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#treehouse, 2010-04-13

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16:07 dogi__ #info Weekly Infrastructure meeting:
16:07 #info Volunteer Infrastructure Gang (http://olpcorps.org/ ),
16:07 #info Sugarlabs Infrastructure Team (http://sugarlabs.org/ ),
16:07 #info and TreeHousers (http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/ )
16:07 #info Date: 2010-04-13
16:07 #info Time: 20:00 UTC (16:00 EST, 22:00 CET)
16:08 #info Agenda: http://openetherpad.org/ogycAYFJtg
16:08 #info Location: #treehouse on irc.oftc.net
16:08 #link http://embed.mibbit.com/?serve[…]nnel=%23treehouse
16:08 #topic last meeting
16:08 #info Usefull Links:
16:08 #info LastAgenda:
16:08 #link http://openetherpad.org/tCl6T4lXnR
16:08 #info LastLog:
16:08 #link http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/tr[…]0100406_1606.html
16:08 #info LastMinutes:
16:08 #link http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/tr[…]0100406_1606.html
16:08 #info NextAgenda:
16:08 #link http://openetherpad.org/VEBg0R9bXZ
16:08 #info actioncheck
16:08 please post your done actions
16:09 #done dogi published an idea
16:09 hhardy #done apache2, nmap, munin installed on monitoring
16:09 dogi__ :)
16:09 hhardy still needs to be configured to do anything useful
16:10 dogi__ #done jelkner has organized students to fix servers in DC
16:10 hhardy also I restarted the pootle vm last night cause it said it was running but was unpingable
16:11 seems to be working now
16:11 dogi__ #topic agenda
16:11 #info * aslocamp @ RIT update (http://www.rit.edu/academicaff[…]tudentinnovation/ ) - wwdillingham/dfarning
16:11 #info * remote power control for ASLO@RIT - hhardy/dogi
16:11 #info * git.sl.o and/or monkeyserver update - silbe
16:11 #info * update actividadesVM (http://activities.olpcorps.net/ ) - dfarning
16:11 #info * update monitoringVM (http://monitoring.sugarlabs.org/ ) - hhardy
16:11 #info * update schooltoolVM (http://schooltool.sugarlabs.org/ ) - replaceafill
16:11 #info * update rtVM/launchpadVM/DC-ExWikipediaServers (http://rt.sugarlabs.org )
16:11 #info * update somosazucar on sunjammer (http://somosazucar.org ) - bernie/icarito
16:11 #info * homework for all treehousers
16:11 #info * access fairy
16:11 are there topics to add there?
16:12 dfarning and silbe are not here ...
16:13 #topic aslocamp @ RIT update
16:13 #link http://www.rit.edu/academicaff[…]tudentinnovation/
16:13 #info dfarning will talk to prof stevens upgrade
16:13 #info wwdillingham speaks about new students
16:13 cdeslandes: I spoke with walter about
16:14 how to bring the server to RIT today
16:14 hhardy I spoke with Adam about 1.5's for servers for India and he seemed to think that sounded ridiculous and Ed would not approve it
16:15 dogi__ on thursday we will know the exact schedule ... so for the next meeting I should have more information there
16:15 cdeslandes dogi__: ok
16:15 dogi__ it is look like we are going first to toronto and on the way back to rochester
16:16 hhardy: thx ... it was a try
16:16 hhardy he said maybe we could get 1.0's if the request came from someone in India... not from me
16:16 dogi__ :)
16:16 hhardy employees don't even have 1.5's yet they are very tight atm
16:17 dogi__ wwdillingham: cdeslandes are there any other news regarding aslo @ RIT?
16:17 cdeslandes dogi__: Not to my knowledge, wwdillingham may have more because here is closer to Prof. Jacobs
16:18 _bernie appears
16:18 dogi__ hi _bernie
16:19 hhardy hello _bernie did claudia tell you "be seeing you" from më when she was down there?
16:19 dogi__ _bernie: are you ready to speak about somosazucar?
16:19 _bernie hhardy: no, but if she did. I would have understood! :-)
16:19 hhardy haha
16:19 _bernie dogi__: what's the matter with it?
16:19 dogi__ #topic update somosazucar on sunjammer
16:20 #link http://somosazucar.org
16:20 _bernie dogi__: icarito is managing it.  I think he used wordpress
16:20 dogi__ what was the things icarito and you did on sunjammer
16:21 _bernie dogi__: I just created a directory and a group for him. he did the rest
16:21 dogi__ is the new special wordpress installation working already?
16:21 _bernie looks like somosazucar is hosting a nice website now :-)
16:22 dogi__: I really don't know any details, I just delegated everything to icarito
16:22 dogi__ ok ... somebody maybe should tell icarito that we would like to know about the upgrade there
16:22 next topic?
16:23 schooltool?
16:24 _bernie: by the way treehouse was taken over by pootleVM ...
16:24 _bernie dogi__: yeah, what happened?
16:24 dogi__ #topic pootle takes over treehouse
16:25 _bernie dogi__: I was very busy yesterday and I did not get back to unmadindu's request to fix pootle
16:25 dogi__ #link http://translate.sugarlabs.org
16:25 #info problem with VM
16:25 #link http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…].org-libvirt.html
16:25 _bernie hhardy: do you know what went wrong? how did you fix the issue?
16:25 hhardy I do not know what went wrong
16:26 unmanindu said it was not pingable
16:26 *unmadindu
16:26 dogi__ the VM was not reacting anymore
16:26 hhardy So I looked via virsh and vish seemed to think it was running
16:26 so I tried reboot but that is not supported
16:27 _bernie were the other VMs also affected by pootle going wild?
16:27 hhardy then I thought I should make a backup image before I fooled with it any more so i did
16:27 then I did a shutdown and restart and it worked
16:27 _bernie hhardy: yeah, I dunno why we can't reboot VMs from virsh. maybe acpi is missing
16:27 dogi__ hmm a little bit ... the load ....
16:27 hhardy that was at 03:41 am local US Eastern time
16:28 _bernie hhardy: probably the pootle process leaked memory until it made the vm swap to death
16:28 dogi__ #action unmadindu/dogi investigating on the pootleVM issue
16:28 +1 _bernie
16:28 _bernie hhardy: it used to do this in the past and we used pam limits to keep the process within 2GB or so
16:28 hhardy well top says the vms are taking a total of 241% of CPU right now on treehouse
16:29 dogi__ would like to jump to the next topic ... replaceafill ?
16:29 replaceafill ok
16:29 i created a frontpage for the schooltool.sugarlabs.org vm
16:29 it's ugly
16:30 dogi__ #topic update schooltoolVM
16:30 #info  the new home of sugar schooltool intergration
16:30 #link http://schooltool.sugarlabs.org/
16:30 replaceafill my goal was that people involved in the project knew a little more details
16:30 dogi__ replaceafill: the page looks nice ...
16:30 _bernie likes it
16:30 replaceafill also, tomorrow
16:31 i'm meeting with the first school
16:31 i've loaded their data already
16:31 and they're going to see schooltool for the first time
16:31 im going to show all the features
16:31 so they can select which one to use
16:31 they are going to access the VM from the school
16:32 _bernie replaceafill: anything else we can do to help, just let us know
16:32 replaceafill dogi__, so i should put the demo instance back as the frontpage, correct?
16:32 dogi__ for me the only thing which I would like to see there is sugar colored demo/exploring site for schooltool ...
16:32 replaceafill _bernie, thanks!
16:32 _bernie replaceafill: eventually, you might want to start a Local Lab
16:32 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Local_Labs
16:33 dogi__ +1 _bernie
16:33 replaceafill ah
16:33 yes, im taking sugar on a stick too :)
16:33 to demo it
16:34 dogi__, we need a custom skin for schooltool then
16:34 jelkner the IT guy at one of the schools is a free software activist
16:34 who is also interested in sugar
16:34 replaceafill he's interested in any free software for children :D
16:34 jelkner we will work that connection when it makes sense
16:35 but we can't promise that all of our pilot schools will be interested
16:35 dogi__ jelkner: hi
16:35 jelkner i was wondering
16:36 should we be trying to request another XO deployment at one of the schools?
16:37 we wrote a successful XO deployment grant for a community in El Salvador already
16:37 dogi__ jelkner: replaceafill is there already some sugar deployment there
16:37 ok
16:37 replaceafill yes
16:37 a small one by us (30 XOs)
16:37 dogi__ cool
16:37 replaceafill and the goverment has started their own too
16:37 jelkner in a community, not a school
16:38 the government deployments are in schools, i think... right, replaceafill?
16:38 replaceafill news about the government's deployment: http://www.nombredejesus.gob.s[…]ticias.php?id=111
16:38 yes
16:38 dogi__ #link  http://www.nombredejesus.gob.s[…]ticias.php?id=111
16:38 replaceafill it's through the ministry of education
16:39 jelkner usually writes news about our deployment in his blog
16:39 lfaraone waves at the world.
16:39 jelkner so we will definitely be looking for synergy between these projects
16:39 dogi__ +1 jelkner
16:39 jelkner but i wanted to be clear that getting the schooltool pilot going is priority #1 for us now
16:40 dogi__ sure :)
16:40 replaceafill dogi__ http://www.flickr.com/photos/n[…]2157622718757582/
16:41 the kids from the community being trained by a local university
16:41 jelkner i know you know, dogi_, but since you're all sugar folks, i thought i should say that ;-)
16:42 hhardy q
16:42 oops
16:42 dogi__ next topic?
16:43 lfaraone: or hhardy who wants first?
16:43 lfaraone hhardy: can go ahead.
16:43 dogi__ hhardy: ok?
16:43 hhardy ok
16:43 monitoring
16:43 dogi__ #topic update monitoringVM
16:43 #info the new home of munin
16:43 #link http://monitoring.sugarlabs.org/
16:44 hhardy I have installed apache2, munin, w3m, nmap
16:44 munin is running but needs the configuration file written
16:44 dogi__ #info munin
16:44 hhardy also clients need to be installed
16:44 dogi__ #link http://monitoring.sugarlabs.org/munin/
16:44 hhardy next I am installing nessus
16:45 so I can scan all the stuff we are to monitor and know what is there
16:45 from looking at virst I have a list of vms for housetree now
16:45 I will do the same on treehouse
16:45 then scan them all
16:45 from that I will construct the list of what needs to be monitored
16:46 munin cacti nagios and big sister is what I propose to put there
16:46 dogi__ hhardy: first please only treehouse and housetree
16:46 hhardy possibly other things to experiment
16:46 not the vms? ok
16:47 we will eventually want to do them too so we know for instance when pootle dies horribly
16:47 dogi__ no for the first step only the main machines
16:47 hhardy I will do just the main machines 1st then the vms
16:48 dogi__ bingo :)
16:48 hhardy that is all I have to report for now
16:48 dogi__ thx hhardy
16:48 hhardy unless there is questions/suggestions/comments
16:48 yw
16:48 dogi__ #topic update rtVM
16:49 lfaraone Basically, we got RT running, and I think email in works too.
16:49 dogi__ #info request tracer of sugarlabs ...
16:49 #link http://rt.sugarlabs.org
16:49 lfaraone Before we deploy it, I want to figure out what the current RAM issues are; whenever I access a dynamic page it starts swapping out.
16:49 dogi__ hmm
16:51 #link http://rt.sugarlabs.org/rt
16:52 lfaraone seems to be working now, but it's running at 50mb free.
16:53 dogi__ #action sysadmins +1GB ram for RT
16:53 hope this is ok ... hhardy _bernie
16:55 hhardy should be enough
16:56 dogi__ how big is rt.laptop.org
16:56 hhardy hmmmm what lfaraone said doesn't sound good tho
16:56 try increasing the ram and see if it is happy then
16:57 lfaraone hhardy: works now. no idea how it's using 1GB of ram right now, though. /me looks at the ps table.
16:57 hhardy that seems like it needs some investigation before it is deplyed as you said
16:57 dogi__ by the way lfaraone good job
16:58 is there a way to register yourself there without asking somebody else
16:59 lfaraone: ?
17:00 lfaraone dogi__: no.
17:00 dogi__: you however can interface by email without an account.
17:00 dogi__: but we could use something like http://wiki.bestpractical.com/view/SelfService
17:02 hhardy: re memory usage, four idle apache apache processes are using 385m, 323m, 199m, and 177m.
17:03 dogi__ selfservice ...
17:03 hhardy on the rt?
17:03 lfaraone hhardy: yes.
17:04 hhardy argh plus put my pub key up there and give me root
17:04 lfaraone dogi__: example of what it looks like on OLPC: rt.laptop.org/SelfService
17:04 hhardy: uh, where can I find that?
17:04 hhardy I have a new pub key that isn't published
17:04 I will copy it for you
17:05 dogi__ lfaraone: does laptop.org using selfservice ?
17:05 lfaraone dogi__: it has it , they don't use it :)
17:05 hhardy ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEA3u63JXryvrAEgGtyFVK​NW9si5yIW111KBc3/lmIxQUHh2PioQKpxciptPNQuOU52Fe​sLKuUffWsZT4aykvQ1BUafNnezNGyUzXc0H+eaFgQz3rwt9​dVuVusgqOvyp7Uwzqeuz8cHO11pElwh9kStyj0fjx/WpeDg​i1CTULlcKtky2lot0jLMcqKkmGGSOvq6f/QeK/2DiZpwz3i​DAQkc2+8BPC9So50mSIhfemIN0JKJ0EE8LlqvNacwyT8hQ/​w5pncAtGCt+tWmY0jsCXY8fD4Jlm38Hf425ekwoejcsamJT​bNBCXkh3xXC+ttA87gPpImHRLx0hm5WquPRv717BQ== hhardy@thinker
17:06 dogi__ hmm
17:06 lfaraone hhardy: can you put that in your home directory on crank or sunjammer?
17:06 hhardy no I don't have access to either of those machines at present
17:06 I will email it to you
17:07 dogi__ hhardy: I will help you with the access problem on all the other VMs in the second step anyway ...
17:08 hhardy ffm@sugarlabs?
17:08 sent
17:09 ok
17:09 dogi: ok
17:09 lfaraone hhardy: luke@sl.o :)
17:09 hhardy ffm@sugarlabs doesn't exist
17:09 ok
17:10 dogi__ lfaraone: can you setup an treehouse@sugarlabs.org rt queue and give to hhardy silbe _bernie and me access to rt?
17:11 lfaraone dogi__: sure, once I get email working. I'll gpgcrypt you all authentication.
17:11 dogi__ ups forgot
17:12 lfaraone: are there other rt queue s we would like to set up
17:13 lfaraone hhardy: done.
17:13 hhardy lfaraone: thx
17:14 lfaraone dogi__: right now we have accounts, gitmaster, hostmaster, emmbers, planetmaster, sysadmin, webmaster.
17:14 *members
17:14 dogi__ hmmm
17:15 hhardy there should be individual accounts not role accounts
17:15 or oh those are the queues?
17:16 hmmmm
17:16 separating sysadmin and webmaster is kind of arbitrary
17:16 lfaraone hhardy: queues.
17:17 hhardy: webmaster are things related to WWW, sysadmin is catchall for everything else.
17:17 hhardy right but if apache2 is using too much memory, where does that go?
17:17 dogi__ ok that are the accounts we could migrate ... but lets first set up treehouse@sugarlabs.org and/or discuss the next time when RT is fully working the rest
17:18 lfaraone dogi__: those queues have already been set up :)
17:18 dogi__: what's the difference between sysadmin and treehouse?
17:18 dogi__ ahh now I get you
17:19 lfaraone: think we want first to test and modify rt
17:20 and treehouse would be exactly a testmailqueue for RT
17:20 lfaraone dogi__: are the MX records for RT pointing to rt.sl.o?
17:20 dogi__ good point
17:21 hhardy ;; ANSWER SECTION:
17:21 rt.sugarlabs.org.       17214   IN      A
17:21 just A
17:21 dogi__ #action dogi set up MX for RT
17:22 so we could use sysadmin@rt.sugarlabs.org for testing
17:23 hhardy apparently openvas is now preferred to nessus for its GPL-ness so I will try that for scanner
17:23 dogi__ +1 hhardy
17:24 lfaraone: is there something new about launchpad?
17:27 lfaraone dogi__: no. I've lost motivation to continue to work on it, it's really really difficult to configure for our usage :)
17:27 dogi__ hmm
17:27 lfaraone hhardy: hm. I'm hassling with rt-mailgate right now, it's giving me 403 errors. " /usr/bin/rt-mailgate --queue 'sysadmin' --action correspond --url http://rt.sugarlabs.org/rt/".
17:28 dogi__ lfaraone: ok
17:28 :P
17:28 hhardy yeah I remember mailgate as being a pain to set up but I don't remember specifics atm
17:29 dogi__ lfaraone: by the way are there some news about the rack in your friends colo?
17:30 lfaraone dogi__: no, he asked his boss, she said she'd have to ask somebody else.
17:31 dogi__: and neuralis said that new parts for his server (which he'd let us use) are coming in next week, but they did'
17:31 hhardy lfaraone: the best place to get help with rt as I remember is #rt on irc.perl.org
17:31 lfaraone *didn't arrive.
17:31 hhardy also to ask adric
17:32 dogi__ has one not working wikipedia server (for replacements parts) and a working 4gb dell server in jelkner place wating for you
17:32 hhardy I apparently forgot my passphrase for my old key on olpc so I can't just go look at the rt config there
17:33 lfaraone oh, aha! I should send to localhost rather than rt.sl.o, since by default we only accept RT mail from localhost.
17:33 hhardy yes
17:34 dogi__ lfaraone: is there something else we should think about ...
17:36 lfaraone dogi__: spam? :)
17:37 dogi__ #topic homework for every treehouser
17:37 #info "Solve an action per week"
17:37 #info is the main ritual in #treehouse channel
17:37 #info by doing so you get the right to vote ...
17:37 #action treehouser since an idea as action for getting vote right
17:37 #link http://idea.sugarlabs.org
17:37 #info 3 new ideas since last week
17:38 #topic discussion spam ....
17:39 lfaraone dogi__: for RT, we can just do what Debian does and say "mention Sugar Labs RT" somewhere in your email body)
17:39 #link http://wiki.debian.org/rt.debian.org#MailAccess
17:40 hhardy: hm. I now have mailgate working but sending incoming email fails...
17:41 hhardy sending incoming email?
17:41 lfaraone hhardy: an email to sysadmin at rt sl o
17:42 hhardy: this is where my fu is weak, I don't understand postfix, but I get SMTP 550 when I attempt to send.
17:42 dogi__ lfaraone: did you wanted to speak only about spam and rt? ... not spam in general ... sorry
17:42 lfaraone dogi__: general spam we're not seing too much of afaict.
17:43 dogi__ thinking right now: let s first get that RT thing running ...
17:44 + is
17:44 has to go soon ...
17:44 hhardy do you have the entry for /etc/aliases so that mail gets processed through rt-mailgate?
17:44 lfaraone hhardy: yes.
17:45 hhardy: http://sprunge.us/dHWU
17:45 hhardy you have
17:45 rt: "|/opt/rt3/bin/rt-mailgate --queue general --action correspond --url http://localhost/rt"
17:46 rt-comment: "|/opt/rt3/bin/rt-mailgate --queue general --action comment --url http://localhost/rt"
17:46 ?
17:46 lfaraone hhardy: see the URL, yes.
17:46 hhardy and you did newaliases
17:46 ?
17:46 lfaraone oops.
17:46 hhardy aha
17:46 lfaraone there we go :)
17:47 hhardy yay
17:47 dogi__ lfaraone: for the debian style RT antispam solution think it is a good one for debian but in the moment not for sugarlabs
17:47 hhardy spamassassin?
17:47 lfaraone dogi__: alternatives are A) never speak the address aloud and hope nobody discovers it, B) steal OLPC's bermuda, C) what hhardy said.
17:48 dogi__ +1 lfaraone
17:48 likes B)
17:51 meeting ends
17:51 5
17:51 4
17:51 3
17:51 2
17:51 hhardy ciao
17:51 dogi__ 1
17:52 #endmeeting
16:04 dogi_ #endmeeting

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