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#treehouse, 2010-03-30

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16:06 dogi #info Date: 2010-03-30
16:06 #info Time: 20:00 UTC (16:00 EST, 21:00 CET)
16:06 #info Agenda: http://openetherpad.org/WwWmUiMz5U
16:06 #info Location: #treehouse on irc.oftc.net
16:06 #link http://embed.mibbit.com/?serve[…]nnel=%23treehouse
16:06 #topic agenda
16:06 #info * last meeting
16:06 #info * aslocamp @ RIT update (http://www.rit.edu/academicaff[…]tudentinnovation/ )
16:06 #info * remote power control for ASLO@RIT
16:06 #info * update actividadesVM (http://activities.olpcorps.net/ )
16:06 #info * update monitoringVM (http://monitoring.sugarlabs.org/ )
16:06 #info * update schooltoolVM (http://schooltool.sugarlabs.org/ )
16:06 #info * update rtVM (http://rt.sugarlabs.org )
16:06 #info * mapspress and somosazucar (http://mapspress.olpcorps.org )
16:06 #info * update about washington dc wikipedia servers
16:06 #info *  test fairy - treehousers (http://idea.sugarlabs.org )
16:06 #info *  access fairy - treehousers
16:06 #topic last meeting
16:06 #info Usefull Links:
16:06 #info LastAgenda:
16:06 #link http://openetherpad.org/0MCJmP85OM
16:06 #info LastLog:
16:06 #link http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/tr[…]0100323_1606.html
16:06 #info LastMinutes:
16:06 #link http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/tr[…]0100323_1606.html
16:06 #info NextAgenda:
16:06 #link http://openetherpad.org/tCl6T4lXnR
16:07 #info actioncheck
16:07 #done dogi logins for silbe and hhardy on treehouse/housetree
16:07 #done dogi install of scholltool
16:07 #done dogi reduce to 3 vcpu for aslo ... not needed
16:07 #info the error is because old kvm-qemu/libvirt
16:07 #idea upgrade treehouse/housetree to newer kvm packages
16:07 so are there some actions which we can mark as done?
16:08 ping dfarning_laptop
16:09 wwdillingham, are you here?
16:09 wwdillingham Yes
16:09 dogi cool
16:09 then lets jump to the next topic
16:09 icarito greetings from peru :-)
16:09 wwdillingham sounds good
16:10 dogi #topic aslocamp @ RIT update
16:10 #link http://www.rit.edu/academicaff[…]tudentinnovation/
16:10 #info dfarning will talk to prof stevens upgrade
16:10 hi icarito
16:10 #info wwdillingham would like to be involved in the setup of aslo @ RIT
16:11 wwdillingham dogi, just got an email from dfarning, he will not be making meeting
16:11 he says: 1) The current plan of action is for Dogi to drive up with Walter and
16:11 install the machines.  The RIT campus will be a mad house that weekend
16:11 so it not a good time to try to wedge in another event.
16:11 He also says: 2) actividadesVM is evolving into http://activitycentral.org/ which will be a _separate_ organisation from Sugar Labs which focuses on
16:11 creating a ecosystem of commercial companies to support and develop
16:11 sugar.  I have a long way to go....
16:12 Yes, I certainly would, I am still living in Rochester, and now many of the people at the innovation center.
16:12 dogi wwdillingham: walter, me and the server will travel to RIT on the mad house weekend
16:12 wwdillingham know*
16:13 dogi can stay longer ...
16:13 wwdillingham Alrighty, what is the date for this weekend (if it has been set)
16:14 dogi we spoke already a month ago in the treehouse meeting about this ...
16:14 the only meeting walter was here
16:14 can somebody search this?
16:15 _bernie arrives
16:15 dogi things we have to do before
16:15 is to decide which of the
16:16 #topic remote power control
16:16 #info also @ RIT needs something similar
16:16 #link http://www.aviosys.com/ippower9258.htm
16:16 #link https://azug.minpet.unibas.ch/[…]wer_Switch_IP9258
16:16 #link http://www.amazon.com/gp/searc[…]F8&qid=1268942079
16:16 #idea better/other suggestions?
16:16 we should buy
16:16 cdeslandes away
16:16 dogi hi cdeslandes
16:16 wwdillingham I can send out an email to all the students who have been involved with the course @ RIT, especially those I know are interested in sys-admin, and see if i can drum up some more people to be there for the setup in person
16:17 cdeslandes hi dogi
16:17 dogi wwdillingham, bring them in the next #treehouse meeting ;)
16:17 wwdillingham dogi, certainly
16:18 dogi since the date is not the best for the setup ...
16:18 but for the server travel action think that this is the plan to go
16:19 #action wwdillingham involves more students to aslo @ RIT
16:20 next topic?
16:20 #topic update actividadesVM
16:20 #info actividades.com s new home
16:20 #link http://activities.olpcorps.net/
16:20 #link http://activitycentral.org/
16:21 #info which will be an organisation not in sugarlabs ...
16:21 ping hhardy?
16:22 silbe is back, starting to read backlog
16:22 dogi ok then lets jump to schooltool?
16:22 hhardy Hi
16:22 jelkner +1
16:22 _bernie hhardy, silbe: hi
16:23 dogi #topic update monitoringVM
16:23 #info the new home of munin
16:23 #link http://monitoring.sugarlabs.org/
16:23 hi hhardy
16:23 _bernie dogi: do we really have to move munin away from sunjammer?
16:23 dogi can you look if you are able to access treehouse/housetree
16:24 _bernie dogi: sunjammer is a vm, but it's our most stable machine at this time. I would not run munin on a guest that can go down easily
16:25 dogi understand you but it is not only munin I would like to see on monitoringVM
16:25 hhardy hmmm trying to remember my passphrase for that key
16:26 dogi hhardy, ups
16:26 hhardy been quite a while...
16:26 I almost know it...
16:27 dogi hhardy, do there are some news regarding monitoringVM
16:28 _bernie dogi: oh
16:29 hhardy no none is the Vm set up and accessible to me?
16:29 dogi hmm
16:30 then send me a new key ...
16:30 hhardy I think I can change the passphrase
16:31 oh it still wants the old one tho
16:31 _bernie hhardy: yeah, this is unfortunate
16:32 hhardy: I have a gpg crypted file where I store my old passwords after I have changed them... just in case something like this pops up
16:32 dogi hhardy, we will jump to the next topic, ok?
16:33 hhardy Is the VM set up dogi?
16:33 dogi dogi@monitoring:~$
16:33 yes
16:34 hhardy what is the address?
16:34 dogi #action dogi/hhardy fix keyproblem
16:34 #link http://monitoring.sugarlabs.org
16:35 #topic schooltoolVM on treehouse
16:35 #info connect sugar to schooltool
16:35 #link http://schooltool.sugarlabs.org/
16:35 #info replaceafill will take over this VM
16:35 replaceafill :)
16:35 thanks
16:35 hhardy what is the address of the monitoring server?
16:36 dogi replaceafill, jelkner it your turn
16:36 silbe hhardy: probably monitoring.sugarlabs.org
16:36 replaceafill jelkner, you go :)
16:36 jelkner replaceafill, can you outline the system requirements to run schooltool for 3 schools?
16:36 replaceafill ah ok
16:36 we're going to run 3 schooltool instances
16:37 dogi, not the ones you install from schooltool's ppa though
16:37 but the dev versions i think
16:37 dogi replaceafill, jelkner other question: tell us what is schooltool?
16:37 replaceafill we pulled python eggs and source code instead of installing debs
16:38 jelkner schooltool is a free school information system
16:38 _bernie curious
16:38 replaceafill :)
16:38 the project's website: http://www.schooltool.org/
16:39 jelkner replaceafill, do you have a live demo you could point folks to?
16:39 silbe jelkner: ok, that's the buzzwords. What does it actually do? :)
16:39 replaceafill dogi has!
16:39 well, our new VM
16:39 jelkner i'm currently using it for the following:
16:39 1. my gradebook
16:39 2. a competency tracking tool called cando
16:40 _bernie replaceafill: does the vm already have a sugarlabs.org hostname associated to it?
16:40 replaceafill _bernie, i guess so schooltool.sugarlabs.org
16:40 jelkner 3. an intervention system used to work with other staff members to help students in trouble
16:40 i don't know how to explain
16:40 hhardy hhardy@thinker:~/.ssh$ nslookup monitoring.sugarlaps.org
16:40 Server:
16:40 Address:
16:40 ** server can't find monitoring.sugarlaps.org: NXDOMAIN
16:40 jelkner if i am talking to teachers, this is easy
16:41 dogi _bernie, schooltool was my experiment of this week
16:41 replaceafill silbe, we're deploying schooltool in a pilot here in El Salvador :)
16:41 jelkner if you are not a teacher or connected with schools, it is *much* more difficult
16:41 perhaps someone could ask me a question
16:42 so in addition to the things i'm using it for
16:43 replaceafill schooltool is developed using python/zope3
16:43 jelkner schooltool does other school related things
16:43 such as:
16:43 icarito jelkner, i will look at this tool, sounds interesting - maybe you could share if its a success so that I can implement it here in peru also
16:43 jelkner - attendance
16:43 - report cards
16:43 silbe hhardy: typo: s/p/b/
16:43 jelkner - resource scheduling (rooms, equipment, etc)
16:44 replaceafill icarito, let me know if i can help you
16:44 dogi _bernie, looks like schooltool is an administration software for school needs
16:44 silbe jelkner: it's hard to ask questions exactly because I'm not a teacher. But your answers so far are good enough for me, thanks!
16:45 dogi replaceafill, schooltoolVM has 1 GB of RAM is this enough?
16:46 replaceafill dogi, yes
16:46 dogi, when we install the python eggs, some libraries need lots of RAM to compile
16:46 dogi jelkner, replaceafill which schools would we support by giving you access to schooltoolVM
16:46 replaceafill like lxml, but 1GB is good for that
16:46 dogi links?
16:46 replaceafill dogi, hold on
16:47 dogi sorry
16:47 replaceafill btw, you can read our grant application for the pilot here: http://docs.google.com/View?id=ddvmjx76_1c7tp3xhk
16:47 we have three schools
16:47 but only two of them have websites
16:48 centro escolar canton el calvario: http://cecec.iespana.es/
16:48 it's a community school
16:48 _bernie replaceafill: looks nice
16:48 dogi #link http://cecec.iespana.es/
16:48 hhardy silbe: ?
16:48 dogi #link http://docs.google.com/View?id=ddvmjx76_1c7tp3xhk
16:48 replaceafill our ministry of education give resources directly to the community
16:48 silbe hhardy: the domain is called sugarlabs, not sugarlaps.
16:48 replaceafill they run the school, hire the teachers
16:48 etc
16:48 and another one: http://esaes.edicypages.com/
16:49 dogi replaceafill, thx
16:49 #link http://esaes.edicypages.com/
16:49 replaceafill that's a nice school which works with kids who have learning problems
16:49 _bernie replaceafill: seems complementary to moodle
16:49 hhardy silbe: right
16:49 replaceafill they're commonly rejected from "regular" schools
16:49 _bernie, in fact last year, there were talks to integrate them
16:49 jelkner moodle is a course management system
16:49 replaceafill with a school in califormina
16:49 hhardy I was thinking nslookub?
16:50 jelkner schooltool is a school information system
16:50 replaceafill sorry, california
16:50 hhardy lol
16:50 replaceafill dogi, the other school doesn't have a website yet
16:50 jelkner there was a proposal in california to add moodle net support to schooltool
16:50 dogi replaceafill, np
16:50 jelkner that would have been really nice
16:50 but it didn't pan out
16:50 they would be complimentary
16:51 there is some overlap in functionality
16:51 moodle has a gradebook, for example
16:51 but basically, using both together would be very powerful
16:51 icarito replaceafill, where do you send a grant proposal? we could use a grant to support a pilot we have here
16:51 replaceafill icarito, let me get the link for you
16:52 icarito, http://book.schooltool.org/htm[…]lp/grant-rfp.html
16:52 jelkner icarito, a schooltool pilot?
16:52 icarito replaceafill, jelkner no, just sugar on xo for now
16:52 jelkner ahh, this is specifically a schooltool development grant
16:52 replaceafill icarito, oh sorry
16:53 jelkner aimed at requesting developer time to customize schooltool for your needs
16:53 replaceafill icarito, i thought you were talking about a schooltool grant
16:53 icarito replaceafill, interesting nevertheless, thank you
16:53 dogi so slowly we have to come to an end
16:53 replaceafill :)
16:53 dogi do we all agree to give replaceafill access to schooltoolVM?
16:54 _bernie, ?
16:54 jelkner ok, everyone, thanks, i need to run
16:54 _bernie dogi: +1
16:54 replaceafill :)
16:54 icarito :-)
16:54 _bernie icarito: hola
16:54 icarito hola _bernie
16:55 still in .py?
16:56 dogi #action dogi give access replaceafill to schooltoolVM
16:56 icarito added one more item to etherpad agenda : git.sugarlabs.org password recovery / or login seems broken
16:56 hhardy dogi: if I cannot remember the passphrase perhaps I can find it in an old notebook... otherwise I may need to generate a new one
16:56 new key
16:56 dogi replaceafill, can you transfrom schooltoolVM into a nice sugarlabs like looking webpage?
16:57 replaceafill dogi, sure, should i take www.sugarlabs.org as a reference?
16:58 dogi or the wiki site
16:58 the first line is the important one
16:58 :)
16:59 #action replaceafill transform schooltool.sl.o
16:59 replaceafill ah ok
17:00 dogi #done dogi give acces to replaceafill
17:00 replaceafill, can you look if ssh works
17:00 icarito, next topic?
17:00 replaceafill dogi, it does!
17:01 dogi :)
17:01 silbe dogi: I suppose you've sent replaceafill the host key via PGP signed email? ;)
17:01 icarito dogi, yes thank you
17:02 we discussed on the mailing list
17:02 dogi mom
17:02 icarito we would like a wordpress instance we can work on for somosazucar.org
17:02 dogi #topic mapspress and somosazucar
17:02 #link http://mapspress.olpcorps.org
17:02 #info icarito will take over this VM for
17:02 #link http://somosazucar.org
17:02 #info and install some wordpress plugins there
17:02 now ..
17:03 icarito _bernie mentioned that sugarlabs could use a wordpress-mu instance
17:03 dogi do we have a link for this mailing list discussion?
17:03 _bernie, icarito what is wordpress-mu
17:04 icarito wordpress-mu is a blogging software for multiple blogs/domains/users
17:04 one instance can host multiple blogs
17:04 dogi likes linkes
17:04 _bernie icarito: yes I'm still in .py
17:05 icarito: we have a very strong technical team doing sugar development
17:05 dogi #link http://mu.wordpress.org/
17:05 icarito well we could set up a wordpress-mu instance that is fit to our needs here, and perhaps we can all share it
17:05 _bernie dogi: wordpress-mu is a multiuser version of wordpress, the blogging sw
17:05 icarito _bernie, i really want to meet your team
17:06 _bernie, dogi question is if the instance we have in mind to create will be useful to other people but i think yes
17:06 _bernie icarito, dogi: http://mu.wordpress.org/download/
17:06 icarito: are you anywhere near us? it would be great if you could visit
17:07 icarito _bernie, we're in Lima, who knows maybe later in the year we could travel
17:08 so _bernie, dogi should we use a VM or do you want me to set up wordpress-mu on sunjammer?
17:09 dogi #link http://lists.sugarlabs.org/pri[…]March/001905.html
17:10 _bernie icarito: I'd rather use sunjammer if there are no technical issues
17:10 icarito: wordpress looks like a simple php app to me. do you have experience setting it up?
17:11 icarito _bernie, yes i have experience with regular wordpress, guess wp-mu should be the same
17:11 _bernie the reason I prefer to use sunjammer is to limit the proliferation of many VMs running just one service
17:12 it's a big maintenance burden to keep all of them updated, secured and backed up.  So, the fewer VMs, the more time we have to do actual useful work.
17:12 icarito _bernie, we are exploring the posibility to try to customize a statusnet instance (this is the sw that runs identi.ca) for kids - can we host this somewhere too?
17:12 _bernie icarito: sure, it would be great
17:12 icarito: how invasive is statusnet?
17:12 dogi _bernie: :) invasive :P
17:12 icarito _bernie, that is a good question - i have no data on how many resources it needs
17:13 _bernie icarito: you can start on sunjammer for that one too and move to a real vm in case it turns out to be a pita like pootle
17:13 icarito it looks like a regular PHP app
17:14 _bernie, ok no problem
17:14 dogi _bernie, no
17:14 icarito so then sunjammer it is ? sounds great from here
17:15 dogi so will icarito have root on sunjammer?
17:15 cause on the VM that is not a problem
17:16 icarito, in the end it is up to you
17:16 icarito i have no problem in being a good citizen @sunjammer
17:16 silbe dogi: except for updating the apache config, no root access should be required
17:16 _bernie icarito: I'm already setting up a work env for you to get started
17:17 icarito also I can request stuff to root if necesary
17:17 thank you _bernie
17:18 _bernie, somosazucar is pointing to solarsail - it should then point to sunjammer
17:18 should I send you my ssh public key?
17:18 dogi but that will not help in reducing the maintenance _bernie ...
17:19 silbe icarito: do you have a PGP key?
17:19 dogi #action _bernie help icarito with somasazucar.org
17:20 _bernie icarito: see /srv/www-sugarlabs/blog on sunjammer
17:20 icarito silbe, atm no, but I can generate one..
17:20 _bernie icarito: k
17:21 icarito silbe, perhaps my ssh pubkey will suffice for me to login?
17:21 silbe icarito: is there anyboy in your vicinity you can do a PGP keysigning with?
17:22 icarito: otherwise we'll just do without for now.
17:22 icarito silbe, i once did the debian new mantainer dance
17:22 dogi icarito, :)
17:23 replaceafill would like to do that dance :)
17:23 dogi thinks we can move to the next topic?
17:23 icarito silbe, but lost that key in a previous life - when you guys come visit you can sign my key
17:23 thanks everybody - thank you bernie and dogi !
17:24 silbe icarito: ok, for getting the shell account please follow http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]l_account_request
17:24 dogi icarito, silbe have you heard about the webcam signing party ....
17:24 #topic update about washington dc wikipedia servers
17:24 #info Arlington Career Center is hosting one of the ex wikipediaserver
17:24 #link
17:24 #info 8GB ram
17:25 silbe icarito: I don't think I'll be in Lima any time soon, but maybe some day... :)
17:26 dogi: webcam signing? you mean graffiti? ;)
17:26 dogi silbe, no
17:26 #topic test fairy
17:26 #info eat your own dogfood
17:26 #info since web2.0 has the same problems a party has to being good
17:26 #info we have to produce some content for having this service starting
17:26 #link http://idea.sugarlabs.org
17:26 #action every treehouser has to produce two ideas for the next week
17:26 #info We have more then 200 visits a day ... please write ideas
17:27 _bernie icarito: I'm moving somosazucar now
17:27 icarito _bernie, great
17:27 hhardy ...not...
17:28 dogi last week we had 1500 visits there
17:29 by the way with treehouser I mean all of you :P
17:29 #topic access fairy
17:30 does somebody else then hhardy need access to systems ...
17:32 icarito volunteer here asks what kinds of ideas do we put on this site?
17:33 she asks if mostly technical?
17:33 dogi icarito, every idea
17:33 icarito cool
17:34 dogi and this is our problem we are too technical there
17:34 icarito yes, nontechnical volunteer here just asked me because most ideas there now are technical
17:35 _bernie icarito: what subdomains do you use in somosazucar.{org,net,com} ?
17:35 silbe icarito: that's because all the technical peeps are constantly asked to add stuff to that page :)
17:35 dogi icarito, http://idea.sugarlabs.org/drup[…]atorrent/idea/25/
17:35 icarito _bernie, for now we will use .org only
17:36 _bernie icarito: yes, but what subdomains? www, wiki, mail...?  do you have google apps too?
17:36 dogi oh silbe ... but a technical idea there is better then none :P
17:37 hhardy, look in private chat
17:37 icarito _bernie, currently mx records point to google and we already have google mail for it
17:38 _bernie silbe: btw, I've fixed the queries in the front page of bugs.sugarlabs.org .  previously, there were syntax errors and this is why the tables were always empty! :-)
17:38 silbe: I've also created a couple of wiki pages with other useful queries
17:38 silbe _bernie: oops.
17:38 icarito _bernie, no subdomains needed - just www
17:38 silbe _bernie: thx!
17:38 _bernie icarito: www pointing at sunjammer for wordpress-mu?
17:38 icarito: I'll also do blog.somosazucar.*
17:39 dogi will then end this meeting ....
17:39 icarito ok and let plain somosazucar.org point to sunjammer too
17:39 dogi #endmeeting

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