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#sugar, 2013-12-28

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Time Nick Message
16:12 meeting Meeting started Sat Dec 28 16:12:49 2013 UTC. The chair is Ignacio`. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
16:12 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
16:12 Ignacio` #topic Sugar register
16:14 #help
16:15 meeting, help
16:15 meeting Ignacio`: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.
16:15 Ignacio` meeting, help meeting
16:15 meeting Ignacio`: Error: There is no command "meeting".
16:15 Ignacio` meeting, help #startmeeting
16:15 meeting Ignacio`: Error: There is no command "#startmeeting".
16:15 Ignacio` meeting, help startmeeting
16:15 meeting Ignacio`: Error: There is no command "startmeeting".
16:16 Ignacio` is there any web services developer?
16:16 edudev has quit IRC
16:17 Ignacio` bernie, is there any method for register #sugar log?
16:17 benzea, just now I started the meeting bot for register messages
16:17 sorry benzea
16:17 bernie, ^^
16:27 Eli-5dce <Eli-5dce!~Eli_Farne@70-59-218-30.clsp.qwest.net> has joined #sugar
16:27 walterbender <walterbender!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar
16:28 Ignacio` walterbender, hi
16:28 jrg2 walterbender, What do you wnat for the port of TA sprite T.T
16:28 walterbender hi
16:28 a simple sample program to show how it works
16:28 edudev <edudev!~chatzilla@87-126-22-233.btc-net.bg> has joined #sugar
16:29 Ignacio` walterbender, you received my spanish email?
16:29 walterbender Ignacio`: yes
16:29 did tincho reply?
16:29 Ignacio` you understand anything? :P
16:29 no
16:29 Really I need help
16:30 walterbender I wasn't quite sure what you are asking
16:30 jrg2 but walterbender, do you want the port of Sprites and Sprite class?
16:30 Ignacio` Can you test my  extension?
16:31 walterbender jrg2: we need both
16:31 Ignacio`: I can test
16:31 Ignacio` Ok it's work bad
16:31 I didn't see the menu option in journal
16:31 svineet walterbender, sugar-launch is used like this - sugar-launc bundle_id, right?
16:31 Ignacio` and i didn't see my custom icon
16:32 jrg2 walterbender, so what classes I need to port?... because I only see the Sprites class and Sprite class... th two on sprites.py
16:33 Ignacio` walterbender, ^^
16:33 svineet walterbender, I was writing a UI test, which did subprocess.Popen(["sugar-launch", bundle_id]) and bundle_id = activity.get_bundle_path()
16:33 Running the test gives me a traceback
16:33 Let me fpaste it
16:34 walterbender jrg2: you need to port those two classes to javascript and write a simple test program
16:35 svineet walterbender, http://www.fpaste.org/64703/
16:35 Ignacio` walterbender, I need it :(
16:35 svineet The test is run using ./setup.py check
16:35 And the upper part is unit tests
16:36 Second is UI, which is failing
16:36 jrg2 waltyerbender, Where's the background images you use for blocks? because To make the test more realistic... I need those images :(
16:37 Ignacio` walterbender, you're here :')
16:37 ?
16:38 svineet walterbender, any idea whats happening
16:38 walterbender svineet: you need an extra bit of glue... one sec
16:39 Ignacio`: I need to get my setup working for testing your service :P
16:39 Ignacio` only download it :P
16:39 svineet walterbender, the above method is actually run_activity in unittest of sugar3.tests
16:39 abhi walter can you tell me wat exactly is d wrking of sprites.py
16:39 Ignacio` walterbender, I uploaded my secret key :|
16:40 Cerlyn so make a new one and have the old one revoked
16:40 walterbender svineet:  import dbus from dbus.mainloop.glib import DBusGMainLoop  DBusGMainLoop(set_as_default=True) bus = dbus.SessionBus()
16:40 jrg2 sorry abhi, working on that task :c
16:41 walterbender Ignacio`: I need a bit of time before I can test
16:41 Ignacio` I need tincho help :'(
16:41 svineet walterbender, I need to add this where?
16:41 walterbender for testing sprites, you can use any images
16:41 turtle taspritefactory is how I generate sprites
16:42 svineet: in your import section
16:43 Ignacio`: please ping tincho... meanwhile I will try to test in a few hours
16:43 Ignacio` no tincho here :(
16:43 not connected in gmail
16:43 and not in facebook :P
16:43 svineet walterbender, still getting the same error ...
16:44 abhi has quit IRC
16:44 jrg2 walterbender, it would be useful one example of how to use tasprite_factory
16:44 svineet walterbender, do you want my patch?
16:45 And btw, while testing, I've found many bufs in functions.py of Calculate
16:45 walterbender jrg2: just run it from the cmdline at it wilkl spit out svg
16:45 svineet I'm testing Calculate, because Aneesh told me :)
16:45 * bugs
16:46 walterbender lots-o-bugs
16:46 Ignacio` walterbender, jrg2 the TA sprites JS already claimed
16:47 walterbender needs to go.... family day
16:47 I'll be back in a few hours
16:47 Ignacio` ttyl
16:47 jrg2 bye :)
16:48 svineet dnarvaez, ping
16:48 ttyl, walterbender :)
16:48 Have fun
16:49 Ignacio` ¡Tincho! where are you!?
16:52 svineet no dnarvaez :(
16:53 Can't move one with task ...
16:53 I won't be free tomorrow
16:53 Ignacio` Hey svineet sorry
16:53 You won this time
16:54 My parents read the google contract
16:54 Eli-5dce O_O
16:54 Ignacio` and they whitdrew
16:55 I procced to remove my gci profile
16:55 *come
16:55 Sorry, good luck for all competitors :)
16:55 svineet, you win I know it :)
16:55 Eli-5dce O_O
16:55 O_O
16:55 svineet Ignacio`, you're lying.
16:55 I know it.
16:56 Ignacio` no :-/
16:56 Really no :-/
16:56 Eli-5dce O_O
16:56 0_o
16:57 jrg2 ._.
16:57 Ignacio` svineet, practically google is your owner when you firm the contract
16:57 svineet O_O
16:57 jrg2 O_O
16:57 svineet jrg2, any clue what Ignacio is saying?
16:57 is totally confused
16:57 jrg2 svineet, maybe he has reason O_O
16:58 let me see the contract O.O
16:58 svineet sees the contract
16:58 where is it? The rule page?
16:58 jrg2 are your really leaving Ignacio :c?
16:58 Ignacio` jrg2, yes, sorry
16:59 jrg2 :(
16:59 Eli-5dce me  a man :3
16:59 Ignacio` just wait one minutes
16:59 look at contract
17:00 svineet :( Ignacio`, don't leave please
17:00 Ignacio` sorry :-/
17:00 svineet Take what you deserve!
17:00 "If life gives you lemons, you must make lemonade"
17:00 Ignacio` También aceptas que, si tu hijo resulta seleccionado, Google tiene el derecho de utilizar su nombre y su
17:00 imagen en cualquier promoción o producto de marketing relacionado con el Concurso, sin otorgar
17:00 ninguna compensación adicional a ti o a tu hijo.Además, concedes a Google el derecho mundial, absoluto,
17:00 sin restricciones ni regalías, perpetuo e irrevocable para:
17:00 svineet translating
17:01 Ignacio` You also agree that, if your child is selected, Google has the right to use his or her name and
17:01 likeness in any promotion or marketing related to the Contest, without further compensation to
17:01 you or your child. You grant Google the worldwide, unrestricted, absolute, royalty free, perpetual
17:01 and irrevocable right to:
17:01 look at point 4
17:01 in contract
17:01 Eli-5dce has left #sugar
17:01 Eli-5dce <Eli-5dce!~Eli_Farne@70-59-218-30.clsp.qwest.net> has joined #sugar
17:01 Ignacio` and point 6
17:02 jrg2 O.O
17:02 Ignacio` jrg2, you see it?
17:02 svineet I don't see it ...
17:02 Ignacio` svineet, please see the english version of
17:03 http://www.google-melange.com/[…]rental_consent_es
17:03 point 4, 6
17:03 jrg2 yep... you're right Ignacio`
17:03 O_O
17:03 Ignacio` :-/
17:03 Cerlyn Those are pretty standard boilerplate clauses found in any social service :/
17:03 Ignacio` svineet, http://www.google-melange.com/[…]rental_consent_en
17:04 Cerlyn they always are very broad as well
17:04 svineet I see it ....
17:05 :/
17:05 anurag01, online?
17:05 see the above bro
17:07 Ignacio`, you're leaving???
17:08 Ignacio` NO XD
17:08 svineet XD I knew you were joking
17:08 jrg2 ¬¬
17:08 Ignacio` http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M[…]_of_the_Innocents
17:08 xD
17:08 Eli-5dce lolololololololol :3 :P :) xD
17:08 jrg2 xD
17:08 Ignacio` btw, the contract is real
17:08 jrg2 yes that part was real :c
17:09 Ignacio` and it's very scary
17:09 svineet lol :) :D
17:09 jrg2 owned by google... without pay :c
17:09 Ignacio` :c
17:09 my voice?
17:09 Maybe make a new activity "Talking with Ignacio"?
17:10 Eli-5dce xD
17:10 tinker-f595_ has quit IRC
17:10 tinker-f595 <tinker-f595!~tinker-f5@m208-148.dsl.rawbw.com> has joined #sugar
17:11 jrg2 owned by google...........
17:11 Eli-5dce :3
17:11 Ignacio` :c
17:15 svineet hehehe, seems jrg2 hasn't recovered yet :D
17:16 jrg2 svineet, that part of the contract wasn't a joke ._.
17:16 Ignacio` svineet, really
17:16 svineet I know. Calm down
17:16 Ignacio` svineet, that wasn't joke
17:17 jrg2 xD
17:17 Ignacio` ._.
17:18 svineet Don't worry. Aviral, Nafees, Agustin and others weren't made slaves to Google :D
17:18 Ignacio` ._.
17:18 Maybe Agustin are in Black market
17:18 o.O
17:18 xD
17:18 svineet ._.
17:19 dnarvaez, ping
17:21 Ignacio`,  why did you say I'll win instead of jrg2 will win?
17:21 (In the joke)
17:22 And what about Emil?
17:22 Ignacio` It was a joke with jrg2 :C
17:22 jrg2 svineet, because It's true, I recognize that you made a better work than me :)
17:22 Ignacio` and I'm not really one to comment
17:22 I think I win
17:22 svineet jrg2, Thanks, but you've done more and better work :)
17:22 Ignacio` You think you win
17:22 jrg2 think he win
17:22 etc, etc
17:23 svineet Ignacio`, that's sure you're winning
17:23 Ignacio` I think it when i finish my first task :)
17:23 jrg2 svineet, your force lies on the Python enhacements.... remember my words.. xD
17:23 Ignacio` svineet, jrg2 If you trust yourself, you will achieve great things
17:24 svineet I talked to someone whos a mentor and he told me -
17:24 I think Ignacio for sure
17:24 He has done some pretty nice work
17:24 when I asked about his opinion on winners
17:24 Ignacio` what?
17:25 which mentors?
17:25 svineet jrg2, let's see. And you've done extra work for some tasks too
17:25 jrg2 we all now that Ignacio` will win xD
17:25 svineet Ignacio`, secret. Can't tell you :)
17:25 Ignacio` ._.
17:25 so.
17:26 jrg2 walter? xD
17:26 Ignacio` xD
17:26 svineet oh my god walterbender will read all this
17:26 Ignacio` svineet, Laura, Sebastian?
17:26 Yes
17:26 svineet Ignacio`, I'll give hints
17:26 Ignacio` I running meeting bot
17:26 xD
17:26 svineet He's a human
17:26 That's the hint
17:26 edudev has quit IRC
17:26 Ignacio` XD
17:26 svineet That should narrow it down XD
17:26 jrg2 svineet, the enhacements have greater weight than solving bugs ;) xD
17:27 Ignacio` svineet, first letter of name
17:27 svineet jrg2, let's stop talking about all this ... :) Makes me anxious
17:27 Ignacio`, I'll give you regex :D lol
17:27 r"(*.)"
17:27 Ignacio` regex?
17:27 svineet ^^ regex
17:27 (Regular expressions)
17:27 Ignacio` I don't understand :c
17:27 "(*.)" ?
17:28 xD
17:28 svineet Ignacio`, you don't know re module?
17:28 Ignacio` Yes But I didn't like it
17:28 jrg2 svineet, why you get anxious? really I tell you, now doesn't matter how many task I make.. my work can't be compared as yours xD
17:28 svineet It's useful
17:28 gitpicker <gitpicker!~gitpicker@108-238-41-153.lightspeed.cicril.sbcglobal.net> has joined #sugar
17:28 Ignacio` svineet, please let me the first letter [as utf-8] of name
17:28 gonzalo_odiard_ <gonzalo_odiard_!~gonzalo@> has joined #sugar
17:28 jrg2 O.O?
17:28 xD
17:29 svineet jrg2, lol. I'm looking at your task list and I can tell, you've done great work
17:29 Ignacio` :c
17:29 svineet, gogogogo
17:29 jrg2 xDDDDDDD
17:29 Ignacio` svineet, can you look at my short tasks list?
17:29 jrg2 seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee short seeeeeeeeeee xD
17:29 Ignacio` XD
17:29 svineet Ignacio`, XD I'll spend the whole night seeing all links lol
17:29 Ignacio` XD
17:30 It's only 53 tabs in firefox :c
17:30 svineet loves GCI
17:30 has met so many awesome people
17:33 walterbender has quit IRC
17:33 svineet walterbender, has disconnected
17:33 jrg2 so much messages? xD
17:34 ttyS3 <ttyS3!~o@gateway/tor-sasl/omlib> has joined #sugar
17:35 Ignacio` ?
17:35 jrg2, svineet http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/sugar/2013-12-28
17:36 jrg2 now our conversation it's recorded :$ xD
17:36 Ignacio` XD
17:38 edudev <edudev!~chatzilla@79-100-19-44.btc-net.bg> has joined #sugar
17:39 sbbot_ build #34 of full-sucrose-0.100 is complete: Failure [failed shell_3]  Build details are at http://buildbot.sugarlabs.org/[…]e-0.100/builds/34
17:40 gonzalo_odiard_ has quit IRC
17:42 svineet ooops. What if walter sees our conversation?
17:42 jrg2 :$ xD
17:42 Ignacio` For me?
17:42 no problem
17:42 -.-
17:43 svineet but me? The mentor thing got recorded
17:43 Ignacio` I don't know what should I do :(
17:44 :-|
17:44 You didn't say the name :-/
17:44 Eli-5dce month
17:44 svineet hmm. Right
17:44 Ignacio` Month ?
17:44 Eli-5dce ago
17:44 Ignacio` o.O
17:45 Eli-5dce :{) I have a moosteesh :P
17:46 svineet :D lol
17:46 month
17:46 jrg2 xD
17:47 Eli-5dce no I can't have a moosteesh :| I am not old enough and I can't grow hair a month ago <--- see that a random story with words~~~ :P
17:48 xD, you can tell I'm bored
17:48 Ignacio` :c
17:49 Mokurai <Mokurai!~mokurai@2601:d:880:5cd:305a:69ea:28e6:c879> has joined #sugar
17:51 gitpicker has quit IRC
17:51 Eli-5dce O_O , if someone has a collen and a d together in their ip address, it will show up with a :D smiley
17:51 And that is pidgin
18:25 svineet bye all
18:25 gcibot svineet, good bye!
18:25 svineet gcibot, I like you
18:25 Ignacio, bye. Will be back tomorrow
18:25 Ignacio` svineet, good bye!
18:25 sure
18:25 svineet has left #sugar
18:31 edudev ping dnarvaez
19:14 SAMdroid <SAMdroid!~guest@> has joined #sugar
19:29 gitpicker <gitpicker!~gitpicker@108-238-41-153.lightspeed.cicril.sbcglobal.net> has joined #sugar
19:32 ttyS3 has quit IRC
19:38 SAMdroid2 <SAMdroid2!b4c89c22@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip.> has joined #sugar
19:41 SAMdroid2 Ignacio`: Have you seen WalterBender?
19:41 Eli-5dce walterbender : ping
19:41 SAMdroid2 meeting seen walterbender
19:41 meeting SAMdroid2: walterbender was last seen in #sugar 2 hours, 54 minutes, and 16 seconds ago: <walterbender> I'll be back in a few hours
19:43 Eli-5dce who has used the macintosh plus emulator before
19:43 Mini vmac?
19:43 SAMdroid Not me :)
19:44 Eli-5dce search it. I uploaded it from the wiki to the sugarlabs website a few years ago, it is a great thing for offline products
19:45 ttyS3 <ttyS3!~o@gateway/tor-sasl/omlib> has joined #sugar
19:53 SAMdroid2 has quit IRC
19:54 Eli-5dce What is the way you install something in a terminal sudo apt-get install (app)
19:54 or the other way around?
20:05 :|
20:05 Ignacio` : ping
20:20 decause is now known as vacause
20:39 SAMdroid2 <SAMdroid2!b4c89c22@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip.> has joined #sugar
20:46 SAMdroid2 has quit IRC
21:04 Ignacio` Eli-5dce, pong
21:08 jrg2, ping
21:46 SAMdroid Eli-5dce: What os are you trying to install stuff on?
21:52 Eli-5dce Not installing a OS, I'm getting git so I can upload sugar enviorment
21:52 SAMdroid
21:52 SAMdroid has quit IRC
21:53 SAMdroid <SAMdroid!~guest@> has joined #sugar
21:53 Eli-5dce ?
21:53 Ignacio` :(
21:53 Traceback (most recent call last):
21:53  File "/usr/lib64/python2.7/site-pa​ckages/gi/overrides/GLib.py", line 629, in <lambda>
21:53    return (lambda data: callback(*data), user_data)
21:53  File "/home/broot/sugar-build/home/dotsuga​r/default/extensions/webservice/sugar​gdrive/sugargdrive/sugargdrive.py", line 71, in upload_
21:53    file_result.insert(body=body, media_body=media_body)
21:53  File "/home/broot/sugar-build/home/dotsugar/​default/extensions/webservice/sugargdri​ve/sugargdrive/apiclient/discovery.py", line 661, in method
21:53    raise TypeError('media_filename must be str or MediaUpload.')
21:53 TypeError: media_filename must be str or MediaUpload.
22:21 Eli-5dce Who is the best python game deveolper here?
22:29 gonzalo_odiard_ <gonzalo_odiard_!~gonzalo@> has joined #sugar
22:33 gonzalo_odiard_ has quit IRC
22:43 Eli-5dce has quit IRC
22:43 Eli-5dce <Eli-5dce!~Eli_Farne@70-59-218-30.clsp.qwest.net> has joined #sugar
22:44 gonzalo_odiard_ <gonzalo_odiard_!~gonzalo@> has joined #sugar
22:47 edudev has left #sugar
22:51 gonzalo_odiard_ has quit IRC
23:03 Eli-5dce1 <Eli-5dce1!~Eli_Farne@70-59-218-30.clsp.qwest.net> has joined #sugar
23:06 Eli-5dce has quit IRC
23:20 gitpicker has quit IRC
23:22 Scout-ac48 <Scout-ac48!~urk@pool-71-246-89-123.bltmmd.east.verizon.net> has joined #sugar
23:25 soakbot has quit IRC
23:25 soakbot <soakbot!~nodebot@ec2-54-225-2-216.compute-1.amazonaws.com> has joined #sugar
23:31 meeting <Scout-ac48-es> *help /*server
23:31 Eli-5dce1 is now known as Eli-5dce
23:31 meeting <Scout-ac48-es> *part
23:31 Scout-ac48 has left #sugar
23:31 meeting * Scout-ac48-es has left
23:33 Eli-5dce is now known as Eli-5dce-Windows
23:49 Eli-5dce-Windows ?
23:51 ttyS3 has quit IRC
23:52 ttyS3 <ttyS3!~o@gateway/tor-sasl/omlib> has joined #sugar
23:56 CanoeBerry has quit IRC

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