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#ubuntu-sugarteam, 2010-02-23

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13:42 jelkner hello
13:42 anyone here besides myabes and me?
13:43 hi caroline
13:43 caroline hi
13:43 jelkner i just typed the startmeeting command
13:43 you have joined myabes and me so far
13:45 any word from anurag, caroline?
13:45 he told me he would be here
13:45 caroline yeah he was on gmail a sec ago
13:46 told me which channel
13:46 jelkner cool
13:46 i'll try to ping him
13:47 anurag is trying to join
13:47 henry grover is logging in as well
13:47 since i have class at this time
13:47 i need to move things forward and start the discussion going
13:48 so i can attend to the needs of other students in my class
13:49 Anurag hey
13:50 everyone here?
13:51 jelkner caroline, myabes, hgrover, jelkner are here
13:51 i need to come in and out
13:51 since i have class
13:51 my top questions is: what next?
13:51 http://spreadsheets.google.com[…]gid=0&output=html
13:52 myabes sent us this
13:52 is this what you are looking for?
13:52 i'm most concerned that we make use of myabes time effectively
13:52 which means making sure he is doing useful things with it
13:52 Anurag, i would be grateful if you give him feedback
13:53 hgrover is available to support him
13:53 hgrover (in regards to your earlier email, myabes, the best bext step would presumably be to invite others to edit it)
13:53 caroline Does he know how to look at the logs to see what the error was when something fails?
13:53 Is that something David woudl find useful?
13:54 Anurag right, we really need to work towards finding specific errors
13:55 need to run some terminal commands
13:55 caroline there is also a Log activity
13:55 Anurag to diagnose network issues and see if we're gettting an IP
13:57 michael do you have the computer that you're doing testing on connected to any kind of switch/router?
13:57 hgrover he does
13:58 it's on a switch connected to our main router, it's a pretty complicated network
13:58 (that router is connected to another higher up)
13:58 dfarning_laptop +1 to using log activity to see what looks goofy with an activity
13:58 hgrover where are logs for activities in sugar stored?
13:58 just a directory in /var/logs? i haven't looked around
13:59 dfarning_laptop hgrover, it is easiest to use the log activity
14:00 the actual log files are stored under ~/.sugar
14:00 satellit_ log activity displays each activity after it is started (and stopped) very useful
14:00 plus errors
14:01 hgrover ahh, alright
14:01 dfarning_laptop hgrover, are you at a machine running sugar? if so can you and michael try the log activity
14:01 hgrover so michael should be posting the contents of the log activity after something else fails?
14:01 dfarning_laptop hgrover, yes:)
14:01 Anurag http://activities.sugarlabs.or[…]/sugar/addon/4056
14:01 hgrover i've got a vm running sugar, let me start it up
14:02 satellit_ use copy paste function to transfer to USB stick
14:02 or screenshot if VM
14:03 dfarning_laptop hgrover, for now you caroline just cut and past the contents of the log files to a new colum on the spread sheet
14:03 hgrover could he copy paste it into pastebin, then put a link to that in the spreadsheet?
14:03 dfarning_laptop hgrover, myabes or just take a screen shot and attach that to the spreadsheet
14:04 hgrover interesting, myabes says he still can't boot into sugar straight from the login page
14:05 let me try to do the same in my vm, see how it goes
14:05 (i do recall it working properly last i tried
14:05 dfarning_laptop hgrover yes that might be broken for a few more weeks on some machines.
14:06 hgrover alright
14:06 indeed, it does give me the option on my vm, and it appears to work
14:06 dfarning_laptop cool
14:06 hgrover browse, however, doesn't want to start, it seems...
14:07 Anurag yea browse has never worked yet
14:07 hgrover alright.  so it sounds like the plan is that michael should install http://activities.sugarlabs.or[…]/sugar/addon/4056 in sugar, and attach screenshots of error messages to the googledoc
14:07 should he do so for all failure logs, or just specific ones, or what?
14:08 dfarning_laptop The spread sheet is a very good idea.  It is a nice step between the formality a develop needs and the way people tend to think
14:09 hgrover, usually there will be a log of the same name as the activity you are testing
14:09 hgrover, myabes that log will usually show some sort of error....
14:09 hgrover Right, but which ones should he screenshot and attach to the spreadsheet?  All of them, or just those that fail?
14:10 Anurag I think the ones that fail for now. david what do you think?
14:10 dfarning_laptop hgrover, just the most recent log file of the most recently failed activity
14:10 hgrover alright
14:11 dfarning_laptop Anurag, yes, that will get us important feedback 90% of the time
14:13 hgrover so we've opened up the log activity, there are two subgroups:  ~/.sugar/default/log, and /var/log
14:13 dfarning_laptop Anurag, especially when we can compare and contrast across the failure logs on different platforms
14:14 hgrover in the former, we've got datastore, org.laptop.Log-1, org.laptop.terminal, presenceservice,shell,and telepathy-gabble, all ".log"
14:14 dfarning_laptop hgrover, ~/.sugar/default/log has the sugar specific stuff and /var/log is the general linux stuff
14:15 hgrover alright, do you want everything from ~/.sugar/default/log?  It's got a fair amount of debug info
14:15 dfarning_laptop hgrover, try opening the browse activity and then look at the org.laptop.browse log
14:16 hgrover myabes says that browse doesn't work
14:16 Anurag right that's why you should check out what the log says about the browse activity
14:16 hgrover oh, i'm sorry, i misunderstood
14:17 dfarning_laptop hgrover, yes, but when you try to start it there will be information about why it failed.
14:17 hgrover how long should i let the icon blink before stopping it and checking the logs?
14:17 dfarning_laptop hgrover, 5-10 seconds should be long enough
14:19 Anurag has anyone tested local collaboration using USR?
14:19 or will that be difficult with a VM installation?
14:20 hgrover there's a fair amount of text, shall i put it in pastebin?
14:20 dfarning_laptop hgrover, yes
14:22 hgrover hmmm, any way to copy-paste from emulator to main machine? sorry for ignorance if i'm missing something obvious
14:22 Anurag hmm, I think there is a way to share a folder from your main machine
14:22 and then you can copy paste text files to that folder
14:23 hgrover trying to open a terminal but it doesn't feel like doing that =S
14:25 got a terminal, i'll just make a document, scp it to my laptop, paste from there
14:26 Anurag yea that works
14:29 myabes have u had the chance to test local collaboration in USR?
14:31 myabes whats that?
14:31 hgrover sorry, finally got this, had to do it a rather roundabout way
14:31 http://pastebin.com/mZD9BVXS
14:33 dfarning_laptop hgrover, myabes perfect
14:33 the line ImportError: libxul.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
14:33 hgrover what is that?
14:34 dfarning_laptop tells me that that the xulrunner shared libary is not being found correctly
14:35 Anurag is this why some of the other activities are not launching either
14:36 dfarning_laptop Anurag, I think the xulrunner is only a problem for browse
14:36 Anurag o ok
14:37 dfarning_laptop xulrunner is a tool kit written by mozilla to make browsers.  It is being phased out and replaced with webkit
14:38 ubuntu phased it out.... yet sugar labs has not rewritten browse.... hence the problem
14:38 hgrover ahhh
14:39 dfarning_laptop so we need to carry our own version of xulrunner in our ppa until sugar labs rewrites browse
14:39 Anurag oh i see
14:39 myabes can you share the google spreadsheet with me
14:39 so I can add/change things if needed
14:40 hgrover i'll help myabes do that tomorrow, we have to go now
14:40 myabes ok
14:40 dfarning_laptop debian and fedora still have xulrunner for at least one more release.  so ubuntu is getting hit the hardest
14:40 hgrover talk to you guys tomorrow!
14:40 dfarning_laptop thanks guys
14:40 Anurag o ok, any reason for the switch?
14:41 myabes cya
14:41 Anurag bye myabes and hgrover
14:42 dfarning_laptop Anurag, xulrunner is a security and maintenance nightmare:( mozilla no longer supports it.  webkit is very good:)
14:42 Anurag o ok got it
14:42 david is there anything else you want us to include in our testing to help you out
14:43 we want to make sure we cover as much as possible
14:43 dfarning_laptop Anurag, ubuntu just decided to take one for the team and go first on deprecating it
14:44 Anurag, logs in the spreed sheet and reworking the smoke test are the two biggest helps.
14:44 jelkner #endmeeting

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