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#treehouse, 2010-02-02

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
16:00 dogi #topic agenda
16:01 cdeslandes Hi dogi
16:01 davidfarning_ goes to let dog out and get big glass of Mt. Dew
16:01 dogi * munin lookup for servers:
16:01 silbe is half-there now
16:01 dogi  - treehouse: http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…]ugarlabs.org.html
16:01  - housetree: http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…]ugarlabs.org.html
16:02 * pootleVM: http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…]s.org-memory.html - 5 days stable :) - unmadindu
16:02 * tracVM: munin error http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…]ugarlabs.org.html - silbe
16:02 * update on the sending of the 12 wikimedia machines and RIT - lfaraone
16:02 * aslo and RIT update - dfarning
16:02 * ubuntu 10.04 - template-lucid dogi/bernie
16:02 * new ubuntu-sugarteam buildslaveVM - dfarning/dogi/silbe
16:02 * backup overview - bernie
16:02 bernie which should we start with?
16:03 _bernie dogi: no preference
16:03 dogi #topic  munin lookup for servers
16:03 is there something strang?
16:04 looks like always http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…]ugarlabs.org.html
16:04 _bernie looks
16:05 decause waves to cdeslandes
16:05 dogi #topic aslo ad RIT
16:06 I was think the last time a lot about last meeting
16:06 about what will we (sugarlabs) offer to RIT
16:06 _bernie decause: caio
16:06 decause: ciao
16:06 davidfarning_ is there a status update on machines from lfaraone or decause?
16:06 decause _bernie: sgood bernie :)
16:06 cdeslandes waves back at decause
16:07 dogi davidfarning_, +1
16:07 decause davidfarning_: cdeslandes: have we gotten any hardware to floor yet?
16:07 _bernie davidfarning_: yesterday lfaraone told me that the mediawiki folks had prepared them for shipping
16:07 decause davidfarning_: excellent. The address is still the same then
16:07 davidfarning_ So they might arrive early next week?
16:07 dogi cool _bernie :)
16:08 davidfarning_ dogi is planning an traveling to RIT.
16:08 cdeslandes sweet
16:08 davidfarning_ decause, when would be a good tome to do that?
16:08 I think Mel will also be there in a week or two.
16:09 dogi, How long do you plan on staying at RIT what are you travel plans?
16:10 decause davidfarning_: next week anytime really I'm available
16:11 long-termwise:
16:11 RH is coming to visit us the week of Feb 15th-20th
16:11 RMS is giving a speech on Feb 23rd here
16:12 RH = Redhat, RMS = Richard muffukkin stallman ;)
16:12 mchua lurking
16:12 davidfarning_ decause, cool can you link up with dogi about his travel plans and help find him a cheap place to stay?
16:12 _bernie mchua: we were saying that both you and dogi will be at rit in a week or two
16:12 hopefully the servers will be there too?
16:13 decause davidfarning_: I can ask around for a flat to flop in at the least sure
16:13 _bernie: hopefully hardware will be here, yes
16:14 davidfarning_ decause, thanks... dogi's expectations are not too high.
16:14 decause davidfarning_: I know CSH is planning on doing a major overhaul/rewiring in 2-3 weeks from now as well
16:14 cdeslandes We have to reroute some of our 480 V power
16:14 decause davidfarning_: I hope not, I'm not at the point where I can comp hotel rooms yet :P
16:15 davidfarning_ decause, it is better to wait until then to install the machines?
16:15 decause cdeslandes: ^^^ ?
16:15 cdeslandes We can get them installed now if you want and transfer them over later
16:16 davidfarning_ decause, for a sugar camp last fall we stuck over 20 people camped out in a empty apt.:)
16:16 _bernie they told me that kids go back to school in 2 weeks here
16:16 so, just in time :-)
16:16 davidfarning_ so the next step is to confirm machine arrival and dogis travels.
16:17 _bernie is it worth starting a couple of web slaves on treehouse and sunjammer, just in case?
16:17 davidfarning_: ^^^
16:17 cdeslandes Right now we are in week 8, week 10 is last week of classes, week 11 is finals week, and spring break is the week after that
16:17 _bernie just web servers using sunjammer as db and load balancer
16:17 davidfarning_ looks like dogi is off line so we can coordinated that by email.
16:18 _bernie cdeslandes: I meant elementary schools in latin america :-)
16:18 cdeslandes: they're doing summer vacation now, so traffic is super low
16:18 davidfarning_ _bernie, sounds good we can start that later this week.
16:18 cdeslandes ok
16:19 lfaraone is back, sorry.
16:19 davidfarning_ decause, are you guy confident in your ability to do the bacis sysadmin and set up backups?
16:19 s/your ability/CSH ability/:)
16:19 decause I'm confident in cdeslandes and the RTP's on floor to do this right.
16:20 cdeslandes How much are we looking in space wise for backups?
16:20 decause cdeslandes: you feel confident ;) ?
16:20 cdeslandes Because I may need to schedule things over here
16:20 I feel confident
16:21 davidfarning_ _bernie, do you have any idea of back up sizes?
16:21 _bernie davidfarning_: for aslo? smallish
16:21 davidfarning_: wait, I'll give you exact figures
16:22 1.2Gaslo-db.sugarlabs.org
16:23 3.9Gaslo-proxy.sugarlabs.org
16:23 14Gaslo-web.sugarlabs.org
16:23 consider twice this size to account for future growtrh
16:23 cdeslandes Ok, no issue here
16:23 decause cdeslandes: good good
16:23 _bernie wonders why aslo web is so much bigger than the others... probably apache logs
16:24 cdeslandes, decause: can we have separate ssh accounts with separate ssh public keys for the backups?
16:24 decause I've got another 10 minutes with you all before I have to roll-out. Fair warning.
16:24 lfaraone cdeslandes, _bernie, decause, we're looking at sometime monday or tuesday for delivery most likely.
16:24 decause lfaraone: nod
16:24 _bernie cdeslandes, decause: so a compromised machine won't be able to tamper backups of another
16:24 cdeslandes I think we can do that
16:24 _bernie lfaraone: this is amazing news dude!
16:24 davidfarning_ sounds good, so we will coordinate off line about travle plans for dogi to work with you to get the also portions of the system set up.  Evey thing else looks good.
16:25 _bernie lfaraone: thanks for procuring this deal and for taking care of all the logistics
16:25 lfaraone _bernie: more than happy to do s.
16:25 dogi the bigger question for me is who wants to have acces there
16:25 _bernie dogi: welcome back (you know where to find the logs, right?)
16:25 dogi ups
16:25 _bernie :-)
16:25 dogi how long wos i away?
16:25 _bernie dogi: what do you mean, ssh access?
16:26 dogi: me, you, dfarning, alsroot, to start with? anyone who has helped maintain aslo so far...
16:27 davidfarning_ dogi,  and the admins from the SCH
16:27 dogi sorry guys
16:27 will read all back later
16:27 is there something i should really know
16:28 or better bernie
16:28 backup?
16:29 davidfarning_ I would like to think about alsroot access not because I don't trust him.... but instead to create the workflow where he works on the develop and testing machines and the CSH admin push changes on the production machines.
16:29 alsroot +1
16:29 _bernie dogi: I just ask decause and cdeslandes to setup shell accounts for us with different private keys, one per machine
16:29 dogi: (see logs)
16:29 dogi jupp
16:29 back
16:30 _bernie davidfarning_: sure, ok
16:30 dogi i would like to help decause
16:30 _bernie davidfarning_: but he also admins aslo as a web admin... he may need access to track down problems in the production env
16:31 davidfarning_ _bernie, we can talk later about that.... alsroot is stretched to the breaking point already:(
16:31 alsroot heh
16:32 dogi then lets speak about backup
16:32 bernie?
16:33 _bernie davidfarning_: hehe yes
16:33 davidfarning_ dogi, all of my administrative questions are answered.   I'll just sit back and listen until poked.
16:33 dogi ok :)
16:34 _bernie dogi: decause/cdeslandes will setup ssh accounts somewhere for duplicity and install our private ssh keys
16:34 dogi #action dogi poke walter for boston wikipedia servers
16:35 is there some action i should give?
16:35 mean action for the next week?
16:35 decause I'm off for now all. I'll ask around for some crash-space. cdeslandes think we can put up a folk or two for a night on Floor if worse came to worse?
16:35 cdeslandes There is always the software room
16:35 dogi decause, thx :)
16:36 thx cdeslandes
16:36 decause dogi: davidfarning_ _bernie my cell is threeonefiveninefourfiveonesixzeroone if'n you all need to reach me in the meantime. I'm always lurking pretty much too.
16:37 dogi #topic tracVM
16:37 davidfarning_ dogi, action I will coordinate the arrival of the machines with the arrival of dogi :)
16:37 _bernie dogi: I think walter will need help checking the servers when they arrive at his house
16:37 dogi si+1 davidfarning_
16:37 ups
16:37 _bernie decause: got it thanks
16:37 dogi +1
16:38 +1 _bernie
16:38 so created tracVM
16:39 silbe was already there
16:39 silbe dogi: can you send me the host key via PGP mail or put it up on sunjammer somwhere?
16:39 _bernie dogi: I'd rather run trac on sunjammer if nobody is opposed, to keep the number of VMs lower.
16:40 dogi ok
16:40 _bernie it's a low traffic service anyway
16:40 dogi sure bernie
16:40 it is a playground for mchua and silbe
16:40 trac-devel?
16:41 ok? bernie
16:41 next point
16:41 #topic pootleVM
16:41 _bernie sunjammer:/srv/www-sugarlabs/bugs-testing/  <- a full copy of our trac has been sitting here for a while
16:41 silbe and mchua have access
16:42 bugs-devel is trac 0.12, unusable
16:42 (see my post to systems@... authentication seems unfinished/broken)
16:43 dogi ok
16:44 #link http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…]s.org-memory.html
16:44 looks better then last week
16:45 thanks all pootle maintainers
16:45 #topic new template-lucid
16:46 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/I[…]ual_machine_lucid
16:46 will be finished tonight I hope
16:46 _bernie dogi: hmm why does the chart only get to day 26?
16:46 dogi: is munin still updating?
16:47 (I'm still talking about pootle)
16:48 dogi hm should there be more there
16:49 a week?
16:50 #action dogi finish template for dfarning ubuntu-sugarteam
16:50 #topic backup overview
16:51 _bernie dogi: are you working on lucid already? great
16:52 dogi yes _bernie :)
16:53 #action access for _bernie on lucid
16:53 _bernie thanks
16:53 dogi others?
16:54 _bernie dogi: are you also updating http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/I[…]e_virtual_machine ?
16:54 dogi: (or creating a new one, whatever you prefer)
16:54 dogi http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/I[…]ual_machine_lucid
16:55 was a 4h install ... too much options
16:55 lol
16:55 _bernie dogi: note that I'm moving the procedures to their own namespace, Sysadmin/*
16:55 dogi the new thing with lucid is the cluster stuff there
16:55 _bernie dogi: I was just too lazy to move all the old ones yet :)
16:56 dogi which procedures?
16:57 _bernie dogi: these http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/I[…]sadmin_procedures
16:57 dogi: I thought that it was better to keep them nicely folded in a namespace, like we do for Machine/*
16:58 dogi the recipes now i have you :)
16:58 thx
16:58 _bernie dogi: I'm not convinced about the name "Sysadmin", but I couldn't think of anything better
16:58 dogi: oh! Recipes would make a good name :-)
16:58 dogi ok
16:59 _bernie dogi:  btw, since you're the MeetingMaster, would you care to also update http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/I[…]ure_Team/Meetings ?
16:59 dogi what should we change in the backup procedure?
16:59 _bernie dogi: it's ok with me to say that infrateam meetings are held on tuesdays on #treehouse.
16:59 dogi #action dogi update http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/I[…]ure_Team/Meetings
16:59 _bernie dogi: to use different accounts, one per machine?
17:01 dogi did subscribe myself to the systems-log@lists.sugarlabs.org
17:01 _bernie I was thinking, maybe: TARGET="scp://backup-`hostname -s`@backup.sugarlabs.org/backup"
17:01 dogi jupp
17:01 +1 bernie
17:01 _bernie dogi: oh, yeah I approved you... systems-logs@ is noisy, but useful
17:03 dogi /etc/cron.daily/system-full-backup:
17:03 Warning, found incomplete backup sets, probably left from aborted session
17:03 Last full backup date: Sun Oct 11 06:31:19 2009
17:03 Running 'scp  -oServerAliveInterval=15 -oServerAliveCountMax=1 sugarbackup@backup.sugarlabs.org:backup/treehouse.suga​rlabs.org/duplicity-new-signatures.2009102​4T103537Z.to.20091025T104153Z.sigtar.gpg /tmp/duplicity-
17:03 what means this?
17:03 silbe BTW, would anyone mind if we started an hour earlier?
17:03 dogi do we have everythin we need to reconstruct or not?
17:04 +g
17:04 sees silbe
17:05 silbe ?
17:05 dogi [Systems-logs] Cron <root@treehouse> test -x /usr/sbin/anacron || ( cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.daily ) __sysadminX
17:06 we have not all machines in the backup
17:07 #action dogi will setup meetingVM for backup
17:07 aslo-db.sugarlabs.org     aslo-web.sugarlabs.org   etherpad.olpcorps.net    lightwave.sugarlabs.org  pootle.sugarlabs.org     trac.sugarlabs.org
17:07 aslo-proxy.sugarlabs.org  beamrider.sugarlabs.org  housetree.sugarlabs.org  ole.sugarlabs.org        sunjammer.sugarlabs.org  treehouse.sugarlabs.org
17:07 <- thats what we backup right now
17:07 no bender
17:08 no solarsail
17:09 #action bernie new namescheme for backup
17:09 _bernie, something to add
17:10 silbe _bernie: do we have backups of bender somewhere else?
17:10 dogi maybe :)
17:11 silbe we don't need the VMs themselves, but at least /home with the configs of the VMs would be useful...
17:12 dogi so silbe since _bernie is lost
17:13 silbe dogi: _bernie is just busy with olpc-os-builder, we're not important enough :-P
17:13 dogi lol
17:13 fine
17:13 #topic other
17:13 silbe, now
17:14 how much earlier and why?
17:15 silbe dogi: just an hour would be enough. it's usually almost midnight in my time zone when we finish the meeting and I have to get up somewhat early next morning.
17:17 dogi hmm will think about ... but right now I follow the old timeslot of olpc-admin
17:17 #link http://me.etin.gs/olpc-admin/
17:18 i can offer u to speak in the earliest possilbe slot
17:18 is that a deal?
17:19 silbe, ?
17:20 silbe dogi: Any reason for us to keep that tradition to the letter? If earlier doesn't suit someone else that's fine, of course.
17:20 dogi: I'm not that fast at typing at this time of day  :-P
17:21 dogi no but i will do this until henry@laptop.org joins
17:21 silbe dogi: ok. Who's that?
17:21 dogi he started VIG
17:22 u need only to read http://me.etin.gs/olpc-admin/
17:22 #endmeeting

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