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#treehouse, 2010-04-06

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16:06 dogi thx dfarning
16:07 dfarning #Topic agenda
16:07 #info Weekly Infrastructure meeting:
16:07 #info Volunteer Infrastructure Gang (http://olpcorps.org/ ),
16:07 #info Sugarlabs Infrastructure Team (http://sugarlabs.org/ ),
16:07 #info and TreeHousers (http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/ )
16:07 #info Date: 2010-04-06
16:07 #info Time: 20:00 UTC (16:00 EST, 21:00 CET)
16:07 #info Agenda: http://openetherpad.org/tCl6T4lXnR
16:07 #info Location: #treehouse on irc.oftc.net
16:07 #link http://embed.mibbit.com/?serve[…]nnel=%23treehouse
16:07 #topic last meeting
16:07 #info Usefull Links:
16:07 #info LastAgenda:
16:07 #link http://openetherpad.org/WwWmUiMz5U
16:07 #info LastLog:
16:08 #link http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/tr[…]0100330_1606.html
16:08 #info LastMinutes:
16:08 #link http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/tr[…]0100330_1606.html
16:08 #info NextAgenda:
16:08 #link http://openetherpad.org/ogycAYFJtg
16:08 #info actioncheck
16:08 #done <<<please here more>>>
16:08 #topic agenda
16:08 #info * aslocamp @ RIT update (http://www.rit.edu/academicaff[…]tudentinnovation/ ) - wwdillingham/dfarning
16:08 #info * remote power control for ASLO@RIT - djbclark/dogi
16:08 #info * git.sl.o and/or monkeyserver update - silbe
16:08 #info * update actividadesVM (http://activities.olpcorps.net/ ) - dfarning
16:08 #info * update monitoringVM (http://monitoring.sugarlabs.org/ ) - hhardy
16:08 #info * update schooltoolVM (http://schooltool.sugarlabs.org/ ) - replaceafill
16:08 #info * update rtVM/launchpadVM/DC-ExWikipediaServers (http://rt.sugarlabs.org )
16:08 #info * update somosazucar on sunjammer (http://somosazucar.org ) - bernie/icarito
16:08 #info * homework for all treehousers
16:08 #info * access fairy
16:08 #topic aslocamp @ RIT update
16:08 #link http://www.rit.edu/academicaff[…]tudentinnovation/
16:08 #info dfarning will talk to prof stevens upgrade
16:08 #info wwdillingham speaks about new students
16:08 #topic update activitycentralVM
16:08 #info activitycentral.org 's new home
16:08 #link http://activitycenral.org
16:08 #topic update schooltoolVM
16:08 #info  the new home of sugar schooltool intergration
16:08 #link http://schooltool.sugarlabs.org/
16:09 #topic update sharingVM
16:09 #info  the new home of the sharing project.
16:09 #link http://sharing.sugarlabs.org/  ???
16:09 #topic update monitoringVM
16:09 #info the new home of munin
16:09 #link http://monitoring.sugarlabs.org/
16:09 #topic update rtVM
16:09 #topic somosazucar on sunjammer
16:09 #link http://somosazucar.org
16:09 #topic update about washington dc wikipedia servers
16:09 #topic munin graphs
16:09 # info what does the white space at the top of the cpu graphs mean?
16:09 #topic homework for every treehouser
16:09 #info "Solve an action per week"
16:09 #info is the main ritual in #treehouse channel
16:09 #info by doing so you get the right to vote ...
16:09 #action treehouser since an idea as action for getting vote right
16:09 #link http://idea.sugarlabs.org
16:09 #info 5 new ideas since last week
16:09 #topic  wikispam
16:09 #info we have been getting alot of wiki spam lately
16:09 #info what actions should we take to reduce spam
16:09 #topic access fairy
16:09 #info <<<add here your request>>>
16:09 well that went by fast:)
16:09 #topic aslocamp @ RIT update
16:09 #link http://www.rit.edu/academicaff[…]tudentinnovation/
16:09 #info dfarning will talk to prof stevens upgrade
16:10 #info wwdillingham speaks about new students
16:10 dogi ups
16:10 dfarning wwdillingham, are you around.
16:10 dogi ping _bernie sj_ CanoeBerry wwdillingham djbclark
16:10 dfarning dogi, is everything set up on your end for the move?
16:10 hhardy afk slightly for making coffee
16:11 dogi hi hhardy
16:11 hhardy hi
16:12 dogi dfarning: we need only to decide which power control device we want
16:13 dfarning dogi, prof Jacobs sent us an email about the power usage, heat output, and pyysical size of the machines.  Can you get back to him on that?
16:13 dogi and to reinform walter that we move as planed (backupplan)
16:14 dfarning: saw this mail before ...
16:14 dfarning dogi, can you make the decision on the control device?
16:15 hhardy I would like to look at the alternatives being discussed this is for remote reboots right?
16:15 at my old datacenter we had remote x.10 was very reliable
16:15 I don't remember what the controller was though
16:15 anyway that was some time ago
16:15 probably there is something better
16:16 dfarning #action dogi and hhardy determine what controler to purchase:)
16:16 hhardy ok
16:16 dogi +1
16:16 dfarning hhardy, thanks
16:17 hhardy dfarning: yw
16:17 dfarning on the RIT end wwdillingham has offered to take the lead on the maintaining also and coordinating the student helpers.
16:18 dogi congrats wwdillingham
16:18 dfarning #action dfarning coodinate with wwdillingham on what we need to prepare at RIT.
16:18 dogi #idea give wwdillingham admin access to aslo
16:19 dfarning dogi +1, I spent a week with wwdillingham last summer and he followed up by working with the RIT IT department to allow xo1.0 to connect to their network.
16:20 dogi fine
16:21 dfarning: is there something new for the puppet aslo thing ?
16:21 dfarning we also recieved and offer from seeta.in to host three machines for aslo.
16:22 dogi hui
16:22 who do we get 3 machines to seeta.in? ...
16:23 dfarning dogi, No I have been work on starting my new company....  The week after next I want to go over puppet again.
16:23 hhardy probably ask our indian friends to find donated ones for us there
16:23 we could at least put xos with 1tb drives
16:23 dogi :)
16:23 dfarning dogi, manu is looking into that.  I will ask him to join us next week.
16:24 dogi only if they are xo15 s ...
16:24 hhardy maybe adam could get us 3 for contributors program for india
16:24 dfarning hhardy, aslo is pretty cpu intensive that would take quite a stack of xo's
16:24 hhardy or we could see if satish could get them for us he likes to be in the loop
16:25 dfarning hhardy, who is stish?  I don't think I know him.
16:26 hhardy he is the friend of nn who is the OLPC India President
16:26 Satish Jha
16:26 dogi ping decause cdeslandes
16:26 hhardy he has had a somewhat rocky relationship with some of the volunteers in Idia but I think I am on good terms with all
16:26 dfarning ok, would you like to contact him?
16:27 hhardy once we have a definite plan
16:27 dfarning ok:)
16:27 cdeslandes dogi: ack
16:28 dogi the server have a power supply which has 500 Watt
16:28 100-240V
16:28 dfarning #action dfarning figure out a plan for starting a olpc/sl data center in india.
16:28 dogi 50-60Hz
16:28 10A-5A
16:29 cdeslandes dogi: 1 or 2 per machine?
16:29 dfarning hhardy, I'll come up with a plan and we can discuss it next week.
16:29 hhardy ok
16:29 dogi 1 per machine
16:29 cdeslandes dogi: ok, thanks
16:29 hhardy we should maybe feed this up through walter... we should think about the right approach
16:29 dogi cdeslandes: thx ...
16:30 dfarning dogi, how big are the machines? 2U
16:30 hhardy there is a somewhat fraught relationship between the corporate funded and grassroots sides of the house
16:30 dogi 1 unit high and rack size
16:31 hhardy I will see if I can get on Adam's contributors program weekly mtng on Fri
16:31 dfarning cool, I though they were bigger.
16:31 dogi +1 hhardy ask there for 3 expermental XO1.5 to set up as aslo servers ...
16:32 dfarning #action hhardy follow up with adam on best approach to acquiring hardware
16:32 hhardy if we get them they will br production ones but yes
16:32 dogi dfarning: nono they are only heavy in weight :P
16:32 dfarning should we move to the next topic
16:32 dogi +1 dfarning
16:33 hhardy and loud
16:33 dfarning #topic update activitycentralVM
16:33 #info activitycentral.org 's new home
16:33 #link http://activitycentral.org
16:33 hhardy we could redirect the fans and use them as personal hovercraft
16:33 :)
16:34 dfarning I just want to let you know that I am hosting my new business on housetree.
16:34 dogi hhardy: don t be so unfair with the nice ex wikipedia servers ...
16:34 hhardy lol
16:34 dfarning The site is down because I have hired seeta to fix up the site.
16:35 hhardy Mea navis aëricumbens anguillis abundat
16:35 dogi cave canem :P
16:35 hhardy lol
16:35 dogi dfarning: tell us somthing about seeta
16:36 dfarning The over all goal is to incubate a comericial ecosystem for olpc/sugar.
16:36 Seeta is the organization in india that wrote foodforce2
16:37 hhardy how does that work with a 501(c)3
16:37 nonprofit?
16:37 or (c)4 not sure which it is
16:38 dfarning Their linux/Sugar skill are limited, but they are learning fast.
16:38 I am working with them and a hardware reseller to shipp computer preloaded with ubuntt sugar remix.
16:38 dogi #link http://activities.sugarlabs.or[…]foodforce&cat=all
16:39 which one of the 2 activities
16:39 dfarning #link http://seeta.in/j/
16:39 hhardy hosting commercial sites on sugarlabs machines should probably not be done without SL board approval... however treehouse and housetree are dogi's personal property correct?
16:40 dogi hhardy: yes
16:40 and half of them i dedicate to olpc/sugarlabs stuff
16:40 hhardy so that is a question for Dogi and for whoever is hosting his machines
16:40 dfarning Yes, That is why we are hosting the vm on housetree.  Tree house is off limits because it is hosted by the FSF
16:41 housetree in in the medialab.
16:41 There are actually very few limits on what a non-profit can do.
16:42 hhardy that is dodgy I would not want to get Michalis/Jane/Big Jon mad at us
16:42 dogi hhardy: we want only experiment with an incubator service ...
16:42 hhardy just saying
16:42 dogi :)
16:43 dfarning The big limits are that it must be for public benifit and you can sell the company.
16:43 dogi dfarning: will you invite seeta for our next meetings
16:43 hhardy ITSS watches things very carefully... they will know... the question is will they care
16:44 dfarning for example most hospitals are non-profit.
16:44 hhardy, right now it is very small and very early.  If necessary we will be prepared to move.
16:45 dogi thinks aslong AC.org helps the sugar/olpc cause it is fine ...
16:45 dfarning: +1
16:45 hhardy I understand
16:45 dfarning dogi, yes I will invite seeta next week.
16:45 hhardy + 0
16:46 dfarning #topic update schooltoolVM
16:46 #info  the new home of sugar schooltool intergration
16:46 #link http://schooltool.sugarlabs.org/
16:46 dogi, can you tell us more about this?
16:46 dogi ping replaceafill
16:47 it looks like
16:47 ok last week I was in DC
16:47 dfarning intergration of schooltool with Sugar would be a huge win!
16:47 dogi and there I meet jeff elkner
16:48 bingo dfarning
16:48 so he introduced me to replaceafill
16:49 which will setup a demo instance how school could be managed by schooltool
16:50 first step
16:50 dfarning can you send me his email?
16:50 dogi redesign
16:51 with sugar brand labels
16:51 dfarning: you have his mail already
16:52 it is in the mails of the weekly meeting reminder
16:52 dfarning dogi ok, I didn't read the whole reminder
16:53 dogi, so this is something follow up with on iaep?
16:54 dogi hmmm
16:55 djbclark dogi: yep?
16:55 dogi hi djbclark
16:55 hhardy djbclark: hail
16:55 dfarning thinks the dyslexic guy shoud not chair irc meeting?
16:56 hey djbclark
16:56 djbclark dfarning: hi
16:56 hhardy: sorry I don't share your hitler <3
16:56 hhardy that is a hail not a heil
16:56 dfarning #topic introduce manu and seeta
16:57 dogi hi manusheel
16:57 manusheel dfarning: Thank you David. Greetings.
16:57 dfarning I just invited manu to join us.  manusheel Can you tell us a bit about seeta?
16:57 manusheel dogi: Hi Stefan.
16:57 dfarning: Sure, David.
16:57 hhardy as in hail fellow well met http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hail_fellow_well_met
16:58 manusheel dfarning: SEETA (Software for Education, Entertainment and Training Activities) is focused towards engineering and deploying learning applications and knowledge management systems.
16:58 hhardy manusheel: hi
16:59 manusheel hhardy: Hi Henry. How have you been? Hope you have been keeping well.
16:59 hhardy manusheel: doing well tyvm
16:59 manusheel dfarning: SEETA has 4 verticals of operation -
16:59 hhardy: Great, glad to hear.
17:00 dfarning manusheel and I were talking about hosting a second site for also.
17:00 we just followed up earilier in the meeting.
17:01 hhardy, will contact adam about how to procced
17:01 manusheel dfarning : Yes, absolutely David. I'll be finding out the details as discussed by today.
17:02 dfarning manusheel, do you have more introduction?  Or would you just like to follow along and listen:) I don't want to put you on the spot/
17:02 manusheel dfarning: The 4 verticals are -  1. Software Engineering and Development for Sugar on Netbooks, Mobile applications, software applications for Desktops and Laptops  2.  Sugar, Open Source, SOA and Web 2.0 Consulting  
17:02 3. Building up e-governance systems
17:03 dogi dfarning: manusheel: do we have already your sshkey on actividadesVM (activitycentral)
17:03 manusheel 4. Working on platform based services.
17:04 dogi: We have Hemant's key at Activity Central. He is the VP, Education and Technology at SEETA.
17:04 dogi manusheel: there you have a lot to do ...
17:04 manusheel: thx
17:04 manusheel dogi: Yes, we have been working remotely at http://seeta.in/hemant/drupal
17:05 to set up the Activity Central system.
17:05 dfarning dogi, I have been adding seeta developer's keys to the the ubuntu build machine and activity central as they request them.
17:05 dogi #link http://seeta.in/hemant/drupal/
17:06 dfarning: thx
17:06 dfarning should we move on to the next topic
17:07 #topic update sharingVM
17:07 #info  the new home of the sharing project.
17:07 #link http://sharing.sugarlabs.org/  ???
17:07 dogi, can you tell us about this? Is it something adam is doing?
17:07 dogi dfarning: this a develVM
17:08 the goal there is to experiment with content upload services for sugar
17:08 activities
17:09 adam would like to see chat and/or record activity upload
17:09 dfarning dogi, Ahh similar to what we were talking about a few weeks ago with turtle art
17:10 dogi walter and alsroot would like to have an upload and share for Turtle art
17:10 dfarning: yes
17:10 dfarning cool, has adam made progress yet?
17:11 dogi would like to give everybody which wants to play/expermint with this idea access to sharingVM
17:11 dfarning there are several good models available many of them open source.
17:11 dogi or in other words the VM is here ... no excuse :P
17:12 dfarning: I don t know about how fast there is a movement
17:12 dfarning #action dfarning make list of good sharing sites for next week.
17:13 dogi, yes there are manyoptions so it is hard to get started:(
17:13 aslo was easy becase it was the obvious choice:)
17:14 #topic update monitoringVM
17:14 #info the new home of munin
17:14 #link http://monitoring.sugarlabs.org/
17:14 hhardy, how are you coming with this?
17:14 hhardy I have made a new public key
17:14 ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEA3u63JXryvrAEgGtyFVK​NW9si5yIW111KBc3/lmIxQUHh2PioQKpxciptPNQuOU52Fe​sLKuUffWsZT4aykvQ1BUafNnezNGyUzXc0H+eaFgQz3rwt9​dVuVusgqOvyp7Uwzqeuz8cHO11pElwh9kStyj0fjx/WpeDg​i1CTULlcKtky2lot0jLMcqKkmGGSOvq6f/QeK/2DiZpwz3i​DAQkc2+8BPC9So50mSIhfemIN0JKJ0EE8LlqvNacwyT8hQ/​w5pncAtGCt+tWmY0jsCXY8fD4Jlm38Hf425ekwoejcsamJT​bNBCXkh3xXC+ttA87gPpImHRLx0hm5WquPRv717BQ== hhardy@thinker
17:14 as soon as it is on monitoring I will start working on it
17:15 dfarning ok great
17:15 #action dogi add hhardy new key to the monitor vm
17:16 #action hhardy create awsome monitoring system:)
17:16 hhardy, is it easy to add alerts to the monitoring system?
17:17 hhardy I am going to test several
17:17 dogi hhardy: monitoring is upgraded
17:18 should now working with the new key
17:18 dfarning hhardy, great running also on several machine without a system to send alerts is something goes wrong makes me nervous
17:18 hhardy ok can you do treehouse and houtree too pls?
17:18 dogi is doing the same for housetree/treehouse
17:19 dfarning #topic somosazucar on sunjammer
17:19 dogi hhardy: done
17:19 dfarning #link http://somosazucar.org
17:19 dogi ping _bernie icarito
17:20 dfarning dogi, anything we need to do here?
17:20 dogi dfarning: no since nor _bernie nor icarito are available
17:21 next topic
17:21 can only say they lots of work after the last meeting
17:21 dfarning #action dfarning follow up with _bernie and icarito on systems mailing list about 'we are sugar'
17:22 #topic update about washington dc wikipedia servers
17:22 dogi like I told the last meeting
17:23 in Arlington Career Center there was only 2 of 6
17:23 of which one had big network problems
17:24 for the other 4 and the little dell server we have to ask lfaraone
17:25 dfarning #action dogi  follow up with dogi on status of machines.
17:25 _bernie dogi, dfarning: I'm in another meeting, in the flesh :-/
17:25 dogi hi _bernie
17:26 dfarning #topic munin graphs
17:26 # info what does the white space at the top of the cpu graphs mean?
17:26 hey _bernie
17:26 dogi dfarning: link?
17:27 dfarning #link http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…]ugarlabs.org.html
17:27 hhardy hi _bernie
17:27 dfarning hhardy, do you have any idea what the white space means?
17:28 it seems to corrolate with the cpu usage
17:28 hhardy on which graph?
17:29 dfarning hhardy, on the cpu usage graph
17:29 dogi dfarning: since aslo-web is a VM on treehouse
17:29 _bernie hhardy: hello!
17:29 hhardy looking
17:30 dogi this basicaly the usage of all treehouseVMs included aslo-web
17:30 4 cpu - the usage of all the others
17:31 _bernie dfarning: uh... maybe other VMs are sucking up cpu time?
17:31 dfarning: it's +/- specular with the user load... maybe an error in cpu accounting due to kvm
17:32 dogi think the white space there fits exactly with
17:32 http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…].org-libvirt.html
17:32 hhardy load average of over 40 seems to be at the same time
17:33 _bernie dfarning, dogi: in order to enable the apache connections stats, enable mod_status like I did on sunjammer
17:33 dfarning: see /etc/apache2 on sunjammer for details
17:33 dfarning _bernie, I am curious because it seems to match the aslo-web load very closely.
17:33 dogi _bernie: thanks
17:33 was wondering already why munin didn t do this
17:34 dfarning I was wondering if it could be due to network overhead on the bride network
17:34 hhardy it looks to be applications
17:34 aslo-web
17:35 dogi _bernie: 1!root@aslo-web:~# a2enmod status
17:35 Module status already enabled
17:35 hhardy it is porbably a big spike in activity downloads
17:36 based on past experience I would hazard a guess that it could be related to the school schedule in Uruguay
17:37 dogi hhardy: +1
17:37 but from 90% we are already down to 50% there
17:37 hhardy and it is probably disk-limited since total cpu time went down but load went way up
17:38 so maybe better caching of the most popular activities
17:38 dogi ro in other words only 50% of aslo is uruguay ...
17:38 dfarning hhardy, yes the load on http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…]labs.org-cpu.html closely follow the south american school scheudal.
17:39 dogi dfarning: +1
17:40 dfarning ok, so to make it short and sweet.... when the darkblue line crosses the white line We are going to have problems:)
17:40 hhardy or maybe putting activities on a separate fast solid state drive
17:41 dfarning #action dfarning very what is introducing overhead in aslo.
17:42 dogi dfarning: you have a problem when white is 400%
17:42 dfarning hhardy, we didn't have this issues on sunjammer.
17:42 hhardy Intel X25-M Mainstream SSDSA2MH080G2R5 2.5" 80GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) - Retail
17:43 _bernie dogi, dfarning: I reviewed the munin graphs... I wonder what's the spike in forks every day on sunjammer
17:43 dogi cause there only sunjammer is using the cpu power
17:43 hhardy $214.99 at newegg
17:43 _bernie and I also wonder what's causing PLENTY of updates in mysql on sunjammer
17:43 hhardy: yummy
17:44 dogi _bernie: that is exactly when treehouse is backuping
17:45 hhardy #idea SSD drive for aslo
17:46 dogi hardy you mean treehouse :)
17:46 hhardy lol
17:46 that too
17:47 dfarning I guess we won't worry too much until after we see how thing sun on the new cluster.  All three machines are baremetal we can update drives/menory for caching  as necessary.
17:47 s/sun/run/
17:48 #topic homework for every treehouser
17:48 #info "Solve an action per week"
17:48 #info is the main ritual in #treehouse channel
17:48 #info by doing so you get the right to vote ...
17:48 #action treehouser since an idea as action for getting vote right
17:48 #link http://idea.sugarlabs.org
17:48 #info 5 new ideas since last week
17:48 dogi thx for this 5 ideas
17:49 dfarning dogi, I'll follow up with this on an email to systems.
17:49 dogi dfarning: thx :)
17:49 dfarning last topic
17:49 #topic  wikispam
17:49 #info we have been getting alot of wiki spam lately
17:49 #info what actions should we take to reduce spam
17:50 both olpc and SL have been experiencing a significant increase in spam lately
17:50 hhardy anti spam bots ftw
17:50 _bernie dogi: what is when treehouse is backing up? the spike in forks or the updates in mysql?
17:50 where is silbe btw?
17:51 hhardy the mean time before failure of the SSD I linked is 136 years
17:51 dfarning hhardy, that is amazing!
17:51 dogi in germany most of the person have still easterholiday
17:52 dfarning hhardy, could you look into solutions for reducing siki spam for next week?
17:53 hhardy yes
17:54 #ACTION
17:54 #ACTION 17:52 < dfarning> hhardy, could you look into solutions for reducing siki spam for next week?
17:54 dfarning great, we have been have trouble with the vandals expressing un-pleasantries with the wiki maintainers.
17:55 that is not good for voluteers:(
17:55 hhardy wiki defacers are a strange subculture
17:55 dogi end meeting
17:55 ??
17:55 hhardy it is a teaching opportunity
17:55 dfarning #topic access fairy
17:56 dogi think nobody asked for more rights this week
17:56 dfarning does every one have the access they need to do their actions?:)
17:56 hhardy such as http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U[…]styles/2008/Grawp
17:56 dogi #info manusheel has access to buildubuntu and actividades VMS
17:57 dfarning dogi, ok, I'll ping wes about root on aslo
17:57 time to end the meeting?
17:57 5
17:57 dogi #info wes will get admin rights on aslo
17:57 dfarning 4
17:57 3
17:57 2
17:57 1
17:57 #endmeeting

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