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#sugar, 2010-03-17

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12:46 mchua #chair sdziallas
12:46 #topic SoaS kickstart maintenance howto tutorial
12:46 sdziallas: go!
12:46 sdziallas mchua: alrighty, so I'll talk you quickly through how to maintain this SoaS kickstart thingie.
12:46 mchua git-spinkickstarts FAS group?
12:46 looking
12:46 sdziallas if you want the real gig, you'll need the fedora acl.
12:46 mchua will document this process afterwards, of course
12:46 sdziallas mchua: I can invite you.
12:47 mchua #info become a member of the FAS (Fedora Account System) git-spinkickstart group.
12:47 sdziallas: go for it (mchua).
12:47 sdziallas mchua: which email address goes with your FAS account?
12:47 mchua: nvm.
12:48 mchua: you gotta apply yourself (the name is: gitspin-kickstarts) - I can only send a random "please join Fedora" email.
12:48 mchua: as soon as you do, I'll bother kanarip in #fedora-devel to approve you.
12:49 mchua sdziallas: Okay, one moment, let me do that.
12:49 #undo
12:49 #info become a member of the FAS (Fedora Account System) gitspin-kickstarts group.
12:49 proper docs :)
12:49 sdziallas grins. good stuff!
12:51 mchua mutters at slowness of mobile broadband
12:51 sdziallas: in the meantime, it's stupid questions time!
12:51 "what is a kickstart file?"
12:51 "why do we need one?"
12:51 "what does this have to do with SoaS?"
12:51 "why would anyone care?"
12:51 sdziallas mchua: yay, stupid question time :)
12:51 mchua wooo
12:51 sdziallas it's basically the file that tells our awesome tools which packages to throw onto the image and which customizations to apply in the build process so that you get at the end a...
12:52 ...shiny...
12:52 ...cool...
12:52 Sugar on a Stick. *drumroll*
12:52 mchua: so it provides the instructions for the tools what to do.
12:52 mchua So you input a <filename>.ks file, which is a text file with some special formatting listing packages and whatnot
12:52 and it spits out an .iso?
12:53 sdziallas mchua: right - the tool that eats the kickstart files is the livecd-creator (which comes in the livecd-tools package)
12:53 mchua has applied to gitspin-kickstarts, finally
12:53 kicks mobile broadband
12:53 sdziallas so you'd do (as root) livecd-creator --config=$filename (and possibly --cache=$location)
12:53 mchua Mobile broadband, I'm in *Atlanta.* That's a *city.* You should be *faaaaster.*
12:53 sdziallas goes bothering kanarip
12:53 mchua: well, it's *Atlanta* ;)
12:54 mchua Meh, I'm sure Atlanta's cool.
12:54 Maybe someday I'll get the chance to actually walk around in it.
12:54 Anyhoo.
12:54 While you're doing that, I'll look for general existing .ks docs.
12:55 sdziallas mchua: this is for example what you want
12:55 #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/[…]and_use_a_Live_CD
12:55 plus something like this (out of which you don't need everything, since we're going for a live image)
12:56 #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda/Kickstart
12:56 mchua: okay?
12:57 mchua Wow, the Fedora wik has confusing kickstart docs if you look for [[Kickstart]] or... huh. I'll fix that when my connection sucks less.
12:58 sdziallas mchua: there are some strange docs in there, indeed.
12:59 mchua s/wik/wiki
12:59 sdziallas mchua: (want to move on or running out of time?)
12:59 mchua Oh. My flight is boarding soon.
12:59 sdziallas: keep going.
12:59 sdziallas grins.
12:59 mchua I'm usually one of the last to board anyway.
12:59 sdziallas mchua: http://git.fedorahosted.org/gi[…]in-kickstarts.git
12:59 mchua: as soon as you're approved (not yet, apparently), git clone this: ssh://git.fedorahosted.org/git/spin-kickstarts.git
12:59 this is our repo.
13:00 well, it's the official Fedora repo, so better don't break it :)
13:00 we've this semi-working SoaS repo at git.sl.o, but this one is what contains the fedora-livecd-soas.ks.
13:00 that's the important stuff, the file that says what goes in there.
13:00 thinks this is almost it for now.
13:01 mchua Okay. So... what does maintenance mean?
13:01 How often does this need to be looked at, and when?
13:01 How do you decide what stuff changes and what doesn't?
13:01 Does it have to be approved by someone else before SoaS can be a Spin? Each release cycle? How does that work?
13:01 You mentioned weird scripty stuff that sometimes has to happen - other than a  simple package list, I mean. What is that, and how does that work?
13:01 sdziallas mchua: well, it has been approved for this cycle, so the next cycles should be a quick yay / nay.
13:02 what needs to be done is *communication*
13:02 (btw, if you clone this, make sure to add your name to Peter's and mine in the header of that file)
13:02 mchua Communication - how so?
13:02 sdziallas mchua: as soon as a new activity gets build and into Fedora (and we think we want it), we need to add it.
13:03 mchua: because one needs to communicate with the packagers (which activity gets when packaged and is supposed to get in when)
13:03 mchua Aha.
13:03 Is there any sort of schedule or process or whatnot for doing that kind of communication now?
13:03 And how do you decide that some package is going to make it into the kickstart?
13:03 sdziallas ...as well as with the developers ("ah, interesting, you need us to apply this GConf magic, interesting. better do this in the %post part... *fixfix*")
13:03 mchua Is there some sort of criteria?
13:04 er, um... I don't need to be a packager for this, do I?
13:04 sdziallas well, there's no real schedule.
13:04 mchua Because I'm kind of hopeless at the packaging thing right now.
13:04 sdziallas we basically need to hurry since beta freeze is Tuesday.
13:04 mchua Oh.
13:04 What does that mean?
13:04 sdziallas well, that's why you're communicating with the packagers.
13:05 that means that we need extra approval (uh, I might be wrong) for new updates.
13:05 mchua Any changes to the .ks file whatsoever?
13:05 Or just "I have added a new package to this list?"
13:05 (like, if I edited a comment, that would not need to be reapproved after beta freeze?)
13:05 sdziallas well, I'd love to have this going to the list - I sucked at communicating changes.
13:05 well, the approval concerns only packagers.
13:05 mchua sdziallas: yeah, well, the documenting of this howto is my job now ;)
13:06 sdziallas (uh, the approval of updates for activities and stuff)
13:06 mchua So... okay, hang on. Trying to make sure I grok.
13:06 sdziallas grins.
13:06 mchua The beta freeze date you speak of is the Fedora beta freeze date, which applies to SoaS because we are a Fedora Spin.
13:07 sdziallas ayup!
13:07 mchua For this cycle (F13), the freeze is this coming Tuesday.
13:07 Which is, um, soon.
13:07 sdziallas right. but we can still make changes.
13:07 it just might be harder.
13:07 mchua Before that freeze date, we can edit the kickstart file to include any packages (from the Fedora repos) that we want - really easily, we just edit it and it's in.
13:07 After the freeze date, if we want to change the package list, we need to get individual changes to the package list approved by... who?
13:07 (how far off am I?)
13:08 sdziallas mchua: mhm.
13:08 well, you can still change the package list.
13:08 (until close to the release, nobody will care)
13:08 it's just that for updated activites (as in, for the packagers) there might be some rel-eng approval process.
13:08 (from Fedora)
13:08 but that shouldn't affect you.
13:10 mchua Oh, oh, ok. So the beta freeze does not affect the ks maintainer directly.
13:10 But it's a good reminder to give packagers of things you want to ship, because their lives get harder after that point.
13:10 And therefore the chances they'll actually finish stuff you want to include in your ks decrease.
13:11 ?
13:11 sdziallas mchua: nope. well, at some point, the spin-kickstarts package will be frozen, but I think that's still further away.
13:11 yup, reminders are good. :)
13:11 nods.
13:12 mchua there's a spin-kickstarts package?
13:12 sdziallas: what's that, and where do find these dates?
13:12 sdziallas mchua: yup. which gets composed from that repo. (but that's not... too important)
13:13 mchua: I think it's one of the last freezes, when it gets actually frozen.
13:13 mchua: but really, just commit away to the repo ;)
13:14 mchua what if i mess up?
13:14 sdziallas mchua: I'll fix it.
13:15 mchua will anyone else be affected? this makes the nightly builds, right?
13:15 who's using them?
13:15 (oh, and how do the nightly builds work?)
13:15 sdziallas mchua: right. the currently non-existing-huge-QA-team will notice that.
13:15 besides that, satellit_ is mostly testing them (good job!).
13:15 mchua #link http://alt.fedoraproject.org/p[…]ly-composes/soas/
13:15 sdziallas mchua: nirik composes them on a daily basis from this repo.
13:15 mchua nightly composes magically pop out there.
13:15 afaik.
13:16 sdziallas #link http://scrye.com/wordpress-mu/[…]ly-live-composes/
13:16 (details)
13:16 mchua Oh, cool. Yay!
13:16 Usefulness.
13:16 sdziallas :)
13:17 mchua My battery is running low and I'm sitting on the plane, I have to wrap up pretty soon.
13:17 sdziallas alright, I think we made it already pretty far! thanks for doing this :)
13:17 mchua First step is, then, check out the kickstart file from git and look around and try to understand what's going on.
13:17 Then I'll probably poke you and go "I DON'T GET IT WHAT IS THIS"
13:17 sdziallas exactly!
13:17 mchua and we'll do this again.
13:17 sdziallas YAY! - I like this plan.
13:18 :) (seriously, in fact)
13:18 mchua #action mchua check out kickstart file and look around, queue up questions
13:18 Aaand I think that's it.
13:18 Thanks, sdziallas!
13:18 (this meeting has been brought to you by Operation: SoaS Community)
13:18 sdziallas Thank you, mchua!
13:18 mchua #endmeeting

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