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#treehouse, 2012-04-04

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Time Nick Message
21:38 meeting Meeting started Wed Apr  4 21:38:15 2012 UTC. The chair is replaceafill. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
21:38 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
21:39 replaceafill #chair hharriola
21:39 meeting Current chairs: hharriola replaceafill
21:39 replaceafill ah, nice :)
21:39 hharriola :)
21:39 replaceafill hharriola, http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot
21:40 hharriola got it :)
21:40 replaceafill so, we use #action for things we're going to do
21:40 we also can use #info, #link and #idea
21:41 according to the docs
21:41 and we end the meeting with #endmeeting
21:41 hharriola #agreed
21:42 replaceafill hharriola, so basically, schooltool.treehouse.su runs the old version of schooltool
21:42 #link www.schooltool.org
21:42 and dogi wants us to install the new version of schooltool in the new vm
21:42 hharriola ok
21:43 replaceafill as i told you yesterday, schooltool has a ppa for ubuntu
21:43 #link https://launchpad.net/~schoolt[…]ners/+archive/ppa
21:43 but i our new vm is debian 6.0
21:44 hharriola ok, got it
21:44 replaceafill so i propose to use a development version of the latest version of schooltool
21:44 we do something like that in the old vm anyway
21:45 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Machine/schooltool
21:45 #link http://schooltool.sugarlabs.or[…]olyears/2010-2011
21:45 hharriola, for that we would need to use bzr to check out the schooltool code
21:46 hharriola the one we were talking about yesterday right?
21:46 replaceafill correct
21:46 #link http://book.schooltool.org/dev_sandbox.html
21:46 hharriola great!
21:47 replaceafill the first three green blocks in that last link
21:47 apt-get install bzr, bzr co lp:schooltool, cd schooltool, modify buildout.cfg, make ubuntu-environment
21:47 and then make
21:47 hharriola right
21:48 replaceafill hharriola, we're going to do this together, sharing a screen session
21:48 hharriola #action replaceafill sounds like a plan
21:49 replaceafill #action hharriola makes sure screen is installed in the vm
21:49 #action hharriola makes sure bzr is installed in the vm
21:50 hharriola is the new vm #link schooltool.treehouse.su
21:50 replaceafill hhmm good question
21:50 hharriola or #link elsalvador.treehouse.su
21:50 replaceafill let's do it in schooltool.treehouse.su
21:50 first
21:51 and ask dogi about doing it in elsalvador.treehouse.su
21:51 #action replaceafill asks dogi about which vm to use
21:51 hharriola got it
21:52 replaceafill ok, after checking the code out and running make
21:52 we load it with sample data
21:52 hharriola #info screen it is already installed on schooltool.treehouse.su
21:52 replaceafill ah cool
21:53 CanoeBerry <CanoeBerry!CanoeBerry@> has joined #treehouse
21:54 replaceafill hharriola, want to try the screen sharing now?
21:55 hharriola sure
21:56 #action let me start the screen sesion
21:56 replaceafill remember, we're doing it in schooltool.treehouse.su
21:57 hharriola yes
21:57 #info Screen sesion name Hugo
21:58 replaceafill under the hharriola user?
21:58 hharriola yes
21:59 replaceafill 1!replaceafill@schooltool:~$ screen -x hharriola/Hugo
21:59 Must run suid root for multiuser support.
21:59 like the docs says :)
22:00 the docs says it's better to use a shared account :/
22:00 hharriola ok
22:00 replaceafill hold on, let me try something
22:00 hharriola sounds good
22:01 replaceafill ah :( didn't work:
22:01 1!replaceafill@schooltool:~$ sudo su hharriola
22:01 [sudo] password for replaceafill:
22:01 1!hharriola@schooltool:/home/replaceafill$ screen -x Hugo
22:01 Cannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/1' - please check.
22:02 hharriola let me check
22:02 replaceafill what command did you use to start the screen?
22:02 hharriola #info screen -S hugo
22:03 replaceafill try screen -d -m -S hugo
22:03 hharriola done
22:05 replaceafill same message :(
22:05 let's do it under root
22:05 hharriola ok
22:05 replaceafill that's what dogi suggested here: http://meeting.treehouse.su/tr[…]2-03-27#i_2728697
22:06 "we want to do this as root"
22:06 hharriola great, I was looking for this
22:06 replaceafill hharriola, finish your screen sessions please
22:06 is using ps to see the names of the session :)
22:07 hharriola :?
22:07 :)
22:08 replaceafill ah
22:08 you have one "hugo" running as root
22:09 i was able to connect to that one i think
22:09 do you see me typing on that one?
22:09 hharriola yes I used sudo
22:09 but I logged out
22:09 replaceafill it's working :)
22:09 hharriola yup
22:09 I just got in
22:09 replaceafill type something
22:10 hharriola sorry I'm still learning some stuff
22:13 chrowe_ <chrowe_!~crowe@c-71-192-163-128.hsd1.nh.comcast.net> has joined #treehouse
22:13 replaceafill hharriola, try:
22:13 sudo su -s screen -x hugo
22:13 i'm attached to that one
22:18 hharriola sorry I went out
22:18 I'm back
22:18 replaceafill np
22:18 yay
22:18 i see you
22:19 hharriola I do
22:19 replaceafill yes!
22:19 we can chat in the terminal :)
22:19 hharriola :)
22:19 replaceafill i use CTRL + C to finish my lines
22:23 hharriola, your last screen is still running
22:23 you can use: screen -r
22:23 to attach to it, using your uer
22:23 hharriola thanks!
22:23 replaceafill user
22:23 and exit it
22:24 or screen -x hugo
22:24 hharriola done
22:24 replaceafill great
22:24 ok, now start it again using sudo and give it the name 'schooltool'
22:25 hharriola done
22:25 replaceafill i'm in
22:25 sudo -s screen -x schooltool
22:25 hharriola Great
22:25 replaceafill you?
22:26 hharriola I'm in
22:26 can you see me?
22:27 replaceafill hhmm no
22:27 i'm typing too
22:27 i think you're not attached yet
22:27 hharriola Now I am
22:27 replaceafill yes
22:27 now i see you :)
22:29 #agreed hharriola and replaceafill were able to share a screen session
22:29 oops, that was #info :(
22:29 hharriola :)
22:29 replaceafill #info hharriola and replaceafill were able to share a screen session
22:35 hharriola, that warning in bzr is not important
22:35 chrowe_ has quit IRC
22:35 replaceafill hharriola, now we wait for bzr to finish checking out the code
22:36 hharriola perfect!
22:38 replaceafill hharriola, CTRL + A and then D lets you leave the shared session momentarily (in case you don't know)
22:38 ok, it finished
22:38 hharriola thanks!
22:38 yes
22:43 replaceafill hharriola, journal
22:47 hharriola that will download a lot of python packages
22:47 so now we wait again
22:48 hharriola ok
22:48 replaceafill and it'll fail at the end
22:48 beause port 7080 is already being used
22:49 goes to stop the old schooltool service, so we don't get the error
22:49 hharriola ok
22:49 replaceafill done
22:49 hharriola I will have to leave in 10 minutes
22:50 replaceafill ok, we can continue with the rest later, but now you know how to share screen sessions
22:50 and a little how to use bzr to check out code
22:50 :)
22:50 hharriola sounds good
22:50 yup, now it is easier for me
22:50 Thank you fro all your help :D
22:50 replaceafill when do you want to continue, i can't tomorrow or friday sorry, i have to leave town
22:51 next tuesday?
22:51 hharriola Semana Santa :)
22:51 sure
22:51 replaceafill hharriola, of course ;)
22:51 i have to visit my folks :)
22:51 hharriola I haven't enjoyed that for a while :(
22:51 replaceafill :(
22:51 hharriola we don't have it here
22:52 replaceafill right
22:52 so, next tuesday, same time?
22:52 hharriola we can do it earlier if you want to
22:53 I'm always around
22:53 replaceafill what time is best for you?
22:53 is always around too
22:53 when inet works :P
22:53 hharriola I know
22:54 replaceafill #info the latest version of schooltool was checked out and put under /opt/schooltool in schooltool.treehouse.su
22:55 #action hharriola and replaceafill will finish setting up the service next week
22:55 hharriola #agreed
22:55 replaceafill #action hharriola and replaceafill need to set up apache and load new sample data
22:55 ok hharriola end the meeting :)
22:56 hharriola #endmeeting
22:56 meeting Meeting ended Wed Apr  4 22:56:19 2012 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
22:56 Minutes: http://meeting.treehouse.su/tr[…]-04T21:38:15.html
22:56 Log:     http://meeting.treehouse.su/tr[…]12-04-04T21:38:15

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