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#treehouse, 2010-01-12

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Time Nick Message
15:46 dogi #topic agenda
15:48 silbe shouldn't the topic channel be the name of the (group running the) meeting?
15:48 dogi * Previous meeting round-up
15:48 silbe "topic channel".reverse()
15:49 dogi 2 Reports from running VMs, improvments and fixes onto them
15:49            * create meeting2 VM for upgrade to new meetbot release
15:49            * vig/wiki-devel turn on VM again
15:49            * pootle-devel statusupgrade sayamindu
15:49            * ehterpad-devel statusupgrade cjb
15:49 * aslo statusupgrade dfarning
15:49            * maps/mapspress statusupgrade jasonwoof/dogi
15:49            * create muninVM henry
15:49            * turn on wwwsj2 sj?
15:49            * one upgrade dogi
15:50            * turn on ideatorrent dogi
15:50 3. Open discussion - <your topic here>
15:51 please add if you want :)
15:52 meeting will officially start in 9min
15:54 #link http://etherpad.com/SOeopvCZRu
15:55 <- list of machines managed by #treehouse
15:55 silbe what's that link? i only see a bunch of different error messages (that shouldn't occur all at once)
15:56 dogi javascript?
15:57 silbe oh, javascript only? is there anything on that page that wasn't in the mail? in that case i'd fire up conkeror inside rainbow...
15:58 dogi lol
15:59 no silbe this is only the first version of a list of machine managed by #treehouse
16:00 tihnk bernie will add more there
16:01 silbe ok, saved the startup time :)
16:01 dogi ping _bernie djbclark JasonWoof treehouse
16:02 treehouse mom
16:02 * new hardware mail
16:02 ** lfarone
16:03 ** berine
16:03 silbe i'm getting confused, who is treehouse (thought it's a bot)?
16:03 JasonWoof pong
16:03 dogi hi JasonWoof
16:03 JasonWoof hi
16:04 dogi #topic meeting round-up
16:04 silbe yes treehouse is a bot
16:05 silbe what does it do?
16:05 dogi using mibbit
16:05 _bernie dogi: oops
16:05 dogi: here I am
16:05 dogi automated search an d invite
16:05 and remember
16:06 i hope he will do the agenda too
16:06 hi _bernie
16:06 First question
16:06 what is #treehouse
16:07 _bernie you're asking me?
16:07 dogi right now treehouse is a group of VM which are running on some server and theren maintainer
16:08 ups
16:08 and the maintainer of this servers
16:08 _bernie, u can say this better
16:09 JasonWoof there's one server?
16:09 dogi that #treehouse is a revial of me.etin.gs/olpc-admin/
16:09 no 3
16:09 JasonWoof who owns them?
16:10 dogi treehouse and housetree and dextra
16:10 nobody (or treehouse)
16:10 silbe what about sunjammer and bender?
16:10 JasonWoof where are they / who hosts them?
16:10 dogi maybe sugar will join us
16:11 but thats up to bernie
16:11 some is hosted by FSF and the other by MIT
16:12 next to sunjammer and solarsail
16:12 half of  them is designated to be space for sugar
16:13 _bernie, will u say some words
16:15 _bernie awakens
16:15 dogi the main purpose is that they are services for children
16:15 _bernie yeah, treehouse is hosted by the fsf in the quincy collocation facility
16:16 it's stitting just above sunjammer
16:16 dogi and in MIT left of solarsail
16:16 _bernie treehouse is a 2U box built with commodity hardware, but it has plenty of RAM (64GB) and bandwidth
16:17 the OS is ubuntu karmic
16:17 dogi what i personally want to do is restart the weekly meeting of VIG here in #treehouse
16:19 _bernie dogi: I would prefer to keep using #sugar-meeting rather than creating a new channel on oftc, but if you think it's too sugar-specific, I'll understand.
16:19 dogi for improving services used by sugarlabs.org and/or laptop.org
16:20 _bernie dogi: as long as you run regular meetings, that's also very useful for the sugar labs infrateam
16:20 dogi i understand u that u like to use the main channel bernie
16:20 jupp
16:21 so can we add solarsail and sunjammer to the list of maintained machines?
16:21 _bernie dogi: sure, but where is this list being kept?
16:22 dogi good question
16:22 _bernie dogi: while I have no preference for where we do meetings, I feel strongly that we should keep all server information in the main wiki
16:22 dogi ok
16:23 but if some overview list points to this like a sidemap ur are fine with that
16:25 silbe, JasonWoof djbclark questions
16:25 ???
16:25 #topic meeting-devel for new meetbot
16:26 thats something i will start
16:26 meeting.sugarlabs.org is using the old eggdrop version
16:27 which is to migrate to the new version of supybot
16:27 _bernie, will setup a VM on treehouse for that
16:28 the question is which ip
16:28 http://meeting.olpcorps.net/
16:29 http://meeting.olpcorps.net/
16:31 http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot
16:31 how is next
16:31 #topic also
16:32 since dfarning is not here
16:32 i will speak again
16:33 http://activities.sugarlabs.org/
16:33 are hosted by sunjammer
16:34 dfarnings plan was to split this service into VMs
16:34 JasonWoof is that running the mozilla plugins website software?
16:34 djbclark dogi: not for now; probably next time.
16:34 dogi djbclark, thx
16:35 JasonWoof, ye
16:35 s
16:35 this service was there for some days but then cause of some now solved problems
16:36 sunjammer was turned on again
16:36 and in the migration from treehouse to housetree we doubled them
16:37 but there is missing a person to push/supervise to turn them on again
16:38 #action send mail dfarning
16:38 who wants to do this?
16:39 #topic oneVM
16:40 #link http://olpcorps.org
16:41 needs to be turned on again
16:41 #action dogi: fix oneVM
16:41 #topic ideaVM
16:42 walter asked to turn idea on again
16:42 #action dogi turn IdeaVM on
16:42 #topic etherpad
16:43 hope cjb will join next meeting
16:43 #link etherpad.com
16:44 #topic maps/mapspressVM
16:44 mapspress is an Wordpress with Googlemaps features
16:44 mapspress.olpcorps.net
16:45 #topic pootle-devel
16:46 was created last week by bernie
16:46 to setup the next generation of pootle
16:46 hope to have more next week
16:47 #topic lightwaveVM
16:47 ping _bernie
16:49 silbe re. pootle, it would be nice if the "next gen" server could build the .pot's itself so they don't need to be in the repository
16:49 the current situation is causing quite some trouble
16:50 dogi silbe, thats why dfarnings plan ... not bad
16:51 silbe sorry, come again?
16:51 dogi and pootle the same
16:51 both service sometime cause trouble
16:52 _bernie is back
16:52 silbe dogi: it's not the service itself that causes trouble, just the (apparent) requirement to keep the .pot in the git repository, even though it's a build product
16:52 dogi ahh
16:52 _bernie sayamindu thinks that the new pootle will be more reliable
16:52 dogi and this is the goal
16:52 _bernie and the old one has been working fine for a while now
16:53 dogi +1
16:53 _bernie I agree that we need someone to champion aslo's clustering
16:53 unfortunately, dfarning and I had a big disagreement on it
16:53 dogi maybe
16:54 we solve this now ...
16:54 _bernie due to this, dfarning does not seem interested in helping with aslo any more
16:54 dogi dfarning we miss u ... :P
16:54 but back to lightwave
16:54 _bernie I do miss him enormously even though I was uneasy regarding his approach for scaling aslo
16:55 silbe _bernie: +1
16:55 dogi :)
16:55 bernie what is lightwave?
16:55 _bernie I'll talk with alsroot and ask him if he'd like to take that job. I also asked a few more people, but it's not an easy task that anyone can do
16:56 aslo is by itself a complex service, let alone clustered on 3 or 4 different machines
16:56 dogi ohh my error should have invited alsroot
16:56 _bernie dogi: for now, it's just our master dns server
16:56 silbe if alsroot volunteers he should get some help from someone experienced with large-scale setups (i.e. not me either)
16:56 dogi :)
16:56 _bernie dogi: as we grow confidence, we may move our ldap server there
16:56 dogi +1
16:56 _bernie silbe: come on, I could trust you blindly on this
16:57 silbe: you juggle VMs and networking with one hand tied behind the back
16:57 silbe _bernie: thanks for the flattering :)
16:57 _bernie well deserved
16:59 dogi last topic
16:59 #topic create muninVM hhardy
17:00 hope to have hhardy next time here
17:00 _bernie dogi: I'm sure more people will join in as they get accustomed to the routine
17:00 dogi #topic new hardware
17:01 hopes the same
17:01 _bernie dogi: and, if we were using an existing channel (hint, hint), it would be even easier :-)
17:01 dogi lol
17:01 i m so shy
17:01 sorry
17:02 Would SL want these? They're pretty snazzy.
17:02 http://techblog.wikimedia.org/[…]ation-time-again/
17:02 Dual CPU 2.5 GHz AMD
17:02 3-4GB RAM Each
17:02 Most have 80 GB or larger HDD
17:02 sure we want them
17:03 fromLuke Faraone <luke@faraone.cc>
17:03 toSugar Labs Systems <systems@lists.sugarlabs.org>
17:03 dateTue, Jan 12, 2010 at 6:27 PM
17:03 subject[Systems] Fwd: Wikimedia Server donation to Sugar Labs
17:04 i think 12 of them for RIT? would be fine?
17:04 silbe sounds like they'll need some (mains) power, but recent enough to be useful to us
17:05 dogi bernie?
17:06 silbe i guess the main question is: who would host them (physically)?
17:06 dogi yupp
17:06 silbe a set of them would be much better suited for aslo scaling tests than VMs
17:09 dogi RIT? bernie?
17:10 silbe how soon do we have to say yay or nay?
17:10 dogi +1
17:10 _bernie dogi: back
17:11 ok, we should get hold of luke and talk about this
17:11 also, the rit people said it was ok to install 1 machine
17:11 not a dozen :-)
17:11 we'd have to check with them
17:12 silbe: do you have a copy of luke's email?
17:12 silbe _bernie: do you think they'd be ok to hold onto them until we've decided on where to put the remainder?
17:13 or would they feel like a recycling center?
17:13 dogi hosting is the problem
17:13 silbe _bernie: right in front of me
17:13 dogi so what do we tell lfaraone
17:14 _bernie silbe: besides rit, there's transworldix
17:14 silbe _bernie: -v?
17:14 dogi in my opinion we should send some to the DC colo we asked some time ago
17:14 bingo
17:14 silbe DC colo?
17:15 dogi jupp
17:15 _bernie I can't remember the specs, but they seemed... unimpressive to me
17:15 checks
17:15 dogi the other half i would like to have in boston
17:15 silbe _bernie: they're not great (esp. w.r.t. HD), but OK
17:15 dogi lol bernie
17:16 they are amds
17:17 +1
17:17 silbe 64bit? SVM? free DIMM slots?
17:17 dogi jupp this are the open questions
17:17 _bernie silbe: amd are almost certainly 64bit
17:18 silbe: at 2.5ghz, I'd also expect them to have virtualization stuff
17:18 silbe ok, that's a start
17:18 _bernie silbe: but if they don't we won't die: these are small machines, it makes no sense to virtualize them
17:18 dogi lol
17:19 silbe hey, my fastest machine is slower than that! :-P
17:20 dogi so send half to  boston half to  DC
17:20 silbe what's in DC?
17:21 dogi lfaraone and transworldix
17:21 silbe this one? http://www.transworldix.net/
17:21 dogi and in boston there is bernie and dogi and next to bos the RIT
17:24 #action bernie think about this 12 server from
17:24 wm
17:24 #topic open dicussion
17:25 #topic open discussion
17:25 ping _bernie djbclark JasonWoof silbe
17:25 silbe someone want to set up bcfg2 for our buildslaves? :)
17:26 dogi what is bcfg2?
17:26 silbe do you know cfengine or puppet? some kind of tool.
17:27 _bernie pong
17:27 dogi puppet
17:27 yes some friend of me use that a lot
17:27 _bernie silbe: I have no time, but I'd appreciate if someone (you you!) did it
17:28 silbe: the fsf also is using puppet
17:28 they're starting to
17:28 silbe _bernie: the problem is that i don't have time either. i shouldn't even be at this meeting as i'm far behind on my thesis...
17:29 dogi hui
17:29 #endmeeting

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