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#sugar, 2010-06-09

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09:13 mchua pbrobinson, sdziallas: I got an email from a teacher who wants to try a SoaS pilot, will forward her to the SoaS list... any other way we want to handle folks who want to test?
09:13 wants to make sure we set expectations early
09:15 sdziallas mchua: I think handling them on a case by case basis on-list sounds sane, no?
09:15 mchua sdziallas: Yeah, I want to make sure she either has local support or wants to wrangle Linux stuff
09:16 sdziallas nods. yeah, right.
09:16 or both. :) but yeah, you're right.
09:20 mchua kis: so, we need to figure out how to resize sugar-emulator, or make it run smaller.
09:20 Problem: netbook screens are not big enough :)
09:21 kis that's right.
09:21 mchua sdziallas: ^ do you know off the top of your head how that works?
09:21 hits up teh googlez
09:21 sdziallas mchua: hang on, I think I do.
09:21 mchua, kis: yes.
09:21 mchua http://www.google.com/search?q=sugar-emulator uses xephyr, so it's resizing xephyr...
09:21 sdziallas type 'sugar-emulator --help' in a terminal. :)
09:21 mchua continues to frantically google in an attempt to beat sdziallas to the an-DARN
09:21 sdziallas (hint: you want -i)
09:22 mchua: :)
09:22 mchua darn you, command-line help options!
09:22 kis: does it work?
09:22 satellit__ * I have to make the panels properties show hide buttons and retract top and bottom panels to see most of it
09:23 kis is trying it
09:23 satellit__ on 10" ACER Aspire One
09:25 kis mchua, sdziallas: yes, that worked. Thanks!
09:25 sdziallas kis: awesome! :)
09:26 satellit__ is that in wiki...easily found  ?
09:26 kwurst kis: What did you type to make it work?
09:30 mchua satellit__: If not, it should be somewhere.
09:31 satellit__ +1
09:31 *it is a common problem.
09:31 mchua sdziallas, pbrobinson: teacher email reply sent to soas list. At some point I'll pile through the rest of my email and bring up other convo threads.
09:32 satellit__: try and find the place you think it ought to be, then put it there :)
09:32 sdziallas mchua: cool!
09:32 satellit__: I might recommend The Undiscoverable, but that's just me. :)
09:32 satellit__ mchua: what was the fix exactly?
09:33 mchua kis: satellit__ and kwurst demand to know the command you typed to fix sugar-emulator being too big for a netbook screen :D
09:33 satellit__ * yes the Undiscoverable  (It should be more prominent on wiki somehow)
09:33 mchua oh, satellit__ - did you introduce yourself to the class yet?
09:33 I'm not sure if all the profs know who you ar eyet.
09:33 er, who you are.
09:33 satellit__ Tom Gilliard Bend Oregon,,,,volunteer  retired
09:35 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/User:Satellit
09:46 mchua: in terminal sugar-emulator -i 600x500 works fine
10:01 mchua kwurst: ^^ satellit__ found it
10:02 kwurst mchua: I got it to work.
10:03 nhacbv mchua: is it possible for me to debug my code? I'm not sure how when using the sugar emulator
10:03 satellit__ mchua: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/T[…]n_Size_Adjustment
10:04 * nice trick thanks everone...has been a problem for me-helps a lot!
10:05 mchua nhacbv: What are you trying to do?
10:06 nhacbv mchua: I made some changes in the irc code to test the journal implementation, but it's not working as I planned. How would I check for errors or exceptions?
10:08 mchua nhacbv: One place to look is the Log Activity - try that first, see if it gets you the data you need. If not, we'll find other ways to debug.
10:10 nhacbv mchua: ok
10:11 oh, and this is kinda off-topic (not really), but found out there will be a new OLPC laptop? XO-2? http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XO-2
10:14 pbrobinson nhacbv: XO-2 is dead
10:14 nhacbv: google for the XO-3
10:14 nhacbv pbrobinson: really?
10:14 pbrobinson nhacbv: yep :-|
10:14 nhacbv: http://blog.laptop.org/2010/05[…]marvell-and-olpc/
10:15 mchua and the XO-1.5
10:17 nhacbv ehh... I don't really like the XO-3. it's nice, but for kids?
10:18 so what happened to the XO-2?
10:20 sdziallas cjb: ping; do you probably have a couch to crash on in the second week of August or a rec whom to ping? (I'm doing http://teachingopensource.org/[…]php/LinuxCon_2010 and looking for a place to crash)
10:26 mchua has been spending the morning spamming local Sugar hackers to come pitch in
10:27 about to spam the whole list
10:27 nhacbv: vaporware is the short answer.
10:29 nhacbv mchua: I guess the design DOES look far-fetch'd
10:34 mchua nhacbv: photoshop ;)
10:34 nhacbv mchua: was gonna say .-.
10:46 mchua: not exactly sure how to use the Log activity with the irc here.
10:46 mchua: would I use print from python, or another command?
10:46 mchua nhacbv: Did you open up the Log Activity? What do you see down the left sidebar?
10:47 nhacbv: there should be one listing for Irc.Activity (or similar)
10:47 that gives you a traceback.
10:47 sdziallas I think we're getting some coverage: http://www.olpcnews.com/softwa[…]f_mirabelles.html
10:47 dsd_ bernie_afk: i'm pretty religious about only working upstream, and i only dont upload to aslo when its broken :P
10:48 nhacbv mchua: I don't see any log for irc
10:48 no wait, nevermind, I see it
10:48 m_anish dsd_, ping
10:48 dsd_ hi m_anish
10:48 m_anish dsd_, hi
10:49 dsd_, I wanted to know whether the new patch is fine?
10:49 dsd_ the 1x1 thing is nasty
10:49 i think we can do better
10:50 kwurst walterbender: I've lost it - which site has the tickets for measure?
10:50 m_anish dsd_, ok
10:50 nhacbv mchua: ok so the irc log is working, how would I use it in the irc program?
10:51 mchua: as in put in some lines to catch errors from what I wrote
10:51 m_anish dsd_, if I hide the widgets i'm currently resizing to 1x1, the ui doesn't behave as expected...
10:51 mchua nhacbv: OH! You're talking about debugging inline.
10:52 sorry, i thought the program had crashed and you were looking for tracebacks.
10:52 nhacbv mchua: haha, yeah
10:52 m_anish dsd_, maybe its the issue ericb2 explained on the list http://lists.laptop.org/piperm[…]ugust/003239.html
10:52 dsd_ m_anish: and why is that?
10:52 nhacbv mchua: I did a try and catch thing in the program
10:52 mchua: so I hopefully won't get any crashing
10:52 mchua nhacbv: You can try running it from the Terminal Activity - from the command line. cd over to Activities/Irc.activity and do python <whatever-the-name-of-the-file-is>.py.
10:53 nhacbv mchua: from the emulator?
10:54 mchua nhacbv: Yep.
10:54 More experienced Activity devs here may know better ways...
10:54 coughs * cjb walterbender * ^
10:54 m_anish dsd_, maybe if we can control the order in which the widgets are being drawn, it may work out
10:55 kwurst mchua: I forgot - what site has the tickets for measure?
10:56 mchua kwurst: bugs.sugarlabs.org.
10:56 kwurst: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/query will let you build a custom query for component: Measure.
11:01 kwurst mchua: Thanks.
11:01 m_anish dsd_, what do you suggest. I'm thinking of experimenting with gtk.gdk.Window.raise_ and gtk.gdk.Window.lower
11:04 mchua nhacbv: how'd the testing go?
11:04 nhacbv mchua: nothing runs when I do 'python ircactivity.py'
11:05 mchua: there are not errors throwing back at me, but nothing running
11:05 no*
11:05 mchua Nothing runs at all?
11:06 Huh.
11:06 nhacbv: did you push your latest changes to git? I'll check them out
11:06 nhacbv mchua: you're gonna have to teach me that hehe.
11:07 mchua: never used git to do so before
11:08 mchua nhacbv: Ah, right! Ok - did you use git checkout to get the code in the first place?
11:08 nhacbv: (I'm trying to figure out where you started from)
11:08 nhacbv oh, I used git clone
11:08 mchua kwurst - your blog mentioned wanting to know git more, so nhacbv and I are walking through pushing right now if you feel like listening in
11:09 nhacbv: ok, great - and did you do the change as a commit to your local repository?
11:09 nhacbv: (git commit -a)
11:09 (if you have no idea what I'm babbling about, holler and I'll back up)
11:10 nhacbv I haven't done that.
11:10 guess I'll do that now?
11:10 mchua nhacbv: Yep - "git commit -a" and then tell me what your screen looks like.
11:10 nhacbv: it should pop you up a dialog for adding a commit message, listing the files that you've modified down below (make sure they're the right ones)
11:12 nhacbv mchua: and I do have that dialog. I put in "# added read_file() and write_file() to the Activity" sound good?
11:13 mchua Yep. Actually, you don't even need the # at the beginning (it's all a text comment) but that works!
11:13 nhacbv ah alright
11:13 ok done
11:14 saved the commit
11:14 mchua nhacbv: Excellent. Now, do you have a git.sugarlabs.org account?
11:14 nhacbv mchua: I don't, I'll get one now
11:15 mchua: ok done
11:16 mchua nhacbv: what is it?
11:16 nhacbv mchua: I got the account. so what should I do now?
11:16 bvuong
11:16 mchua nhacbv: I'm going to add you to the list of mainline committers.
11:16 nhacbv mchua: ok
11:17 mchua nhacbv: when you go to http://git.sugarlabs.org/proje[…]rc/repos/mainline do you see a line at the top that says "Push URL"?
11:17 (once you're logged in)
11:18 nhacbv nhacbv: yep
11:18 mchua nhacbv: if so, click the "more info" and follow those instructions
11:18 nhacbv mchua: yep
11:18 dsd_ m_anish: i dont really understand the problem. perhaps it is related to strange use of gtk.Window. the Record UI is not doing anything particularly striking/innovative, so i dont see why we would need such complexities/hacks
11:18 mchua nhacbv: and if the push went through successfully, we should see your commit go through in a few minutes on http://git.sugarlabs.org/proje[…]rc/repos/mainline.
11:19 walterbender kwurst: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/quer[…]ity&col=milestone
11:22 nhacbv mchua: I get this error when pushing:
11:22 Permission denied (publickey).
11:22 fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
11:22 m_anish dsd_, hmm
11:23 mchua nhacbv: Try doing this:
11:23 nhacbv: git remote rm origin
11:23 nhacbv: git remote add origin gitorious@git.sugarlabs.org:irc/mainline.git
11:23 nhacbv: git push origin master
11:23 nhacbv: ...and see what you get
11:24 nhacbv mchua: still got "fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly"
11:24 m_anish dsd_, I'm not so sure why trying to hide instead of resizing windows doesn't work
11:25 mchua nhacbv: Hm. Let me try something real quick - I'll clone and push a simple commit myself, to make sure I'm giving you the right commands.
11:25 dsd_ that would be a good stating point to investigate
11:25 Mel-7d94 Excellent. Now to see if I can make and push a change...
11:26 mchua nhacbv: How many files did you change?
11:26 nhacbv mchua: just ircactivity.py
11:28 mchua nhacbv: ...yep, that just worked for me - do you have the ssh key you uploaded to gitorious, on your machine right now?
11:28 nhacbv: (did you upload an ssh key to gitorious?)
11:28 may have neglected to mention that
11:28 nhacbv mchua: I don't think I done that
11:29 mchua: how would I do that?
11:29 mchua nhacbv: That would probably be it, then. :)
11:30 nhacbv: go to the "my account" thing at the top right; you'll see a place to upload it.
11:32 nhacbv mchua: alright, so it says the key should be located at ~/.ssh/ and should be id_dsa.pub or id_rsa.pub, but I don't have any of those.
11:32 mchua nhacbv: You'll need to make one, then.
11:32 nhacbv: google for "creating an ssh key" and see what you get.
11:32 trying to teach self-sufficiency ;)
11:33 catching up on GIANT SL email backlog
11:34 erikos is gonzalo, our new paint hero around?
11:34 nhacbv mchua: ok, I created one with ssh-keygen, and uploading it right now
11:35 mchua nhacbv: Excellent. Those commands I sent you should work after that.
11:36 nhacbv: You found the right instructions, too.
11:36 spewing tickets into her queue for things-to-do-later
11:36 like http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2036
11:36 (these are all small things, I'm just going through emails and TODO.txt in IRC and making sure they're all in one place)
11:36 nhacbv mchua: um, I still get errors:
11:36 Access denied or bad repository path
11:36 fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
11:37 scyrma bernie_afk: I'll need a small config change on sunjammer for ole's aegir
11:37 mchua nhacbv: after git remote rm origin?
11:37 nhacbv mchua: yep
11:37 mchua nhacbv: and git remote add origin <blah blah>?
11:37 scratches head
11:37 nhacbv mchua: all of that
11:38 mchua nhacbv: but this is a different error message than you got last time.
11:38 ...so that's progress.
11:40 hasn't seen that error message before.
11:40 nhacbv: I'm googling it... suggest you do the same in parallel.
11:41 nhacbv mchua: alright, but I'm going to get lunch first.
11:41 mchua: that ok?
11:41 mchua nhacbv: Yeah,I will be out for lunch in 30m myself
11:41 nhacbv: I'll leave you messages here if you can catch backscroll.
11:41 nhacbv ok
11:42 mchua nhacbv_afk: When you get back, try one thing for me: do a fresh checkout of the code, so in any blank directory
11:42 nhacbv_afk: git clone git://git.sugarlabs.org/irc/mainline.git
11:42 nhacbv_afk: ...and then make some minor change to some file, like TODO.txt - just to test pushing a chnage
11:42 nhacbv_afk: er, change
11:43 nhacbv_afk: and then commit the change
11:43 nhacbv_afk: git commit -a
11:43 nhacbv_afk: then do the steps from before
11:43 nhacbv_afk: git remote rm origin
11:43 nhacbv_afk: git remote add origin gitorious@git.sugarlabs.org:irc/mainline.git
11:43 nhacbv_afk: git push
11:44 nhacbv_afk: (if that last one doesnt work, try "git push origin master")
11:44 nhacbv_afk: and tell me what you get. if that doesn't work, also doublecheck that the ssh key you uploaded to gitorious is the same one in your .ssh folder - tell me what file you uploaded (should be id_rsa.pub)
11:58 lucian i don't get this. soas has virtualbox mouse integration on, but it can't mount shared folders
12:00 cjb mchua: I think your pgf is going to need to get a new nickname :)
12:00 (pgf in this channel is Paul Fox.)
12:07 m_anish dsd_, so I've tried stripping the resize statements from the code ... and gotten to a point where just resizing the slowLiveVideoWindow to 1x1 makes the UI work in photo/video livemode. If I don't resize it, I get a concentric black rectangle overlaid on the live photo window. If i hide it, the recording progressbar and/or the shutter button get hidden.
12:09 tomeu cjb: going to guadec? http://blogs.gnome.org/carlosg[…]uch-to-just-work/
12:10 cjb was just reading that :)
12:11 I think it's like five years since I actually left the country to go to a conference, though
12:11 I just don't like travel that much
12:21 tomeu: any idea who Carlos works for, btw?
12:21 tomeu hmm, some european company I think
12:21 bemasc thought he was a freelance Flash developer
12:21 cjb bemasc: not that one :)
12:21 bemasc oh, carlosg
12:22 cjb ah, Lanedo
12:22 tomeu could be
12:29 nhacbv mchua_afk: the steps worked, just so you know.
12:43 lucian is starting to hate vbox guest additions
12:45 for a wrapper module, what's the best way to determine a backend?
12:48 m_anish dsd_, ping
12:54 mtd m_anish: resizing to 1x1 is ugly and looks to be a bit of a hack by erikb to get things to sort of look right (I wouldn't say "work").  I hope you can find a better way, like dsd suggested.
12:54 m_anish: I'd go back to try to understand precisely what you want to happen.
12:56 m_anish mtd, agree
12:58 mtd, part of the problem is that when I hide some widgets (instead of resizing them), the UI doen't seem to work ... Next, I can't find a way to keep the active widgets on top (till now) ...
12:58 dsd_ dont feel restricted by the current crazy code
12:58 its not nice to look at and hard to comprehend
12:58 lucian is anyone else using soas inside virtualbox?
12:59 dsd_ i would imagine it could be done in a simple manner
12:59 the screen layout really does not change much in the different modes
12:59 m_anish dsd_, agree, but it would have to be more of a rewrite than a patch
13:00 dsd_ a rewrite is still a patch
13:00 m_anish :)
13:00 dsd_ and it wouldnt be a rewrite of the activity
13:00 only of the UI part
13:00 you wont need to touch any of the recording pipelines for example
13:01 mchua nhacbv: good to hear!
13:01 nhacbv: so now you can push your patch and we can go about debugging it :)
13:02 nhacbv mchua: right
13:02 godiard bernie_afk: Hi, are you here?
13:04 mchua nhacbv: I'm going to be running around for the next ~1h but after that we can sit down and try to get you a traceback. In the meantime, walterbender had a suggestion for a second feature
13:04 m_anish dsd_, ok
13:04 mchua nhacbv: when you start up irc, have a splashscreen that can display an arbitrary message ("hi, welcome to IRC - this is a chatroom... may take people a while to respond to your messages")
13:04 nhacbv: as an introduction to "you are talking to a room of people and it may be confusing"
13:05 nhacbv mchua: alright
13:05 m_anish dsd_, btw I've possibly found a way around resizing 1x1 but it would again be a hack (slightly less ugly)
13:08 kwurst kis: here's the path: /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/sugar/graphics
13:08 m_anish dsd_, I'll look into rewriting the UI code. Need to talk with bernie_afk regarding this ... (http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/D[…]Release_schedule_.28TBD.29)
13:15 kis kwurst: thanks. I am looking at it.
13:25 lucian roars in anger at virtualbox
13:28 satellit__ lucian: if you have sun virtualbox look at http://people.sugarlabs.org/Tg[…]eREADME_FIRST.txt   prebuilt vb appliance to import
13:29 m_anish lucian, just saw your message ... i've tried using soas in a vitrualbox OSE ... it starts up and works fine, but the data gets lost upon restart
13:29 lucian m_anish: i'm using it in oracle vbox
13:30 satellit__: i'll try that
13:30 satellit__ m_anish: did you install it with liveinst or zyx-liveinstaller? if not it is running CD .iso  (you need to set cd to empty in settings)
13:31 m_anish satellit_, its just running cd .iso
13:31 satellit__ =no persistence...: /
13:31 lucian m_anish: then yeah, you need to install it
13:32 m_anish satellit_, lucian, ah, ok
13:32 satellit__ * standard 8GB HD is fine
13:32 lucian m_anish: you're running it as a livecd right now
13:32 m_anish lucian, yes
13:32 nhacbv mchua: the update ircactivity.py file should be there now. possible you can inspect it?
13:33 dsd_ m_anish: dont feel pressured by a schedule. you've already produced a hack version for someone with a deadline. open source achieves quality by being ready when its ready :)
13:33 m_anish lucian, mirabelle and strawberry both seem to work fine, no audio, video though
13:34 lucian m_anish: i don't really care, i just need a sugar with shared folder working
13:34 satellit__ in ose: http://people.sugarlabs.org/Tg[…]v3-Mirabelle.vmdk is a hard disk you should be able to use
13:34 m_anish lucian, sorry I don't have any experience with that :/
13:35 satellit__ ask daveb something about permissions for user
13:35 lucian m_anish: virtualbox's shared folder feature
13:36 m_anish lucian, i haven't tried sharing folders/files ... btw what exacty do you want to accomplish by sharing
13:36 lucian m_anish: i want to share a folder in the guest with a folder in the host
13:36 m_anish: so i can actually run code i write
13:36 satellit__ if you use liveinst and are same user on PC it may help
13:37 m_anish dsd_, i can tell from experience that in the proprietary world, quality _is_ sacrificed for money :)
13:38 satellit__ * also in terminal setenforce 0 as root may help
13:38 in running sugar
13:39 * network as nat

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