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#treehouse, 2010-01-26

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
16:02 dogi #topic agenda
16:03 * last meeting actions review
16:03  - housetree/munin fixed - http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…]ugarlabs.org.html
16:03  - more ram for pootleVM - http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…]s.org-memory.html
16:03  - turn lightwaveVM to master dns
16:03  - new oleVM - http://ole.sugarlabs.org is not http://library.ole.org/
16:03  - update on confcall with RIT folks
16:03  - update on shipping of 9 machines to MA/DC
16:03 dfarning +1 for etherpad
16:03 dogi * short munin overview for treehouse/housetree servers
16:03 http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…]ugarlabs.org.html
16:03 http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…]ugarlabs.org.html
16:03  - what was the gap in the munin log of treehouse around 23:xx yesterday?
16:03  - does pootle still needs more ram?
16:04 * new meetingVM dogi
16:04 * new monitoringVM (munin/openQRM) dogi
16:04 * new ubuntu-sugarteam buildmachine dfarning
16:04 * new trac (on housetree?) bernie
16:04 * redhat/fedora offers VMspace ... discuss
16:04 dfarning, thx :)
16:04 #link http://etherpad.com/fRDL07G6d3
16:04 <- meeting agenda link on etherpad
16:05 so
16:05 now
16:05 welcome to the weekly treehouse meeting
16:05 hi all
16:05 decause afternoon gents
16:05 dogi hi decause
16:05 decause and ladies for that matter
16:06 waves to dogi
16:06 dogi http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/tr[…]0100126_1601.html
16:06 dfarning do I know decause or CDeslandes
16:06 dogi <- backlog for you, decause
16:06 decause decause = RemyD, Resident Hacktivist at RIT
16:06 dogi: thanks
16:06 dogi hi silbe
16:06 http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/tr[…]0100126_1601.html
16:07 silbe thx!
16:07 decause CDeslandes: CSH sysadmin type, main contact for Sugar/CSH collab
16:07 dogi only lfarone is missing ...
16:07 dfarning awesome welcome
16:07 decause catches up on backlog...
16:08 dogi is there something to add?
16:08 silbe CSH was RIT?
16:08 dogi think we will make RIT/ASLO point bigger
16:08 decause Computer Science House is a student Organization at RIT, that runs their own projects and campaigns at RIT
16:09 silbe kthx
16:09 decause they have an entire floor of a dormatory, with some pretty impressive computing resources and talent
16:09 dogi maybe we do a short intruduction ...
16:09 silbe decause, CDeslandes: Welcome, BTW!
16:09 dfarning +1
16:09 decause they've been strong for 35 years now, and will be the new loving home for the 3U's that you are sending
16:09 dogi is Stefan Unterhauser, Systems Admin for SL
16:10 dfarning, ?
16:10 dfarning Dfarning is a goofy guy trying to start a service and support business for Sugar
16:10 dogi :P
16:10 silbe is Sascha Silbe, SL sysadmin as well (mainly buildbot.sugarlabs.org, sugar-jhbuild)
16:10 decause _bernie: hi there
16:11 _bernie hello
16:11 decause: ciao!
16:11 tonyf hello
16:11 dfarning hey _bernie made a meeting
16:12 silbe hi tonyf! backlog: http://me.etin.gs/treehouse/tr[…]0100126_1601.html ; we're currently doing introduction round
16:12 dogi thx silbe
16:12 dfarning tonyf could you introduce yourself
16:12 _bernie dfarning: haha :)
16:12 tonyf hi tony forster, melbourne australia
16:12 silbe dfarning: maybe we should schedule the other meetings equally late? ;)
16:13 hmm, that name rings a bell, just not sure which one exactly...
16:13 tonyf most meetings are 3am local time :(
16:13 decause lolz
16:13 dogi so think we are ready for next pont
16:13 #topic last meeting actions review
16:13 dfarning tonyf: sorry didn't remember your nick
16:14 dogi housetree/munin fixed - http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…]ugarlabs.org.html
16:14 thx _bernie :)
16:14 more ram for pootleVM - http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…]s.org-memory.html
16:14 now 2GB
16:15 silbe I think someone complained about it getting OOM today
16:15 was that before or after your change?
16:15 dogi there it look we need more or more stabilty ... lets discuss that late
16:15 rr
16:15 later
16:15 silbe ok
16:15 dogi new oleVM - http://ole.sugarlabs.org is not http://library.ole.org/
16:16 _bernie dogi: cjl said today that pootle was running out of memory
16:16 dogi thx chrowe
16:16 _bernie dogi: was it before or after you added 1GB?
16:16 silbe _bernie: check your backlog ;)
16:16 dogi and RIT/CSH folks are here
16:16 that was the prelast point
16:17 thx lfarone
16:17 ups
16:17 lfaraone
16:17 decause nod
16:17 dogi #topic short munin overview for treehouse/housetree servers
16:18 http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…].org.html#Virtual machines
16:19 silbe shouldn't we discuss a.sl.o first so we don't waste the time of our guests?
16:19 dogi there was a munin log break
16:19 and we have some highs
16:19 #action dogi look into break
16:20 #action _bernie lock into highs?
16:20 ok _bernie
16:20 hi lfaraone
16:20 :)
16:21 nearly the same is on http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…].org.html#Virtual machines
16:21 silbe dogi: about the munin blackouts:
16:21 17:40 < bernie> cure: btw, do you know why sunjammer was rebooted yesterday?
16:21 18:11 < nvjacobo> bernie: because the colo facility had problems yesterday
16:21 lfaraone dogi: hi, I'm going to be afk almost immediately :(
16:21 dogi thx silbe
16:21 lfaraone is gone.
16:21 dogi lfaraone, next?
16:22 decause If I may gents, I know that we're pre-last point on the agenda, but I'd like to talk RIT/CSH Logistics sooner than later if we could :P
16:22 dogi decause, you are the next point
16:22 decause :P
16:22 dogi #topic lfaraone RIT ASLO
16:22 dfarning dogi: lfaraone left I think
16:23 decause lfaraone: still here?
16:23 dogi so who will start dfarning ?
16:23 decause well, we talked last night briefly
16:23 I'll scare up the text
16:23 _bernie <18:20> * lfaraone is gone.
16:23 decause: well, I guess you can talk to me
16:23 dogi ok _bernie
16:24 decause _bernie: heres what we discussed so far:
16:24 CDeslandes 1) Where should he send the hardware/who will be responsible for receiving it?
16:24 2) What is the uplink/network connection like?
16:24 3) these computers should hopefully have more than one ethernet port, would it be possible to have them to, in addition to the primary internet link, be on their own private net or daisy-chained together? that way we can avoid putting excess load when synchronizing the machines.
16:25 decause these are the 3 issues that lfaraone brought to me and CSH last night
16:26 CDeslandes For point one, we would like the hardware to be sent to the CSH address, sent to the chairman, with attention to Christopher Deslandes
16:26 dogi +1
16:27 CDeslandes For point 2 we currently have a 1 GB uplink to the RIT backbone, unthrottled. This provides access to the Internet and Internet2
16:27 _bernie CDeslandes: I think point 1 is no problem
16:27 CDeslandes We can talk to the IT dept. on campus and see if we can get another pipe run if necessary.
16:27 _bernie: ok
16:27 dfarning CDeslandes: how is the reliability?
16:27 silbe CDeslandes: Internet2?
16:27 _bernie CDeslandes: Internet2 == ipv6? (sorry if I'm being ignorant)
16:28 dfarning dfarning: capable of handling a tier one service?
16:28 CDeslandes Academic only Internet, Universities, Hospitals, etc, also much faster than standard internet
16:28 dfarning what about summers and vacations?
16:28 CDeslandes Here's a link for more info: http://www.internet2.edu/
16:29 silbe ah, I see, thx.
16:29 CDeslandes The server room has access during the summer, normally one sysadmin stays in the area
16:29 dfarning +1
16:29 dogi +1
16:29 _bernie silbe, dogi: what's going on with disk space on sunjammer? http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…]rlabs.org-df.html
16:30 CDeslandes For vacations, normally one of us is in the area, the only time where it would be completely unattended would be during Christmas break in which the entire campus is locked up
16:31 dfarning We will grow enough by next christmas that the school will give you guys and exception:)
16:31 _bernie this is also strange: http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…]ysql_threads.html
16:31 CDeslandes Currently we do not have IPv6 set up, but we do have accounts with Hurricane Electric for IPv6 tunnels, and it is a project that will most likely come back to surface soon.
16:31 dogi _bernie, aslo?
16:31 CDeslandes _bernie: :)
16:31 _bernie dogi: not sure...
16:31 silbe CDeslandes: about the uplink, how much traffic would you tolerate? a.sl.o keeps attracting an increasing number of users, so even though large files are offloaded to mirrors, the traffic might be significant (and growing).
16:32 CDeslandes I think we can take a decent amount of traffic, plus we have room to expand, if necessary
16:32 dogi decause, CDeslandes that brings me to the next point ...  diskspace
16:32 CDeslandes We will just have to fight the IT dept. on campus for it
16:32 silbe CDeslandes: ok, so our machines saturating the interface wouldn't be an issue?
16:33 decause dogi: we're working on putting up a 11 Terabyte SAN now
16:33 it won't be up for another 2 weeks or so
16:33 for now, diskspace is what we need most
16:33 we've got plenty of cycles and bandwidth
16:34 dogi thx decause
16:34 decause this CSH cloud project we are working on will eventually have the capacity to maybe take on some of the load
16:34 but for now, until that cloud is up, we'll stick to the baremetal
16:35 silbe decause: sounds good so far
16:35 dogi perfect :)
16:35 silbe decause: thx for the offer, BTW!
16:36 dfarning decause: are you guys aware of the design of a.sl.o are there people interested in keeping it going
16:36 decause this is the main thing you guys want to migrate, right?
16:36 activities.sugarlabs.org?
16:36 dfarning +1
16:37 dogi would like to help
16:37 CDeslandes dfarning: We are constantly bringing in people who are interested in Systems Administration
16:38 decause we can set up some kind of official relationship (internship/co-op/independent study) to make this happen as well
16:38 dfarning awesome, it is pretty cool
16:38 CDeslandes dfarning: We normally have more people that want to get involved than what we know to do with.
16:38 dogi +1
16:38 silbe decause: yes, it's the service that's in most need of scaling
16:38 decause silbe: understood. How much of a draw is it currently? (Disk, bandwidth, etc...?)
16:39 silbe because it's used by the actual users, not just volunteers and developers
16:39 dogi +1 silbe
16:39 silbe decause: it's hosted on sunjammer, so http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…]ugarlabs.org.html might give you a hint
16:40 there are also other services on that host, including shell service
16:40 the disk space needed for a.sl.o is rather small in comparison
16:41 dogi #action look more into http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…]rlabs.org-df.html
16:41 _bernie dogi: I'm on it  :)
16:41 silbe the 80GB drives currently in the WMF servers should be sufficient AFAIK, but local backup storage would be nice to have
16:41 _bernie silbe: indeed
16:42 dogi _bernie, :) me too
16:42 dfarning decause: because it is a pretty php application is it pretty much cpu bound
16:43 dogi I think we will should move on ...
16:43 decause CDeslandes finish perusing the sunjammer stats
16:43 dogi so the only thing which is missing is to send them
16:43 _bernie decause, CDeslandes: how much rack space can we hope for? we have these 3 boxes (1U each) plus a fourth one available from RIT itself
16:44 dogi good point bernie
16:44 _bernie decause, CDeslandes: all of these are used boxes, probably not very reliable
16:45 dogi thinks they would be at least good proxies ...
16:45 silbe oh right, power switches and potentially serial consoles would be nice to have
16:45 _bernie I guess we'll discuss the details of the software strategy when we're settled with the hardware.
16:46 CDeslandes We do have a network accessible serial console
16:47 silbe decause: what about IPv4 addresses? these seem to start actually running out...
16:47 CDeslandes And we can spare 3U to 4U of space, but that is about it, for now
16:47 _bernie CDeslandes: serial console would be great, thanks
16:47 silbe CDeslandes: great!
16:47 CDeslandes CSH currently has 2 external Class C blocks
16:47 dogi +1 silbe
16:47 _bernie CDeslandes: ok. if these boxes turn out to be too crappy, we'll purchase a new 2U box to replace them
16:48 CDeslandes And we are probably using about 50% of that
16:48 _bernie CDeslandes: for $3000 we can get an 8 core machine with redundant fans etc
16:48 dogi +1 _bernie
16:48 CDeslandes _bernie: :D
16:49 silbe CDeslandes: ok, I was starting to get worried - our university has a full Class B and the dormotories are even behind NAT
16:49 *dormitories
16:49 _bernie silbe: this may be due to close-mindedness... I know people in italy who use NAT as some sort of security measure ;-)
16:49 decause I've got to prepare for my OLPC Honors Seminar Students shortly, so I've got about 5-10 mins left
16:50 dfarning I much perfer the idea of a house full of geeks working on a custer.  Me ducks
16:50 CDeslandes We also have some dual 2.8 Ghz 1U machines that could be used as a temporary measure if the boxes that are sent decide to die.
16:50 silbe _bernie: that's the real reason, not the official one ;)
16:50 CDeslandes CSH is behind a transparent firewall
16:51 _bernie decause: I guess we have a deal. We'll ask lfaraone to go on with the shipment, ok?
16:51 silbe decause: ok, so anything else _you_ would like to know?
16:51 decause _bernie: sounds good by me. CDeslandes ?
16:51 dogi +1 _bernie
16:51 dfarning +1
16:51 CDeslandes _bernie: sound good to me as well
16:51 dogi decause, can I visit CSH and RIT?
16:51 decause asap
16:51 we'll give you a proper tour
16:52 dogi :)
16:52 decause btw, stallman is going to be here in february, so that *may* be an interesting time to take a holiday... ;)
16:52 silbe dfarning: one doesn't rule out the other - it's just going to be a cluster of fat machines instead of a slim ones :)
16:52 _bernie decause: tell him hello from me
16:52 dogi #action lfaraone machines to RIT
16:53 decause _bernie: will do
16:53 dogi ok? _bernie? lfaraone ?
16:53 decause we're going to be making a really big deal of this once things are officially up
16:53 _bernie dogi: ok
16:53 dogi decause, :P
16:54 silbe decause: you're quite welcome to - we get more than our fair share out of it IMO
16:54 decause I'm hanging out in #openinnovation on Freenode, and that is where me and lfaraone handled business yesterday
16:54 _bernie decause: do you think we could really find skilled and interested students to help run the cluster?
16:54 silbe disclaimer: i'm not a member of the marketing team ;)
16:54 _bernie is very worried for reliability
16:54 dfarning decause: my goal is to turn CSH in to an http://osuosl.org/ for the east coast!
16:54 decause _bernie: every student needs a co-op/internship to graduate
16:54 ;)
16:54 _bernie dfarning: that would be cool
16:55 silbe decause: lol
16:55 _bernie decause: we'll abuse them as much as possible then
16:55 decause its more symbiotic than abuse
16:55 dogi lol decause
16:55 CDeslandes _bernie: The servers that we currently manage have close to 99% uptime
16:55 decause mutually beneficial is how I'd like to think of it :P
16:56 and Sugarlabs is one of the highest profile opensource projects in the movement right now
16:56 IMHO atleast
16:56 silbe decause, CDeslandes: sounds like a great deal to both sides then :)
16:56 decause excellent
16:56 then I'll be in channel, and looking forward to the next actions
16:56 _bernie CDeslandes: but our servers are probably going to be crappy, and it looks like we're going to depend on all 4 of them being up in order to erogate the service
16:56 decause _bernie: We'll find a way _bernie, no worries.
16:57 dogi thx decause
16:57 and thx CDeslandes
16:57 silbe decause: what's that channel about? There's no topic set
16:57 CDeslandes _bernie: we run zenoss to ensure that our systems are up and running
16:58 _bernie: It e-mails us when things go down, and we all have e-mail on our phones
16:58 _bernie CDeslandes: great, that would help a lot
16:58 decause anything else before I depart gents?
16:58 dogi http://www.zenoss.com/
16:58 http://community.zenoss.org/index.jspa
16:59 _bernie decause: I think we're good, thanks!
16:59 decause _bernie: ok then
16:59 _bernie dogi: forgot to say #link?
16:59 dfarning decause: sounds good
16:59 dogi ups
16:59 silbe decause, CDeslandes: have a nice evening (I guess ;) )!
17:00 dogi next point
17:00 CDeslandes silbe: Thanks, you too
17:00 decause dfarning: _bernie: dogi: keep me in the loop. CDeslandes is my go-to guy on CSH, so anything you need to ask me you can ask him tool.
17:00 dogi #topic pootle
17:00 silbe thx!
17:00 dogi ok decause
17:01 unmad|away, ping
17:01 think he is already asleep
17:01 but wanted to ask bernie anyway
17:01 _bernie dogi: about what?
17:01 dogi do u think pootle need still more ram
17:01 ???
17:02 _bernie dogi: I think 2GB ought to be enough
17:02 dogi http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org[…]s.org-memory.html
17:03 _bernie dogi: memcached seems to be way bigger than needed
17:03 dogi hmm
17:04 _bernie dogi: it looks like yesterday it ate all memory, probably a leak.
17:04 dogi: giving it more memory would just make the problem worse
17:04 dogi ok
17:05 _bernie unmad|away: when you're back on the keyboard, let us know what you think
17:05 next topic?
17:05 dogi plans for pootleVM is to move it to housetree
17:05 but for that I want stability ...
17:06 #topic new trac
17:06 #topic new tracVM
17:06 _bernie, that is something I wrote on this meeting because of you
17:07 do we want to have a devel - trac ?
17:07 what does other think? silbe?
17:08 silbe dogi: would be nice to have
17:08 oh, that reminds me of something, _bernie: admin access to git.sl.o :)
17:08 dogi silbe, :)
17:09 silbe dogi: we want to move Trac proper as well, BTW.
17:09 dogi ok
17:10 silbe whether VM or sunjammer doesn't matter much too me, as long as me fiddling with the web server to set up XML-RPC or similar is fine :)
17:10 dogi who needs access to this VM silbe
17:11 _bernie silbe: oh ys
17:11 dogi _bernie, will you create this VM
17:11 _bernie dogi, silbe: I'd like someone to take over maintaining trac
17:11 I think mchua said she would
17:12 dogi is not a trac expert
17:12 _bernie the vm may or may not be useful... I don't really care much about it :-)
17:12 silbe _bernie: I might try setting it up to run with sth. different from Apache (if it turns out to be faster), but I guess Apache could play proxy if necessary
17:12 _bernie: what OS is sunjammer again?
17:13 _bernie silbe: ubuntu
17:13 silbe ok, at least not Fedora...
17:13 _bernie silbe: jaunty, but it will be upgraded to karmic soon or later
17:13 silbe: the problem of trac is trac itself. it sucks with or without a vm, with or without a proxy... it just sucks.
17:14 dogi #action tracVM with access for  mchua silbe bernie dogi
17:14 lol _bernie
17:14 silbe _bernie: sure, but maybe we can try sucking through a shorter and/or bigger pipe? ;)
17:14 _bernie dogi: no, I'm not at all interested in the VM for trac because then I'd have to maintain BOTH trac and its VM :-)
17:15 dogi hmm
17:15 silbe it's ok, I'll maintain the VM :)
17:15 dogi +1 silbe
17:15 _bernie silbe: then we just move it on sunjammer. it would take, like 30 minutes of work.
17:15 silbe U-break-untu should have unattended-upgrades from Debian, that makes it easier :)
17:15 _bernie: ?
17:16 _bernie silbe: ubuntu also have unattended upgrades, no?
17:16 dogi :) yes and yes
17:16 silbe _bernie: they probably have just imported the Debian tool in which case it should actually work ;)
17:17 (sorry for making Ubuntu look bad - I've just had a lot of bad experience with Ubuntu distro updates, no matter what tool got used)
17:17 _bernie silbe: it says "This script is the backend for the APT::Periodic::Unattended-Upgrade option."
17:18 silbe _bernie: then it's the Debian one, good.
17:18 _bernie silbe: ubuntu is not as solid as debian, I agree. I think it's a deliberate choice to deliver more recent software.
17:19 silbe _bernie: certainly
17:19 dogi #topic new ubuntu-sugarteam buildslave
17:19 silbe dfarning: what do you need?
17:20 dogi thats something I would like to maintain
17:20 bu there i need help
17:20 ups but
17:20 dfarning Just a very small vm running lucid
17:21 _bernie dfarning: you're giving us a good excuse to upgrade our template
17:21 silbe dfarning: what are you (currently) going to do on it? Does reliability matter? Lots of bandwidth?
17:21 dogi #action new lucidVM dogi
17:21 _bernie dfarning: would karmic upgraded to lucid through apt work for you, or do you want a clean installation from the lucid cd?
17:21 dogi lol bernie but right now lucid is on alpa 2
17:21 alpha
17:22 dfarning silbe: I build them on my desktop, reliability is not an issue.
17:22 _bernie dfarning: (I don't think it matters much as long as we're careful about what packages we add)
17:22 silbe dfarning: do you need root access? would you mind other users on the same VM?
17:23 dfarning silbe: one a day the box with need to pull update and push a new iso
17:23 _bernie dogi: yes, I'm proposing to create a new template based on ours (not throw away ours :-)
17:23 dogi sure _bernie that was the plan :)
17:23 dfarning silbe: others are fine, but the build pocess does require root.
17:24 dogi rewrite template recipe for lucid alpha 2
17:24 silbe dfarning: DVD or CD image (just trying to get an estimate of the upstream usage)
17:24 ?
17:24 dogi dfarning, good to know
17:24 _bernie dogi: you're volunteering to this? -- great! :)
17:24 dogi lol yes
17:25 but like I said it could be I need help ... _bernie
17:25 dfarning cd, but I think I can set up zsync to make the iso syncs very small
17:25 silbe dogi: I can help you, no problem.
17:25 dogi and silbe
17:26 silbe _bernie: that spec would match a new VM (with buildbot) on bender as well. what do you think?
17:26 _bernie dogi: I'll help
17:26 dogi think with that the meeting was long enough
17:26 that remembers me _bernie
17:26 _bernie dfarning: zsync? hmm interesting
17:26 dogi http://etherpad.com/Sm3YTAwvLb
17:27 dfarning _bernie: http://linux.die.net/man/1/zsync it works very well for incrementing iso
17:27 _bernie dfarning: /me reads
17:27 dogi which name should we have for this VM
17:27 buildbot5?
17:27 _bernie dogi: template-lucid?
17:27 silbe dogi: buildslave-ubuntu-lucid-64bit
17:27 _bernie dogi: ah, yes... what silbe said
17:28 dogi ok bernie for template
17:28 _bernie it's a whopping long name for my taste, but let's follow the established convention :)
17:28 silbe (hooray for bash configured to autocomplete host names <g>)
17:28 dogi and ok silbe for first clone
17:29 silbe _bernie: so bender or treehouse?
17:29 dogi #topic others
17:29 _bernie silbe: you remind me of a programmer friend who was using variable names of 30-40 chars and then recommending everyone to buy microsoft visual studio with the visual assist extension.
17:29 :-)
17:29 dogi silbe, treehouse
17:29 silbe _bernie: except I try to cause a buffer overflow in MS products :-P
17:29 _bernie dfarning: if you have no needs for bandwidth and can access through ipv6, I would recommend using bender for a build box
17:29 dogi moved last 3 points to next week
17:30 _bernie dfarning: oh, wait... you have to transfer isos around? then treehouse :)
17:30 silbe ah yes, there was a catch we bender. I always assume everybody has IPv6 by now ;)
17:30 *with
17:31 dogi by the way tonyf would u like to add something?
17:31 _bernie dfarning: I mean, housetree
17:31 silbe _bernie: what's the difference anyway?
17:31 _bernie silbe: treehouse is being used for production services so I'd rather not run builds concurrently on it
17:32 silbe ah, OK.
17:32 _bernie silbe: housetree is relatively idle at this time. right dogi?
17:32 silbe that's why i thought of bender instead :)
17:32 dfarning IPV6 give my local isp a head ache,  I live in rural wisconsin:)
17:32 dogi jupp _bernie
17:32 silbe dfarning: I'm using a tunnel for IPv6 upstream as well
17:32 I think only the netherlands have good native IPv6 coverage
17:33 dogi but let me first create the buildmachine then we can always move the VM later
17:33 _bernie dfarning: try ping
17:33 dogi: +1
17:33 dogi is that thing between sunjammer and treehouse fixed?
17:34 silbe oh, BTW: _bernie: do you mind me setting up squid on bender some time?
17:34 dfarning _bernie: it just hangs
17:34 dogi to remind the bottleneck on housetree is there are only 5 IPs there
17:34 _bernie silbe: I don't mind, but why do you need it?
17:35 silbe sunjammer and treehouse/housetree are at the same physical locations? (sorry, I can't seem to remember the locations)
17:35 _bernie dfarning: ok then your isp really doesn't have a tun6to4 gateway
17:35 dfarning: if you still want ipv6 at home, you could use a free sixxs.net account or a free he.net account
17:36 dogi dogi@sunjammer:~$ ssh treehouse.crosslink
17:36 ssh: connect to host treehouse.crosslink port 22: No route to host
17:36 silbe _bernie: just to reduce traffic from the build slaves. I'd like to set up nightly Debian package builds and want to make sure they're not going to pull the same packages over and over :)
17:36 _bernie dfarning: another possibility: you can log in on sunjammer and then ssh to any ipv6 host from there
17:36 dogi silbe, yes treehouse is next to sunjammer
17:36 and housetree next to solarsail
17:36 _bernie silbe: ok good plan
17:36 silbe dogi: good to know, thx!
17:36 _bernie silbe: develer also has squid running on trinity btw
17:37 dfarning _bernie: yes, that is what I generally do:)
17:37 dogi silbe, :)
17:37 _bernie silbe: are you planning to use transparent proxying over ipv6? :-)
17:37 silbe _bernie: ah good, will try to set it as parent then
17:37 _bernie: no thx, i hate transparent proxies :)
17:37 _bernie silbe: then just use trinity as a proxy without installing anything on sunjammer
17:37 silbe: if it doesn't love you, I'll change acls
17:38 silbe _bernie: but maybe a tinydns+dnscache instance so we can use local names ;)
17:38 _bernie silbe: s/sunjammer/bender/
17:38 silbe _bernie: ok, will do.
17:39 _bernie silbe: I'm not *against* running squid on bender, I just think it may be less work to reuse trinity's
17:39 silbe _bernie: does squid on trinity have refresh-ims set?
17:39 dfarning anything else for me?  other wise I am off to scheme up more partnerships:)
17:39 silbe (reminds me that I need to investigate why it isn't working as expected on flatty :) )
17:39 _bernie silbe: to answer your old question: sunjammer and treehouse are at the same location (GNAPS), housetree is at the Media Lab.
17:39 silbe dfarning: see in in IRC tomorrow?
17:40 *you in
17:40 _bernie silbe: what is refresh-ims?
17:40 silbe _bernie: oh, so housetree is physically separate? i thought they were twins...
17:41 _bernie silbe: they are twins, not siamese twins
17:41 dfarning silbe: Yes, I have a phone call with alaxander. Then you and I can follow up on IRC
17:41 dogi ping chrowe
17:41 silbe _bernie: tells squid to ensure a fresh entry if the client uses If-Modified-SiC[C[C[C[C[C[C[Cnce
17:41 If-Modified-Since that should have read
17:42 I'm having issues with squid giving false "unmodified"s to apt...
17:42 chrowe dogi: pong
17:43 dogi #topic oleVM
17:43 dfarning thanks guys /cu
17:43 silbe dfarning: ok, great! you can warn alexander that I'm physically UTC+1 and logically even later (but will stand up early as needed, of course) ;)
17:43 chrowe dogi: yes
17:43 silbe ok, too late
17:43 _bernie silbe: it's the default iirc
17:44 dogi http://ole.sugarlabs.org/
17:44 nice video u have there
17:44 silbe _bernie: i had to add it explicitly
17:44 dogi: what are the remaining topics?
17:45 (trying to judge whether to stay or go to bed)
17:45 dogi this is the last
17:45 silbe ah, ok
17:46 dogi thx chrowe
17:46 #endmeeting

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