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#treehouse, 2010-06-22

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Time Nick Message
16:08 dogi #info Weekly Infrastructure meeting:
16:09 #info Volunteer Infrastructure Gang (http://olpcorps.org/ ),
16:09 #info Sugarlabs Infrastructure Team (http://sugarlabs.org/ ),
16:09 #info and TreeHousers (http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/ )
16:09 #info Date: 2010-06-22
16:09 #info Time: 20:00 UTC (16:00 EST, 22:00 CET)
16:09 #info Agenda: http://openetherpad.org/md6SQKy996
16:09 #info Location: #treehouse on irc.oftc.net
16:09 #link http://embed.mibbit.com/?serve[…]nnel=%23treehouse
16:09 #topic last meeting
16:09 #info Usefull Links:
16:09 #info LastAgenda:
16:09 #link http://openetherpad.org/cEp14BO8ov
16:09 #info LastLog:
16:09 #link http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/tr[…]0100608_1605.html
16:09 #info LastMinutes:
16:09 #link http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/tr[…]0100608_1605.html
16:09 #info NextAgenda:
16:09 #link http://openetherpad.org/BXH8LOrtQT
16:09 #info actioncheck
16:09 #done dogi created jabberVM
16:10 #done dogi fixed oneVM
16:10 #action dogi set up password less console login
16:11 #topic agenda
16:11 #info * serial root login for all VMs
16:11 #info * schooltool and sugar
16:11 #info * jabber.sl.o and further steps
16:11 #info * ex wikipedia servers update
16:11 #info * munin on sunjammer has errors
16:11 #info * homework for all treehousers
16:11 #info * access fairy
16:11 are there any other topics to add?
16:12 dfarning, bernie_afk satellit_ jlew ?
16:13 #topic jabber.sl.o and further steps
16:13 #info jabberVM is on treehouse
16:13 #info ip is
16:13 #info ip6 is fe80::216:36ff:fe15:1a99/64
16:13 #idea jabber-test as dns name?
16:13 logins?
16:14 bernie_afk, can you create a the dns entry there
16:16 bernie_afk, by the way i recycled sharingVM for this
16:16 hope that is ok ...
16:17 satellit_, would you like to have a login on jabberVM?
16:18 #topic munin on sunjammer has errors
16:18 #link http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…].org-libvirt.html
16:18 #info monthly and yearly view there is wrong
16:18 have tried to look into that ...
16:19 apparently only there we have a problem ...
16:20 #topic ex wikipedia servers updates
16:20 #info RIT has 3 of the 12 exwikipedia servers
16:20 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/M[…]iscovery_One/Node
16:20 #info 3 of the 12 are in boston
16:20 #info the last 6 are in Washington DC
16:21 regarding RIT and aslo we have finally some good news
16:21 hi _bernie
16:23 _bernie dogi: damn
16:23 dogi: I'm late again :-)
16:23 dogi _bernie, lol
16:24 _bernie dogi: was the sharing vm already a lucid?
16:24 dogi thinks that he has to switch to weekly meetings again ...
16:25 _bernie, no but I saw with the upgrade of schooltoolVM that updating karmic to lucid is no big deal
16:25 _bernie dogi: for the dns, we already have jabber.sugarlabs.org pointing at the old jabber server. before we switch the dns, let's wait until the new one is set up.
16:25 dogi it costs only 1-2 hours on treehouse
16:25 _bernie dogi: good
16:26 dogi +1 _bernie
16:26 rebbaj?
16:26 jabber-test?
16:27 that why I was asking for a temporary name ...
16:27 :P
16:29 dogi@lupo:~$ ping sharing.sugarlabs.org
16:29 64 bytes from sharing.sugarlabs.org ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=51 time=24.8 ms
16:29 _bernie, right now sharing is the domain which has the right ip
16:30 think for testing its fine?
16:30 _bernie, for the munin error
16:32 what is the best think to do ...
16:34 back to RIT and aslo
16:35 it looks like stephen has finally found a solution there
16:35 dfarning, for the boston servers
16:36 i would like to set them up the same way the RIT servers was supposed to work
16:39 dfarning sorry, babysitting.  That sounds good.
16:39 dogi which day can i ask you for puppetifying them?
16:40 dfarning dogi, do you want to set the machines at RIT up as a cluster or do you have something else in mind.
16:40 dogi yes
16:41 _bernie dogi: what's the ip of the jabber vm?
16:41 dfarning dogi, how about 2 hours per day as soon as they are racked?
16:41 _bernie dogi: ah ok
16:41 dogi: you gave it to me
16:41 dogi: does sharing have ipv6 setup correctly?
16:41 dogi #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/M[…]iscovery_One/Node
16:42 _bernie, think so
16:42 dfarning, +1
16:42 _bernie jabber-testing  A                       ; daveb
16:42 jabber-testing  AAAA            2002:8cba:4671::1               ; daveb
16:42 dogi thanks _bernie
16:42 dfarning do you need a switch or remote power switch for the machines at RIT.
16:43 dogi, ^^
16:43 dogi dfarning, yes
16:43 _bernie dogi: dns done
16:43 dogi _bernie, are there updates for blackrock?
16:44 have you heard something from lfaraone?
16:44 _bernie dogi: what's blackrock?
16:44 dogi lol
16:44 dfarning Can you see if Sugar Labs will pay for them? If not, I buy them and have them shipped to RIT.
16:45 dogi,  If you pick them out and tell me what to order:)
16:45 dogi _bernie, blackrock is the new solarsail
16:46 will look in the older meeting notes for this
16:46 dfarning thanks
16:48 _bernie dogi, dfarning: I have only one service left on solarsail: lists.sugarlabs.org
16:48 when I find the time, I'll move also the lists so we can consider solarsail obsolete
16:49 dfarning _bernie, nice
16:49 dogi hui that are great news b_bernie
16:50 so no news from DC
16:50 _bernie, munin shows old graphs for monthly and yearly view
16:51 http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…].org-libvirt.html
16:52 _bernie dogi: try shift+reload, often works for me
16:52 dogi lol
16:53 it worked
16:53 is proud treehouse is stable since mid of april
16:54 thx _bernie
16:55 had to do this for both chrome and firefox ...
16:55 both had the same old picture there
16:56 last topic
16:57 #topic serial root login for all VMs
16:57 I look for the right recipe for this ...
16:58 but I m not really confident with that what I have found there
16:58 _bernie, which is the right pam configuration for this?
16:59 _bernie dogi: simply disable empty passwords on ssh
17:00 dogi: and password logins too, just in case
17:00 dogi really thats already done ...
17:00 _bernie dogi: then you can just set the root password empty (by clearing it in /etc/shadow)
17:00 dogi: remember to restart sshd to load the new settings!
17:01 dogi ok thx
17:02 was think too complicated ... like http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Remote-S[…]sc-securetty.html
17:02 and similar stuff
17:03 #topic homework for every treehouser
17:03 #info "Solve an action per week"
17:03 #info is the main ritual in #treehouse channel
17:03 #action treehouser since an vote on an idea is equivalent to an action ... please vote
17:04 #topic access fairy
17:04 #info ActivityCentral.org would like to assign an account to sunjammer for a seeta.in sysadmin to maintain api.sugarlabs.org
17:05 dfarning dogi, I'll get you the information for the user as soon as possiable.
17:05 dogi dfarning, tell us about this ...
17:06 ok
17:06 dfarning I sent a email to system this after noon I am looking for a link now
17:08 dogi, opps I can't find the link... I am not subscribe to systems.
17:09 It looks like we are starting to make progress on the API documentation project.
17:09 As you may be aware, Seeta.in is working on sphynix based api
17:09 documentation for the core Sugar modules.  Initial work can be seen at
17:09 http://seeta.in/sugar/api/documentation/dest8/ and
17:09 http://seeta.in/sugar/api/documentation/dest9/ . But there are also
17:09 significant advantages to maintaining the existing epydocs at
17:09 api.sugarlabs.org.
17:09 I would like to propose that:
17:09 1. Manu identify a seeta sysadmin for whom we create an account on sunjammer,
17:09 2. Seeta move their proof of concept spynix documentation to sunjamer.
17:09 3. The Seeta documentation team continue to maintain the existing
17:09 epydocs documentation.
17:09 I can do the required tasks to make this happen.
17:11 dogi, I have to run. thanks
17:11 dogi #endmeeting

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