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#ubuntu-sugarteam, 2010-03-02

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Time Nick Message
13:42 jelkner is here
13:42 MYabes is here
13:45 hgrover is here
13:45 jelkner ok, i don't know who else is coming
13:45 i hope anurag will
13:45 lol
13:46 hi Anurag
13:46 Anurag hey jeff
13:46 jelkner quick checkin
13:46 Anurag just a heads up, might have to leave a little early today...have an exam at 3
13:46 jelkner ok, let's make this quick then
13:46 we are at a bit of an impass
13:47 the smoke test still needs work, but michael can't really be the editor
13:47 it still refers to XOs all over the place
13:47 so it's not much use for us
13:48 Anurag ok, so I will make a completely new smoke test on a google spreadsheet
13:48 jelkner Anurag, if you do that
13:48 Anurag I want to make sure MYabes has this by tomorrow morning
13:48 jelkner we should delete the wiki page
13:48 Anurag, that would be great
13:48 but one other thing we need to consider
13:49 is that the real blocker at the moment is the lack of developers on the project
13:49 seems to me dfarning needs right now what we can't provide
13:49 so testing at this point may not be that important
13:49 Anurag so how can we move forward?
13:49 jelkner that's a great question
13:50 Anurag i konw dfarning said last week that he is going to be busy with ASLO during the next couple weeks
13:50 jelkner since i'm responsible for guiding michael
13:50 this is an important issue for me
13:50 here is what i decided for the moment
13:51 michael will work on TurtleArt
13:51 i've asked a former student to package TurtleArt for ubuntu
13:51 he agreed to do that
13:52 (i'm hiring him to do it, so it should be done soon)
13:52 he will:
13:52 1. create an ubuntu 9.10 debian package for TurtleArt
13:52 (maybe 10.04?)
13:52 (i'm hoping there is no difference)
13:52 2. create a PPA for the package
13:53 3. begin the process of submitting the package for inclusion in universe
13:53 the main way we can play a role in this project is as an educational institution
13:53 using, documenting, developing curriculum, etc
13:54 once sugar is further along, we can return to testing
13:55 so the smoke test will be important
13:55 we should decide what to do with it
13:55 and along with cleaning up the wiki site in general
13:55 we should decide where it belongs
13:55 i think keeping the current wiki page is fine
13:56 if we edit it to make it usable
13:56 Anurag, what do you think?
13:56 Anurag makes sense, just kinda confused as to how an educational institution is going to help in such a technical project
13:57 jelkner Anurag, keep in mind, this is an *educational* project ;-)
13:57 in fact, the iaep@sugarlabs.org stands for (It's An Education Project)
13:58 Anurag yea but in terms of using, documenting, developing curriculum, is that something that we are focusing on as part of the USR project
13:58 jelkner we are the customers for whom sugar exists
13:58 Anurag, you're right, of course
13:58 it is hackers that the project lacks
13:58 not educators at the moment
13:59 (until such time as a platform exists that educators can use)
13:59 we are only here because we are an ubuntu shop
13:59 interested in running sugar
13:59 so we certainly have the hardware available for testing
13:59 we just need something to test :(
14:00 Anurag right, so really we can't make much progress in testing right now
14:00 jelkner i'm afraid you're right
14:00 Anurag does MYabes have experience with packaging?
14:00 jelkner we are putting the cart before the horse
14:00 Anurag, none
14:00 Anurag Caroline sent me some videos that are pretty helpful
14:00 jelkner i have a former student who can package
14:00 Anurag o ok
14:00 jelkner but i have to pay him to do so, and my funds are limited
14:01 so i'm going to ask him to package TurtleArt
14:01 which i think we can make the most immediate use of in our educational program
14:01 and then i'll wait for USR to mature
14:02 i did offer caroline some of my own time to help with cleaning up launchpad
14:02 and i'll do that
14:02 but i don't think i'll have more than about 4 hours per week
14:02 i don't know if you could help with that?
14:02 the launchpad site is a mess
14:03 Anurag o ok, r u referring to the USR launchpad site?
14:03 jelkner since it is littered with past sugar ports
14:03 versions previous to 0,88
14:03 0.88
14:03 for platforms previous to 10.04 (lucid)
14:03 packages that are no longer needed are there
14:04 it is very confusing and raises the barrier to entry for someone who would want to help
14:04 what's needed is to clean that up
14:04 Anurag ok so we want to limit it to 10.04 and .88?
14:04 jelkner yes
14:05 anything else is just a dead end at this point
14:05 so we need to find out who owns the other packages
14:05 and get them to withdrawal them
14:05 Anurag well since USR is kind of at a stalemate, I guess I can help with cleaning up the wiki and launchpad
14:05 jelkner it means investigating and communicating
14:05 not something our high schoolers are particularly good at yet :(
14:06 Anurag u can't withdraw them with admin rights?
14:06 jelkner we either need to find the package owner and ask them
14:06 Anurag ok
14:07 what do u think needs to be done with the wiki?
14:07 jelkner or if the package is stale, and an owner can't be found, we need to plead with the launchpad admins to help us
14:08 ok, the wiki we have more control over
14:08 we just need to make sure it makes sense
14:08 dfarning is requesting our help with that
14:09 since he has looked at it too many times to be able to see it with fresh eyes
14:09 Anurag ok that's something I definitely feel comfortable doing
14:09 jelkner perfect
14:09 Anurag I just need some direction in what needs to be changed
14:09 jelkner i say we keep the smoke test where it is
14:10 Anurag 1. The smoke test needs to be modififed
14:10 jelkner and just edit it
14:10 Anurag right
14:10 jelkner to remove all references to XO
14:10 Anurag right
14:10 jelkner and make sure all the tests it asks one to perform make sense
14:10 we can't test 802.11s, for example
14:11 but we could test setting up a schoolserver and using jabber
14:11 Anurag ok, other than the smoke test, what other work needs to be done on the wki
14:11 jelkner (though let's not do that at 1st)
14:11 you and i can both poke around
14:11 looking at the flow from page to page
14:11 and making sure things make sense
14:11 Anurag right
14:12 jelkner the easier it is to navigate, the easier it will be to grow our community
14:12 since folks will find us through it
14:13 and if take them into a labyrinth, they are not likely to come back :(
14:13 ok, you have a test
14:13 and i have students to attend to
14:13 same time next week?
14:14 Anurag, give me an affirmative on that and i'll end the meeting ;-)
14:14 Anurag sounds good
14:14 jelkner #endmeeting

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