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#sugar, 2010-08-02

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15:21 jelkner ok, i wanted to start by explaining what will happen to sugar labs dc in the coming period
15:21 we are about to finish the summer project
15:21 jboisture goes back to school
15:21 and i'll need to focus on the start of school
15:21 so we will be out of the picture for a bit
15:21 i hope to interest students this fall
15:22 and will probably be able to do that
15:22 but for a month or two, you won't hear much from us
15:22 so, we need to transition effectively
15:22 handing over what we did
15:22 rgs_, is it you that will take over the turtleartsite from jamie?
15:23 walterbender I'll be reviewing all of Jamie's commits in the next 24 hours I hope and will try to get a new version of TA pushed out before the 7th.
15:23 jelkner walterbender, that would be *great*
15:23 btw.  does it matter which sugar version i'm running on our xos?
15:24 walterbender jelkner: shouldn't matter
15:24 jelkner great
15:24 so, what about the site
15:24 who wil take that over from jboisture?
15:24 walterbender unless you are running a very very old version... then the Journal interactions are unusably slow.
15:24 jelkner walterbender i plan to try 0.88 over the next few days
15:25 but i'll run the latest stable release at least
15:25 rgs_ jelkner: well, I need to know what it takes
15:25 jelkner it is a web2py application
15:25 that's why this conversation is so important
15:25 since jboisture is still around to answer questions
15:26 someone will need to take it over
15:26 i was hoping to find out who
15:26 rgs_ jelkner: is it package or documented in a way on how to deploy?
15:26 jboisture it's packaged right now on git
15:27 deploying it is pretty simple, but I haven't documented it yet
15:27 rgs_ jboisture: what do you mean by packaged on git? is there .spec to build an rpm out of it?
15:28 jelkner rgs_, web2py applications are called "web appliances"
15:28 jboisture no sorry it's just a project in gitorious
15:28 jelkner they are a single directory that goes in the applications directory on the web2py server
15:28 Krimpet Anyone know what could be causing these errors in presenceservice.log when I run Sugar in Fedora 13? http://pastebin.com/BqGbYcFQ
15:29 jelkner the tricky part for us is we are hosting on google app engine
15:29 so that we don't have any costs involved
15:29 the application could also host on a server of our own
15:29 that conversation hasn't taken place yet
15:30 i told jboisture just to use app engine because i wanted something my students could use immediately
15:30 we really need to think about the longer term now
15:30 walterbender knows nothing about web2py... but could learn
15:30 jelkner it has a wonder, gentle learning curve
15:30 wondeful
15:30 bernie garycmartin: do you have the Sugar Labs ttf font?
15:31 rgs_ walterbender: I:l try to install the app later today
15:31 jboisture the project is at http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/turtlesite
15:31 rgs_ jelkner: ^
15:31 jelkner rgs_, cool
15:31 http://web2py.com
15:32 has everything you need to get started
15:32 should we meet tomorrow or wednesday to continue?
15:32 we only have jboisture this week
15:32 so we want to at least think about what comes next before he leaves
15:33 here are a few issues:
15:33 rgs_ jelkner: its up to walterbender , he has limited online time
15:33 jelkner 1. do we keep in on app engine or not?
15:33 2. if not, where do we move it?
15:34 3. if yes, who follows up with google to see what happens if our free quota runs out?
15:34 walterbender jelkner: I think we leave it for right now and wait for more data...
15:34 jelkner ok
15:34 rgs_ jelkner: I'll have to install first, then I can figure out how to answer those
15:34 jelkner rgs_, super
15:34 so rgs_, when do you want to meet next
15:34 ?
15:35 we want to give you a chance to look into it
15:35 and then we can continue the discussion
15:36 rgs_, what do you say?
15:37 rgs_ jelkner: whenever it suits you well, I am on vacations but very connected
15:37 jelkner i can meet any day after 3 pm
15:37 so you choose
15:38 the constraints are: long enough in the future so you can look at the app and before jamie leaves (which means this week)
15:39 rgs_ jelkner: i see
15:39 jelkner rgs_, do you want to try again tomorrow?
15:39 rgs_ jelkner: sure
15:39 jelkner great
15:39 done
15:39 rgs_ jelkner: same time?
15:39 jelkner yes
15:39 rgs_ jelkner: 3:30?
15:39 jelkner yes
15:40 we'll start on #sugar-meeting
15:40 and move here if it is taken
15:40 walterbender OK. Should work for me.
15:40 rgs_ wonderful
15:40 jelkner great
15:40 walterbender, did you get what you need from jboisture?
15:40 walterbender jelkner: enough to know what to look at: everything... :)
15:41 jelkner great!
15:41 ok, let's meet tomorrow
15:41 thanks!
15:41 #endmeeting

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