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#treehouse, 2012-03-13

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18:10 meeting Meeting started Tue Mar 13 18:10:47 2012 UTC. The chair is dogi. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
18:10 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
18:10 pflores anyway, let's take a time for meeting in Boston
18:11 quidam yeah, I'm very looking forward to that
18:11 pflores dogi, you command the meeting, ok?
18:11 dogi #topic treehouse colocation @ medialab
18:11 #chair quidam pflores
18:11 meeting Current chairs: dogi pflores quidam
18:12 pflores :) ok
18:12 nickolaspeter <nickolaspeter!~Adium@c-24-61-11-148.hsd1.ma.comcast.net> has joined #treehouse
18:12 pflores dogi please tell me more about treehouse, I don't have the whole story
18:12 dogi As we know we had to move all hardware from fsf colo to the medialab
18:13 pflores AFAIK it's a server of yours you had hosted on FSF and now is in MIT, right?
18:13 dogi and in by doing this we finally have offical go
18:13 joito knows about sugarlabs being hosted in the medialab
18:13 pflores, yes
18:14 I had 2 servers ... one hosted in the medialab the other in fsf
18:14 nickolaspeter has left #treehouse
18:14 pflores and now?
18:14 dogi now both are in the medialab
18:14 pflores ok, so they are only for hosting Sugar projects?
18:15 dogi thanks to walter bender we now are official and not only tolerated
18:15 pflores :)
18:15 dogi pflores, mostly ... and all other children centric non-profits
18:16 like
18:16 #link http://schooltool.sugarlabs.org/
18:16 or
18:16 pflores ok... so how was it your agreement for AC?
18:16 (shame I have to ask this)
18:16 dogi http://book.treehouse.su/
18:16 and
18:17 #link http://library.ole.org/
18:17 pflores, yes there is an agreement too with ... activitycentral.org
18:17 pflores ok, good you're working with OLE
18:18 dogi right now is working for OLE
18:18 pflores which in this moment is just an alias/redirect for the .com
18:18 dogi moment
18:18 #info agreement of activitycentral.org
18:18 #link http://meeting.treehouse.su/treehouse/2010-04-06
18:19 pflores dogi great! Say hello to ole folks! I hope to see them when in Boston
18:19 dogi pflores,  http://meeting.treehouse.su/tr[…]0-04-06#i_2600063
18:20 and on that time AC was just an organization ... dream of dfarning
18:21 since then lots of stuff happened ... pflores can you tell us some milestones of AC
18:21 pflores Mission: Provide technological solutions for educational projects in collaboration with the free software community Our focus: Provide comprehensive software development solutions for Sugar deployments Developing features and tools for deployments needs Complementing the contributions of different deployments Taking the olpc/sugar free software development culture into deployments work
18:21 dogi likes that :)
18:21 pflores sorry for the raw copy-paste
18:22 so AC wants to play a role in the ecosystem solving some of the deployments needs
18:23 however, it's a for-profit, which is partially a problem for being hosted at MIT, which I understand
18:23 quidam not much info on the agreement in that minutes
18:23 pflores quidam +1
18:23 dogi pflores, quidam when did AC buy the .com?
18:24 pflores In 2010
18:24 dogi last entry in the waybackmachine is
18:24 pflores I'm not sure exactly when
18:24 quidam created:      2001-08-30 18:48:51 UTC
18:24 dogi #link http://web.archive.org/web/201[…]ivitycentral.com/
18:24 pflores look! However it didn't have any info until 2010
18:25 dogi pflores, I know
18:25 pflores I think around July 2010
18:25 quidam david probably bought an already registered domain
18:25 dogi quidam, +1
18:26 pflores was your agreement with david based on the idea of having a .org or did you talk about the .com?
18:26 dogi unfortunatly we are not allowed to host .com in the medialab ...
18:27 pflores dogi I don't care much of the .com for the website, we can host it in different places
18:27 dogi pflores, bingo since dfarning wasn t in #treehouse we never knew
18:27 quidam we do, he explains it in the minutes
18:27 sort of
18:27 dogi :)
18:27 pflores my concern is about sharing infrastructure with sl as much as possible, or at least as much as it's beneficial for both parties
18:28 dogi pflores, I understand you ... but I am not alone here ... ping _bernie
18:28 quidam he is busy
18:28 _bernie sorry guys, i'm at work now
18:28 quidam see? :)
18:28 dogi :)
18:30 _bernie pflores, quidam: the right person to ask would be walter, but my sense is that it doesn't matter if it's a .com or a .org domain. the point is what the actual content is.
18:30 pflores dogi: would you be ok with us hosting the web in another place? I think you mentioned an idea of hosting our VM in another place...
18:31 dogi pflores, yes
18:31 _bernie pflores, quidam: ac.com is the front site of a company, much like redhat.com or canonical.com. Dextrose and Sugar are free software projects and MIT can host them
18:31 pflores _bernie dogi: according to what walter said in his mail, there's a real problem in having .com's in the MIT
18:31 (IIUC)
18:32 dogi please tell me more about your idea
18:32 dogi I am working on that ... I have one machine already in the http://cictr.com/
18:32 _bernie pflores: i think walter was just simplifying. if we had bought sugarlabs.com, mit could host it, for sure.
18:32 pflores _bernie ok
18:33 dogi but right now I am only allowed to use this location for OLE related stuff
18:33 the best person to speak with is chrowe
18:33 pflores ping chrowe hey Chris!
18:34 dogi pflores, I ping him
18:34 he is in indymedia ...
18:34 pflores ok, otherwise we could ask him by mail
18:35 quidam well, what we know is that the main site for a company cannot be hosted at the medialab or at the fsf, so we moved ac.com and we can move it again to a definitive place outside those non-profits
18:36 dogi pflores, _bernie I think the open source part of AC is host-able under activitycentral.org
18:36 ups in the ML
18:37 pflores dogi what you mean with the "os part of AC"? See that it's difficult maintaining 2 websites profesionally
18:37 dogi pflores, I know
18:37 pflores (actually ours isn't very maintained currently :(  )
18:38 quidam pflores: I think everything needed to collaborate with sugarlabs or deployments is ok to be shared or hosted by anyone
18:38 pflores quidam do you think activitycentral.org could be a good place for putting our bugtracker for instance and working with the community?
18:39 dogi pflores, it is only an option ... think the better solution is something like CIC or an other provider
18:39 quidam pflores: as long as it is a public tracker to work in a free project, I don't thing there is a problem with it
18:39 dogi pflores, yes something like this maybe :)
18:40 pflores dogi yes, I think that's what we should do for the website.
18:40 quidam ac.com seems to be a problem as it is mainly publicity for our for-profit
18:40 dogi by the way
18:41 #info thank you quidam and pflores for your fast migration of activitycentral.com
18:41 pflores dogi however there are "grey" areas. For instance, we could use a bugtracker for tasks with the community, but we also need a bt for internal tasks, which may not be considered part of the nonprofit
18:41 dogi yw :)
18:42 quidam we would need walter's opinion on that
18:42 dogi wanted to nail down walter on this too
18:42 :P
18:43 pflores yep, I'm afraid we cannot move much forward wiithout him :(
18:44 dogi and #treehouse is still tapping in the dark in all this matter ... guessing is right now the only approach
18:44 with this it is time for the next topic
18:44 ???
18:44 pflores yep
18:44 I think so
18:45 dogi moment forgot something ... for the record
18:45 quidam dogi: there was the question of moving our vm to other of your machines
18:45 chrowe_ <chrowe_!~chrowe@qwebirc.media.mit.edu> has joined #treehouse
18:45 chrowe_ hi dogi
18:45 quidam but that depends on david's agreement with you, I guess
18:46 dogi sorry for the next thing
18:46 pflores chrowe_ hi Chris!
18:46 dogi nemo@omen:~$ dig www.activitycentral.com
18:46 ; <<>> DiG 9.7.3 <<>> www.activitycentral.com
18:46 ;; global options: +cmd
18:46 ;; Got answer:
18:46 ;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NOERROR, id: 61822
18:46 ;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 1, AUTHORITY: 3, ADDITIONAL: 0
18:46 chrowe_ hi all
18:46 dogi ;www.activitycentral.com.       IN      A
18:46 www.activitycentral.com. 86400  IN      A
18:46 activitycentral.com.    86400   IN      NS      b.ns.joker.com.
18:46 activitycentral.com.    86400   IN      NS      a.ns.joker.com.
18:46 activitycentral.com.    86400   IN      NS      c.ns.joker.com.
18:46 ;; Query time: 49 msec
18:46 ;; SERVER:
18:46 ;; WHEN: Tue Mar 13 14:45:31 2012
18:46 ;; MSG SIZE  rcvd: 114
18:46 hi chrowe
18:46 chrowe_, http://meeting.treehouse.su/treehouse/2012-03-13
18:46 <- backlog
18:47 quidam is one of my machines at ovh
18:47 dogi ovh?
18:48 quidam french colo
18:48 dogi quidam, do you wanna join #treehouse federation :)
18:48 quidam uh?
18:48 _bernie dogi: use "dig +short" next time
18:48 dogi is in a too good mood
18:48 _bernie, ty
18:49 quidam what's #treehouse federation?
18:49 dogi quidam, http://munin.treehouse.su/gar/DOMs/index.html
18:49 ... dom0 managed by this channel
18:50 pflores dogi Maybe the best is that I write Walter asking him about our shared resources needs/proposals, ok?
18:50 quidam hmm, ok
18:50 +1
18:51 dogi pflores, 0 ... meetings are public
18:52 pflores dogi just for being sure to get to a conclussion
18:52 in this issue. Otherwise Walter may not follow-up on this
18:52 dogi chrowe, do you see chance that CIC may host activitycentral.com
18:52 pflores, think you are right ...
18:53 pflores #action pflores writes Walter asking him about ac's shared resources needs/proposals
18:54 dogi +1
18:54 ups chrowe_
18:55 chrowe_ dogi: not for free, I don't think
18:55 dogi pflores and quidam will be in boston soon
18:55 pflores it makes sense
18:55 chrowe_ pflores: is there somethings special that you need running that you can't get from a cheap host?
18:56 pflores chrowe_ not really in this moment
18:56 chrowe_ pflores: OLE uses bluehost.com for our website
18:56 dogi likes http://www.rackspace.com/
18:56 chrowe_ pflores: only $6/month
18:57 pflores Yes, I agree we should pay for our host.
18:57 chrowe_ pflores: we are only using treehouse because we are running a complex setup, nginx, solr, openoffice server, etc.
18:58 dogi pflores, quidam when will you be in boston again?
18:59 quidam dogi: I'll be from 17 to 19 and from 23 to 26
19:00 and travel a bit in the middle
19:00 pflores I'll be from 23 to 26
19:00 dogi will be back on the 20th ... palm springs I am coming
19:00 pflores chrowe_ I'd like to meet OLE office in Boston :)
19:01 quidam count me for that :)
19:01 and I'd like to visit the medialab too
19:01 chrowe_ pflores: yes, when are you here?
19:01 pflores: I see now
19:02 pflores in a couple of weeks :)
19:02 chrowe_ in 10 days
19:02 pflores yes, late next week :)
19:02 chrowe_ pflores: I should be around, you have my email
19:02 pflores chrowe_ ok!
19:03 dogi do you have more topics for discussing?
19:03 dogi is jumping to the next topic
19:03 #topic welcome alsroot as treehouse cloud admin
19:04 #info As of yesterday alsroot has access to treehouse.treehouse.su
19:04 #link http://munin.treehouse.su/gar/[…]use.su/index.html
19:05 hope this is ok with you _bernie
19:06 and silbe
19:06 and rgs
19:06 #action dogi: delete fsfsys smparrish from treehouse.t.s
19:06 silbe dogi: +1 - just remind him to coordinate with other admins on systems@ and #treehouse
19:07 dogi +1
19:08 ... did that already for #treehouse and meetings
19:08 are there some other topic?
19:08 welcome with this alsroot :)
19:09 5
19:09 4
19:09 3
19:09 2
19:09 1
19:09 ups
19:09 forgot
19:10 #topic treehouse.treehouse.su status
19:10 #info treehouse is now running ubuntu 12.04 server
19:10 pflores good!
19:11 dogi, offtopic:
19:11 dogi treehouse:/home# kvm --version
19:11 QEMU emulator version 1.0 (qemu-kvm-1.0), Copyright (c) 2003-2008 Fabrice Bellard
19:11 pflores, :)
19:11 treehouse:/home# libvirtd --version
19:11 libvirtd (libvirt) 0.9.8
19:11 pflores do you know it the infrastructure team mailing list accepts messages from non-members?
19:11 dogi pflores, I manage this ...
19:11 pflores maybe I should write to this list instead of walter
19:12 dogi there is lots of spam comming
19:12 quidam dogi: you should move to trisquel ;)
19:12 dogi quidam, :) which version is libvirtd and kvm in trisquel ...
19:12 pflores ok, please don't treat my mail as spam :)
19:13 dogi pflores, yes wirte to the list ...
19:13 pflores ok!
19:13 dogi s/wirte/write/
19:13 quidam http://packages.trisquel.info/[…]&keywords=libvirt
19:13 http://packages.trisquel.info/[…]ames&keywords=kvm
19:14 we don't have a 12.04 based edition yet
19:14 dogi #link http://meeting.treehouse.su/treehouse/2012-02-14
19:15 silbe pflores: AFAICT Walter isn't on systems@, but CC'ing systems@ on the mail to Walter would definitely be a good idea.
19:15 dogi #action dogi fix the broken raid1
19:15 pflores silbe: +1 thabks!
19:15 dogi #action dogi: migrate some VM from housetree to treehouse
19:16 so think with this we have now all
19:16 other topics ...?
19:16 quidam dogi: btw, you don't happen to have some 300 spare GB laying around, right?
19:16 we need more mirrors :)
19:17 dogi quidam, how is we?
19:17 quidam trisquel, that is
19:17 dogi ohh
19:18 is it for trisquel only or has it to do with children or education?
19:19 or/and
19:20 quidam dogi: we have a focus on education, like with the toast project, which is a sugar based edition
19:21 dogi quidam, ? nothing I have is really spare ... but lets discuss this in face to face in boston/cambridge ... ok?
19:21 quidam http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/T[…]_On_A_Sugar_Toast
19:21 sure :)
19:21 dogi 5
19:21 4
19:21 3
19:21 2
19:21 1
19:21 #endmeeting
19:21 meeting Meeting ended Tue Mar 13 19:21:48 2012 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
19:21 Minutes: http://meeting.treehouse.su/tr[…]-13T18:10:47.html
19:21 Log:     http://meeting.treehouse.su/tr[…]12-03-13T18:10:47

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