Ubuntu* team?
10:34 shachi__ dipankar,  hi
10:34 dfarning lfaraone, neeraj ok I am deleting all of sugar and going to try a freash install and see what gets pulled in.
10:35 lfaraone dfarning: I just did an apt-cache search and posted the results.
10:36 dfarning neeraj, does lfaraone's list look right to you?
10:36 manusheel lfaraone: We did forward the reply too. It seems the packages are in unstable state. Mike Hommey from Ubuntu looks after it.
10:36 lfaraone minus read, of course.
10:36 manusheel: right.
10:36 manusheel: so any work on hulahop would need coordination with him and other members of the mozillateam.
10:37 manusheel lfaraone: Right, absolutely.
10:37 lfaraone manusheel: when I talked with micahg, he seemed to not feel comfortable shipping pyxpcom, which hulahop requires, because pyxpcom does not seem to be maintained upstream.
10:38 manusheel lfaraone: Yes, we got the same vibes from Mike too. He said it is in unstable state.
10:39 lfaraone okay. so we'll get an update from ishan and mukul re that tomorrow.
10:39 manusheel lfaraone: Yes.
10:40 lfaraone: How about Surf package?
10:40 lfaraone: Does it have dependency issues?
10:41 lfaraone manusheel: Surf has no dependency issues as far as I'm aware, but it segfaults whenever you click a link in my tests.
10:43 with regards to shipping sugar-firefox-activity, the intergration does not work at all. I was not able to use the Firefox theme that makes the text readable under the Sugar GTK theme.
10:43 Nor did the journal XPI work OOTB.
10:44 In order to ship Firefox.activity as Firefox.activity and not, say, "Abrowser.activity" (which is available in Ubuntu, btw, as "abrowser"), the Mozillateam folks still felt we'd need trademark approval.
10:44 manusheel lfaraone: Right. Sugar Firefox is not be maintained well too.
10:44 lfaraone dfarning: you said that's changed recently but docs have not been updated. Do you think it's worth following up with the Mozilla team  on that?
10:44 manusheel lfaraone: It is at an experimental stage.
10:45 lfaraone manusheel: yes, but on the other hand it's the only web browser that will *run* in sugar on Ubuntu :(
10:45 manusheel lfaraone: We did write to Rabi. Didn't hear from him.
10:45 lfaraone manusheel: Rabi?
10:46 dfarning lfaraone, is it possiable to put a wrapper around the FF that ubuntu ships?
10:46 lfaraone manusheel: C. Scott was the guy who wrote Firefox.activity
10:46 manusheel lfaraone: Yes, C. Scott wrote it.
10:47 lfaraone: But, it was OLE Nepal guys, who were using that activity.
10:47 lfaraone dfarning: yes, that's what Firefox.activity does, albiet with some custom extensions and javascript settings. as of today, those settings are present but unapplied, so technically it's probably not violating trademark guidelines.
10:47 manusheel: ah, so they've made some updates to the activity?
10:47 manusheel lfaraone: Also, maintaining it.
10:48 lfaraone: I don't think so. If yes, didn't see it at the git.
10:48 lfaraone: We did write to them too around 9-10 days back.
10:48 lfaraone: No response on this thread.
10:49 dfarning lfaraone, can you include the firefox as is?  will it at least browse the web?
10:49 lfaraone dfarning: I think so.
10:50 meaning, it did in my tests.
10:51 dfarning lfaraone, ok lets go with FF as is. this means dropping browse and surf until the next release.
10:51 lfaraone dfarning: here's what it looks like in sugar-emulator: http://img714.imageshack.us/im[…]/screenshotey.png
10:52 dfarning lfaraone, neeraj can you guys package and upload the existing FF. lfaraone can you work with upstream about the treade mark issue if we get approval we will ad the setting and javascript if we have time.
10:54 neeraj lfaraone: Did you find the source tarball of Mozilla Firefox activity?
10:55 dfarning lfaraone, it is not perfect... but currently we are spending time on browse which is does not work and will be dropped and surf which does not work yet.  neither or which are moving us forward.
10:56 lfaraone neeraj: yes. it's already in a git repository that I just haven't pushed up yet.
10:58 dfarning manusheel, please drop all work on browse and browse dependencies.
10:58 manusheel, please postpone all work on surf and surf until the next release.
10:59 lfaraone fair enough.
11:00 #action manusheel to inform SEETA team members that work on surf/browse is tabled for this cycle
11:00 #topic QA delegation
11:00 We have testers, right? if not, we should look into a call-for-testing once we have a build that dfarning feels is ready for semi-public consumption.
11:01 manusheel dfarning: Sure. Will do that now.
11:01 dfarning lfaraone, the best group will be the NZ testers, satellit_ is also a great testing resource.
11:02 lfaraone dfarning: cool. so we'll just ask them to take a look at it, say, the last week or so of Sept?
11:03 or tomorrow, once we get our packages in usr-meta. Beta was today IIRC
11:03 (for Ubuntu as a whole)
11:04 dfarning lfaraone, I am doing am ISO build with the packages we talked about this morning.  Let's ask satellit_to take a initial look at it, if it works reasonably well we can release it as a beta.
11:04 lfaraone okay, sounds good.
11:04 #action dfarning to review ISO build with activities for potential beta status.
11:05 #topic Updating usr-meta
11:05 We pretty much already discussed this, neeraj and I will work on that later today/tomorrow. Any other thoughts on this subject?
11:07 manusheel dfarning: Once we are ready with beta iso, please let me know too. Will ask the team to do testing using the test plans.
11:07 lfaraone #topic everything else
11:07 As we're into the second hour, does anybody have something we didn't talk about earlier that needs to be discussed?
11:08 dfarning lfaraone, I think that is good.
11:08 lfaraone cool.
11:09 #endmeeting

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