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#treehouse, 2011-11-01

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20:18 meeting Meeting started Tue Nov  1 20:18:04 2011 UTC. The chair is nemo. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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20:18 nemo #topic agenda
20:19 * meeting bot lingvo plugin problems
20:20 ClaudiaU_: which is your channel again
20:20 ClaudiaU_ #olpc-aprendizaje
20:21 nemo * #olpc-aprendizaje #sugar #sugar-meeting and other important channels
20:21 ClaudiaU_ not that I know of
20:21 dogi * status of treehouse
20:21 * new servers?
20:22 ping _bernie
20:23 nemo #topic meeting bot lingvo plugin problems
20:24 ClaudiaU_: did you notice that some times no translation happens
20:25 ClaudiaU_ I did after we installed last week.. I have come once in a while this week, and it does work
20:25 so I am not sure.. we have not test it extensively with many people
20:26 nemo ohhh
20:26 gonzalo_ has quit IRC
20:27 nemo #link http://meeting.treehouse.su/ol[…]aje-en/2011-10-26
20:28 #info alsroot reported that sometimes we get 403 errors ...
20:28 ClaudiaU_ ok
20:28 nemo #info we reached some limits of g+translate service
20:29 ClaudiaU_ I just tested three lines and it works
20:30 nemo #info one solution is to forward the users ip to our translation service
20:30 -> privacy proplems?
20:31 dogi problems
20:31 ClaudiaU_ the users come at one moment and they chat. I want to have access to the log of those conversations...
20:32 it is not open to the public, but the content is not private.. I just can't handle more than a given number of guest
20:34 dogi alsroot, is the right person to ask ... ok good to know that we could forward the users ips
20:34 ClaudiaU_, do I get you there?
20:36 ClaudiaU_, right now only meetings get published
20:37 alsroot, do we log everything in the database?
20:38 ClaudiaU_ dogi: I am not understand whats is going to happen
20:38 dogi: where did you go?
20:40 dogi ClaudiaU_, I am in Central square ...
20:40 ClaudiaU_ oh..
20:40 when did you leave...
20:40 :(
20:41 dogi but I send you my phonenumber ...
20:41 sry
20:41 ClaudiaU_ regarding the IP
20:41 and the translation..
20:42 frustrating...
20:42 what is the proposal?
20:42 dogi +1
20:42 frust...
20:42 1) sending IPs
20:43 ClaudiaU_ of the guest?
20:43 dogi and making google happy
20:43 yes of the person asking for translation
20:44 _bernie dogi: pong
20:44 ClaudiaU_ every time they are going to join the channel?
20:44 _bernie ClaudiaU_: ciao claudia
20:44 dogi which no only means privacy problems but also programming effort
20:44 ciao _bernie
20:44 ClaudiaU_ hola Bernie
20:44 _bernie ClaudiaU_: i watched your interview, very interesting
20:44 ClaudiaU_ thanks Bernie :)
20:45 I don't want/need any more work
20:45 _bernie haha
20:45 ClaudiaU_ if having the smooth translation is not possible, we have to find other ways to collaborate
20:45 among different languages
20:46 I just do too much tech support and thoubleshooting to get the chat going and any webinar
20:46 :S
20:46 _bernie ClaudiaU_: i did not read the scrollback, but if it's about google translate shutting down the public API, there's already work undergoing to find a replacement
20:46 ClaudiaU_: alsroot is leading the effort
20:46 dogi _bernie, http://meeting.treehouse.su/treehouse/2011-11-01
20:47 ClaudiaU_ _bernie: I understand
20:47 _bernie ClaudiaU_: at this time, the language pair we need the most is english <-> spanish. he has found an alternate service which odes it.
20:47 does
20:47 ClaudiaU_ ok
20:47 dogi +1
20:47 _bernie dogi: thanks
20:48 dogi and channels ... #sugar #sugar-meeting #olpc-apr...
20:48 ClaudiaU_,
20:48 ClaudiaU_ dogi
20:48 dogi #olpc-aprendizaje
20:49 _bernie dogi: unfortunately, sending the end-user ip to google is not sufficient. alsroot told me that the public api will be closed next month.
20:49 dogi: (i don't have any additional information)
20:49 dogi ok
20:49 ClaudiaU_ should we wait?
20:50 _bernie ClaudiaU_: alsroot knows all the details
20:51 dogi ClaudiaU_, something else http://chat.treehouse.su/?chan[…]=olpc-aprendizaje
20:52 _bernie, should we speak about servers
20:53 ClaudiaU_ it doesn't translate
20:54 dogi ClaudiaU_, ?
20:54 _bernie dogi: can we talk in person tonight? i'm at work now
20:55 ClaudiaU_ http://chat.treehouse.su/?chan[…]=olpc-aprendizaje
20:57 dogi:
20:57 this thing drives me crazy
20:59 dogi _bernie, ok
20:59 ClaudiaU_, http://chat.treehouse.su/?chan[…]pc-aprendizaje-en
21:00 ClaudiaU_ ok
21:00 dogi 2) solution 2 is to create an own translation bot for OLPC
21:01 ClaudiaU_ I type in Spanish and the text comes in Spanish in the other -en room
21:01 and the translation we installed in the #olpc-aprendizaje is not working anymore
21:02 dogi :( I know
21:02 but the nearst solution is maybe to focus only to translate the important channels
21:04 ClaudiaU_ ok
21:04 I think this is an important channel...
21:06 dogi think #olpc-aprendizaje is more important then #treehouse ...
21:06 ClaudiaU_ olpc-aprendizaje is a meeting with learning people from everywhere
21:07 dogi #treehouse should have more a devel translation bot ....
21:07 ClaudiaU_ I can't repeat the same meeting twice for different languages
21:07 dogi ClaudiaU_, but you agree that #sugar and #sugar-meeting are more important
21:08 ClaudiaU_ as important
21:08 dogi lol
21:08 I see
21:08 ClaudiaU_ without learning people, sugar people develop for who?
21:08 nemo dogi +1
21:09 ClaudiaU_ thanks for your work
21:10 I have to go
21:10 dogi we can at least reduce the number of languages and/or channels which we translate
21:10 #dextrose is being translated into pt, es
21:10 #fedora-olpc is being translated into es
21:11 #meeting-test is being translated into es, ru
21:11 #olpc-aprendizaje is being translated into en
21:11 #olpc-help is being translated into es
21:11 #olpc-paraguay is being translated into en
21:12 #sugar is being translated into ar, es, it, nl, fr, ru, ga, cs
21:12 #sugar-meeting is being translated into de, es
21:12 #sugar-newbies is being translated into ru, es
21:12 #treehouse is being translated into it, de
21:12 #ubuntu-sugarteam is being translated into de, es, id, ru
21:13 .... too much?
21:13 ClaudiaU_, ciao
21:14 ClaudiaU_ not my job to give the priority, but that is too much instances installed already
21:16 dogi ClaudiaU_, ty
21:18 _bernie dogi: wow, how many channels and languages
21:19 nemo <meeting> Has left #treehouse-de channel(s)
21:24 #topic treehouse status
21:26 dogi http://munin.treehouse.su/gar/[…]irtual%20machines
21:27 specially on http://munin.treehouse.su/gar/[…]_epoch=1320182749
21:27 #info housetree
21:28 #link http://munin.treehouse.su/gar/[…]_epoch=1320182749
21:29 #info muninVM
21:29 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Machine/munin
21:29 #info qwebircVM
21:30 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Machine/qwebirc
21:30 and not to forget ole2VM
21:33 http://munin.treehouse.su/gar/[…]_epoch=1320183051
21:33 which has 4GB of ram
21:34 ... and eats CPUtime as fast as jita ...
21:38 and this brings me to the next point
21:38 ... topic
21:39 nemo #topic new servers?
21:39 dogi http://munin.treehouse.su/gar/[…]_x=800&size_y=400
21:41 since by actual speed we will soon fill the space on housetree
21:43 http://munin.treehouse.su/gar/[…]_x=800&size_y=400
21:43 the situation on treehouse looks similar ...
21:49 now I miss my translation features
21:50 "beengend" is the german word ...
21:51 #endmeeting
21:51 nemo #endmeeting
21:51 meeting Meeting ended Tue Nov  1 21:51:32 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
21:51 Minutes: http://meeting.treehouse.su/tr[…]-01T20:18:04.html
21:51 Log:     http://meeting.treehouse.su/tr[…]11-11-01T20:18:04

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