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#sugar, 2013-05-31

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13:14 meeting Meeting started Fri May 31 13:14:42 2013 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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13:15 walterbender #topic finding a time to meet
13:15 mzepf I can set up a doodle.
13:15 walterbender I think we need to meet as a group once a week just to compare notes and help with any roadblocks
13:15 I propose either Monday or Friday
13:16 callkalpa has quit IRC
13:16 walterbender it may be that because of timezones we may have to split the group up
13:16 mzepf: could you please set up a doodle and send the link to the group?
13:17 I think we can keep these meeting brief, but it is important to have them nonetheless
13:17 decause #agree
13:17 mzepf Sure. Should I include options for all 24 hours of each weekday?
13:17 walterbender maybe just M and F?
13:18 mentor/student teams of course should set up individual meeting times as well
13:18 mzepf walterbender: No problem, but why Mon and Fri?
13:19 walterbender mzepf: just because it means we are at the beginning or end of a week: a good time to assess progress and plan next steps
13:19 but I suppose it doesn't really matter
13:19 24/7 works for me
13:19 boredomist the weekend might also be good if people have other obligations during the week
13:20 monday and friday would both be fine for me though
13:21 axitkhurana Either is good for me as well.
13:21 walterbender mzepf: maybe set up the whole week, but put a comment saying a preference for M/F in the description?
13:21 Again, I suspect that because of timezones, we may end up with a split group... we'll see
13:22 shall we move to the next topic, since we cannot resolve this issue until after the poll?
13:23 boredomist let's.
13:23 decause #agree
13:23 walterbender #topic expectations
13:23 first, let me say I think we have a great group of students and mentors
13:23 and important projects for Sugar
13:24 thanks to all for all the effort to date... it paid off in terms of the number of slots we were awarded by google
13:24 mzepf Here is the doodle poll: http://doodle.com/4pryfbx97g9spcm6
13:24 walterbender but now the real work begins
13:24 #link http://doodle.com/4pryfbx97g9spcm6
13:25 mzepf: please send it to the google group too for those who could not attend today's meeting
13:25 the most critical thing re success is good communication.
13:26 decause #agree on sending poll to email list
13:26 walterbender please make sure that you meet with your mentor on a regular basis and be prepared to make a brief progress report each week at our group meeting
13:26 but also, please hang out on irc
13:27 it is the place where the devel community works and it means there is a forum for you to ask questions and generally observe what else is going on with the project
13:27 so there is an expectation you'll be on #sugar whenever you are working
13:28 also, please don't be shy about asking questions. it is a cliche, but there is no such thing as a bad question
13:28 there is no point in getting stuck on things that we can help you with
13:28 and your question might help others too
13:30 finally, while each of you has pretty detailed project descriptions, undoubtedly things will change over the course of your project as we all learn more
13:30 so please be flexible (and curious)
13:31 manuq_ and have fun!
13:31 walterbender Also, I propose that at our next meeting (whenever it is scheduled), we do a joint triage exercise
13:31 manuq_: +1 to fun
13:31 manuq_: but that is a given :)
13:32 manuq_ yes :)
13:32 walterbender if you are not having fun, something is wrong and please contact your mentor(s) or gonzalo_odiard or me
13:32 decause question: i have a group of 4 students working on incorporating mozilla open badges into Sugar. is it alright with everyone if they attend these meetings also?
13:32 walterbender ( gonzalo_odiard and I are the program admins and trouble shooters)
13:32 decause: absolutely
13:33 mzepf decause: I wouldn't mind.
13:33 tch__ appears~
13:33 ttyS3 has quit IRC
13:33 walterbender hi tch
13:33 decause great! i'll get them into the poll too
13:34 they just started this week, and will be going through late august
13:34 walterbender anyway, I though it would be a good thing to have this group walk though the list of open bugs in our track system and do some triage
13:35 it would be a good exposure to Sugar as a whole and it would be a useful exercise for the community
13:35 so if everyone could make sure that they have an account on bugs.sugarlabs.org before the next meeting, it would be good
13:36 sound like a plan?
13:36 Cerlyn walterbender: Make sure you have someone activate the accounts since they start out moderated IIRC
13:36 decause #action decause make sure sugar team has accounts for bugs.sl.org
13:37 walterbender Cerlyn: will do
13:37 tch__ +1 on regular meetings and exposure ;)
13:37 walterbender #action walter will make sure accounts are activated
13:37 gambogi walterbender: which one is the active bug tracker again
13:37 walterbender bugs.sugarlabs.org
13:38 there are several other trackers out there that overlap somewhat, but we should stick to the SL tracker
13:38 decause good to see you gambogi
13:38 gambogi waves
13:38 walterbender FYI, sugar activities generally live on git.sugarlabs.org
13:39 but we have migrated sugar development to github
13:39 decause nod nod
13:41 walterbender also, in the future, we should probably have our group meetings in #sugar-meeting so as to not spam this channel
13:42 any other thoughts/comments re expectations? what are the student expectations, I wonder?
13:42 decause i have a thought
13:43 we are trying to get our program to the flock conference in august:
13:43 #link http://flocktofedora.com
13:44 one of the things we are proposing there is a hackfest around Sugar
13:44 walterbender nice
13:45 decause it can also serve as a meetup for any GSoC or sugar folks who will be in the area
13:46 Cerlyn I already told walterbender this, but make sure all Flock talk/hackfest/similar proposals are submitted to the Flock's website by midnight EDT today so they can be voted upon
13:46 decause particularly, CDeLorme will be focused on gstreamer for hackery, but other projects are more than welcome (assuming our proposal is accepted)
13:46 walterbender not sure we have much else to cover today except to say I look forward to a fun, productive summer
13:46 decause Cerlyn++
13:47 #agree
13:47 mzepf question: Should each student fork the activity they're working on on github? Sorry if this is obvious to others.
13:48 gonzalo_odiard may be can say hello the students present, and say what projects they will work?
13:48 walterbender mzepf: yes... (but Turtle is still in git.sl.o)
13:48 mzepf: maybe you can move it to github as a first step?
13:49 gonzalo_odiard mzepf, can clone in git.sugarlabs,org too
13:49 walterbender gonzalo_odiard: good idea
13:49 decause i think github forks are good idea, as tht workflow is pretty true to life for contributing to upstream projects
13:49 walterbender re introduction
13:49 mzepf walterbender, gonzalo_odiard: thanks.
13:49 decause or git.sl.org too
13:49 walterbender mzepf: I think that each team can work out those details
13:51 axitkhurana Hello! I'm working on Social Sugar.
13:52 aneesh-andro has quit IRC
13:52 decause yes!
13:52 gonzalo_odiard hello axitkhurana
13:52 boredomist hey everyone, i'm erik, and i'm working on the translation server project
13:53 mzepf Hi, I'm Marion, and I'm working on TurtleBlocks/TurtleArt.
13:53 tch__ :)
13:53 decause win
13:54 gambogi decause, walterbender: I'd say that if you intend to keep sugar activities on git.sl.o you should have people fork on there too, to avoid even more confusion in the future
13:55 gonzalo_odiard i am gonzalo, will mentor the projects "Help mechanism" and "Add recording to Music Keyboard"
13:55 decause is the html5 activity framework student here?
13:55 gambogi (forks on github, official on git.sl, official sugar on github...)
13:55 also hi I'm a mentor but I seem to have missed picking a group
13:55 walterbender gambogi: prob. right
13:56 is the mentor for the turtle blocks --> python ptoject
13:57 decause is mentor for open video chat, and openbadges team (not gsoc, but will happen this summer in parallel)
13:58 tch__ is mentoring social sugar :)
13:59 gambogi is a mentor for open video chat (just checked)
13:59 decause gambogi++
14:00 gonzalo_odiard anybody else in the meeting?
14:00 Cerlyn is a mentor-at-large (not currently assigned to anything)
14:00 walterbender gonzalo_odiard: we got a lot of regrets for this moring
14:01 gonzalo_odiard walterbender, yes
14:01 walterbender we assigned 2+ mentors for each project (plus mentors at large) because we want no excuses for things falling between the cracks
14:01 decause hopes doodle poll comes back with preference for "hacker friendly" hours for meetings
14:02 ;P
14:02 gonzalo_odiard like a global community, probably will not be so easy found a time to meet all together, but we should not let that ruin communication. we can use the google group or the mailing list too
14:03 walterbender decause: so the 6am slot works... right before bedtime :)
14:03 decause :P
14:05 walterbender well, we should wrap up soon... and let the mentors caucus with their students 1 on 1
14:05 decause #agree
14:05 walterbender anything else to share with the group?
14:07 ok... thanks all for attending. I'll send a link to the transcript to the group
14:07 decause nod nod
14:08 walterbender #end-meeting
14:08 meeting Meeting ended Fri May 31 14:08:19 2013 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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