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#treehouse, 2010-03-16

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
17:04 dogi #topic agenda
17:04 #info * last meeting
17:04 #info * aslocamp at RIT - RIT/dfarning (http://aslo-web.sugarlabs.org )
17:04 #info * aslo node update - alsroot/dfarning (http://aslo1.sugarlabs.org )
17:04 #info * https on all our sevices - silbe/dogi
17:04 #info * sugar content sharing - alsroot/tonyf (http://idea.olpcorps.net/drupa[…]atorrent/idea/19/ )
17:04 #info * launchpadVM update - lfaraone (http://pad.sugarlabs.org )
17:04 #info * new time for #treehouse meeting
17:04 #info * test fairy - treehousers (http://idea.sugarlabs.org )
17:04 #info * access fairy - treehousers
17:05 #info * discussion: new server for 2k
17:05 are there some topics to add?
17:05 ping dfarning
17:05 ping _bernie
17:05 ping silbe
17:06 silbe half-there, trying to locate a data store bug
17:06 dogi silbe: new time for #treehouse meeting
17:06 this point is there for you ...
17:06 silbe dogi: one hour earlier, sounds good :)
17:06 dogi :)
17:06 silbe s/sounds/is/ ;)
17:07 dogi #topic last meeting
17:07 #link http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/tr[…]0100309_1609.html
17:07 #info open actions
17:07 #action dogi create schooltoolVM for lfaraone
17:07 #action dogi create monitoringVM for hhardy
17:07 #action bernie pootle migration to housetree
17:07 #action dogi brainstorm hardware donation site for wikipediaservers
17:07 #action bernie/dogi ask on fedora cloud list for VMs
17:07 #action dogi research into spanify idea.sl.o
17:07 #action dogi update http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/I[…]ure_Team/Meetings and all the other meetings pages
17:07 #action lfaraone fix feedback@sugarlabs.org
17:07 #action dogi add https to meetingVM
17:07 #action bernie destroy by testing OS upgrade beamriderVM
17:07 #action dfarning silbe fix symlink issue on lightwave for puppet
17:07 #action bernie/dogi add more harddrive space on lightwave
17:07 #action silbe keyserver for monkeyshere on lightwave
17:07 #action dogi/bernie fix md1/lvm on treehouse
17:07 #action add lvm to lightwaveVM for keyserver
17:07 are there some action i can close ...
17:07 had busy money working week ...
17:08 so most of my actions are only half done or still open
17:09 #topic aslocamp at RIT update
17:09 #link http://aslo-web.sugarlabs.org
17:10 cdeslandes / decause : are there any updates in the RIT/aslo affair?
17:10 cdeslandes dogi: None to my knowlegde
17:10 dogi it looks like dfarning is not here
17:10 cdeslandes dogi: All I know is that we got a space for the three servers
17:11 dogi cool :)
17:11 where is this space?
17:11 silbe cdeslandes: cooling as well? ;)
17:11 dogi do you have a link?
17:12 cdeslandes dogi: It is in the innovation center av rack
17:13 dogi #link http://www.rit.edu/academicaff[…]tudentinnovation/
17:13 cdeslandes silbe: It is passivly cooled b the room which is a bg area, to be relocated to the glass server room that is being planned currently
17:13 dogi hope this is the right link ...
17:14 silbe cdeslandes: bg area? (sorry, non-native speaker)
17:15 dogi bg = background?
17:15 cdeslandes silbe: I would say about the size of a large lecture room that could seat 100
17:16 silbe cdeslandes: ah, so bg=big?
17:16 cdeslandes silbe: I forgot the i, I meant to say it was a big open room
17:16 silbe: sorry
17:16 silbe cdeslandes: ok, I thought it was some kind of abbreviation unknown to me. :)
17:16 cdeslandes: sounds good then.
17:17 dogi cdeslandes, in the last meeting dfarning and me tried to set up a date
17:17 #link http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/tr[…]0309_1609.html#48
17:19 hi trose
17:19 trose hey
17:19 sorry i'm late, missed the memo about switching channels
17:20 dogi welcome to the weekly infrastructure meeting at #treehouse
17:20 trose thanks ^_^
17:20 cdeslandes dogi: sounds good to me, I check with decause this week, I don't think he will have an issue
17:20 trose: is decause there with you?
17:21 dogi thx cdeslandes
17:21 trose cdeslandes: No i'm super sick, i'm at home, i'll call him
17:21 ... is says he's in channel :/
17:21 cdeslandes trose: don't worry about it, he probbaly has bigger fish to ry
17:21 trose is he not responding?
17:22 kk
17:22 dogi trose, backlog: http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/tr[…]0100316_1704.html
17:22 trose thanks
17:22 silbe trose: hope you're getting well soon
17:23 dogi +1
17:23 #topic aslo node update
17:23 #link http://aslo1.sugarlabs.org
17:23 #link http://aslo2.sugarlabs.org
17:23 #link http://aslo3.sugarlabs.org
17:23 #link
17:23 #info -> for power on/off
17:23 I dont can really speak for dfarning ...
17:24 but he did a great job
17:24 _bernie dogi: I'm back!
17:24 dogi: sorry for being late
17:24 dogi by creating aslo node out off puppet
17:24 hi _bernie
17:25 welcome ... and you arrived like last time right in time ... :)
17:25 #info dfarning/dogi are ready to move aslo to RIT
17:26 hmm it looks they are all powered off by
17:27 trose, I m curious can you tell us who you are?
17:28 trose dogi: Hey, I'm Taylor Rose, I'm currently working on the OVC project at RIT with decause and jlew
17:28 dogi thx :)
17:29 trose sorry, i seem to be in the wrong room haha
17:29 I asked about "the meeting" in another channel and someone mistook which one i was talking about :P
17:29 dogi no no trose in #treehouse everybody which want to help olpc/sugar is welcome
17:30 trose cool, cool
17:30 dogi think that was is it for this week with news abou aslo and RIT
17:30 +t
17:30 if nobody has something to add
17:30 will jump to the next topic
17:31 #topic https on all our sevices
17:31 #info not all sugarlabs services have https enabled
17:31 #idea find out which services need an upgrade
17:31 #info do we have already an ssl certificate police?
17:32 _bernie, do we have an officail ssl cert for https?
17:32 #link https://translate.sugarlabs.org
17:33 #link https://meeting.sugarlabs.org
17:33 silbe, which other services need an ssl extention of http?
17:33 silbe dogi: as many as possible :)
17:34 dogi would like to have something which we can count ...
17:34 :P
17:35 silbe dogi: There's a list in the wiki, you can just try out whether they're reachable via SSL already ;)
17:35 dogi wiki?
17:35 silbe (sorry, lack of time to do it currently)
17:36 dogi You attempted to reach wiki.sugarlabs.org, but instead you actually reached a server identifying itself as radian.org.
17:36 hates this kind of https answers
17:37 silbe dogi: that's solarsail. We cannot use SSL on it for SSL mafia reasons.
17:37 dogi silbe, explain?
17:37 silbe (read: no TLS/SNI support, only single IP address, no CA offers certificates with domains from different users)
17:38 dogi can every server only have one cert?
17:38 remembers darkly ...
17:39 hmm this is a point which brings VM s into an other light ...
17:40 silbe dogi: without TLS/SNI, a server (process) can only offer a single certificate. With multiple IP addresses you can run multiple servers.
17:42 dogi silbe, then who should we deal the best
17:43 silbe dogi: sorry, come again?
17:44 dogi what is your suggestion in this issue?
17:45 for example meeting.sugarlabs.org and me.etin.gs runing on the same server
17:46 is there a possiblity to have both users without error (or at least without redirection error message)
17:50 we have the same problem with pootle (translate.laptop.org and translate.sugarlabs.org)
17:51 silbe dogi: recent Apache versions have SNI support. Many browsers still lack it, but it's better than nothing.
17:52 dogi: with SNI the client sends the expected server name first and thus can be presented with a matching certificate.
17:52 dogi hmm sounds like a solution ... _bernie?
17:53 silbe: can post a link for me?
17:54 #link http://wiki.apache.org/httpd/N[…]dSSLVHostsWithSNI
17:54 silbe dogi: what link?
17:54 ah, I see.
17:54 dogi: _bernie is probably with the teacher trainers right now.
17:55 dogi silbe think so too
17:56 but I think at least we both agree there?
17:56 silbe dogi: you tell me ;)
17:56 dogi no silbe ...
17:57 silbe ?
17:57 dogi: I'd propose setting up the servers to use SNI and fall back to the sugarlabs.org certificate for non-SNI clients?
17:58 s/clients?/clients. Do you agree?/
17:58 _bernie dogi: (catching up)
17:58 silbe _bernie: wb ;)
17:58 _bernie dogi: we do have an official ssl for *.sugarlabs.org. it's signed by CAcert, which means it will not result valid for most browsers
17:59 dogi: it's on sunjammer and it should not be copied around, for security.
17:59 dogi +1 if you post a link how fall back work ...
17:59 _bernie, good to know
18:00 silbe dogi: the link you posted explains how to do it
18:00 _bernie silbe: does SNI work in any real browser?
18:00 silbe dogi: take a look at the example, it's quite explicit
18:00 dogi silbe, SSLStrictSNIVHostCheck off
18:00 _bernie silbe: yes, I have kids asking for "windows" all around me ;-)
18:00 silbe _bernie: it works in my locally patched version of w3m, so yes.
18:00 (SCNR)
18:01 _bernie silbe: lol
18:01 silbe _bernie: let me go looking for the CACert wiki page...
18:01 dogi _bernie, how should I upgrade meeting.sugarlabs.org and translate.sugarlabs.org
18:01 _bernie guys, I have to leave, sorry
18:01 silbe #link http://wiki.cacert.org/Technol[…]Laboratory/SNITLS
18:02 _bernie dogi: we don't have ssl on those
18:02 silbe _bernie: be sure to check your backlog in #sugar for the data store bug
18:02 _bernie silbe: why do we need this btw? we don't have multiple ssl keys
18:02 silbe: thanks
18:02 dogi #topic new time for #treehouse meeting
18:02 #info with the change to summer time
18:02 #info and the request of silbe in february
18:02 #info to move this meeting on a better spot of CET
18:02 #idea decide new meeting time
18:03 _bernie, silbe should we move treehouse meeting to 20 UTC?
18:04 _bernie dogi: they're telling me that I won't have 3G where I'm being hosted tonight
18:04 silbe dogi: that would be great, if everybody else is fine with that time
18:04 _bernie I'll try to come back to the town square
18:04 I have 5 minutes, they're telling me
18:05 dogi +1
18:05 bernie?
18:06 #agreed to move meeting to 20 UTC
18:07 silbe great :)
18:07 dogi #topic test fairy
18:07 #info eat your own dogfood
18:07 #info since web2.0 has the same problems a party has to being good
18:07 #info we have to produce some content for having this service starting
18:07 #link http://idea.sugarlabs.org
18:07 #action every treehouser has to produce two ideas for the next week
18:07 silbe we can reconsider if anyone complains
18:07 dogi silbe, sure
18:08 silbe #idea don't require yet another account on http://idea.sugarlabs.org
18:08 dogi openid?
18:09 #link http://drupal.org/project/openid
18:10 silbe dogi: I haven't seen any really usable OpenID provider yet. All of them use passwords, making the user susceptible to spoofing/phishing.
18:10 dogi hmmm
18:11 silbe but yeah, OpenID might be part of a solution.
18:11 dogi we have already ca 300 visits in a week there ....
18:12 silbe I have writing an OpenID provider doing authentication using SSL client certs on my TODO list, but it takes enough time that it's not exactly on the top of the list...
18:12 dogi :)
18:13 #topic discussion: new server for 2k
18:13 silbe I guess we need to postpone that topic as _bernie is gone.
18:13 dogi think we should move this into the normal channel discussions
18:13 +1 silbe
18:14 #action bernie ping treehousers for discussion: new server for 2k
18:14 #endmeeting

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