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#ubuntu-sugarteam, 2010-02-16

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13:42 jelkner OK, anyone here in addition to me for the sugarlabs dc meeting?
13:43 michael is here also, but he is waiting for his computer to boot
13:51 hi michael
13:51 MYabes hey
13:52 jelkner we are waiting for anurag
13:52 he is on a public computer
13:52 downloading chatzilla
13:52 MYabes ok
13:54 jelkner hi Anurag!
13:54 Anurag hey sorry for the delay
13:54 jelkner ok, looks like only you, MYabes and i
13:54 Anurag was using a MAC
13:54 jelkner that's ok
13:54 let's get started
13:55 1st thing i wanted to do is get you MYabes schedule
13:55 Anurag ok great
13:55 jelkner MYabes, can you tell Anurag which days / times you are here?
13:56 MYabes tues, thurs,fri 8:30-11:05, 12:30-2:40
13:56 jelkner and mon, wed from 1:40 to 2:40
13:57 hgrover is here mon-fri from 1:40 to 2:40 pm
13:57 btw.  I'm really glad we have this channel auto logging now
13:57 i was able to review the discussion here: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010[…]tu-sugarteam.html
13:58 to look up the meeting commands
13:58 ok, Anurag, we need some guidance
13:58 which i understand is your department ;-)
13:59 MYabes has been working his way through the smoke test
13:59 he has a google doc he has created with the results so far
13:59 MYabes, can you please past the url here?
13:59 Anurag are you using the smoke test that's on the sugar labs wiki?
13:59 jelkner s/past/paste
13:59 Anurag i think that was created last september
14:00 MYabes http://docs.google.com/View?id[…]63cfgj_11dzj9f7fs
14:01 jelkner so Anurag, MYabes is looking for guidance
14:01 i can get more folks involved in testing,  but it only makes sense if we can contribute in a real way
14:02 Anurag, what do you think?
14:03 Anurag right, I think we need to ask David what specifically he wants to include on the smoke test
14:03 jelkner Anurag, when do you work on this project?
14:04 how many hours per week and which ones?
14:04 i'd like to try to coordinate with you
14:04 Anurag I usually work 10 hrs a week
14:04 usually from 12-2 mon - thurs
14:04 jelkner hmm...
14:04 Anurag and then a couple hrs during the weekend
14:05 have u seen the smoke test for the .84 release?
14:05 jelkner given MYabes times, is there a possibility to schedule overlap times?
14:05 Anurag http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Smoke_test
14:05 jelkner no
14:05 looks
14:06 ok, this is better
14:06 do you want us to run this?
14:06 Anurag yea, at least use it as a foundation
14:06 jelkner let's get our wiki info down here
14:07 to refer to later
14:07 we should use the ubuntu resources
14:07 so the ubuntu wiki
14:07 do we have a home page on the wiki?
14:08 Anurag, do you know if we have a home page on the wiki?
14:08 like a start page
14:08 from which we can link everything else?
14:08 Anurag don't think we have a home page
14:09 I can make one
14:09 titled "Ubuntu Sugar Remix" ?
14:09 jelkner yes
14:09 let's confirm with dfarning
14:09 but that sounds good to me
14:09 UbuntuSugarRemix
14:10 as a wiki word
14:10 i can make it if you like
14:10 but i didn't want to do it if it is already there
14:10 let me look
14:10 Anurag yea sure that would be great
14:10 pretty sure it's not there already
14:11 jelkner https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuSugarRemix
14:11 it is there
14:11 Anurag, do you have a launchpad account?
14:11 Anurag yes
14:11 jelkner cool
14:11 so this is the portal page
14:12 can you create a smoke test page?
14:12 Anurag yea, as a subpage?
14:12 jelkner yes
14:12 SmokeTest
14:12 Anurag yea I can do that
14:12 jelkner cool
14:13 then copy the smoke test from the .84 version you showed us
14:13 and we can modify it to suit our needs
14:13 sound like a plan?
14:13 Anurag sounds good
14:13 jelkner until recently, USR wouldn't load from gdm
14:13 i checked yesterday and it did
14:13 i have testing machines available
14:13 so as soon as we have a good process
14:13 MYabes can have at it
14:14 satellit_ hello I have been testing USR also here
14:14 jelkner satellit_, awesome!
14:14 let's get a test process on the wiki
14:14 so we can all be reading from the same script
14:14 Anurag is there a USR image accessible?
14:14 satellit_ I have VBox and VMworkstation here and several netbooks
14:14 jelkner Anurag, what is your job description?
14:15 what exactly are you tasked with for your 10 hours?
14:15 i want to include that in my thinking on how we can work together
14:15 satellit_, great
14:16 Anurag caroline and I usually work together to set my objectives
14:16 hgrover hello all
14:16 Anurag but she wants me to spend a lot of my time this semester working with USR
14:16 jelkner Anurag should i ask her then?
14:16 Anurag and testing Blueberry
14:16 jelkner ok
14:16 if we could know your availability
14:16 (and i'll ask her)
14:16 then we can plan better
14:17 can you be responsible for the smoke test?
14:17 Anurag looks like this time would be the best since it works for all of us
14:17 jelkner this time is great for our weekly meeting
14:17 Anurag yes
14:17 jelkner i'm not suggesting we change that
14:17 i'm just talking more in general
14:17 satellit_ will USR work with http://schooltool.org/?
14:18 jelkner satellit_, yes
14:18 since USR runs on top of ubuntu
14:18 and schooltool does too
14:19 http://book.schooltool.org/htm[…]/install-toc.html
14:19 Anurag would you have to "sugarize" it first
14:19 jelkner Anurag, it is a web app
14:19 so no
14:19 Anurag o ok, then yea it should definitely work
14:19 jelkner it runs as a service on localhost:7080
14:20 after installing the debs
14:21 ok, i have students
14:21 i need to attend to
14:21 Anurag ok
14:21 jelkner Anurag, can you talk to MYabes and hgrover about what they should do this week?
14:21 and then i'll check back in and close the meeting
14:22 Anurag yea no problem
14:22 jelkner so, we have a few goals:
14:22 1. get the smoke test up
14:22 2. start using it to test
14:23 i'll send the minutes to dfarning and caroline
14:23 Anurag ok great
14:23 jelkner and see if there are other things that should be on the list.
14:24 hgrover (the smoke test isn't still up?)
14:24 Anurag so it looks like our times overlap 1:40- 2:40 on pretty much all week days
14:24 no it's not up yet
14:24 hgrover https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuSugarRemix/Test?
14:25 is that just an unfinished version? sorry for being confused, i think i missed something =)
14:27 Anurag oh I've never seen this page, looking over it right now, one sec
14:28 hgrover yeah, i think it's in the process of being updated constantly
14:28 we're basically trying to fill it up with our goals, which i'm sure jeff has told you about anurang?
14:28 Anurag yea looks like david updated it yesterday
14:29 hgrover alright
14:29 Anurag now do you know if anyone has had a chance to run this smoke test on USR?
14:29 hgrover i think that's what myabes is supposed to be doing, he just ran to the water fountain
14:30 yeah, myabes ran through it and made a google doc about what worked and what didn't
14:30 what was the link, michael?
14:30 Anurag I saw the link
14:30 MYabes http://docs.google.com/View?id[…]63cfgj_11dzj9f7fs
14:30 hgrover (i didn't =))
14:30 Anurag Michael did you just basically try running a bunch of different activities?
14:31 have you done any of the other tests on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuSugarRemix/Test ?
14:31 satellit_ how are you doing smoke test? Virtual Box /CD/USB?
14:32 Anurag Henry do you know?
14:33 hgrover i don't, let me help him find out
14:33 Anurag I'm assuming VM
14:33 hgrover he actually installed karmic on his laptop, then installed USR from the ppa
14:34 MYabes i just tried all of the activities on usr, to see if they worked or not
14:34 hgrover so no VM craziness at all
14:35 satellit_ ovf import works well in sun Virtualbox
14:35 hgrover I'm a little confused about the state of things.  Did we ever get a place where one could just download USR VDI's?
14:36 satellit_ http://people.sugarlabs.org/dfarning/  for DL of iso and ovf files (4required)
14:36 Anurag https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuSugarRemix/Test
14:36 hgrover ah, awesome
14:37 satellit_ david builds them with script
14:37 Anurag so I think we should create a spreadsheet that covers the different parameters on david's version of the smoke test
14:38 and then come up with some kind of testing schedule
14:39 hgrover yeah.  myabes has a good amount of time each day, a little bit of which i think was portioned to the smoke test (is that right, michael?)
14:39 MYabes yes
14:39 hgrover alright, awesome
14:40 so as changes are made, michael can tell us what works and what doesn't, wherfe should this spreadsheet be though? a shared googledoc?
14:40 where*
14:40 Anurag yea just make it a shared google doc
14:40 hgrover and it's 2:40, we have to go catch our bus >.<
14:40 Anurag so we can all update it
14:40 hgrover and alright, that sounds good
14:40 Anurag alright i'll stay on until jeff gets back
14:41 hgrover i can come back tomorrow at this time, if there's anything more to be discussed? alright
14:41 Anurag sounds good jeff or I will probably send an email
14:41 MYabes i have to go now, cya
14:42 jelkner #endmeeting

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