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#treehouse, 2010-05-18

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
16:07 dogi #info Weekly Infrastructure meeting:
16:07 #info Volunteer Infrastructure Gang (http://olpcorps.org/ ),
16:07 #info Sugarlabs Infrastructure Team (http://sugarlabs.org/ ),
16:07 #info and TreeHousers (http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/ )
16:08 hi hhardy
16:08 #info Date: 2010-05-18
16:08 #info Time: 20:00 UTC (16:00 EST, 22:00 CET)
16:08 #info Agenda: http://openetherpad.org/wGNTofNahw
16:08 #info Location: #treehouse on irc.oftc.net
16:08 #link http://embed.mibbit.com/?serve[…]nnel=%23treehouse
16:08 #topic last meeting
16:08 #info Usefull Links:
16:08 #info LastAgenda:
16:08 #link http://openetherpad.org/VEBg0R9bXZ
16:08 #info LastLog:
16:08 #link http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/tr[…]0100504_1607.html
16:08 #info LastMinutes:
16:08 #link http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/tr[…]0100504_1607.html
16:08 #info NextAgenda:
16:08 #link http://openetherpad.org/cEp14BO8ov
16:08 hhardy I am busy in datacenter in somerville mostly lurking
16:08 dogi :)
16:08 #topic agenda
16:08 #info * schooltool and sugar
16:08 #info * also and RIT
16:08 #info * servers in washington dc/virgina
16:08 #info * google adwords for sugarlabs
16:08 #info * homework for all treehousers
16:08 #info * access fairy
16:08 #info * discussion onesocialweb for sugar
16:08 hhardy this is on my phone
16:09 dogi lol
16:09 are there some topics to add?
16:10 jelkner, replaceafill ? ready?
16:10 #topic schooltool and sugar
16:10 #info schooltool is a tool for school administration
16:10 #link http://schooltool.sugarlabs.org
16:10 #info started including sugar and treehouse event into
16:10 #link http://schooltool.sugarlabs.org:60021/calendar
16:10 replaceafill sure
16:12 dogi replaceafill created a nice sugar skin for this schooltool
16:12 _bernie indeed
16:12 the planet is also crying for a new skin
16:12 dogi which hopefully will work soon for showing there all meeting events
16:12 _bernie #link http://planet.sugarlabs.org/
16:13 dogi _bernie, should i add a topic for this :)
16:14 this would be the first step in using schooltool for sugar ...
16:15 next step i would wish to have online teachings about how to create sugar activities there ... :P
16:15 replaceafill that's the part i don't quite understand
16:15 schooltool doesn't allow you to manage course content :(
16:15 dogi, i guess that's what you want, right?
16:16 dogi right now i am speaking only about showing events ... or in other let s start with the calender feature
16:17 other possible integrations could be
16:17 automatic success report for solved activities ...
16:18 so that teachers would know the state of there scholars
16:18 ... this is only an idea ...
16:19 jelkner, which was the grant page for schooltool features
16:19 replaceafill that schooltool can do :)
16:19 dogi could a sugarlabs programmer apply to this?
16:20 integration of sugar activities and schooltool?
16:20 replaceafill, good to know :)
16:20 lfaraone_ waves.
16:21 dogi #link http://book.schooltool.org/htm[…]lp/grant-rfp.html
16:21 replaceafill, hope this is the link to apply?
16:22 replaceafill dogi, i guess the winners were already announced
16:22 dogi hi lfaraone
16:22 replaceafill https://launchpad.net/schoolto[…]announcement/5710
16:22 dogi hmm then for future development :P
16:22 replaceafill :)
16:23 dogi so the last one is yours to manage? ... congrats :)
16:23 replaceafill yes, our pilot here in El Salvador :)
16:23 dogi cool good to know :)
16:24 replaceafill dogi, btw
16:24 dogi yes
16:24 replaceafill could it be possible to install ubuntu 10.04 in our VM?
16:24 that's what the pilot will need
16:25 i mean, schooltool runs on ubuntu 9.10 (as it is right now)
16:25 _bernie replaceafill: we need to do some homework first
16:25 replaceafill but the focus for our development will be ubuntu 10.04
16:25 dogi do you want a fresh install
16:25 _bernie dogi: shall I work on a lucid template?
16:25 replaceafill dogi, sure, i have backups of what we currently have there
16:25 _bernie dogi: distupgrade should be safe enough
16:25 replaceafill _bernie, ah!
16:26 upgrade 9.10 to 10.04!
16:26 dogi since it is a VM we can take a copy and then go for it ...
16:26 replaceafill i can go with upgrading myself if that's ok
16:26 using distupgrade as _bernie said
16:27 doesn't use dist-upgrade that much, so he completely forgot about it :P
16:27 dogi replaceafill, btw since you are using a VM on treehouse it would be fine see you more often here ... (autojoin) ... :)
16:28 replaceafill yes, i have to configure my xchat correctly
16:28 dogi #action dogi copy schooltool vm
16:28 replaceafill btw, i'm also learning about openid, i dont want to make promises, but it would be nice for schooltool to handle openid auth as someone suggested two weeks ago
16:29 dogi #action replaceafill update schooltool vm to lucid
16:29 replaceafill, +1 for openid
16:30 replaceafill, will tell u then when i shutdown the vm for copying ..
16:30 replaceafill dogi, ok thanks
16:30 dogi is somewhere at night ok?
16:30 replaceafill ok
16:31 dogi btw will you fix the skin for sugar and the calender?
16:31 replaceafill yes, put me a task for next week meeting :)
16:31 i'll work on that this week
16:31 _bernie replaceafill: +1 on this plan. if it fails horribly we can always reinstall from scratch
16:31 replaceafill fixing the skin styles
16:31 _bernie, :)
16:31 dogi #action replaceafill fix sugar skin for schooltool calendar
16:31 _bernie replaceafill: but ubuntu and debian upgrades are always quite smooth
16:32 dogi +1 _bernie
16:32 next topic? jlew cdeslandes ping
16:33 are there any upgrades for RIT?
16:33 jlew im here
16:33 dogi hi jlew
16:33 #topic also and RIT
16:33 #info RIT has 3 of the 12 exwikipedia servers
16:33 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/M[…]iscovery_One/Node
16:34 cdeslandes, offered me some VM for testing puppyfied aslo node
16:35 jlew Haven't herd from cdeslandes recently so I can't comment on that issue
16:35 dogi thx jlew
16:36 jlew, by the way is one of the main programmer of video chat activity for sugar on the XO
16:37 think we move this to the next week
16:37 ok?
16:38 #topic other wikipedia server
16:38 #info 3 of the 12 are in boston
16:38 #action dogi move the boston exwikipediaserver to MIT and reinstall them ...
16:38 #action dfarning install puppet aslo on them
16:38 #info the last 6 are in Washington DC
16:38 yes the other server :)
16:38 I work on them the last days again ...
16:38 needed to reinstall them
16:39 cause dfarning used them all for puppet test ... :P
16:40 and since we still want to move aslo-web away for treehouse
16:41 I will do this in MIT with the boston servers
16:41 _bernie, do I have your approve for this?
16:43 lfaraone, is there an upgrade from colo situation in DC?
16:43 hmmm
16:44 will move to the next topic ...
16:44 lfaraone dogi: well, I talked to Ivan two weeks ago about his server, he said he'd send me an email two weeks ago about getting parts for his server before putting it into production.
16:44 dogi ahh
16:44 cool
16:44 lfaraone dogi: If you like, I can install one of the dells in stead and ask later for the two U for his server.
16:46 dogi lfaraone, no I am speaking more about the other exwikipediaservers ... 3 which I would like to put aslo puppet ...
16:46 lfaraone, good to know that ivans server is still on hold ...
16:48 hmm
16:50 btw sorry lfaraone for not doing more on the RT side ...
16:51 #action dogi link RT to getting involved
16:51 #topic google adwords for sugarlabs
16:51 #info since more then 60% of the aslo user are coming over search engines
16:51 #info we have to look into seo optimisations ala adwords
16:51 #link https://adwords.google.com
16:51 #info dogi applied for google (adword-)grants for sugarlabs
16:51 _bernie hope this is ok?
16:53 hhardy I wiill try to do some more with munin and nagios over the weekend if I am not sleeping possibly even if I am :)
16:54 dogi hhardy, thx
16:54 _bernie dogi: oops I was afk
16:54 dogi: reading
16:54 dogi _bernie, :)
16:55 _bernie dogi: do we have hosting from MIT?
16:55 dogi: I was unaware of it
16:56 lfaraone: regarding ivan's server, I've already cleared solarsail of Sugar Labs services except for mailing lists
16:56 dogi yes _bernie we still have some nice persons there :)
16:57 _bernie lfaraone: when ivan's new machine will be online, we'll work with him on moving all the remaining domains (there are plenty) so we can take down solarsail
16:57 dogi: danjared? where exactly will they host us? w91?
16:58 dogi _bernie, will tell you more when the servers are there ...
16:58 and no and no
16:58 no pika and no w91
17:00 _bernie, btw congrats for the new wiki skin and the successful moving to sunjammer
17:01 dogi applied for google (adword-)grants for sugarlabs
17:01 <dogi> _bernie hope this is ok?
17:01 is already thinking which words we should use for which pages ...
17:02 are there any suggestions?
17:02 _bernie dogi: what does it consist of?
17:02 dogi the grant?
17:02 _bernie dogi: "education technology"? "constructionism"?
17:02 dogi: I think this is a great case for using idea.sugarlabs.org
17:03 dogi: why don't you post to marketing@lists.sugarlabs.org with the full details?
17:03 dogi the are giving to ngo s ala olpc and sugarlabs 10000$/month in form of google adwords
17:04 sure will do this ... but first get the adwords ... then bother marketing ...
17:04 _bernie, thx ... good idea
17:05 #topic homework for every treehouser
17:05 #info "Solve an action per week"
17:05 #info is the main ritual in #treehouse channel
17:05 #action treehouser since an vote on an idea is equivalent to an action ... please vote
17:05 #info 2 new ideas this week ...
17:05 #link http://idea.sugarlabs.org/drup[…]atorrent/idea/37/
17:05 #link http://idea.sugarlabs.org/drup[…]atorrent/idea/36/
17:06 alsroot, posted 2 new structural changes for activities.sl.o
17:06 _bernie dogi: who's our contact at MIT for hosting? and how many rack Us do we have?
17:07 dogi _bernie, if everything works out as planed 3 units
17:10 #topic discussion onesocialweb for sugar
17:10 #info thanks to erikg we have an onesocialweb to play with
17:10 #link http://social.hypervolu.me/
17:10 #info register here ...
17:10 #link http://hypervolu.me:9090/plugi[…]ation/sign-up.jsp
17:10 #info unfortunatly this is working on top openfire ...
17:10 #info sugar jabber is hacked on top ejabberd
17:10 #idea would it be nice to have something like this for the sugar chat activity?
17:14 no discuss today?
17:15 hope at least squat will look into this new service ...
17:16 #link http://onesocialweb.org/
17:17 #info other nice link:
17:17 #link http://wiki.github.com/onesoci[…]ed-the-federation
17:17 #endmeeting

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