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#treehouse, 2010-03-23

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16:06 dogi #info Date: 2010-03-23
16:06 #info Time: 20:00 UTC (16:00 EST, 21:00 CET)
16:06 #info Agenda: http://openetherpad.org/0MCJmP85OM
16:06 #info Location: #treehouse on irc.oftc.net
16:06 #link http://embed.mibbit.com/?serve[…]nnel=%23treehouse
16:07 #topic agenda
16:07 #info * last meeting
16:07 #info aslocamp @ RIT update (http://www.rit.edu/academicaff[…]tudentinnovation/ )-dfarning will talk to prof stevens this evening and sort out scheudal.  The chose weekend is all ready rather full of events on campus.
16:07 #info remote power control for ASLO@RIT
16:07 #info new actividadesVM on housetree (http://activities.olpcorps.net/ )
16:07 #info new monitoringVM on treehouse (http://monitoring.sugarlabs.org/ )
16:07 #info new schooltoolVM on treehouse (http://schooltool.sugarlabs.org/ )
16:07 #info new rtVM on treehouse (http://rt.sugarlabs.org )
16:07 #info new sharingVM on treehouse (http://sharing.sugarlabs.org )
16:07 #info *  test fairy - treehousers (http://idea.sugarlabs.org )
16:07 #info *  access fairy - treehousers
16:07 silbe, dfarning_laptop is there something to add
16:07 #info discussion about clustering and filesystems
16:08 dfarning_laptop that looks complete
16:08 silbe 20:56 < silbe> I've got three additional topics: DNS, keyserver, moderation plugin for Trac
16:09 hhardy monitoring vm?
16:09 dogi hi hhardy yes
16:09 try to login
16:09 hhardy later... will have tog et keys from thinker...
16:10 dogi :)
16:10 #topic last meeting
16:10 #info Usefull Links:
16:10 #info LastAgenda:
16:10 #link http://openetherpad.org/S4ogRbK1YK
16:10 #info LastLog:
16:10 #link http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/tr[…]0100316_1704.html
16:10 #info LastMinutes:
16:10 #link http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/tr[…]0100316_1704.html
16:10 #info NextAgenda:
16:10 #link http://openetherpad.org/WwWmUiMz5U
16:10 #info actioncheck
16:10 #done dogi createVM acitvidades rt schooltool monitoring sharing
16:10 are there some done actions to add?
16:11 #topic aslocamp @ RIT update (http://www.rit.edu/academicaff[…]tudentinnovation/ )
16:11 #info dfarning will talk to prof stevens this evening and sort out scheudal.  The chose weekend is all ready rather full of events on campus.
16:12 dfarning_laptop, /me is curious tell me something
16:12 dfarning_laptop soory on other line.
16:12 dogi ok
16:13 #link http://www.rit.edu/academicaff[…]tudentinnovation/
16:13 dfarning_laptop I got a brief email from prof jacobs that the planned weekend was already pretty full
16:13 dogi I know ...
16:14 but think I could stay longer and then go back by train
16:14 silbe will be half-afk, watching documentary film about OLPC in TV (sorry)
16:14 dfarning_laptop If it dosen't work for a bootcamp/hackfest mayyou can set up the equipment
16:14 dogi sure :)
16:15 dfarning_laptop and we can hold an event a little later.
16:15 after you get back from italy
16:15 dogi +1
16:15 but we will move the servers as planned ...
16:15 dfarning_laptop yes, I think that is best.
16:16 dogi #topic remote power control
16:16 #info also @ RIT needs something similar
16:16 #link http://www.aviosys.com/ippower9258.htm
16:16 #link https://azug.minpet.unibas.ch/[…]wer_Switch_IP9258
16:16 #link http://www.amazon.com/gp/searc[…]F8&qid=1268942079
16:16 #idea better/other suggestions?
16:16 by the way dfarning_laptop
16:16 dfarning_laptop dogi, djbclark have an idea?
16:17 sorry did djbclark have an idea?
16:17 dogi when should we test the final setup for aslo in pika?
16:18 or we could buy that one djbclark already provided
16:19 dfarning_laptop dogi, I think we should wait until every thing is at RIT before doing the testing.
16:19 dogi :)
16:20 #topic new actividadesVM on housetree
16:20 #info actividades.com s new home
16:20 #link http://activities.olpcorps.net/
16:20 dfarning_laptop I have just been running out of time....
16:21 dogi ok
16:21 wanted only to ask if the vm is fine
16:21 ?
16:21 and you have access to sudo
16:21 dfarning_laptop Yes, vm is working fine am uploading drupal as we speak.
16:22 sudo works fine... installed mysql and apache
16:22 dogi #topic new monitoringVM on treehouse
16:22 #info the new home of munin
16:22 #link http://monitoring.sugarlabs.org/
16:22 #info strange munin log on treehouse
16:22 #link http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…].org-libvirt.html
16:22 #idea give aslo-web only 3 cpus?
16:22 #action hhardy recipe for bigsister and munin install
16:22 cool :)
16:22 dfarning_laptop, have there a strange shake in munin
16:23 hhardy ok
16:23 dogi do you know what was that
16:23 hi hhardy
16:23 hhardy should be able to be distilled from .bash_history
16:23 the scripts
16:24 dogi this sounds great
16:24 hhardy, do you have acces to treehouse and housetree
16:25 hhardy why was the cpu plateuing like that?
16:25 dfarning_laptop dogi, three cpu would be fine for aslo.
16:25 hhardy not that I know of
16:25 dogi #action dogi 3cpu on aslo-web
16:26 hhardy, you should ...
16:26 dfarning_laptop hhardy, I think the high cpu load was due to a problem with the network bridge which dogi has been working on
16:26 hhardy a loop?
16:27 dogi dfarning_laptop, for me it is more who fixed it ... I didnt ...
16:27 and what was it ...
16:27 is there more to speak here?
16:27 dfarning_laptop dogi, I thought that was the bridge memory leak you were taking about.
16:28 dogi hmm no not that know
16:28 _bernie, did a beamrider test
16:28 hhardy treehouse FQDN?
16:28 dogi treehouse.[sugarlabs.org|olpcorps.net]
16:29 hhardy, sended you a private message
16:31 #topic new schooltoolVM on treehouse
16:31 #info connect sugar to schooltool
16:31 #link http://schooltool.sugarlabs.org/
16:31 #info recipe
16:31 #link http://book.schooltool.org/htmlhelp/install.html
16:31 hhardy, +1
16:33 lfaraone, by the way tell us something about the new sunjammer :)
16:33 maybe next time
16:33 #topic new rtVM on treehouse (http://rt.sugarlabs.org )
16:33 #info will be the end postmaster and other emails?
16:33 #action lfaraone install rt
16:34 _bernie dogi: yep
16:34 dogi lfaraone, you should have on both access
16:34 hi _bernie
16:34 _bernie dogi: it worked... more or less :)
16:34 dogi the beamrider update
16:34 hhardy hi _bernie
16:34 dogi more?
16:34 _bernie hhardy: hi!
16:34 dogi or less?
16:34 some quickfixes?
16:35 ... so for sunjammer jaunty to karmic update you learned something?
16:35 hhardy no access to treehouse
16:36 dogi #action dogi fix hhardy on treehouse
16:36 hhardy or housetree
16:37 dogi there is no ssh key there
16:37 hhardy there... where?
16:37 dogi on treehouse
16:37 hhardy right or password
16:37 dogi #topic new sharingVM on treehouse (http://sharing.sugarlabs.org )
16:37 #info test environment for having the server side for documentsharing
16:37 #idea samba?
16:37 hhardy samba? why?
16:38 dogi hhardy, silbe _bernie dfarning_laptop is there a simple way to give access to a networkfolder
16:38 webdav
16:38 hhardy imap
16:38 silbe dogi: sshfs?
16:39 dogi sure an easy to implement in sugar?
16:39 hhardy coda
16:39 dogi python libraries
16:39 tested coda already
16:40 silbe dogi: let's talk about that more detailed some other time
16:40 dogi ok
16:40 hhardy afs
16:40 dogi #idea webdav must have python libraries?
16:41 hhardy subversion
16:42 dogi hhardy, that is a good point versioning
16:42 #idea +versioning
16:42 #topic test fairy
16:42 #info eat your own dogfood
16:42 #info since web2.0 has the same problems a party has to being good
16:42 #info we have to produce some content for having this service starting
16:42 #link http://idea.sugarlabs.org
16:42 #action every treehouser has to produce two ideas for the next week
16:42 #info We have more then 200 visits a day ... please write ideas
16:42 #link http://ideas.sugarlabs.org
16:43 #action dogi write schooltool idea
16:43 #topic access fairy
16:43 #info silbe needs housetree and treehouse access ...
16:44 hhardy, _bernie ?
16:44 all in favor?
16:44 hhardy yes?
16:44 dogi +1
16:44 hhardy no I don't like idea...
16:44 everytime you bring it up I get a headache
16:44 dogi to give silbe full access on treehouse
16:45 hhardy -1 idea
16:45 Occam's Razor
16:45 dogi :)
16:45 hhardy lol
16:45 dogi I remember that dicussion
16:46 hhardy yes
16:46 it encourages users to feel empowered to demand things and expect them to magically happen
16:46 rather use rt for that lol
16:46 dogi no idea is nothing for hhardy ... dogi knows that already
16:47 hhardy, I am the opinion that silbe needs access on housetree/treehouse
16:47 wanted only to have your consens
16:48 +1 from dogi
16:48 _bernie,
16:48 hhardy I am not going to block consensus
16:48 dogi thx hhardy
16:48 hhardy so zero then
16:49 dogi #action dogi give silbe access to treehouse/housetree
16:49 +1 of 2
16:51 #topic discussion about clustering and filesystems
16:51 #info ceph is in the new linux kernel ...
16:51 #link http://ceph.newdream.net/
16:52 could that be a solution for our nfs problems? dfarning_laptop ?
16:52 hhardy Cool
16:52 nfs... ewwwww
16:53 dfarning_laptop looks pretty new :)
16:53 I'll give it a look
16:54 dogi hhardy, right now nfs is doing a good job between sunjammer and aslo-web
16:55 basically 2 Virtual Machine connected by nfs
16:56 silbe, tell me something about the movie ...
16:56 hhardy http://docs.hp.com/en/5992-0715/ch08s01.html
16:56 silbe dogi: it's interesting actually seeing all the OLPC folks :)
16:57 richard smith just talked about solar power...
16:57 dogi #link http://www.arte.tv/de/woche/24[…]12,year=2010.html
16:58 #link http://www.arte.tv/fr/semaine/[…]12,year=2010.html
16:58 german french
16:59 _bernie sorry guys, I was busy with something at the office
17:00 silbe ok, film is over, I'm attentive now :)
17:00 dogi is recording the german stream ... let s hope that works ... sitting in us and not in eu
17:01 _bernie, silbe what do you think is the best solution for aslo in the cluster mode ...
17:02 silbe dogi: solution for what exactly?
17:02 _bernie I'm also +1 on getting silbe on housetree/treehouse
17:02 dogi _bernie, thx
17:02 #done beamrider update test
17:03 hhardy sure silbe and me also pls
17:03 dogi is beamrider still usable
17:04 hi basti
17:04 basti hey dogi
17:05 dogi http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/tr[…]0100323_1606.html
17:05 think it time to end the meeting ...
17:05 #endmeeting
17:09 _bernie uh?
17:09 dogi <meeting> Meeting finished at 17:05.
17:09 <meeting> Logs available at http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/tr[…]0100323_1606.html
17:09 <hhardy> dogi, IHoP in harard sqare at 18:00?
17:09 <dogi> yes hhardy
17:09 <hhardy> doh Harvard^2
17:09 <hhardy> ok you know the way?
17:09 _bernie again?
17:09 dogi <dogi> Central^2 = kendall^2 + Harvard^2
17:09 <hhardy> if not say so and I will meet you at the top of the escalator
17:09 <silbe> uh, what about my topics?
17:09 <hhardy> so that would make central the hypoteneuse
17:09 <dogi> which topic?
17:09 <silbe> 21:08 < silbe> 20:56 < silbe> I've got three additional topics: DNS, keyserver, moderation plugin for Trac
17:09 <dogi> ooohhh sorry
17:09 <lfaraone> dogi: back. Okay, I can handle that.
17:09 <lfaraone> dogi: in other news, blackrock (new solarsail) arrived
17:10 #info blackrock new solarsail arrived
17:10 _bernie lfaraone: very good news! what's the status? do you also have drives and memory?
17:10 dogi #topic blackrock
17:10 silbe you are next ...
17:10 silbe ok, so DNS first
17:11 dogi ack silbe
17:11 lfaraone, do like more to write an email about blackrock?
17:11 silbe I've finished the "backend" stuff (resolve external host names to IP addresses, convert tinydns format data files -> BIND format).
17:12 now the question is how we want the "frontend" stuff, i.e. the config files we actually edit, to look like.
17:12 dogi silbe, great git bind repo by the way ...
17:12 it worked out of the box
17:12 lfaraone dogi: wait, are we talking about blackrock or DNS? :)
17:12 dogi lfaraone,
17:13 blackrock still
17:13 lfaraone _bernie: no, the hard disks and RAM did not arrive.
17:13 silbe oh, must have misunderstood the "your are next", sorry.
17:13 lfaraone but the machine seems very speedy, and I like the intergreted - lights - out console.
17:14 it's currently awating additional parts before we install it at TWIX.
17:14 dogi lfaraone, who is we?
17:14 lfaraone the warranty is good through mid 2012, iirc.
17:15 dogi: I'll be transferring it to a TWIX employee once neuralis is satisfied with the configuration.
17:15 hhardy +1 ILO
17:15 dogi ahh neuralis and lfaraone  is we :)
17:16 sounds great ...
17:17 hope we will have next week more infos ....
17:18 next topic lfaraone ?
17:19 #topic dns
17:19 silbe
17:19 silbe ok, see above :)
17:19 dogi keyserver?
17:19 silbe let's do dns first
17:19 dogi k
17:21 silbe are tinydns format files with comments fine or should we do something more fancy?
17:22 dogi lol for me right now the git bind repo is already great ... is there an improvment to that?
17:22 silbe dogi: tinydns certainly is an improvement over BIND :-P
17:23 dogi trusts your taste
17:23 hhardy don't really know tinydns but it has pretty much replaced BIND now
17:24 silbe ok, unless someone proposes a better format, I'm going to stick with plain tinydns format files (one per domain, with symlinks for domains that are supposed to be the same) for now. We can always do something more fancy later.
17:25 hhardy: we're not going to replace BIND itself (for now :D), just the input format
17:25 _bernie dfarning_laptop: mirrorbrain is sending python errors on cron. can you have a look
17:25 silbe: as long as the new input format is nicer to edit, I'm all for it!
17:25 silbe: take into account dnssec... I'm going to sign the zones as soon as I find some time
17:25 dogi as long as you don t destroy the actual git process you have an ok from me
17:26 _bernie silbe: can you post to systems@ with an example of the new zone format?
17:26 silbe the advantage of the tinydns format is that you don't need to remember to a) increase the serial number and b) create PTR records as tinydns-data will do that for you.
17:26 _bernie I'm not familiar with djb's format, but I've seen some people boycotting it for missing features
17:26 silbe _bernie: I'll check it in on lightwave (but inactive) as soon as I've finished converting the "old" files.
17:27 _bernie silbe: k
17:27 silbe _bernie: I much prefer the tinydns format for editing, but it's obviously a matter of preference
17:27 _bernie silbe: do you need to expand the hd of lightwave still?
17:27 dfarning_laptop: today we found out that the paraguayeduca mirror is not being chosen when we download from the office
17:28 dfarning_laptop: can you explain to me how to diagnose this type of problem?
17:28 silbe _bernie: as for lacking features, I haven't seen any serious complaint yet. Unlike BIND, tinydns can handle any record type using a generic type. You don't need to upgrade tinydns to use some fancy new record.
17:29 _bernie silbe: but you have to specify weird magic numbers maybe?
17:29 silbe _bernie: as for DNSSEC, I still hope someone does a filter that signs the zones. tinydns itself doesn't need to be modified.
17:29 dogi keyserver
17:30 #topic keyserver
17:30 silbe _bernie: yes, you need to give the raw contents. But that's what filters implemented in Python are for ;)
17:30 dogi _bernie, did not extended lightwave
17:30 silbe _bernie: (at least for SPF, I'm already doing so for my own domains)
17:30 hhardy BIND sucks as far as being very subject to human error
17:30 dogi but treehouse-srv is now 50G bigger
17:30 hhardy oops misplaced period... oops forgot to increment
17:31 silbe hhardy: +1, that's why I'm so keen on replacing it at least for the front end part ASAP
17:31 hhardy oops forgot to restart it
17:32 silbe the only advantage that BIND has currently is DNSSEC support - not because I think DNSSEC is great (though it seems to have improved), but because it might be required by registrars soon.
17:32 dogi silbe, is the VM extention needed on lightwave 20GB?
17:32 silbe hhardy: as for the restarting part, our post-receive hook of the git repo already takes care of that :)
17:32 dogi: yep
17:33 dogi #action dogi extent lightwaveVM +20GB
17:34 I have to go soon
17:34 silbe ...
17:34 hhardy dogi I will see you at the station at 18:15 is that enough time?
17:34 silbe ok, that was the second topic already
17:34 hhardy at the up escalator?
17:34 silbe so #3, Trac
17:35 hhardy oh sorry one mroe topic
17:35 dogi #topic trac plugin
17:35 hhardy the moderation patch
17:35 silbe everyone read my mail on systems@?
17:35 any suggestions / objections to my plan?
17:36 dogi silbe which of the many
17:37 silbe Message-ID: <20100315200204.GB8752@twin.sascha.silbe.org>
17:37 Subject: [Systems] Trac: using TicketModeratorPlugin to filter SPAM
17:37 Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 21:02:04 +0100
17:39 dogi: ^^
17:40 dogi hmm
17:40 dfarning_laptop _bernie, I am looking into the mirrorbrain problem
17:41 dogi silbe, I dont find that mail
17:42 silbe dogi: try the archive (you'll need your mailman password IIRC)
17:42 _bernie dfarning_laptop: thanks
17:42 dfarning_laptop _bernie, http://mirrors.sugarlabs.org/ looks good.
17:42 _bernie dfarning_laptop: yeah, I went there first
17:42 dogi has to go ...
17:43 _bernie dfarning_laptop: if you need an account on a machine in paraguay, let me know
17:43 dogi: bye
17:43 silbe I take that as no objections and will execute my plan then :)
17:43 dogi: cya
17:43 dogi and since nobody else reclaimed until now ...
17:43 silbe +1
17:43 #endmeeting

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