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#sugar-newbies, 2016-07-19

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11:02 meeting <meeting!~sugaroid@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-newbies
16:37 iamutkarshtiwari <iamutkarshtiwari!0e8bee62@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip.> has joined #sugar-newbies
17:24 tony37 <tony37!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-newbies
17:24 tony37 heloo
17:24 Hello
17:25 iamutkarshtiwari Hello
17:26 tony37: I thought you wouldn't come :P
17:26 tony37 hello
17:26 Had some  problems but sseems to be working
17:26 iamutkarshtiwari Cool.
17:26 Before sending you that mail, I had already tried everything you mentioned in the reply.
17:27 tony37 understand
17:27 iamutkarshtiwari The 'First collection' is in the form of html files.
17:28 tony37 Yes
17:28 iamutkarshtiwari So if we try to access the index.html file, We get a list of all the books.
17:28 I am not able to figure how to display that list in GetBooks.
17:28 tony37 This is CK-12?
17:28 iamutkarshtiwari Wait a min. let me check.
17:29 It's 'en-ebooks'
17:29 tony37 from gutenberg?
17:29 iamutkarshtiwari #startmeeting
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17:31 iamutkarshtiwari It's from 'Rachels'
17:31 Both the collections I have is from 'Rachels'
17:32 One has books in 'pdf' form
17:32 and other has books in 'html' form
17:32 tony37 Right. The CK-121 collection is pdf, the gutenberg based collection is html (or plain text).
17:33 iamutkarshtiwari Do I need to add different codes for different collections?
17:34 tony37 It looks like it!?
17:34 iamutkarshtiwari I mean, for parsing 'pdf' I need to add code which can fetch books from pdf.
17:34 for parsing 'html' I need to add which can fetch books from html. ?
17:35 tony37 Let's keep it simple. The goal is to download the selected book to the Journal. The user can read it with the Read activity.
17:36 iamutkarshtiwari I am thinking of adding a common parser for both 'pdf' and 'html' type collections.
17:36 tony37 You only need to worry about html
17:36 iamutkarshtiwari What about 'pdf' based collection?
17:37 tony37 All you need to do is download it to the Journal
17:37 iamutkarshtiwari But for that, I need to first be able to display the list in the GetBooks' list view.
17:37 tony37 Agreed. My suggestion is use BeautifulSoup
17:38 iamutkarshtiwari BeautifulSoup :/
17:38 ?
17:38 tony37 Wonderful tool for doing what you need to do
17:39 iamutkarshtiwari It's used to beautify html code. Whereas I need to parse the 'index.html' file to fetch the book list.
17:40 tony37 Essentially, use urllib2 to get the html file. Then use BeautifulSoup to find the links for display.
17:40 iamutkarshtiwari oh..
17:40 tony37 Both packages are well documented online
17:40 iamutkarshtiwari Could you please specify all type of collections which need to be added for schoolserver support.
17:41 tony37 No, this is open-ended.
17:41 iamutkarshtiwari Because each collection will have it's indivisual parsing technique and specific code.
17:41 tony37 Probably you will find most are html based and result in download of an ebook to the Journal.
17:43 iamutkarshtiwari I have been using grep since my first contribution :P Without it, nothing would be possible.
17:44 I try to make best use of all the available resource.
17:44 #SaveAs
17:44 tony37 grep is marvelous (I especially like grep -r)
17:44 iamutkarshtiwari Today I generated a new PR for 'sugar-toolkit' (sugar2)
17:44 tony37 #GetBooks - I think you have an opportunity to make a major enhancement to handle online collections with html as well as schoolserver collections
17:44 iamutkarshtiwari Did you try it on your XO? I had also sent you the .xo for Browse-16 and the files (activity.py and alerts.py) for 'sugar2'
17:45 tony37 #save as - great!  I haven't had a chance to install it yet -but will tomorrow
17:45 iamutkarshtiwari #GetBooks- Yes I will try my best. ;)
17:45 tony37 Meanwhile, some more work. You shouldn't give me time to think
17:46 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: Try it on turtleArt or TurtleBlocks (both are based on sugar2 )
17:46 tony37: ?
17:46 tony37 Try what on TurtleBlocks
17:47 iamutkarshtiwari The latest 'activity.py' and 'alerts.py' I had sent you today.
17:47 tony37 What has that to do with TurtleBlocks?
17:47 iamutkarshtiwari I mean try closing 'TurtleBlocks' to test whether the 'saveAs' alert appear.
17:47 tony37 I see, you mean as a document handler for testing
17:47 iamutkarshtiwari Yes.
17:48 tony37: 'Meanwhile, some more work. You shouldn't give me time to think"
17:48 tony37 On the other point. One complaint about the Journal is the 'clutter' of activities which only have a metadata file.
17:48 iamutkarshtiwari I didn't get you ? ^
17:49 tony37 Perhaps we could come up with a new filter on the Journal to exclude those objects from the display.
17:49 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: Do you want me to remove the 'joject' from Journal on 'quit' ?
17:49 jobject*
17:49 tony37 I am thinking of adding a 'log' filter which exposes those items but the default is not to show them.
17:49 No, the object is there but not visible.
17:49 iamutkarshtiwari Like a new 'Gsetting boolean' ?
17:50 tony37 There is already a mechanism in the Journal to show only audio objects or html objects. I think we add a filter 'log' which does show all objects and let anything only show the objects with a title supplied by user,
17:51 The filters are selected by a combobox in the toolbar.
17:51 iamutkarshtiwari You mean show only those objects with some 'activity data' ?
17:51 tony37 With a title supplied by user in the metadata.
17:52 So, yes
17:52 iamutkarshtiwari Those with no 'activity data' should remain hidden.
17:52 tony37 Yes, unless the user selects 'log'. Then show all of them as at present.
17:53 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: Got it.
17:54 tony37 This way users who don't have access to a school server can still see the benefits of save as.
17:54 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: First let's focus on finish #GetBooks
17:54 "Meanwhile, some more work. You shouldn't give me time to think" ~ I didn't get you?
17:55 tony37 Go - you should have time to do many more things :)
17:55 Meaning when you give me time, I think of more things to do.
17:55 iamutkarshtiwari oh..
17:56 tony37 #GetBooks You probably will have to modify the config to show whether the repository is rss or atom or html.
18:00 iamutkarshtiwari I'll have to research more on how rss or atom or html are differentiated by 'GetBooks'
18:01 tony37 You will probably need a different interface that uses urllib2 and BeautifulSoup instead of opds.py and feedparser
18:01 iamutkarshtiwari One more doubt.
18:02 tony37 You will also have to learn listview so that you can populate it from the html text.
18:02 iamutkarshtiwari How do we provide the 'deployers' with an option to add book collection support to 'getbooks' ?
18:02 Besides adding links to 'get-books.cfg' ?
18:03 tony37 We probably need to document the process.
18:03 iamutkarshtiwari Do they need to modify the code themselves ?
18:03 Oh.
18:03 tony37 I hope not, but the documentation could be added to the code.
18:04 iamutkarshtiwari Ok.
18:04 tony37 They should only have to edit get-books.cfg
18:04 So you could provide a README to explain it.
18:05 iamutkarshtiwari I'll try to display the list of books from .index.html into Getbooks.
18:06 But those books collection doesn't have info about the books. How do we display the books summary and author name?
18:06 tony37 Great! Now doing it with an online collection such as Rachel is also a contribution not just a test strategy. The collections you downloaded are accessible online - only a little bit tricky to find.
18:06 Good question. Generally, those collections don't need a search since they are giving a list of links to ebooks.
18:07 iamutkarshtiwari So we would simply display the book names and their respective links? No book summary and author names if not available?
18:08 tony37 Yes
18:08 iamutkarshtiwari Ok
18:09 tony37 I've got to sign off. We can do this again tomorrow, if you wish.
18:09 iamutkarshtiwari Please note: The code which I would be adding will be
18:09 specific to the books collections ('Rachel')
18:10 which might not work in case of other collection structure. So the deployers need to make sure
18:10 tony37 Good start, Later we can look at other collections to see if they fit the pattern or if new code is needed.
18:10 iamutkarshtiwari that the books collections are exaactly in the same format.
18:11 tony37 Actually, the book format is not the problem, after the book is downloaded, the Read.activity can handle it (or not). GetBooks does that, it gets the book.
18:11 iamutkarshtiwari But in the other collection
18:11 where the books are in 'html' format
18:11 Will the 'Read' activity be able to open those books in 'html' format?
18:12 tony37 Fiddler time - open in Browse
18:12 iamutkarshtiwari Oh.. Nice idea!
18:13 Ok..Let's discuss it again someday.
18:13 Will try to update you with some progress.
18:13 tony37 Meantime, bye
18:13 iamutkarshtiwari Bye
18:13 #endmeeting
18:13 tony37 has quit IRC
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18:13 iamutkarshtiwari has quit IRC

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