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#treehouse, 2012-03-27

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Time Nick Message
21:39 meeting Meeting started Tue Mar 27 21:39:55 2012 UTC. The chair is dogi. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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21:40 dogi #topic hharriola :)
21:40 Tell us something about you?
21:40 addchair replaceafill
21:40 #addchair replaceafill
21:40 hharriola Well My name is Hugo Arriola, like I said on my email
21:40 dogi #pingall
21:41 hharriola I was born in Guatemala City but I live and work in California
21:41 dogi #chair replaceafill
21:41 meeting Current chairs: dogi replaceafill
21:41 dogi #chair hharriola
21:41 meeting Current chairs: dogi hharriola replaceafill
21:42 dogi where in California?
21:42 hharriola Anaheim, CA
21:42 I live and work here
21:42 replaceafill hi hharriola i'm from El Salvador :)
21:42 dogi was last week in LA and Palm SPrings
21:42 :)
21:42 hharriola wow! Central America
21:42 dogi replaceafill, /me has to leave
21:43 please take over
21:43 hharriola nice to meet you
21:43 replaceafill ok dogi, i'll leave soon too, but i'll try to help
21:44 hharriola, how did started with the treehouse group?
21:44 how did you start* :)
21:44 hharriola In January I went to Scale 10X convention in LA
21:45 and I joined a mail list for the Laptop.org
21:45 last week I received an email inviting me to join and contribute
21:45 so I started reading
21:45 and the project it is very interesting
21:46 specially if you come from a country like Guatemala
21:46 you know there is a lot of poor people without access to the technology
21:46 replaceafill are you in contact with anyone in Guatemala working for an OLPC pilot?
21:46 hharriola and you feel obligate to give something back to the country where you born
21:46 no, but I would like
21:47 I don't have any contact info
21:48 After reading all about OLPC I stared to spread the world
21:48 so people can donate
21:49 replaceafill i usually use http://olpcmap.net/ to find out about pilots on latin american countries
21:49 Guatemala shows a couple
21:49 maybe you can find contact info there
21:49 hharriola Thank you!
21:50 I will check
21:52 replaceafill i also use this one: http://lists.laptop.org/listinfo/olpc-sur
21:52 i've seen questions from people from Nicaragua and El Salvador there
21:52 haven't seen from Guatemala yet
21:54 hharriola for what I was reading, it looks like they just started
21:56 replaceafill hharriola, if there's something i can help you with, let me know
21:56 i'm usually around, now more than before :)
21:57 my friend Jeffrey Elkner and I try to document our pilot here: http://proyectojuanchacon.blogspot.com/
21:57 hharriola thanks!
21:57 sounds good.
21:57 I'll take a look of it
21:59 I'm going to try to stay connected here every day
22:00 and I'll try to get involved with the project so I can help
22:14 replaceafill can you talk me a little bit more of OLPC
22:14 and how do you guys work and contribute?
22:15 replaceafill well, i'm not a core contributor to it
22:15 i'm more of a "user" :)
22:15 hharriola ok
22:16 replaceafill in my case i got involved through our OLPC pilot in one of the rural areas here in El Salvador
22:16 hharriola ok sounds good
22:16 replaceafill we got some XO's donated for a community, and that's how i started learning about the project itself
22:17 hharriola sounds good
22:17 replaceafill meeting people and identifying what they do
22:17 meeting replaceafill: Error: "people" is not a valid command.
22:17 replaceafill many "that's soo cool" experiences :)
22:17 hharriola I'm going to try to touch base with people in Guatemala
22:17 see if they are currently working on a project
22:18 but also I saw you can start your own project
22:18 which is good
22:18 replaceafill i just asked my friend in the ministry of education for contact info from Guatemala, he said he will find out
22:18 if i get anything i'll let you know
22:18 hharriola sounds great!
22:18 thank you very much
22:19 replaceafill yes, you can contact interested people down in Guatemala and start something
22:19 again, we got the XO's donated
22:19 but the customs experience was hell! :(
22:20 hharriola I know
22:20 I was thinking about that
22:20 cuz you know
22:20 Guate is pretty much the same thing!
22:20 Central America
22:20 replaceafill almost 3 months of bureaucratic trash
22:20 yes
22:20 i feel very identified with Guatemala, we share a lot of the same issues
22:21 at the end, even though the XOs were a donation, the community had to gather like $300 just to get them out of customs
22:21 but then you learn :)
22:22 and you start finding out about the appropriate process to get a donation in your country, etc
22:22 if i ever have to do it again, i'm a better position :)
22:23 hharriola sounds very good
22:23 replaceafill my advice to anyone is always to keep close to the mailing lists, irc channels, user groups, etc
22:23 one learns new things for sure
22:24 hharriola yes
22:26 well thank you very much for all your help
22:26 replaceafill my pleasure hharriola, hope you get a pilot running someday in Guatemala and i can visit it :)
22:27 not too far from here ;)
22:27 hharriola I know!
22:27 and hopefully one day we can meet in person
22:28 replaceafill definitely
22:28 :)
22:28 hharriola I know just like 3 hours driving
22:28 I was in Guatemala last December
22:28 replaceafill what part of Guatemala do you visit?
22:28 hharriola I wanted to go to El Salvador but I didn't have much time
22:28 replaceafill Guatemala City?
22:28 hharriola yes
22:28 I usually go to Guatemala and to Totonicapan and Quetzaltenango
22:29 replaceafill i'm originally from Santa Ana (next to Guatemala), but i live in San Salvador now
22:29 hharriola I know Santa Ana, very hot out there!
22:29 well keep my email address so we can stay in touch
22:30 hharriola@gmail.com
22:30 replaceafill thanks
22:30 mine is douglascerna@yahoo.com :)
22:32 hharriola Thanks
22:33 gonzalo has quit IRC
22:33 dogi :)
22:33 is back
22:33 hharriola :)
22:34 meeting * nemo-es has joined
22:34 <nemo-es> hello hharriola
22:35 hharriola hello!
22:35 dogi hharriola, we a spanish <-> english translation channel
22:37 meeting <nemo-es> dogi *deve *imparare *espagnolo
22:37 dogi ups
22:37 has to learn spanish
22:37 replaceafill :D
22:37 hharriola :)
22:38 meeting <nemo-es> It has to learn .It is *lingua
22:38 dogi ups
22:38 hharriola, /join #treehouse-es
22:39 hharriola sure, I'll join
22:39 I'm there
22:39 Thanks
22:39 dogi we had once more languages
22:40 hharriola wow, that is interesting
22:40 very good!
22:40 meeting <nemo-es> :
22:42 dogi replaceafill, thank you so much
22:42 hharriola, so we have an other 10min
22:42 tell what is your goal in this time?
22:43 tell me what is your goal in this time?
22:43 hharriola sure, I just want to thank you for giving me the opportunity
22:43 meeting <nemo-es> Well *venuto
22:43 hharriola My goal is to help children around the world, so they can have access to technology
22:44 dogi welcome
22:44 hharriola and that way create new opportunities on their home countries
22:44 instead of migrating
22:44 dogi but in 10min we can t solve that
22:44 hharriola lol
22:44 Well, also I'll take the chance and learn from you guys
22:45 because like I said, I manage Linux Servers, but I'm not a master
22:45 dogi http://schooltool.sugarlabs.org/ needs to be migrated
22:45 replaceafill dogi, +1
22:46 dogi do you wanna help replaceafill with that ...
22:46 hharriola sure!
22:46 that sounds great
22:46 dogi replaceafill, do you remember screen session
22:46 replaceafill yes
22:46 dogi ok then I have a plan to do this ...
22:47 nemo <nemo!~nemo@fw-1-user-net-flrs.cictr.com> has joined #treehouse
22:47 hharriola ok
22:47 nemo will setup a new server as soon as possible
22:47 dogi 7 days
22:48 is the next meeting for that
22:48 maybe we get it done by that
22:48 hharriola good!
22:48 :)
22:49 dogi replaceafill, can you make sure he gets the ssh keys step done?
22:49 already now on the old http://schooltool.sugarlabs.org/
22:49 replaceafill dogi, i'll need to ask you to set my new ssh key so i can log in :)
22:50 dogi zzhz
22:50 ok
22:50 copy paste it ...
22:50 replaceafill wonders if zzhz means "oh geez" :D
22:50 dogi exactly
22:50 :P
22:51 replaceafill paste here?
22:51 or in a PM?
22:51 dogi or private
22:51 replaceafill ok
22:51 dogi whatever you like more
22:51 replaceafill ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAACAQDb0csp728LiEiWeFfZj​zxBnNDfNsPUnM05y3OPtGuBv70nOK4OLe7aG2qYeCpWhRmJ5G​aan/ghnB9Pp9sT++JhEDl7X4wZin1pC60q3dGStVfmiKcQ1AE​mXll0gtm+n16w9I0eyLSwGIafT3Ar6ljcgXzhHsXhlHM4b67P​IxKGAHya0A6MLaY7p3dWRsIhYI/qjTu6pczGiAdxdQmwoYlsN​AteCokAg96XVUQ71aOq+BKrr5AIc4oL6fKGV6WdG2gZphVc6X​BALFnCcKK1zjojwJF9Lle0Irzz97PZcImYCNh15XiPTEMVKr/​TkDHMVkxHYpS8aLJJosF4o9JrJdpvb0UX/Kolwkt5jynVZ9L8​msvS9rpMdqQEfFS+9rCGXeQlZcJZnOxb3j0yjBFiMXI0NlZ2Q
22:51 hUT7mk+vq/6MW+vwxwAHTPltc7x7UbSAsugoObXfWjr0Pz​fAoFZfu9Dz0I4KTgranah48PxsAE4JAkVybqaoHBMfM7KO​x7D7vp1VFMFv44nBxopTrO38JV9KRraKlvsaywPxwr6qoi​8RgbPlU3r/IjNczfre8rZU2qOsaDf92mNaUALvxiwzMsRs​DKYt7CzFvqa56TKpL9QWMJCXKZ43A3vi39OEy4SYOaf1eN​MNVGqKzTUSmxucbjXfgdJHcNEIb8LTSB83o25thkPkQ== launchpad
22:51 sorry for the flooding
22:51 dogi hharriola, do you know about sshkey?
22:52 hharriola yes I do
22:53 dogi :)
22:57 done
22:57 replaceafill, can you try now
22:57 replaceafill thanks dogi
22:57 yes i can log in
22:58 dogi #action replaceafill takes care of hharriola with ssh key and showes him around ...
22:58 in screen session
22:58 hharriola :)
22:59 dogi that mean harriola you get to have root this machine
22:59 ups means
22:59 hharriola ok
23:00 no problem :)
23:00 dogi hharriola, have you ever heard about shared screen session?
23:01 #action nemo creates new debianVM
23:01 #action hharriola replaceafill hold meeting about mirgation ...
23:02 hharriola just from services like teamviewer and other
23:02 s
23:03 dogi #link https://www.google.com/search?[…]ot+screen+session
23:03 we want to do this as root ...
23:03 hharriola Thanks!
23:03 no problem
23:03 dogi ok
23:03 replaceafill, ?
23:04 replaceafill so, i have to create a user for hharriola in that VM, give him sudo, put his sshkey in, correct?
23:04 dogi exactly
23:04 so I can create the new user ...
23:04 replaceafill didnt understand the migration meeting though
23:05 migration meeting part*
23:06 dogi likes the content of schooltool page
23:06 replaceafill remember dogi wanted schooltool showing as index of that server
23:07 :)
23:07 hharriola I'm ready when you are
23:07 dogi replaceafill, hharriola which name should I give this new VM?
23:08 suggestion?
23:08 +s
23:08 hharriola mmm up to you repleaceafill
23:08 dogi lol
23:08 replaceafill i thought we were going to replace the old schooltool.s.o
23:08 with a new one
23:08 dogi elsalvador?
23:08 hharriola that's it
23:08 lol
23:09 I usually take names like CA_whateverXX
23:09 dogi that is one of the new two dnses
23:09 schooltool.treehouse.su
23:10 replaceafill dogi you decide :)
23:10 dogi and elsalvador.treehouse.su
23:10 but the of the server is open ...
23:10 _bernie, s mainserver is sunjammer
23:11 alsroot jita
23:11 ...
23:11 so replaceafill ?
23:11 tell me
23:11 replaceafill *you* decide
23:11 i'm bad at naming things
23:11 :(
23:11 dogi columbus?
23:12 replaceafill guido :D
23:12 dogi guido?
23:12 replaceafill was just watching pycon 2012 keynotes ;)
23:12 dogi server name?
23:12 replaceafill *you* decide
23:12 dogi then guido it is
23:12 replaceafill choose a name *you* like
23:12 dogi nope
23:12 replaceafill zzhz
23:12 :P
23:13 i know!
23:13 camila ;)
23:13 dogi :)
23:13 replaceafill starts listing all his special ones...
23:13 dogi #info camila :P is the name
23:14 hharriola :)
23:14 dogi #info your secret goal is to get a picture of you on this page ....
23:14 #info https://www.google.com/search?[…]&biw=1137&bih=757
23:15 ups your server :P
23:15 hharriola lol
23:15 I was going to say the same thing!
23:15 dogi :)
23:15 see you
23:15 replaceafill next week, correct?
23:15 dogi something to add?
23:15 replaceafill same time?
23:16 dogi no I will try to bet the week with this task ...
23:16 hharriola sounds like a plan
23:16 dogi so you can be done in 7 days
23:16 :)
23:17 If I am not here you will hold the meeting without me ...
23:17 ok?
23:17 replaceafill ok
23:17 dogi cool :)
23:17 hharriola repleaceafill I will stay in touch with you then
23:17 :)
23:17 replaceafill hharriola, sure
23:18 nemo ciao hharriola replaceafill
23:18 hharriola so we can work on this :)
23:18 dogi ok
23:18 perfect
23:18 #endmeeting
23:18 meeting Meeting ended Tue Mar 27 23:18:59 2012 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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23:19 Log:     http://meeting.treehouse.su/tr[…]12-03-27T21:39:55

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