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#sugar-newbies, 2016-10-21

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19:38 tony37 Hello
19:52 hello
20:15 hello
20:41 hello
20:41 samsongoddy <samsongoddy!~androirc@> has joined #sugar-newbies
20:42 samsongoddy Hello
20:50 tony37 hello
20:52 hello
20:54 samsongoddy How are you doing
20:54 Looks like it will be me and you on this one..
20:54 tony37 Ok
21:00 samsongoddy So how is your trip
21:02 tony37 I am at home in the US. I live here in a RV (trailer). It is going well except for the internet. The trailer is parked this year in a part of the campground far from the wifi antenna.
21:02 samsongoddy Too bad
21:02 So what is the plan for Nigeria
21:04 tony37 I had planned to leave the US for London on Nov. 14 to proceed on to Abuja. Now I need to postpone the start to Nov. 19 and proceeding on to Kigali, Rwanda. We need to settle on a time for a visit to Port Harcourt. I believe we are looking at Dec. 5-9.
21:05 samsongoddy I would like if you could for a week
21:06 tony37 Shouldn't be a problem.
21:07 samsongoddy I don't believe December will be a good time.. all schools in Nigeria will be writing exams that period
21:07 I suggest last week of November
21:08 tony37 Nov 28-Dec.2?
21:08 samsongoddy Yeah that can work
21:09 Would you like to visit the schools
21:11 tony37 Let's start that from a more basic perspective. My goal is to work with you and your team to set up as the technical support to the two schools. I would like them to see you as the source of help. So it might be more valuable to talk to the head teachers from the schools there.
21:11 samsongoddy Yes that why I will propose we visit the schools together
21:12 I already contacted the schools.. telling them the intention of SugarLabs
21:12 tony37 My proposal is to bring three schoolservers with me, one for you and your team and one each for the two schools. This depends on a better understanding of how the laptops are used.
21:13 samsongoddy Okay
21:14 Right now you said you have Internet problem
21:14 It would have been easier to do hangout with the teachers
21:15 tony37 I am too far from the wifi hotspot for reliable use. At the moment I am at a restaurant with reliable connection. Naturally this is like  your going to an internet cafe - needs to be planned and has limited access time.
21:15 samsongoddy Yes
21:15 tony37 Have you been following the school server (xsce)?
21:15 samsongoddy Can I give you their phone numbers
21:15 Not really
21:17 tony37 I'll go with you to the schools - but we can work on those details later. The school server is a mini-desktop which makes content available in the school that would normally require access to the internet.
21:17 It connects by wifi (Local Area Network) to the XOs.
21:17 samsongoddy Okay
21:18 Yeah caryl was speaking about that
21:18 tony37 Normally, each class room has an access point connected by ethernet to the server. So the signal is strong enough, the limit is the number of connections
21:18 Typical units have a limit of 15 connections open at the same time.
21:20 On design goal is to enable the students to download content from the school server since much of the time they will be reading an ebook or doing an assignment while away from the school and out of reach of the school server
21:20 One design goal
21:20 samsongoddy Wow they would love it
21:22 tony37 On issue in the sugar community is constructivism vs instructionism. Schools frequently are focused on testing and preparing students for tests. The Sugar community in general believes this is an abuse and that the computers should be used to support self-learning.
21:22 One again not on
21:23 samsongoddy Each of the server have about 1TB
21:24 tony37 Yes. The idea of Bernie is to provide all of the necessary content on an external 1TB drive which can be used to provision the server and the laptops. Currently the content is about 600GB so a 1TB drive on the server is the best choice.
21:25 samsongoddy Okay
21:25 Speaking about tech support
21:26 I think SL should be providing funds to this my team monthly
21:27 tony37 We can talk about financing. In addition to Sugar Labs, there is a possibility of raising some funds through Care for Kids in Stuttgart.
21:27 samsongoddy Stuttgart??
21:27 tony37 Naturally, in both cases the organizations expect that you and your team are volunteers so that funds are to cover necessary expenses.
21:28 Care for Kids in Stuttgart, Germany supports the Ecole Saint Jacobs deployment in Rwanda.
21:30 samsongoddy Okay
21:31 tony37 Back to the school server. In our time together, I would like you to set up a school server from Bernie.
21:31 First, I need to see if there are problems in following the documentation. Second, if you can set it up, then you can do it for the schools
21:31 samsongoddy During your visit to Nigeria?
21:31 tony37 Yes
21:31 samsongoddy Okay
21:32 I will work with bernie about that
21:32 tony37 OLPC San Francisco is having a summit Nov 5-6. I have proposed to provide a presentation on the current state of the school server.
21:33 samsongoddy I just did a quick peek in wiki page.. it something I can handle
21:33 tony37 which wiki page
21:33 samsongoddy In SugarLabs site
21:34 https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/XSCE
21:34 tony37 XSCE is a group of developers led by Adam Holt. I am using the server software but the content diverges.
21:34 So much of that is relevant but as always the devil is in the detail. I do think you and your group can handle it.
21:35 samsongoddy Yeah
21:36 tony37 I also plan to attend All Things Open, a conference in Raleigh (near by city in North Carolina, headquarters for Fedora) on Oct 24-26 so I may be a little out of touch then.
21:37 samsongoddy Currently I am giving the laptop your bringing to ibiam.
21:37 tony37 Good. I'll get that from Walter to bring with me.
21:37 samsongoddy I will be getting a macbook
21:37 The remaining two do not own a laptop
21:38 Expect xo laptops
21:38 tony37 Do you have XO laptops for them?
21:38 samsongoddy Yeah sadly xo-1
21:38 tony37 (Not so sadly with the SD card version of Sugar)
21:38 samsongoddy Hacking sugar with xo-1 is not encouraging
21:39 tony37 Most developers hack on Macbooks etc. and then test on the XO
21:39 samsongoddy I have just on xo-4
21:39 Yeah
21:40 tony37 Generally all of the XOs work the same way (barring amount of storage, memory and speed). One problem is that some activities have C objects and don't work on XO-1.75 or XO-4.
21:41 My guess is that the two schools have many non-working laptops (and bad batteries).
21:41 samsongoddy One school does
21:41 But the one in akwa is still in good shape
21:42 tony37 One goal is that you and your team establish a repair center (from which you should be able to get some laptops available there)
21:42 If so, my guess is that they have not been used much.
21:43 samsongoddy I guess so
21:43 I was thinking about renting a store close to my house
21:43 Where we could get this things done
21:44 tony37 That is probably a good idea provided it would be secure storage for equipment.
21:44 samsongoddy Yeah it a safe place.. but expensive
21:46 tony37 Naturally a good reason for a monthly funding.
21:47 samsongoddy Yeah
21:48 tony37 I need to shut down. It is getting late there. When would you want another session?
21:48 samsongoddy What about tomorrow
21:48 tony37 OK, what time?
21:48 samsongoddy 6pm by my time
21:48 Is there way you could save this log
21:49 tony37 It is saved. I go to chat.sugarlabs.org and then click on logs.
21:49 samsongoddy Okay
21:50 See my 6pm UTC+1 tomorrow
21:50 tony37 I'll meet you again tomorrow at 6pm (1pm here).
21:50 bye
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