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#treehouse, 2010-04-20

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
16:01 dogi #info Weekly Infrastructure meeting:
16:01 #info Volunteer Infrastructure Gang (http://olpcorps.org/ ),
16:01 #info Sugarlabs Infrastructure Team (http://sugarlabs.org/ ),
16:01 #info and TreeHousers (http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/ )
16:02 #startmeeting
16:02 #info Weekly Infrastructure meeting:
16:02 #info Volunteer Infrastructure Gang (http://olpcorps.org/ ),
16:02 #info Sugarlabs Infrastructure Team (http://sugarlabs.org/ ),
16:02 #info and TreeHousers (http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/ )
16:02 #info Date: 2010-04-20
16:02 #info Time: 20:00 UTC (16:00 EST, 21:00 CET)
16:02 #info Agenda:
16:02 #info Location: #treehouse on irc.oftc.net
16:02 #link http://embed.mibbit.com/?serve[…]nnel=%23treehouse
16:02 #topic last meeting
16:02 #info Usefull Links:
16:02 #info LastAgenda:
16:02 #link http://openetherpad.org/tCl6T4lXnR
16:02 #info LastLog:
16:02 #link http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/tr[…]0100413_1607.html
16:02 #info LastMinutes:
16:02 #link http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/tr[…]0100413_1607.html
16:02 ups
16:02 copy paste error
16:02 thx meeting
16:02 #topic agenda
16:03 #info openetherpad - cjb
16:04 silbe #info DNS - silbe
16:04 dogi that means today i have to write everything
16:04 thx silbe
16:05 #info main discussion today is how to enhance aslo
16:05 #info aslo @ RIT update
16:05 ping _bernie
16:05 #info move jabber to sunjammer - bernie
16:06 #info treehouse stability improvments
16:06 ping hhardy
16:07 ping cjb
16:07 cjb hi
16:07 dogi somebody something to add?
16:08 mischoe, ?
16:08 cjb, you first?
16:09 cjb dunno what you're asking about, sorry
16:09 I think treehouse has bad RAM.
16:09 dogi thx cjb  that too
16:10 #topic openehterpadVM on treehouse
16:10 #topic openehterpadVM on housetree
16:10 sorry wrong place
16:11 cjb dogi expressed interest in running an etherpad instance
16:11 I'm currently running openetherpad.{com,net,org} on my OLPC workstation
16:11 but it uses too much RAM -- around 4GB
16:11 so if you want to run it on housetree instead, that's fine with me, I can migrate it over.
16:12 dogi #link http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…].org.html#Virtual machine
16:12 since we already decided this in one the first meetings
16:13 approved
16:13 objections ?
16:14 #topic  DNS - silbe
16:14 hi jelkner
16:15 silbe some days ago I finished the BIND format -> tinydns-data format conversion
16:15 it's checked in, but inactive
16:16 so everybody can take a look at it easily
16:16 jelkner hi dogi!
16:16 silbe I'd like to get some feedback on it. Is this how we want to maintain our DNS data in the future?
16:17 cjb probably need _bernie for that
16:17 dogi +1
16:18 silbe bernie is opposed to me changing the CNAMEs to automatically resolved A records. I still think the latter are a much better idea, but could be coerced to use CNAMEs instead.
16:18 dogi is totally fine that
16:18 silbe dogi: with what, exactly?
16:18 dogi aslong _bernie agrees
16:19 silbe, i understand _bernie there too
16:20 silbe dogi: so you basically leave the decision up to bernie and me? :)
16:20 dogi can we agree you show us how to maintain this over screen?
16:20 silbe dogi: sure
16:20 dogi #action dogi silbe _bernie screen session ... dns
16:21 ping _bernie
16:22 silbe just to make it clear: the CNAME change is mostly unrelated to the format change - it's just that before the format change it would have been to hard to implement the automatic resolving of aliases, so I did the CNAME change after the conversion.
16:23 dogi i know but i  would like to know how to maintain this and think bernie has similar concern
16:24 silbe dogi: you mean tinydns-data format or aliases instead of CNAMEs?
16:24 dogi yeah
16:24 silbe lol
16:24 I like it when either-or questions are answered with yes ;)
16:24 dogi #topic aslocamp @ rit
16:25 I need to get more information on these pieces of equipment and what they
16:25 support.  Can you answer the questions below for me please.
16:25 1) Is this research project a Golisano College research project?
16:25 2) Who is in charge of this project?
16:25 3) Where is the equipment stored right now?
16:25 4) Who will need access to this equipment?
16:25 5) How long do you expect project to last?
16:25 6) What services are offered off from this server?
16:25 7) Who will administer this server?
16:26 8) Do they meet all of the Security office standards?
16:26 9) Are these 1U server blades?
16:26 10) Besides space, what other requirements do you have? Network connections?
16:26 Number of power outlets? Etc...
16:26 silbe can u help me there
16:26 cdeslandes,
16:27 this was in my mail today
16:27 6) also - http://activities.sugarlabs.org
16:28 silbe dogi: probably not - most of these are administrative questions I have no idea about; dfarning might know. I know next to nothing about the physical part of the servers as well while you have seen and played with them.
16:28 dogi #action dogi answer this form
16:28 Here are the standards they want you to meet...
16:28 The security standards are here:
16:28 http://security.rit.edu/standards/index.html
16:28 Please read: password standard, server security standard, web standard
16:29 #link http://security.rit.edu/standards/index.html
16:29 #info security request of RIT for aslo
16:30 #action treehousers read this for next week dicussion
16:31 other news for the moving to RIT plan in 10 days
16:32 adam for olpc/sugar would like to join as there with walter and stephen jacobs ...
16:32 Subject: Those 3 blades Im looking to rack somewhere
16:32 500 Watt power supply per machine, which
16:32 means they require 1,500 Watts of power total, which is about 12.5
16:32 Amps
16:32 of power and about 5,250 BTUs of Thermal energy.
16:33 was smile - ing a lot here
16:34 #link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_thermal_unit
16:34 that was all for here
16:35 #action dogi djbclark hhardy  unracking aslo at pika in 7-8 days?
16:36 #topic treehouse stability improvments
16:37 http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…].org.html#Virtual
16:37 #link http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…]irtual%20machines
16:38 as you see there had an other ping :) this time from aslo
16:38 Confirm the memory in there is correct and all the same.
16:38 Physically check what is in there versus what is required as far as ECC/non ECC particularly.
16:38 Make sure ECC memory is enabled in BIOS if that is what is required and physically in the box.
16:38 Check that BIOS version is current and correct
16:38 http://techreport.com/forums/v[…]c.php?f=7&t=69030
16:38 http://www.x86-64.org/pipermai[…]thread.html#10584
16:39 silbe dogi: I hope the average power consumption is way below that - we'd need to sum up the data sheet values for all components to figure it out, though :-/
16:39 dogi this was hhardy s anwser
16:39 there is a 2 mounth old bios there
16:40 but his concerns but ECC
16:40 ups about
16:40 Looks like bad RAM; the cryptic messages are background checks of ECC
16:40 checksums (scrubbing) failing.  I'd suggest running memtest86.
16:41 <- cjb s answer
16:41 +1
16:41 cjb yeah, hopefully memtest will tell you which stick is bad
16:41 dogi the problem is more how to get to gnaps
16:43 silbe can you post a link with the picture i sended over mail?
16:43 djbclark, hhardy cjb _bernie which is the best way to get there ...
16:44 #link http://www.gnaps.com/
16:45 silbe dogi: you mean this one? http://sascha.silbe.org/tmp/tr[…]slo-web-crash.png
16:45 dogi hopes djbclark tells him that I need only to go there and don t have to ask permission
16:46 thx silbe
16:46 silbe that link isn't going to last long, though :)
16:46 dogi then hope in the internet archives :)
16:47 silbe, 2 months?
16:47 more next week hopefully
16:48 #topic brainstorm how to enhance aslo
16:48 since also
16:48 #link http://activities.sugarlabs.org
16:49 for sugar-laptops (XO, soas) is like itunes for ipads ...
16:50 ups ipods
16:51 we should think about how to improve first service for end users
16:51 alsroot, ping
16:52 alsroot dogi: yup
16:52 dogi how can we connect something like ideatorrent to every activity page
16:52 alsroot dogi: but should we?
16:53 dogi think so ...
16:53 feedback is imporant
16:53 alsroot dogi: the major issue is that ASLO is just downstream for AMO, so more ASLO hacking is going further from AMO
16:53 dogi +t
16:55 alsroot dogi: in fact I'm planing to make something like pure sugar interface to ASLO's db, it will be python activity so I can effectively hack it
16:55 thinks that deep AMO hacking is overkill for him
16:56 dogi right now we get in the medium 6 clicks per user
16:57 ... 8 from the meduim uruguar child per session
16:58 #link https://www.google.com/analyti[…]lts=1271797015668
16:58 alsroot dogi: I mean if we start integration process like ideatorrent integration, it will require deep AMO hacks
16:58 dogi and yesterday we got 3 goal click in aslo
16:59 alsroot or /me misunderstood dogi
16:59 dogi alsroot, you should have access there
16:59 no i think it is only a little patch in a template somewhere ...
17:00 to add a link on the activit pages ...
17:01 alsroot dogi: you mean just ideatorrent link on main page?
17:02 ..in addition to "    *  Home
17:02 dogi we should add there link to our specific wikipedia activity pages ...
17:02 alsroot    * Wiki
17:02    * Download
17:02 dogi: I've created aslo-design component on bugs.sl.o ans Josh is owner, he is the man who work on ASLO design
17:04 dogi: you can file a ticket, anyway I'm not the right person to change css/design stuff
17:05 dogi likes the other improvement
17:05 #link http://activities.sugarlabs.org/en-US/developers
17:06 alsroot, do you think we can get josh here sync in this meeting
17:07 alsroot dogi: he is yoshu on #sugar but offline for now
17:10 dogi: btw we already have "Home page" link per activity, so activity uploaders can use it
17:10 dogi and his email is?
17:11 you but sometimes homepage and wiki is not the same
17:11 chat for aslo?
17:12 alsroot dogi: but having bunch of home page link also doesn't make sense
17:12 s/home page/ala home page/
17:12 dogi :)
17:13 +1 alsroot
17:14 alsroot dogi: anyway all these pages should be maintained by someone..
17:15 dogi maintaining and enhancing are sometimes 2 things
17:18 the only other big enhancement for aslo would be sharing content
17:19 alsroot dogi: well, my plan if doing it in pure sugar way..
17:19 s/if/is/
17:19 dogi tell us more ...
17:19 is curious
17:20 is there already something to download ...
17:20 alsroot dogi: it will be server/daemon who will look like regular sugar user for others, this bot will share Library activity instance, every sugar user can join it to see/share any objects
17:21 ..and every sugar user can share Library instance for per-to-perr sharing as well
17:21 dogi: I'm working on it, it is not yet ready to test
17:23 dogi: the main reason for such scheme (for me) is that it is pure python activity, thus I can improve it more effectively then hacking AMO
17:24 dogi shacks this non existing hut ...
17:25 do i understand you right in your system the content is peer to peer
17:26 and the server/daemon/ in sugar friend is doing it like a bitorrent system
17:27 sugar friends view
17:29 he has only the information where the content is ...
17:29 alsroot dogi: not bitorrent, it will be regular server-client model (more over, such bot can provide access to ASLO's db)
17:29 ..in case of bot
17:30 in case of regular users, it will be pure peer-to-peer
17:31 dogi more cases hmm ok
17:32 thinks it is possible to create an http output there too
17:33 :P for streaming into the non sugar world ...
17:33 back to also
17:33 aslo ...
17:36 aslo streaming software news to identica/twitter ?
17:36 think that this is stupied
17:36 unfortunatly i m not sure
17:36 alsroot thinks we just need someone who will implement this
17:38 dogi hi lfaraone
17:38 alsroot, +1
17:39 hi icarito
17:39 lfaraone hey dogi
17:40 dogi lfaraone, something new from rt?
17:41 ohter news?
17:41 ht = th
17:42 5min and the meeting is done ...
17:43 has to open the house door
17:43 lfaraone dogi: ticket creation works, but not *public* ticket creation.
17:48 dogi cause instead of idea we could attach rt to aslo
17:49 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]/Getting_Involved
17:49 on this page there are to many private emails ...
17:49 they all should be in rt
17:50 icarito hi im sorry
17:50 i could not make it
17:50 we are running here, few hands
17:50 dogi icarito, no problem ... next week?
17:50 icarito about somosazucar.org i can say I'm still working on it
17:50 ok i still promised to report to systems@
17:50 i have good things to share about our indentica integration / strategy
17:50 will share on the list
17:51 next week then
17:51 thanks
17:52 dogi would like you to share it here in the meeting too, ... but list already is fine ...
17:53 icarito maybe next week i invite you to try and tour the site
17:53 :-)
17:53 dogi silbe,  lfaraone, do we have the mx entry rt.sl.o
17:54 icarito, :) bingo this is what i wanna have ...
17:54 #endmeeting

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