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#sugar, 2011-01-15

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14:15 meeting Meeting started Sat Jan 15 14:15:44 2011 UTC. The chair is tch. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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14:17 tch Guess i am not the best meeting coordinator, but we since m_anish_afk (which should provide us, the most updated information is not present) guess we should start with alsroot and his work
14:18 alsroot just sent bugfixes to dextrose@ that might be useful for dx-2, will do the same for sugar-toolkit
14:18 tch alsroot: we just saw.. wow...
14:18 alsroot ..bugfixes from 0.90/master comits
14:18 not mine :)
14:19 tch alsroot: they all apply to dx2?
14:19 alsroot tch: yup, I tested them in my local repo on top of dx-2 patches
14:19 ..one-by-one
14:19 tch alsroot: awesome :D best from all worlds
14:20 bernie alsroot: i haven't reviewed your patches yet, but i count on doing it.
14:21 alsroot: can you add them yourself to the dextrose repo?
14:21 alsroot the another work, is having bugs reporting system for dx-beta
14:21 bernie: I guess it is m_anish_afk's work :)
14:21 ..to be dx-2 patch maintaner
14:22 tch alsroot: i plan to focus the bugs reporting now, so we can speed up things
14:22 bernie alsroot: ok
14:22 alsroot tch: mukesh is working on bugs frame icon, me is on non-gui client part
14:22 bernie tch: cool
14:23 tch alsroot: so, any suggestion where i should start?
14:23 alsroot tch: you can work on server side, I guess it might be pretty simple python based solution..
14:24 ..to handle HTTP POST requests
14:25 dfarning <[scs]> hi David, wanted to let you know that Anish is awol because of lack of internet coverage in his current location, he of course is very sorry :) cheers to you, --scs
14:26 tch alsroot: sure :)
14:27 alsroot so, I guess we will have automatic bugs reporting system for dx-beta..
14:28 uwog_ has quit IRC
14:28 bernie alsroot: cool
14:28 tch alsroot: crossing fingers!
14:28 alsroot: what about the other use cases, from shell unhandled exceptions, etc
14:29 alsroot: should we split that work too, you covering all of those?
14:29 alsroot tch: it will handle shell unhandled exceptions, activities haled starts, activities failed exits, activities unhandled exceptions
14:29 bernie alsroot: fantastic
14:30 tch alsroot gets all the fun :( haha
14:30 bernie alsroot: where does it upload the logs?
14:30 alsroot bernie: just to arbitrary http, via form args (useful info) and zipped logs
14:31 bernie: tch: I think, for the first time, if python based http server will handle these requests and place all info just to fs, it should be pretty enough
14:31 bernie alsroot: is anyone working on the back-end yet?
14:32 alsroot: it would be nice if those could become bugs in trac, so we can have queries, etc. maybe low priority bugs./
14:32 alsroot bernie: tch should, if I got him right :)
14:32 tch bernie: maybe we can ignore that for now and do more sophisticated things
14:32 bernie: +1 , but in the long therm
14:32 term*
14:32 bernie alsroot: filing a new bug in trac is just a matter of filling one form, right?
14:32 tch alsroot: yup, i will!
14:33 alsroot bernie: I had in mind, just placing logs to fs, later, dx maints will sort them out and fill the bugs
14:33 I guess many reports will cover the same issues and auto fill bugs.ls.o tickets will be overkill
14:34 bernie alsroot: one could merge them, no?
14:34 tch alsroot: we can do this incrementally, i am sure there will be a lot of unexpected "details" to consider while we finish this
14:34 bernie alsroot: even if we use a separate database, the work of merging duplicate bugs would still need to be done by someone
14:35 alsroot bernie: tch: I guest think that we can start from "just upload logs to fs for later sorting out by maints", and look how it runs
14:35 tch alsroot: but if we keep the  simplicity as the main characteristic we will be fine,
14:35 bernie alsroot: ok, let's see how it works out. if it works better than using trac, i'd say: let's file *all* bugs this way from now on :-)
14:36 tch yeah, lets just not get lost in complexities from the  beginning
14:38 alsroot moreover, for the first time, it might be just more deployment related tool(dextrose)
14:38 later it might be improved to handle more decentrilized model
14:39 bernie alsroot: ok right
14:41 tch so, for this week we should review/apply/test all the patches we have received lately and in parallel work on our reporting tool
14:41 uwog_ <uwog_!~uwog@bbnat.betterbe.com> has joined #sugar
14:41 alsroot yup, I guess it is exact plan from http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Dextrose/2/Roadmap :)
14:41 tch alsroot:  great :)
14:42 any thoughts about the patches i have sent lately? (not reviews) but the features/fixes it selfs
14:42 icarito <icarito!~icaro@> has joined #sugar
14:43 tch should we change the topic so i can talk about my week on ceibal?
14:44 anyone wants to add anything new to the current topic?
14:44 alsroot tch: +1, we need to shake down pathces queue w/ m_anish_afk anyway
14:45 tch alsroot: yep, we can coordinate that later, when he arrives
14:45 #TOPIC tincho visits ceibal
14:45 bernie tch: i haven't had the time to see any patch yet. sorry
14:45 i look like a japanese robot, with two giant splints on the arms
14:46 tch offtopic: maybe there is a japanese useless invention that might help you out
14:46 offtipic: the book is the craziest thing i have ever seen..
14:47 ok, going back to the topic! Basically i spent a full week working at Plan Ceibal offices
14:48 I met all their engineering team (amazing and talented people)
14:49 they seemed very busy lately with some non-sugar things, so they asked me if  I could help them with their todo list
14:50 alsroot tch: is this todo that m_anish_afk was talking about recently :)
14:50 ..a week ago
14:51 tch alsroot: yes, most of them are things that _we_ py want in but were not a priority, uruguay already have an updater system..
14:52 i also helped them to design a institutional message broadcaster based on the messages notification system
14:53 alsroot tch: btw how their updater works?
14:53 tch i explained to them that I would self.destroy if it turns to be a spam machine haha
14:54 alsroot: from what i understand is daemon-like process that can download scripts and run them as root
14:55 alsroot: so you can do more than just updates actually with it
14:55 alsroot tch: does it handle non-activities code or activities as well?
14:56 tch alsroot: i think they don't use it for activities,
14:58 bernie tch: ah yes. they told me about that
14:58 tch well, any ways I also invested my there in understanding their workload/work-flow which is important to us as AC
14:59 bernie tch: I think they might be convinced to switch to yum, if we can show them that rpm post-install scriptlets can replace the scripting functionality of their current updater
14:59 tch: in the beginning they were scared by the need to package up things with rpm, but now they learned
15:00 tch bernie: true, but lets show them with facts.. having our updater working properly in .py :)
15:00 bernie tch: sure, yes... :)
15:02 alsroot ..yum is too slow on XO-1 (but I'm also for regular upgrading schemes), whats the progress w/ that, I guess SMParrish was taking care about asking for improving it?
15:04 tch he mentioned  something like that, but i am not well informed
15:04 maybe bernie knows something?
15:04 dfarning alsroot, there is a FudCon at the end of the month... SMParrish will be working with them on yum and building fedora on ARM.
15:06 bernie alsroot: is it really too slow with just one small repo for dextrose? in my tests, it was decently fast.
15:07 alsroot bernie: yeah, I was thinking about fedora repos, but since we will handle only dextrose ones..
15:08 btw, we need to handle _only_ dextrose repos, ie, push possible fc11 update though (at least, also) dextrose repos. otherwise our updater will fail on crosee repos pupdates
15:10 btw /me written down a note to add arm to bazaar/sweets builds, people become to love ARM more and more (including M$:)
15:13 tch: btw do not forget to stop the meeting :)
15:14 tch does anyone else have somthign to add?
15:14 i think we know what we need to do :)
15:14 for this week
15:17 #endmeeting
15:17 meeting Meeting ended Sat Jan 15 15:17:03 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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