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#treehouse, 2011-08-16

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18:17 meeting Meeting started Tue Aug 16 18:17:53 2011 UTC. The chair is dogi. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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18:18 dogi #topic NDSU local lab
18:18 helsene What I'd like to do is to get OpenQwaq server installed here at NDSU and then packaged into a OVF package for deployment over on your end of things.
18:18 dogi helsene, JT4sugar I don t know how wants to start ...
18:19 hmm ovf ... virtualbox
18:19 helsene I'd like to do that as it seems there are people in the OpenQwaq community that are having a lot of problems deploying the server.
18:19 dogi I have there an  other similar project
18:20 basically I know how to transform kvm/qcow2 into ovf
18:20 helsene Other platforms seem to be able to use it, I could work with any kind of "virtual appliance" package format, though. The main idea is to package it, send it over, and then deploy it.
18:20 dogi #link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenQwaq
18:20 helsene, +1
18:21 are there other interesting links for OpenQwaq
18:22 #link http://code.google.com/p/openqwaq/
18:22 helsene I've been using the main google code website and discussion lists, mostly. http://code.google.com/p/openqwaq/
18:22 dogi :)
18:23 3D for virtual meetings
18:23 helsene You mentioned KVM, that's what you're using over there?
18:24 Yes, Openqwaq a neat platform, it's just not packaged very nicely.
18:24 dogi yes I start with a KVM template ... install there the service ... in my case drupal ... and transfrom it to be offline virtualbox ovf VM
18:25 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/M[…]/template-squeeze
18:26 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/M[…]/template-squeeze
18:26 #link http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/QEMU/Images
18:26 or
18:27 #link https://wiki.archlinux.org/ind[…]_from_QEMU_images
18:28 helsene So we can do all kinds of conversions.
18:28 dogi :) bingo
18:28 JT4sugar dogi, Our hope is by setting up platform it will allow us to collaborate with educators at University and K-12 in engaging way and create Sugar classrooms for multiple topics-need to test feasability of vision to see if it will engage as we hope it will
18:29 dogi hmm
18:29 I ee
18:29 ups
18:29 see
18:31 moment
18:32 JT4sugar helsene, what do you see as time frame to get appliance ready to send over to dogi?
18:33 helsene I'm going to be really busy for the next two weeks, the semester is starting up next week. I'm thinking 3-4 weeks to get it ready.
18:33 JT4sugar dogi, When you get appliance what is time frame to then put in place for some testing?
18:34 dogi JT4sugar, does helsene need a VM to set up openqwaq?
18:34 right now we speak only about virtualbox builds ... which can be done local ...
18:35 helsene, is the ovf a client?
18:35 or a hole server
18:35 helsene the ovf would be the server
18:36 dogi helsene, can you install openqwaq on a debian instance like
18:37 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/M[…]/template-squeeze
18:39 helsene I haven't worked with KVM very much, but I could get ssh/sudo/vim and other packages set up with the template configs, yes
18:39 JT4sugar helsene, Do you need Dogi to set up a VM in Sugar Labs infrastructure to get started or will you be making self contained unit that he can deploy?
18:40 helsene I'd like to make a self contained unit, that way I can make a generic version for the community as well.
18:40 dogi JT4sugar, that is what I am trying to figuring out
18:40 JT4sugar dogi, Does a self contained unit then sent to you work as an approach?
18:42 dogi JT4sugar, yes but what should #sugar /#treehouse infrastructure do with that ... I can test it ... then maybe put it to download somewhere
18:42 but that with the generic version sounds like something #treehouse could help
18:43 JT4sugar, generic version could be a demo for the ovf deployment
18:44 helsene, is that what you want?
18:44 JT4sugar dogi, If Adam makes a OpenQwaq virtual appliance and sends to you the idea would to have that deployed in Sugar Labs infrastructure so we could start testing with some of the community educators. Would like a environment that is up operating and usable
18:45 dogi ok
18:46 helsene, I can give you a debian VM for the generic version
18:46 helsene The generic one would be a nice extra. The main idea is to get one operating for Sugar Labs.
18:46 JT4sugar dogi, By going with this approach just want to make sure we are not creating a huge amount of work for Sugar Labs infrastruture. Does this approach work for you and is it doable?
18:48 helsene dogi, I would prepare it all over here, apply the configuration from the template, and then send it over.
18:48 dogi, would it be better as a .deb package? I could try to package it that way as well.
18:49 dogi helsene, normally you would get VM with full access there
18:50 and some ???.sugarlabs.org pointing to it
18:51 helsene, who sounds that
18:53 JT4sugar, helsene this are all the VM already given to childrencentric sugar services
18:53 http://monitoring.treehouse.su[…]irtual%20machines
18:53 helsene dogi, we can do it the normal way, it might be too much to get the template applied to a OVF and send it over and install it and test it. The normal way would probably be less work.
18:54 dogi helsene, sry what is the normal way?
18:55 helsene dogi, what you had described, setting up a VM over there and point ???.sugarlabs.org to it.
18:55 dogi ohh yes i agree there
18:55 JT4sugar helsene, If you create virtual appliance and at same time dogi sets you up a VM that you have access to would that allow you to deploy VM appliance in Sugar Labs Infra?
18:56 helsene JT4sugar, there'd just be the single VM that would be set up.
18:58 JT4sugar Ok-Does it look like we have a path forward that you both agree on?
18:58 dogi +1
18:58 helsene yes
18:59 JT4sugar helsene, Can you shoot the group an email that describes the plan and time frame? If we can shoot for having up by Mid-september week of September 12th that would seem to be good timing if doable
19:00 helsene JT4sugar, Sure, I'll send that out today.
19:00 JT4sugar dogi, If you can send out email with link to log of meeting that would be great
19:01 Well thanks guys for taking this on let me know if anything pops up and if you need me to facilitate-Much Appreciated!!
19:02 dogi helsene, one last thing this here is the VM management channel ... like to see all maintainers often here ...
19:02 helsene dogi, sure, I can stay in here
19:02 dogi JT4sugar, the link will appear on the end of the meeting
19:03 :)
19:03 #endmeeting
19:03 meeting Meeting ended Tue Aug 16 19:03:04 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
19:03 Minutes: http://meeting.treehouse.su/tr[…]-16T18:17:53.html
19:03 Log:     http://meeting.treehouse.su/tr[…]11-08-16T18:17:53

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