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#treehouse, 2010-02-16

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16:06 dogi #topic agenda #info * last meeting #info * aslo and RIT update - dfarning #info * subuntu (buildslave) documentation - dfarning #info * meetingVM update - dogi #info * olpc-paraguay VM? - bernie #info * idea fairy #info * access fairy #info * ubuntu cloud discussion
16:06 grr
16:07 _bernie lfhey
16:07 dogi #topic agenda
16:07 #topic agenda
16:08 #info * last meeting
16:08 #info * aslo and RIT update - dfarning
16:08 #info * subuntu (buildslave) documentation - dfarning
16:08 #info * meetingVM update - dogi
16:08 #info * olpc-paraguay VM? - bernie
16:09 #info * idea fairy
16:09 #info * access fairy
16:09 #info * ubuntu cloud discussion
16:09 #topic last meeting
16:09 #info action dogi status of 3 boston servers - done
16:10 #link http://people.sugarlabs.org/dogi/wikipediaserver/
16:10 #info one is a little bit broken
16:10 #link http://people.sugarlabs.org/do[…]rver/P1150197.JPG
16:10 #info action RIT/CSH/dogi/david create an intruduction site to aslo from the
16:10 #info action RIT/CSH/dogi/david create an intruduction site to aslo from the students perspective - done
16:10 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Plans/Discovery_One
16:10 #info action dogi clone lucid template - done
16:11 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/M[…]buntu-10.04-64bit
16:11 #link http://me.etin.gs/ubuntu-sugar[…]0100212_0606.html
16:11 #info action ask mel regaurding idea and gsoc - done
16:11 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/GSoC
16:11 #info please give your opinion to ideas on:
16:11 #link http://idea.sugarlabs.org/drup[…]/ideatorrent/gsoc
16:11 #info action dogi create launchpadVM - done
16:12 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/M[…]reehouse/lauchpad
16:12 #info not done:
16:12 #action dogi update http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/I[…]ure_Team/Meetings
16:12 #action dogi ask adam reguarding idea and gsoc
16:12 #action dogi/bernie give silbe access to lightwave
16:12 #action bernie switch master dns to lightwave
16:12 so dine
16:13 _bernie dogi: yep
16:13 dogi #topic aslo and RIT update - dfarning
16:13 _bernie dogi: I've been thinking of a technique to arbitrate edits to sugarlabs.org without stomping on each other.
16:13 dfarning looks like the servers were sent to boston by mistake
16:13 lfaraone dogi: looks like WMF sent the machines destened to RIT to Boston.
16:13 _bernie dogi: can you use git?
16:13 dogi #info - update on the sending of the 12 wikimedia machines
16:14 #info -- 6 boston servers arrived - dogi
16:14 yes in boston there 6 servers
16:14 lfaraone dogi: we have not recieved the other 6 machines here in VA at the ACC, I just checked with my contact there.
16:14 _bernie lfaraone, dogi: we want only 3 machines at rit, right?
16:14 dfarning so we need to either plan on dogi traveling or shipping them to RIT
16:14 lfaraone _bernie: yes.
16:15 _bernie 3 blades may still be a little bit too much for dogi to carry around
16:15 lfaraone dogi: so I'll have to follow up with RobH / someone from wikimedia-tech. They said they'd give us tracking numbers, but I've not seen them yet :/
16:15 dogi lfaraone: dfarning : think i can move them by bus or train ...
16:15 lfaraone _bernie: and we did have 300USD earmarked for shipping.
16:15 dfarning have you had a chance ot look at the machines yet?
16:15 dogi #action lfaraone follow up tracking numbers
16:16 dfarning: yes
16:16 but only on one
16:16 dfarning .... are they decent?
16:17 dogi #link http://people.sugarlabs.org/do[…]rver/P1150217.JPG
16:17 _bernie dogi: what do they look like?
16:17 dogi they are silicon mechanics
16:17 cdeslandes nice
16:18 dogi 2gb of ram
16:18 dual processors
16:18 1 unit high
16:18 load :P
16:18 ups
16:18 _bernie dogi: you've been installing it with a video projector? lol :-)
16:19 dogi yes thx to walter
16:19 _bernie dogi: silicon mechanics? those with the coreboot bios?
16:19 bool
16:19 I mean, cool.
16:19 dogi but my usb keyboard is a to high tecnology for them
16:19 _bernie dogi: ups? built in???
16:19 dogi: yes, then it's definitely coreboot... it doesn't do usb yet.
16:20 dogi #action dogi search a ps2 keyboard for servers
16:20 ... and mit is great ...
16:20 they wnated to install windows over the network cause of netboot :P
16:21 end of my report on the servers
16:21 _bernie dogi: haha
16:21 dogi 2gb is not much
16:21 _bernie dogi: I didn't know windows would boot on openbios
16:21 cdeslandes dogi: What is the clock speed on the procs?
16:21 dogi there are an other 2 empty spaces
16:21 lfaraone dogi: UPDATE: both boxes were delivered to ACC today about an hour ago.
16:21 _bernie dogi: 2gb is more than enough for web servers running only one php application...
16:22 cdeslandes dogi: Also how much disk?
16:22 dfarning 2g good for web nodes.... might be lean for db.... but, we will learn
16:23 lfaraone confirming delivery with people at the ACC...
16:23 dogi h8dar-t is the series number
16:23 the only i found for now
16:24 lfaraone: what?
16:24 the other servers?
16:24 lfaraone dogi: yes, I just got the tracking number from RobH.
16:24 dfarning http://www.supermicro.com/Aplu[…]/8132/H8DAR-T.cfm
16:26 dogi #link http://www.supermicro.com/Aplu[…]/8132/H8DAR-T.cfm
16:26 6?
16:26 lfaraone: ?
16:26 #info -- 6 other servers arrived ACC (DC) - lfaraone
16:27 _bernie dfarning: yeah, for a generic db, but our db is just a few MBs of data :-)
16:27 dogi #info - 3 RIT server are in Boston ...
16:27 lfaraone dogi: http://fedex.com/Tracking?trac[…]9,667110110000476
16:27 dfarning cdeslandes, do you have available time to get these racked or sould we ask dogi to travel with them
16:27 dogi #link http://fedex.com/Tracking?trac[…]9,667110110000476
16:28 #link http://people.sugarlabs.org/do[…]rver/P1150198.JPG
16:28 #info 2 boxes arrived
16:28 lfaraone dogi: just got confirmation.
16:28 cdeslandes I have the 26th through the 2nd open
16:28 dogi thx lfaraone
16:28 cdeslandes I could get things racked and possibly get some of the groundwork laid
16:29 dfarning cdeslandes, dogi are we intending to run a standard ubuntu distro?
16:29 _bernie dogi: what's the "center for future children"?
16:29 cdeslandes: what does the racking equipment look like? what kind of screws?
16:29 dfarning cdeslandes, dogi can the two of you figure out how to get them to rit and rack them?
16:29 lfaraone dfarning: current plan is Ubuntu Karmic iirc.
16:29 dogi i would like to have 9.10ubuntu server right now (and then maybe move to 10.04)
16:30 lfaraone dogi: once we're on 10.04, we can stay for 3 years if we want before we have to move.
16:30 dogi _bernie: MIT new entrance
16:30 dfarning +1
16:31 cdeslandes We have 3 different styles of racks here, one is pretapped, one is square clip-on bolting, and the third is circular clip on bolting
16:31 We have all the hardware for the third
16:31 dogi #agreed to install ubuntu karmic 9.10 server
16:31 _bernie dogi: oh! where?
16:31 dfarning #ACTION dogi and cdeslandes figure out how to get machines and dogi to RIT to rack them.  
16:32 can you get back to us with a plan by next week?
16:32 _bernie cdeslandes: do you have mounting rods?
16:32 cdeslandes For IBM servers
16:32 dfarning dogi, do they have one or two nics
16:32 _bernie dogi: no mounting kit in the boxes?
16:32 cdeslandes And I think we may have a shelf kicking around
16:33 dogi cdeslandes: I think there is everyhing in the boxes ...
16:33 _bernie dogi: cool!
16:33 cdeslandes dogi: ok
16:34 dogi hmm where are the screws?
16:34 think i see no screws
16:34 but the rest of the racking stuff is here
16:35 how are they called screws/bolts
16:35 should we put more Ram into them?
16:35 lfaraone dogi: did they come with rails? if they didn't, let me know and I'll tell RobH to send us some. (he said he might have forgotten
16:35 dfarning technically they are bolts but mot people call them screws
16:35 _bernie dogi: screws
16:35 dogi 2gb is not much
16:35 _bernie dogi: I think we're fine with 2gb
16:35 dogi lfaraone: yes
16:36 ok :)
16:36 _bernie dogi: aslo doesn't use much memory... only much cpu.
16:36 dogi #info gsoc and RIT?
16:36 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Plans/Discovery_One
16:37 cdeslandes If we run out of cpu, I can alays try to outsource to cluster
16:37 dogi +1 cdeslandes
16:37 lfaraone dogi: fyi, an Amazon EC2 competitior http://opsource.net has offered to give us a discount on their cloud computing services.
16:38 dogi google summer of code is starting
16:38 _bernie lfaraone: interesting
16:38 dogi and I wnated to ask If we should join there with aslo
16:38 cdeslandes The innovation center here is looking at heading this up
16:38 lfaraone _bernie: they'll need to refer me to sales, but it is interesting, yes.
16:39 will brb.
16:39 _bernie dogi: all of Sugar Labs participates, but we could write up a proposal for this specific task.
16:40 dogi so students at RIT could involved in gsoc by doing also?
16:40 _bernie: ?
16:40 _bernie dogi: I think so. dfarning knows a lot more than me about it
16:40 dfarning cdeslandes, can you send me you phone number?
16:41 yes, we have a couple of option with gsoc
16:41 _bernie dogi: do the machines have 2 NICs?
16:41 dogi ups
16:41 sure
16:41 dfarning remy is looking into hiring RIT workstudy students this week and CIC has undergrad research funding available
16:42 dogi dfarning: interesting
16:43 dfarning I'll take look into student labor/reseach opertunities and report back next wekk on on the mailing list
16:43 dogi #action dfarning look into student labor/reseach opertunities
16:44 cdeslandes #link https://rit-csm.symplicity.com[…]3e6db7e402cce78e9
16:44 RIT's workstudy
16:45 dogi thx cdeslandes
16:45 dfarning as a second action, I'll start putting together learning materials cdeslandes and dogi can teach others principles of scaling and and reliability in addation to just following a reciep to set the machines up.
16:46 anything else for also @ rit
16:46 dogi thinks not
16:46 dfarning sounds good.
16:47 dogi #action dogi/bernie/RIT put together learning materials
16:47 #topic subuntu (buildslave) documentation - dfarning
16:48 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/M[…]buntu-10.04-64bit
16:48 #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuSugarRemix
16:48 #info maintainer
16:48 #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SugarTeam  
16:48 dfarning dogi, do you wnat better documentation on the build process?
16:48 _bernie dfarning: can we get the students on #sugar to coordinate with them?
16:48 dogi dfarning: +1
16:49 _bernie: write this question into http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Plans/Discovery_One  
16:49 dfarning _bernie, sure.  Now we have several different 'clusters' of stuedent working on different things.
16:49 we can do more cross polination
16:50 dogi :)
16:51 dfarning #action dfarning fix up http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/M[…]buntu-10.04-64bit
16:51 dogi thx :)
16:52 #topic meetingVM update - dogi
16:52 #info added treehouse meeting calendar on
16:52 #link http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/
16:52 #info created meetingsVM for new meetbot version
16:52 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/M[…]reehouse/meetings
16:52 #action dogi write recipe for meetings
16:52 #topic launchpadVM update - lfaraone
16:53 _bernie: did u add all the dnses for lfaraone ?
16:54 #topic schooltoolVM - lfaraone?
16:54 #link http://book.schooltool.org/htmlhelp/install.html
16:55 we agreed last to give lfaraone first one VM
16:55 +time
16:55 lfaraone Sorry, i'm in and out.
16:56 dogi :)
16:56 this week i will create the next for you
16:56 _bernie dogi: yep
16:56 dogi #action create schooltoolVM
16:56 _bernie dogi: he should be fine
16:56 lfaraone Right now lp works , but for some reason insists on using the hostname "launchpad.SugarLabs.org", I'm still tracking that problem down.
16:57 SchoolTool was actually develed by kids from my HS
16:57 dogi #link http://launchpad.SugarLabs.org
16:57 lfaraone: I know
16:57 lfaraone So I've got plenty of local support :p
16:58 dogi:  in the end it'll be pad.sl.o.
16:58 (I'll brb again)
16:58 dfarning pad ?
16:58 _bernie lfaraone: grep "launchpad" *?  <g>
16:59 dogi #link http://pad.sugarlabs.org
17:00 dfarning dogi, one nic or two?
17:00 :)
17:00 dogi #topic olpc-paraguay VM? - bernie
17:00 #link http://www.paraguayeduca.org/
17:01 ping _bernie
17:01 _bernie dogi: ok, we have this new vm for paraguay educa
17:01 dogi: we'll use it for a bunch of web apps, such as mediawiki
17:01 dogi did you use etherpad?
17:02 rgs _bernie: wiki, maybe an instance of moodle and I know we are using drupal for some internal things (coordinating the education team)
17:02 _bernie dogi: what do you mean?
17:02 dogi: ah, to update the agenda?
17:02 dogi ups
17:02 ehterpadVM?
17:03 _bernie dogi: yes, I recycled etherpad after cjb told me that he wasn't planning to use it
17:03 dogi 34 zatoichi             running
17:03 _bernie dogi: btw, we should also recycle trac's vm as I'm planning to migrate it to sunjammer instead.
17:03 dogi what is the meaning of this name?
17:04 _bernie dogi: regarding etherpad (etherpad.com), cjb says that it will be turned off next month. maybe we shouldn't use it for our meetings ;-)
17:04 dogi: blind warriro
17:04 dogi bernie thx
17:04 _bernie dogi: blind swordman
17:05 dogi: there were 26 films made on this samurai... it's a myth
17:05 dogi #link http://openetherpad.org/
17:05 _bernie #link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zatoichi
17:05 dogi that is cjb s etherpad running on pullcord
17:06 _bernie dogi: cool
17:06 dogi I like to have the recipe somewhere
17:07 #action _bernie/ rgs write recipe for zatoichiVM
17:07 ok?
17:08 #topic idea fairy
17:08 #info please vote ideas
17:08 #link  http://idea.sugarlabs.org/drup[…]ent/?tags=service
17:08 #topic access fairy
17:08 #info dogi would like to have Gmail access
17:09 _bernie: can you do this
17:09 ???
17:09 dfarning #action dfarning can do this and analytics for you
17:09 dogi thx dfarning
17:09 #info dogi would like to have Google Analytics access
17:09 #action dfarning can do this and analytics for you
17:09 other access requests?
17:10 #topic ubuntu cloud discussion
17:10 _bernie dogi: I just cloned template-karmic
17:11 dogi: for now...
17:11 dogi _bernie: dfarning can you post the links from the bevor the meeting
17:11 _bernie dogi: but we'll document what we do in the wiki.
17:11 dogi beffor
17:11 will play with cluster
17:11 #link https://help.ubuntu.com/commun[…]geInstallSeparate
17:12 dfarning #action provide brief summary of cloud computing and how it may hurt or harm sugar labs:)
17:12 _bernie dogi: you already have access to analytics
17:12 dogi #action provide brief summary of cloud computing and how it may hurt or harm sugar labs
17:12 _bernie dogi: just go to http://www.google.com/analytics/
17:12 dogi: and login with dogi@sugarlabs.org
17:12 dogi ups
17:13 _bernie dfarning: hurt or harm? no possibility for positive impact? :-)
17:13 dogi thx
17:13 dfarning oops.. freudian slip i guess:)
17:14 _bernie dfarning: we have plenty of clouds today in paraguay
17:15 dfarning: they're very beneficial, now we can breathe outside
17:15 dogi _bernie: lol
17:16 dfarning: what was the link with eucaliptus
17:17 dfarning http://open.eucalyptus.com/wik[…]ttingStarted_v1.6
17:17 dogi #link http://open.eucalyptus.com/wik[…]ttingStarted_v1.6
17:18 #endmeeting

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