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#sugar-newbies, 2016-10-24

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11:02 meeting <meeting!~sugaroid@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-newbies
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15:58 icarito <icarito!bip@2001:4830:134:7::11> has joined #sugar-newbies
21:00 tony37 <tony37!~tony@cpe-2606-A000-AFC3-4100-F165​-5938-679B-782.dyn6.twc.com> has joined #sugar-newbies
21:01 tony37 hello
21:06 Hello
21:07 samsongoddy <samsongoddy!~androirc@> has joined #sugar-newbies
21:08 samsongoddy Hi
21:08 tony37 hi
21:09 samsongoddy How are you doing tony
21:09 tony37 fine, you/
21:09 samsongoddy I am great
21:10 So I meet with my team on Sunday..
21:10 And i told them about our discussion
21:10 tony37 great!
21:10 samsongoddy They really liked the idea
21:12 So last time we talked about school server.. I want to know more about been a deployment
21:12 tony37 ok, what do you want to know?
21:13 samsongoddy Aside from the task at hand.. do I need to know about anything
21:14 tony37 I hope you get your hands very dirty! For me a deployment is a system consisting of the school server, local area network and the laptops.
21:15 samsongoddy Okay
21:16 So here is my plan
21:16 tony37 Ok
21:16 samsongoddy Like I said giving this school support is the easy part
21:16 The hard part is funding.. which is one of the main talk
21:21 tony37 yes
21:21 samsongoddy Okay..
21:21 So let's plan your visit to Nigeria
21:21 tony37 ok
21:22 samsongoddy First t
21:22 We will have to talk about security
21:22 tony37 yes
21:23 samsongoddy I am proposing a police man to be your escorts
21:23 I already talk to my dad.. who happen to be an officer of the Nigerian Airforce Base
21:24 We told me that he will take me to a police station close by to make necessary arrangements
21:24 tony37 Where would I stay there?
21:25 samsongoddy In a hotel called presidential hotel port harcourt
21:25 You can Google it
21:25 tony37 ok
21:25 samsongoddy The most secured place in portharcourt
21:25 tony37 so I would need transportation from the hotel to the air field or would we meet at the hotel
21:26 samsongoddy Yes we will meet at the hotel
21:26 tony37 ok
21:26 samsongoddy We will need escorts when moving around
21:26 tony37 right
21:27 samsongoddy Like moving from Port Harcourt to bayelsa state
21:27 tony37 yes
21:27 samsongoddy Because that would be a road trip
21:27 tony37 so we need to get a car and driver
21:27 samsongoddy Yes I will arrange that
21:27 tony37 good
21:28 samsongoddy Going to the other school in akwa ibom will be on air.
21:28 tony37 okay
21:28 samsongoddy We will Fly to Lagos then from Lagos to akwa ibom
21:28 tony37 ok
21:28 samsongoddy Because using land is more that 7 hours trip
21:29 Which is bad for you
21:29 tony37 when supporting that school would you need to fly or travel overland?
21:29 samsongoddy To akwa ibom yes.. but bayelsa I might use land
21:29 It depends
21:30 tony37 we need to consider that in the budget
21:30 samsongoddy Akwa ibom is too far to travel from Port harcourt
21:31 We will have to go from Lagos by air then land in akwa ibom
21:31 tony37 ok - that trip will help me to explain the problem to Rudolf or Walter
21:32 at a minimum you will need to go for a couple of days to set up the deployment
21:32 and provide workshop instruction
21:35 samsongoddy has quit IRC
21:38 tony37 lost you?
21:38 samsongoddy <samsongoddy!~androirc@> has joined #sugar-newbies
21:38 samsongoddy Hello I am back
21:39 tony37 great
21:39 samsongoddy So you where saying?
21:39 tony37 let's talk about my time in Port Harcourt
21:40 I see two days to set up a school server (most of the time is spent watching files being copied so there is time to discuss.
21:41 We then will need to set up an XO from the school server. I believe it is important that all of the laptops be installed with the same version of Sugar and sugar activities
21:41 samsongoddy Yes
21:42 tony37 Then we need to go over how the laptops can be used at the deployment. My understanding is that the students are allowed to take the laptops home.
21:42 If so, this is a major advantage
21:42 samsongoddy We proposed one week
21:42 Yes
21:42 They take the computers home
21:43 tony37 So the trip to the schools will take a day each at a minimum
21:43 samsongoddy Yes
21:43 We will be staying at a hotel for both schools
21:43 tony37 So perhaps we should use a weekend up front for meetings at the hotel and then plan to go to the schools during the week.
21:44 samsongoddy I am dafting a proposal for cost
21:44 Yes sure
21:44 tony37 After the school visits we will need at least a day at the hotel to work up an action plan to support them.
21:45 samsongoddy Yes
21:45 So let's say two days for each schools
21:46 That's four days total
21:46 tony37 Plus two days before and probably two days after at Port Harcourt
21:47 samsongoddy Yes
21:47 So we are looking at 7-8 days max
21:49 tony37 I don't have tickets yet - but I expect to arrive in Kigali on Nov. 22. I will need a day to fly from Kigali to Port Harcourt (by way of Abuja).
21:49 samsongoddy Okay
21:50 tony37 Probably Kigali on Nov 23.
21:50 samsongoddy I will draft the cost of all things then we will go from there
21:50 tony37 OK
21:50 samsongoddy I will reach you this week this week
21:51 tony37 On another topic. Your team has been involved in the localization task. What is your experience in Python, javascript and Linux command line?
21:52 samsongoddy Python is still working on it.. same with Linux command line.. Java script good
21:52 Same with ibiam
21:52 tony37 My trip to London got pushed back to Nov 20. I am still trying to get tickets for that
21:53 samsongoddy Okay
21:53 tony37 The school server software (like Sugar) is heavily python. The main application server-side is Django.
21:53 So specifics on the trip to Nigeria later this week should be fine.
21:54 Moodle is based on php
21:55 In most cases the laptops access the school server via the browse activity (html, css, and javascript)
21:56 samsongoddy I am cool with html and a bit of cash
21:56 css rather
21:56 tony37 I think the main benefit of this effort to your team will be demonstrating for your cv your ability to work at a professional technical level in these technologies
21:57 samsongoddy Yeah I understand
21:57 I was responsible for my junior high school development with seed
21:57 tony37 For example, Bernie needs a valid home in github. One important goal for you and your team is to be visible on the relevant mailing lists
21:58 samsongoddy Yeah that was our discussion on Sunday
21:59 tony37 So in my visit I want to walk you through the internals of the school server implementation
22:00 samsongoddy Okay sounds cool
22:01 tony37 One possible item is to determine how this software can be be put up on github to enable mutual developement projects
22:01 samsongoddy I don't understand.. could you explain more
22:02 tony37 Is there a reasonably reliable way to send usb sticks from Port Harcourt to the schools
22:03 samsongoddy Yes there is
22:03 Fedx
22:03 tony37 As you know both xsce and sugar are maintained on github and, for Sugar, developed by PRs. The problem is that 'bernie' consists of software suitable for maintenance on github and large content repositories that are not. For example, some components come in at 90+GB.
22:04 So if a ss setup from bernie is to be updated a year later, the question is how to maintain version control and how to distribute the update.
22:04 samsongoddy Oh
22:04 Okay
22:04 tony37 That is good because you may need to send updates to the schools by usb stick.
22:05 samsongoddy Sure
22:05 tony37 You said the schools were sitting exams in November. Does this mean the new school year starts in January
22:05 samsongoddy Yes
22:06 So the best time is the last week of November
22:06 tony37 That is important. Rwanda has a similar schedule. I try to make sure that all changes to software and content are completed between the years and to provide a teacher workshop before the new school year starts.
22:07 samsongoddy We can still do a quick workshop during visit to the schools
22:07 tony37 This year I will have a similar problem - how to do a workshop at two different schools too far apart to handle in one session
22:08 I think a two day workshop would be enough if the schools have experience with the laptops. If they are new to them - it will take longer to build their confidence in using them with the students.
22:09 samsongoddy They have
22:09 They have been working with xo for years
22:10 tony37 Great! Now what we need to know is what is working and what they would like to have to make them more useful.
22:10 Are both schools primary or primary/secondary?
22:11 samsongoddy Akwa yes
22:11 But bayelsa no
22:11 tony37 bayelsa is only primary school - grades 1-6
22:12 samsongoddy Yes
22:13 tony37 I got the impression that bayelsa may be using the laptops more intensively than Akwa. Akwa has 1400 laptops. How many does bayelsa have?
22:14 samsongoddy Close to a thousand. I am not sure I will have to confirm
22:14 tony37 do these schools operate two shifts so the students are only on campus for half a day?
22:16 samsongoddy Normal schools run 8am till 2pm
22:16 Each day
22:16 tony37 1400 laptops implies 1400 students
22:17 samsongoddy I don't think they have that exact students
22:17 The reserve are added to it
22:17 tony37 You mentioned class size of 80 so this would be 15 or more classrooms
22:18 samsongoddy Yes for the akwa ibom but I am not too sure about bayelsa
22:19 tony37 I mention this because a typical access point can handle 15 connections. This suggests a need for three or four in each classroom - or somewhere around 50. I am not sure this is practical.
22:19 samsongoddy I will get more info from the school in bayelsa
22:20 tony37 I understand that both schools have adequate electricity available although subject to outages
22:20 samsongoddy Yes
22:20 Both of them
22:20 tony37 One problem in Nepal is that the homes may not have electricity
22:20 True also in Rwanda for 20% of the homes.
22:21 samsongoddy Well I think the akwa ibom have a good electricity
22:21 Bayelsa not too sure
22:22 But Nigeria is trying with power these days
22:22 tony37 One problem encountered in Nepal is that allowing students to take the AC adapter home resulted in a lot being lost.
22:23 samsongoddy Here the school owns chargers same with the student
22:23 tony37 So there are two adapters - one at school and one at home?
22:23 samsongoddy Yes
22:23 tony37 Super!
22:24 samsongoddy In my school is called SEED lab
22:24 I think it applies to the two schools
22:24 I am 90% sure
22:24 tony37 Lap suggests one dedicated classroom for the laptops. Not laptops in use in each classroom.
22:25 samsongoddy Yes
22:25 tony37 So while each student has a laptop, they only use it in the school once or twice a week?
22:25 samsongoddy They have routine for charger for those that loss their charger
22:26 Nigeria is every day
22:26 Looking at my junior high experience
22:26 tony37 Each day you had time scheduled in the lab?
22:27 samsongoddy Yes for short workshops
22:27 tony37 Did the teacher assign tasks for you in these labs or did you work on your own projects
22:28 samsongoddy They do.. we use tools like scratch
22:28 Turtle arts
22:28 Paint for project
22:29 Lots of fun things
22:29 tony37 OK, I am starting to get a picture.
22:29 How did you move from Turtle Art and Scratch to html?
22:29 samsongoddy I don't understand
22:30 Your question
22:30 tony37 You are now proficient in Linux and creating pages in html, css. In school you used scratch and turtle blocks. How did you learn text programming?
22:31 samsongoddy Pdfs
22:31 I did my research
22:31 Also codecademy
22:31 tony37 How did you get started on this path?
22:32 samsongoddy I was sponsored by Schlumberger to a five weeks programming summer class
22:32 tony37 Great and good for Schlumberger
22:33 samsongoddy Where bunch of MIT students taught me how to use C language to program Lego nxt bricks
22:33 So that why I went into CS
22:34 also I was a volunteer facilitator at SEED
22:34 tony37 Have you ever tried to code in c on the XO?
22:34 samsongoddy Nah.. just python
22:34 And java script
22:35 I created an activity called football
22:35 Check SL activity page
22:35 tony37 Have you looked at converting it to a Sugar activity on the XO?
22:36 samsongoddy Yes that what I did
22:36 tony37 Do you have an XO-1.75 or XO-4?
22:37 samsongoddy It has over 30,000  downloads
22:37 XO 4
22:37 tony37 So to run your activity on the XO-4 you have to compile the c code to ARM object?
22:37 samsongoddy I gave ibiam xo1.75
22:38 My activity was based on gnome flash player
22:38 So python was all I used
22:38 I have test it in xo4 though
22:38 Just xo1
22:39 tony37 Python has a big advantage avoiding hardware dependency.
22:39 samsongoddy Yeah
22:40 tony37 I need to move on. When would you like to meet again. I will be tied up until Thursday (All Things Open meeting here in Raleigh).
22:41 samsongoddy Let say Friday then
22:41 tony37 OK same time
22:42 samsongoddy It almost 12 am here
22:42 Yes same time
22:42 tony37 We can meet earlier if it is better for you. It is approaching 7pm here.
22:42 samsongoddy What about 4pm my time
22:43 tony37 Ok bye
22:43 samsongoddy Okay see you later
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