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#sugar-newbies, 2016-11-11

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11:49 meeting <meeting!~sugaroid@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-newbies
15:26 samsongoddy <samsongoddy!9a42323f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-newbies
16:26 tony37 <tony37!~tony@cpe-2606-A000-AFC3-4100-B9-F​3BA-6AFA-34CC.dyn6.twc.com> has joined #sugar-newbies
16:27 tony37 Hello, Szmson
16:27 samsongoddy How are you doing?
16:27 tony37 Fine, and you?
16:27 samsongoddy i am great and tired as the same time
16:27 tony37 I know the feeling.
16:27 samsongoddy could you please explain more
16:27 tony37 What is your question?
16:28 samsongoddy How do you want to the workshop to be?
16:29 tony37 It is my workshop. I would like each participant to have an XO or other standard computer
16:29 samsongoddy okay
16:29 tony37 I plan to cover technical issues related to supporting an olpc deployment
16:30 samsongoddy So you are eliminating the other plan
16:30 tony37 What is the other plan?
16:31 samsongoddy the plan where the schools come and we do the workshop together
16:32 tony37 Yes, I see that as your responsibility after the workshop - arrange these teacher workshops at the schools.
16:32 samsongoddy Okay
16:32 But what i have againt  is the location
16:33 I don't like the idea of that place, due to it location and services
16:34 tony37 From Caryl's description, it sounds ideal. It will give us the opportunity to concentrate on the workshop away from distractions
16:34 samsongoddy Nope, what she saw was in the internet
16:34 I know port harcourt too well
16:34 That place is not a great place.
16:34 tony37 In what way?
16:35 samsongoddy I told my friend to look towards it
16:35 it's mainly for weddings.
16:35 not a place for workshops
16:36 trust me, its a very bad idea
16:36 tony37 What we need for the workshop is a large table with access to electricity
16:36 samsongoddy what about foods?
16:37 tony37 As I understood Caryl, the place provides food.
16:37 samsongoddy i am just short of words
16:38 providing your new place i can look for a better place in central port Harcourt
16:38 i don't just like the location of that place
16:38 tony37 It is a bad neighborhood with poor security?
16:38 samsongoddy Yes
16:39 it's a rural place, where traditional issues goes.
16:39 on
16:41 the open places for good security, are places like GRA, Rumuomasi(Airforce base) that's where i stay. But where the home is located is in elenwo
16:41 a village
16:42 not everything you see in Nigeria in the internet is true..
16:42 Are you there?
16:43 tony37 Yes
16:43 samsongoddy i am going to show you 3 options for you to choose
16:43 https://travel.jumia.com/en-gb[…]ial-port-harcourt
16:44 Hotel presidential, is located in a very secured place, not too far from Airforce base and Army barrack
16:44 tony37 We need two things: accommodation for me and a workshop venue
16:45 samsongoddy Yes
16:45 these hotel can covere that
16:45 Hotel presidential is a good place.. we don't have to be worried about security
16:46 Normally that where schlumberger SEED do workshop
16:46 Nigeria is not safe, epecially places like Port Harcourt
16:46 so we have to be careful
16:48 tony37 I understand cost of my accommodation at $141 per night. However, what is the estimated cost of a venue there?
16:48 samson <samson!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-newbies
16:49 samson are you there
16:49 i was having internet problem
16:49 tony37 Yes, but also looking at browser for the hotel
16:49 samson browser?
16:50 tony37 using the url above
16:50 samson Hotel presidential provides free wifi
16:50 we don't have to pay for wifi
16:50 somthing that is hard in Port Harcourt
16:50 tony37 Internet access is not essential. We need to learn how to operate without it since the schools don't have it
16:50 It is clearly convenient
16:50 samson i know that
16:51 a good work place too
16:51 samsongoddy has quit IRC
16:51 samson what do you need to kick this through?
16:52 tony37 The cheapest room quoted online is $911 compared to $888 for the house.
16:53 samson yes, because that 888 is in a village close to Port Harcourt
16:53 I tried explaining it to you
16:53 Nigeria is having economy crisis
16:54 this result too, youths forming bad gang to kidnap people
16:54 the top places that is secured are lagos and Abuja
16:55 that why walter wanted to the TA in Abuja
16:55 tony37 I thought he was piggy-backing on a planned conference on educational technology
16:55 samson so if you intend to do anything in Port Harcourt, i recommend to do it in the central port harcourt
16:55 nope
16:56 He wanted to collaborate with some tech companies
16:56 tony37 I understand your point of view. What we need to do is get to the details on accommodation and venue
16:56 samson this is what i think we should do
16:56 my team is six people together
16:57 if we book a hotel in presidential
16:58 me, ibiam and emmanuel will stage in one room. (66,164 NGN) per night
16:58 you will do the same with one room
16:58 then henry will also get one room
16:58 the rest willl be coming from their homes
16:59 because they stay close to the hotel
16:59 tony37 How can you get a price of 66, 164 when the hotel is quoting 283,000?
17:00 samson that for 4 night
17:00 how did you get a that price?
17:00 283,000?
17:00 tony37 From the website you provided above. Yes, the 283,000 is for four nights.
17:01 samson 283,000 divided by 315
17:01 how much do that give you?
17:02 tony37 It comes to 900USD
17:03 samson yes
17:03 if you pay online
17:03 tony37 So, excluding the venue, we are looking at 3 rooms at 900USD each
17:03 samson but if i get the $$ in my bank account. i can change it with a value of 400 to 1 USD
17:04 that why i am saying that you should send me the money, then i will change it and get cheaper value
17:04 tony37 However, I don't have the money
17:05 samson $707
17:05 tony37 Yes, but not X3
17:05 samson if i get the %% then change it to our local currency
17:05 yes let say
17:05 one minute
17:06 the total money for 3 rooms, comes with a value of 885,000
17:06 that is
17:07 $2137
17:07 in the exchange rate of 400 to 1 USD
17:08 tony37 I can handle the $888 but not $2137
17:08 samson okay
17:08 book two then
17:08 just you and henry
17:08 i will take care of myself
17:09 tony37 Perhaps we can work out a solution for next year. But I believe it is not possible to make appropriate and affordable arrangements at this time.
17:09 samson wait one minute
17:09 check out this one
17:10 https://travel.jumia.com/en-gb[…]1=7&age2=7&age3=7
17:10 this one is close to my house
17:11 36,000 per night
17:11 can you handle this one?
17:15 are you there?
17:17 tony37 So this would $115 per night. The total is 12 x 115 = $1380
17:17 If all of you can get to the Novotel, then 8 X 115 = 920USD
17:17 yes
17:20 samson great
17:20 So lets talk about food
17:20 tony37 This still leaves without a place for the workshop. Can the Air Base make a classroom available?
17:21 samson 8,000 NGN per meal
17:22 hmmm, can we do it in one of the rooms?
17:23 tony37 Each participant pays for their own
17:23 samson sorry?
17:23 tony37 Each person pays for their own meals?
17:24 samson i don't understand your last message
17:24 okay
17:24 nah, i don't think that would be cool
17:25 they can't afford it
17:25 tony37 How do they eat?
17:25 samson their which is very far from that place
17:26 they don't work to pay for hotel meals
17:27 tony37 There are two things we need to home in on. At the house, the price of $888 is inclusive. It provides a venue, a way to provide food, accommodation, and tranport to the airport.
17:27 If we go to the Novotel, then we need to figure out how to provide each of these.
17:27 samson lets say 6,000 * 8 * 3
17:28 Food is not in the bill
17:28 just transport to airport
17:28 when never include foods in billing, that is optional
17:29 tony37 Ok - Novotel shows airport shuttle.
17:29 samson yes
17:29 tony37 This still leaves the question of where to hold the workshop.
17:30 samson every hotel does
17:30 tony37 At an extra cost
17:30 samson i will have to confirm that
17:30 i will go to the hotel tomorrow
17:31 to confirm everything including food
17:31 tony37 What I really think you need to do is to find a local sponsor. For example, the Nigerian Air Force, Schlumberger, the American Embassy.
17:31 You will need this to provide a work space as well as to fund transportation, purchase of computer equipment and so on.
17:33 samson that is not possible due to the economical crisis
17:33 that was one of the problem that affected TA day
17:33 tony37 For example, Schlumberger has an employee who plans meetings for visitor. This employee knows the hotels and their ability to support meetings. If they were a sponsor, they could help us directly.
17:33 samson Schlumberger can lend help, due to global oil crisis
17:34 i said volunteer facilitator
17:35 tony37 Every organization has a reason not to do what they don't want to do. Have you approached any directly asking for sponsorship? Do you have a 'pitch' as to why it would be in their interest to sponsor you and what they would be committing to?
17:35 samson Schlumberger only comes in when they see the work
17:35 tony37 They have no permanent offices in Port Harcourt?
17:35 samson Walter have spoken directly to Schlumberger for support, they told him no
17:36 tony37 What about the Nigerian Air Force?
17:36 samson We don't have any relationship with them
17:36 they can't help us
17:37 what you will do is to reduce the number of rooms
17:37 To 4
17:37 tony37 First there is can't (not able) and then there is won't (don't want to).
17:37 samson Schlumberger is having economical crisis
17:38 due to the country unstableness
17:38 tony37 What about NGO's in Port Harcourt? UN World Food Programme, etc.
17:38 samson we don't have
17:38 only places like lagos and abuja
17:39 port Harcourt is the worst place to get funds
17:39 tony37 It sounds like Akwa Ibom would challenge that
17:39 samson worst
17:39 south south zone not included
17:40 we can only get spornsorhip if we do something like TA day in lagos or abuja, where we will invite close to 50 students
17:41 whcih will take months in applying for funds from companies
17:41 tony37 So, my conclusion is that it would be best to postpone this trip for a year. In the meantime, we can work with you to find a sponsor and resolve some of these issues. I don't think the oil situation is going to improve in that time so we have to accept current reality.
17:42 Sponsorship requires a long-term commitment from you and from the sponsor.
17:42 samson i don't like that idea, instead book 4 rooms instead
17:42 what you need to do is book 4 rooms
17:42 tony37 Interestingly, this exact issue was discussed at the San Francisco summit based on experiences in Haiti and other countries
17:43 samson we will use one room as work place
17:43 you can even get money for foods
17:44 Things in Nigeria is more expensive than united states
17:44 iphone 7 is about $2000 + in Nigeria
17:44 while in the state is barely a thousand
17:48 what is the next step?
17:49 Are you there?
17:50 tony37 Yes, I am just trying to see a way forward.
17:51 samson get 4 rooms.
17:51 tony37 I gather that the Air Base does not have a classroom for training personnel and that Schlumberger has left Port Harcourt and has no local facilities and that there are no NGOs with local offices
17:51 samson how much would that be judging the fee per night
17:51 tony37 I can't afford $2300, I could afford $888.
17:52 samson Schlumberger is in Port Harcourt, but SEED is in Lagos
17:52 we have no business with schlumberger in Port Harcourt, only in Lagos
17:53 how much can you afford total?
17:57 tony37 You would not be approaching Schlumberger as a business. You are offering them an opportunity to demonstrate the success of Seed and to support development of technical capabilities locally. At this time you would be asking for a meeting room for four days with access for the participants through their security.
17:58 You have mentioned a contact at Seed. She could probably advise you on whom to approach.
17:58 samson SEED is in Lagos, if we want to approach them, i can give you the project manager email to ask her for facility
17:59 tony37 You don't appear to be listening. Approach Schlumberger in Port Harcourt. Ask Seed (e.g. by email) for advice on whom to contact.
18:00 samson I don't have access to schlumberger in Port Harcourt. They are not SEED, so i can enter the building. The only person that i can talk to is the one in Lagos which you will be mailing
18:02 The person in charge of SEED is a woman in Lagos, i don't have access to schlumberger except through her
18:02 tony37 Again, you don't appear to be listening. As with any organization, you will need to make an appointment to meet someone at Schlumberger. The most likely result of a direct approach is that an executive assistant will recommend you talk to someone in their public relations department. Your Seed contact in Lagos may have a more specific recommendation on who to make an appointment with
18:03 Even if they say 'no way', you will have made a contact and learned something that may be useful in devloping a future sponsorship.
18:03 samson who am i making appointment with?
18:03 tony37 Does Port Harcourt have a branch of Rotary International, Lion's Club, or Kiwanis?
18:04 samson VEdozien@slb.com
18:04 email this contact, she will be the one providing possible aid
18:05 tony37 Again, you need to listen. You need to make the contact. You and your group need to learn to act on your own. If, after the contact, she wants additional information from me, ok.
18:06 samson Tony, this is how schlumberger works
18:06 I am a volunteer facilitator in SEED
18:06 which says, Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development (SEED)
18:07 the schlumberger in Port harcourt, is the industrial one, where they fix machines
18:07 no place for work place
18:07 but SEED has an office where they can lend to us if you contact the SEED coordinator
18:08 I don't know how to say it again. Ask Henry, he can better explain how schlumberger work
18:08 He is in SEED deeper than i am
18:09 tony37 The point you seem to miss is that SEED is sponsored by Schlumberger (as part of a public relations - good citizenship intiative).
18:10 I understand Schlumberger in Port Harcourt is doing the work and earning the money (neither managing the company or directly involved in SEED).
18:10 samson Schlumberger doesn't listen to me when it comes to money, because i am still under 18, they have a policy. I already explained it to walter, when we was asking for help. She specifically told me to ask walter to mail her, that she don't want to be hearing from me
18:11 tony37 Who is she? And who said anything about money?
18:11 samson She is the one that can help us with anything we want
18:11 tony37 Great. Why does she not want to hear from you?
18:11 samson She is the special project manager in Schlumberger
18:12 because i am a minor
18:12 tony37 Perfect. You will soon correct that. If she can help, then you should ask her if Schlumberger can make a meeting room available for the workshop
18:13 This is not a request for money or anything that can't be provided to an 18 year old.
18:13 samson i am not the founder of SugarLabs, i am just a volunteer, so if she want to giving out anything. it will be from the community people (SLOBS)
18:14 She aleady knows the intention of Sugarlabs due to the past prep TA day workshop
18:14 tony37 No, you are successful product of SEED and a resident of Port Harcourt. You would like in the long run to establish a sustainable Sugar local lab - which is essentially independent of Sugar Labs.
18:15 This lab would be in Port Harcourt but would be visible globally.
18:15 samson I don't know how to explain this again, you can ask Ubong Henry or walter bender
18:15 tony37 I don't know what either can contribute. I have been in the business for a lifetime - including visits to Schlumberger while at Intel.
18:16 samson Okay
18:16 tony37 I understand you have a contact at Schlumberger in Port Harcourt.
18:17 samson If i call her now, that we would like to use SEED work place in Schlumberger, she will instantly
18:17 yes
18:17 his name is Emmanuel Mene
18:17 A SEED volunteer
18:20 If i call her about the request, she will instantly tell me that i should ask SugarLabs to contact her about that request. She doen't listen to me unless i am talking about going to the university
18:21 tony37 You need to think about this. Why does she have this response? While at Intel, they sent me to a workshop on 'how to sell'. At the time I thought it was crazy, I was a technical marketeer far from sales.
18:21 It turned out to be very valuable.
18:22 The theme was that if you want to sell something, you need to establish yourself as a counselor able to assist the customer in accomplishing his/her objectives.
18:23 samson If we need schlumberger help, you can ask Henry the teacher. He has alot of intel
18:23 Alscon and Sclumberger works togther
18:25 tony37 Samson, there is a lot of 'you can'. I need more, 'I will'. I certainly think a conversation between you and Henry would be beneficial. However, approach it from the point of view of how supporting you can help Schlumberger.
18:25 samson Okay i will contact the project manager
18:26 i will mail her, we need just a workplace right
18:26 ?
18:27 tony37 If you are talking about the SEED person in Abuja, I think you want her to recommend who to contact at Schlumberger in Port Harcourt to make a request and ask her to help arrange a meeting.
18:28 samson yes
18:30 tony37 View the meeting as primarily an opportunity to open a relationship with Schlumberger. Explain how SEED was responsible for preparing you to apply to a university in a technial field. Explain that you are trying to form a group of SEED graduates and other volunteers to make technical contributions globally via the internet and to provide ongoing support to olpc schools funded by SEED.
18:31 What you are showing is that you represent a successful outcome of a Schlumberger sponsored intiative.
18:32 Chances are that Schlumberger in Port Harcourt seeks more business from other local companies. The benefit of helping you is to show a deepening connection to Port Harcourt and corporate good citizenship to Nigeria.
18:32 samson I will be talking to the Schlumberger Volunteer to ask for help directly
18:32 tony37 What is his position at Schlumberger?
18:33 samson He was in charge of setting up workshop in schlumberger
18:33 tony37 Where is he located?
18:33 samson he work under the person in charge of SEED
18:34 Port Harcourt
18:34 He will be coming to the program
18:34 he made the team 6
18:34 tony37 So why has it take so long to get to the fact that you are already in contact with the right person?
18:35 samson I said i have but i am not expecting anything big due to that respons last time
18:35 tony37 You said she would not talk to you - we are talking about two persons
18:36 samson The person that i will be talking to is a male
18:36 the person in charge of SEED is a female
18:37 tony37 So the person in charge of SEED in Lagos will not talk to you because you are a minor. Why did Emmanuel respond negatively?
18:38 samson He did not
18:38 He is a friend of mine
18:38 tony37 Ok - let's move on. You need to talk to Emmanuel about how he arranged the previous workshop. Specifically who did he contact and who had to make the final decisions.
18:39 samson i know how he runs the workshop
18:39 tony37 I would expect Schlumberger security would have to be involved to arrange for access to the venue, for example.
18:39 samson the thing is how we can get schlumberger support
18:39 yes
18:40 yes
18:41 tony37 Immediately, your goal is to expand your contacts at Schlumberger to identify who has to make the decision to sponsor. Let's assume there is a plant manager. Then, assuming you are successful, you could invite him or her to give a opening welcome to the attendees.
18:42 samson wait what plan should i approch them
18:42 tony37 Was the workshop you mentioned at Schlumberger or at a hotel?
18:42 samson with
18:42 hotel
18:43 schlumberger owns a hotel in Port Harcourt, but they usually book aside hotels
18:43 tony37 That complicates things. They don't use their own hotel for meetings?
18:44 samson They us it
18:44 they host their teahers like me their
18:44 then student outside due to the volume of schools
18:47 tony37 It seems you have the ducks pretty much in a row.
18:48 samson i don't understand?
18:51 tony37 Schlumberer owns a hotel which has facilities for giving a workshop. You have a friend who arranges workshops at this hotel. We need Schlumberger to help arrange this workshop at their hotel. Seems straightforward. Naturally, if you make such a request, both Walter and I would be very eager to answer any questions.
18:52 samson Okay
18:53 I just made contact, we will be hearing from them sooner
18:53 tony37 So the next step is for you to make that happen. Is there anything else we need to discuss now?
18:54 samson More details about the workshop you intend to throw
18:57 tony37 I am working on that. As I said before, the primary objective is to provide your team with hands-on skills and knowledge needed to support a olpc deployment with a school server. It will be modified when I have a better understanding of the technical background of the participants.
18:57 samson okay
18:57 I think that would be all for today.
18:57 tony37 bye
18:57 samson Let wait for them
18:57 bye
19:00 samson has quit IRC
19:11 tony37 has quit IRC

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