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#treehouse, 2010-04-27

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16:01 dogi #info Weekly Infrastructure meeting:
16:01 #info Volunteer Infrastructure Gang (http://olpcorps.org/ ),
16:01 #info Sugarlabs Infrastructure Team (http://sugarlabs.org/ ),
16:01 #info and TreeHousers (http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/ )
16:01 #info Date: 2010-04-27
16:01 #info Time: 20:00 UTC (16:00 EST, 21:00 CET)
16:01 #info Location: #treehouse on irc.oftc.net
16:02 #link http://embed.mibbit.com/?serve[…]nnel=%23treehouse
16:02 #topic agenda
16:02 #info * move alsocluster to RIT
16:03 #info * update about somoszucar.org
16:03 #info * update about rt.sugarlabs.org
16:04 silbe, hhardy _bernie other topics
16:04 we should speak about?
16:04 hhardy monitoring
16:05 dogi #info * update about monitoring.sugarlabs.org
16:06 silbe half-there (other half in #olpc-devel)
16:06 dogi hi silbe
16:07 #topic move of aslocluster to RIT
16:08 the servers which are right now hosted by pika.mit.edu
16:08 will be unracked tomorrow ...
16:08 hhardy, can you help me there?
16:08 hhardy do you want a hand with that
16:08 yes
16:08 dogi thx :)
16:08 hhardy what time?
16:09 dogi 14:00? later? earlier?
16:10 hhardy, tell me ...
16:11 hhardy 15:00 at pika?
16:11 dogi ok
16:11 the further plan is to go by car with CanoeBerry
16:12 to Rochester
16:12 right now the schedule is to start at 6pm
16:13 silbe IIRC the cluster isn't in use yet; everything running from sunjammer / housetree?
16:13 dogi but I hope we can start earlier so that we can be there at the user group meeting in RIT with walter
16:13 hhardy tomorrow?
16:14 dogi silbe, yes good point right now treehouse and sunjammer are taking the aslo load
16:14 hhardy, ups yes forgot this thursday ...
16:14 thursday 6pm
16:15 hhardy is that an overnight type thing?
16:15 dogi silbe, so there will be no downtime with http://activities.sugarlabs.org
16:16 silbe dogi: good, that's what I was worried about :)
16:16 dogi :P
16:16 CanoeBerry Thurs Noon Sharp we're leaving pika to Rochester.  See you there!
16:16 icarito hello all
16:17 dogi thank you adam for offering your time and your car for this
16:17 silbe yay to CanoeBerry! :)
16:17 dogi hi icarito
16:17 hhardy Rochester trip is returning when?
16:18 CanoeBerry Not returning.
16:18 dogi :)
16:18 hhardy ?
16:18 CanoeBerry Onto Canada etc.
16:18 hhardy dogi is not returning?
16:19 CanoeBerry Dogi will live the rest of his life on the Canadian-US boundary.
16:19 dogi hhardy, will figure that out on the fly ... since I have no server to carry I will be much more mobile :P
16:19 CanoeBerry, +1
16:20 CanoeBerry Greyhound&Amtrak cheaper if you plan of course.
16:20 dogi 60-90$
16:20 CanoeBerry But Chinatown/Megabus/etc bus to NYC is another option possibly, etc -- your business :)
16:21 dogi bingo ...
16:21 icarito, are you willing to be next? update of somoszucar.org
16:21 icarito sure dogi
16:22 now?
16:22 dogi #topic update about somoszucar.org
16:22 icarito i guess yes
16:23 :-)
16:23 dogi hmm think I have written the domain wrong
16:23 icarito well we had an event last saturday - we recorded 4 presentations
16:23 dogi yes icarito
16:23 icarito yes the correct domain is "somosazucar.org"
16:23 hhardy amtrak departures thursday from rochester to boston the last one is 15:30
16:23 icarito http://somosazucar.org/
16:23 dogi #topic update about somosazucar.org
16:24 icarito ok so previously we only had pe.sugarlabs.org
16:24 dogi #link http://somosazucar.org/
16:24 icarito i need to put a logo on that
16:24 basically i've returned from colombia where i stayed 3 months and started moving things here and we have some visitor volunteers
16:25 so first thing was to improve communications
16:25 so now our website is functional
16:25 and we want to use microbloging
16:25 to connect schools
16:25 so thats where http://somosazucar.status.net/ comes int
16:26 dogi icarito, this page looks very nice ... not only functional
16:26 icarito its a status.net instance
16:26 dogi, thank you
16:26 dogi #link http://somosazucar.status.net
16:26 icarito there is the !somosazucar identi.ca group too
16:27 if you join the group tagging with !somosazucar will put the notice on the website
16:27 so we have tuukka and kaisa in the field
16:27 and antje, a german thesis writer
16:27 we want to visit schools
16:27 i wrote Intel and we have a meeting tomorrow
16:27 maybe they will give us some classmates,
16:28 if we get the funding, we want to visit schools across the amazon
16:28 :-)
16:28 also pending is formalizing our status as local lab with sugar labs
16:28 CanoeBerry hhardy: thurs+fri nights in Rochester are the smart plan
16:28 icarito thats my update
16:28 will write after tomorrow to IAEP
16:29 hhardy I can't make it I have a job interview Fri morning
16:29 icarito maybe i'd like to share this infrastructure with other local labs
16:29 i mean I would absolutely
16:29 dogi that sounds great ... can you tell us something about the technical setup of this page
16:29 CanoeBerry hhardy: best o' luck!!
16:29 hhardy thanks!
16:29 dogi +1
16:30 silbe hhardy: good luck!
16:30 icarito its basically wordpress with a blog.txt theme and a couple of plugins for feed integratino
16:30 wordpress-mu
16:30 i wanted to use social networking but using free software
16:30 and not building an island like our own social network (which buddypress and mumble could do)
16:30 dogi #link http://mu.wordpress.org/
16:31 icarito so ident.ca integration plus externally hosted by status.net was the winner
16:31 plus it worked great and quick
16:31 pending for them is to update translations and hopefully remove the aweful google ad
16:31 dogi and did you connect identica with wordpress
16:31 ahh now I get it
16:32 icarito dogi, both ways, you get the stream on the side of the blog, and also new posts get 'dented to identi.ca
16:32 dogi status.net is something like a blog for this wordpress-mu
16:32 icarito status.net is to microbloging what wordpress is to blogging
16:33 dogi thats very cool :) good job icarito
16:33 icarito thanks dogi :-) we plan to connect schools to this so i hope to see much more activity from users soon
16:33 thank you for your time and feedback
16:33 any suggestions are welcome!
16:35 dogi is happy
16:35 has somebody else questions?
16:36 hhardy, next would be you ... ok?
16:36 hhardy hi
16:36 http://monitoring.sugarlabs.org/munin/index.html
16:36 dogi #topic update monitoringVM
16:36 hhardy monitoring is working for housetree and treehouse
16:37 dogi #link http://monitoring.sugarlabs.org/munin/index.html
16:37 hhardy I think the next logical step is to set up nagios and integrate it onto munin
16:37 dogi oh yes
16:38 hhardy it is very easy to set up munin so I can easily add any more hosts to which I have root access
16:38 the only peculiar thing is that host addresses have to be written as regular expressions
16:38 in the config file
16:39 dogi hhardy, jupp i remember
16:39 #action hhardy nagios on monitoring
16:39 hhardy thats about all for now I will start nagios next
16:40 dogi #action dogi give hhardy access to all treehouseVMs
16:41 ping lfaraone?
16:41 #topic problems moving VM from treehouse to housetree
16:42 jelkner lfaraone appears greyed out on my list of people present
16:42 dogi thx jelkner
16:42 lfaraone dogi: hello world.
16:43 dogi I was solving my last meeting action by moving sharing for openetherpad
16:43 from treehouse to housetree
16:43 hi lfaraone
16:44 jelkner dogi, is this a good time to discuss that server?
16:44 dogi by that I found out that the new VM templates are not able to move so easily
16:44 silbe, do you have time to help me there
16:45 jelkner, yes next topic ... ok?
16:45 hi replaceafill
16:45 silbe dogi: help with what exactly?
16:45 replaceafill hello dogi
16:45 jelkner so there are two unrelated topics i have for today
16:45 dogi silbe, will show you the exact problem in a screen ...
16:46 lfaraone jelkner: are they on the agenda?
16:46 silbe dogi: ok, I'll try to find time tomorrow.
16:46 dogi silbe, thx
16:46 jelkner lfaraone, probably not
16:46 i don't know how to get things on the agenda
16:46 lfaraone jelkner: you go to the link and type it in.
16:46 dogi lfaraone, there was not link today
16:46 jelkner lfaraone, can you be more specific, what link?
16:47 dogi openetherpad is always on ...
16:47 jelkner dogi, i'm not real bright, you have to make this easy or i can't do it!
16:47 dogi #topic wikipediaserver @ ACC
16:48 jelkner #topic Sugarized SchoolTool instance
16:49 dogi ahh ok
16:49 jelkner well both
16:49 _bernie dogi: ugh
16:49 dogi: sorry for being late... again
16:49 dogi jelkner, which topic first?
16:49 hi _bernie
16:49 jelkner ok, wikipediaserver
16:49 i'll start
16:49 dogi yes go
16:49 jelkner we have a server at ACC
16:49 i guess you set it up
16:50 dogi jupp
16:50 jelkner APS will impose the following requirements:
16:50 lfaraone has a few more, but they're not currently installed anywhere pending Ivan's server installation and confirmation from sponsors
16:50 jelkner 1. it be admined by our sys admin
16:50 hgrover, is here now
16:50 he and mattva01 are in charge of the machines in that closet
16:50 and 2.
16:50 that it be used by APS students
16:50 so..
16:51 dogi #info kuckuck has ip
16:51 jelkner i have a proposal
16:51 lfaraone jelkner: can we (SL) have root access to the macine?
16:51 jelkner we let lfaraone use it for USR work
16:51 lfaraone, yes
16:51 dogi hi hgrover
16:51 hgrover hi dogi =)
16:51 jelkner since you are an APS student
16:51 but mattva01 or hgrover will need root also
16:51 lfaraone jelkner: can non-APS projects be run on it?
16:52 jelkner what is a non-aps project
16:52 dogi jelkner, this is all fine with me ...
16:52 lfaraone, +1
16:52 jelkner since sugar labs dc is here
16:52 CanoeBerry jelkner aside: are you coming to the deployment summit may 28-31?
16:52 jelkner CanoeBerry, where?
16:52 lfaraone hgrover: did you GPG-sign the SAGE code of ethics? we usually have SL sysadmins do so. http://www.sage.org/ethics/
16:52 CanoeBerry US Virgin Islands, will almost all continents represented -- Waveplace.org is hosting
16:52 hgrover Will do, remind me later lfaraone?
16:53 jelkner ok, that sounds like we have agreement
16:53 CanoeBerry *with almost all continents represented
16:53 jelkner i like easy solutions
16:53 lfaraone hgrover: yessir.
16:53 jelkner so, next item?
16:54 dogi #topic Sugarized SchoolTool instance
16:54 jelkner ok, replaceafill has been busy
16:54 http://schooltool.sugarlabs.org:9999/calendar
16:54 he did this on dogi's request
16:54 at this point, we need more customer user stories
16:55 how will the instance be used?
16:55 what do you need it to do?
16:55 replaceafill it still needs css work though
16:55 jelkner and how do you want it to look? ;-)
16:55 lfaraone replaceafill: idle curiosity, can SchoolTool use openID for authentication?
16:55 (we have it on (almost) all our other sites)
16:56 jelkner lfaraone, cool idea
16:56 replaceafill lfaraone, no that i know
16:56 jelkner replaceafill, what would it take?
16:56 replaceafill lfaraone, i've only seen cas
16:56 dogi would like to use this schooltool instance for all our sugarlabs/treehouse meeting and teachings
16:56 replaceafill jelkner, finding out how to do it :P
16:57 dogi, can you give an example of that?
16:57 jelkner replaceafill, it may be a good thing to look into
16:57 replaceafill i mean, for meetings?
16:58 dogi right now we are using google calender to post this stuff
16:58 http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/
16:58 replaceafill dogi, ah, you're interested in schooltool calendar
16:58 jelkner so using ST would be a move to free software, nice.
16:58 dogi if you look at the bottom
16:58 jelkner that's great
16:59 we don't have any real calendar users
16:59 dogi replaceafill, that would be only the first step
16:59 jelkner that would be helpful for the project as well
16:59 replaceafill ah
16:59 CanoeBerry jelkner: any interest in meeting OLPC/Sugar/Waveplace deployment folk from around the world for a couple days?!
17:00 jelkner CanoeBerry, of course
17:00 but my time and resources are limited
17:00 anything on a weekend not to far from DC i could do
17:00 boston is possible
17:00 replaceafill dogi, interesting, it could be done :)
17:00 lfaraone will be back in 5.
17:01 CanoeBerry jelkner: May 28-31 if you want to be part of history
17:01 jelkner where?
17:01 CanoeBerry jump on a flight to STT
17:01 dogi hopes that in the near futur sugar will hold irc teachings and other events which involves more scholars and not only events
17:01 CanoeBerry Non-stop flights from NYC are awesome.
17:01 Or Atlanta. DC might require a stop.
17:02 jelkner CanoeBerry, where is STT?
17:02 dogi replaceafill, question is this schooltool instance working fine for the 3 other schools?
17:03 CanoeBerry, please ... :)
17:03 CanoeBerry US Virgin Islands. Very quick 2hr flight from Miami. 3hr flight from Atlanta. 4hr flight from NYC.
17:03 replaceafill dogi, you mean if we're using the same instance for all the schools?
17:03 we have three ST instances running
17:03 hgrover I've got to go now, bye everybody!
17:04 dogi no not only if more if the resources are enough ...
17:04 CanoeBerry STT is a major airport there, quick ferry to the maho.org site, right on the edge of the National Park there, and very cheap.
17:04 replaceafill dogi, so far it's been good, although we haven't had concurrent users yet for instance
17:05 dogi hgrover, can you send me your your loginname and a sshkey?
17:05 hgrover left
17:05 jelkner is on his computer typing
17:05 dogi :)
17:07 replaceafill, ok ...
17:09 jelkner, was my answer enough?
17:09 lfaraone dogi: I'll get his keys sneaker-net-like and gpgsign them to you.
17:10 dogi replaceafill, is there something I should know ... which schooltool is able to do and would be nice to have?
17:11 lfaraone, thx ... wait first for my new key :)
17:12 hmmm
17:13 lfaraone, then lets move to the last but very important topic of RT
17:13 replaceafill dogi, sorry, i dont understand, you want to know what features SchoolTool has?
17:13 is sorry he's confused
17:13 hhardy http://book.schooltool.org/htmlhelp/features.html
17:14 #link http://book.schooltool.org/htmlhelp/features.html
17:14 dogi replaceafill, if you see sugarlabs.org environment as a school which works over irc ... which now has some gsoc scholars ...
17:14 hhardy, thx
17:15 hhardy yw
17:15 lfaraone dogi: #topic it, and I'll give an update.
17:16 dogi #action dogi thinks about further integration of schooltool
17:16 #topic update rtVM
17:16 replaceafill dogi, i could gladly answer more questions after the meeting if you want :)
17:17 sorry i got confused
17:18 lfaraone RT is now functional and unknown users are able to send emails and get a ticket back.
17:18 dogi replaceafill, np we will speak more after the meeting as you suggested
17:18 lfaraone, congrats
17:18 replaceafill dogi, ok
17:19 lfaraone Some people have accounts. Those who do have recieved an email with credentials. If you didn't get one, but want an account,let me know.
17:19 Soon we'll have a better procedure for requesting RT accounts.
17:20 dogi lfaraone, which is the actual test rt mail ???
17:20 lfaraone Basic documentation is at http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Request_Tracker
17:20 dogi #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Request_Tracker
17:20 lfaraone dogi: by the way, did you up the ram on RT?
17:21 silbe lfaraone: is there some quick intro to using RT?
17:21 dogi ups forgot ...
17:21 silbe, can you do this ...
17:21 lfaraone dogi: tickets 1 - 5
17:21 dogi: we also need a SSL cert for rt.
17:21 silbe dogi: do what?
17:21 dogi 2GB of ram for RT
17:22 silbe dogi: if you remind me tomorrow, I'll have a try.
17:23 dogi lfaraone, self signature cert or ca cert?
17:23 lfaraone dogi: ca preferred.
17:23 dogi _bernie, do you have access to this
17:24 lfaraone dogi: do you need a CSR, or should I generate that?
17:24 dogi lfaraone, we can replace this later anyway ... would start with what you can ...
17:25 CSR?
17:25 lfaraone dogi: certificate signing request
17:25 dogi lfaraone, go for it :)
17:26 #link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C[…]e_signing_request
17:27 as-long silbe and hhardy our two security specialist agree ...
17:27 lfaraone dogi: sure. add it as an action item and it'll get done.
17:28 dogi #action lfaraone set up ssl cert for https on rtVM
17:30 lfaraone, when do you think we can add there http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]/Getting_Involved rt email instead of private email
17:30 silbe dogi: I asked him to ;)
17:31 bernie and I need to work on getting Sugarlabs organisation-assured at CAcert
17:31 so far bernie has a regular user account and is the only one who can create certificates => bottleneck
17:32 lfaraone dogi: if RT is backed up, now.
17:32 dogi silbe, _bernie and hhardy hope you are seeing this the same way as me, no private addresses in important recruiting places
17:32 lfaraone dogi: but publicize @sl.o addresses, not rt.sl.o addresses. We'll have the former redir to the latter.
17:33 dogi: ssl task added, RT#7 :P
17:33 silbe dogi: what do you mean?
17:34 dogi http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]/Getting_Involved
17:35 on this page there are at least 3 private emails ...
17:35 lfaraone is out.
17:35 dogi wants there public RT emails
17:35 hhardy dogi: yes we don't need more spam
17:36 dogi hhardy, good point but contact should be transparent in a opensource project
17:37 at least so that every sl user is able to look into them'
17:37 hhardy it can go to an alias thus people can drop off the alias and their personal account no longer gets the spam
17:37 dogi +1 hhardy
17:39 the question is more when should we add rt to this getting involved page
17:39 this week?
17:40 _bernie, silbe hhardy lfaraone please vote ... don t want to decide this alone ...
17:41 hhardy do we know what it is being used for and who is answering the tickets?
17:41 dogi hmm
17:42 dfarning is already warned
17:42 tomeu and caroline should be noticed ...
17:43 hhardy as soon as we have people committed to answering the tickets
17:44 dogi hhardy, I would forward the tickets to the actual email addresses there
17:44 silbe dogi: what do you want to vote on?
17:44 dogi like in rt.laptop.org
17:45 hhardy do we know who those people will be and have they agreed to this?
17:46 dogi silbe, if we all agree to put an rt email instance in between private mails and the getting involved page ...
17:46 hhardy, <dogi> dfarning is already warned
17:46 <dogi> tomeu and caroline should be noticed ..
17:47 hhardy yes good idea
17:47 _bernie dogi: sorry I was offline
17:47 dogi basically we could start with People Person
17:47 _bernie reads backlog
17:54 dogi ups
17:54 back
17:57 let s move this to the next meeting
17:57 has to leave
17:57 #endmeeting

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